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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


With Phil Andrews
A busy week in sports between the Pats, Thunder, Red Sox, Blue Jays and the PGA Championship! Doesn't get much better.

- I want to start with the Regina Pats and the Jesse Gabrielle trade on Monday. To say it was a surprise would be a stretch but I didn't expect it to come right now. Gabrielle and a 4th in 2017 went to the Prince George Cougars in exchange for forward Lane Zablocki who is entering his 17 year-old season as well as a 4th round pick in 2016.

Pats Senior VP of Hockey Operations, GM and Head Coach John Paddock says this deal has been in the works for months.

"It's been something that (Cougars GM) Todd (Harkins) and I have been talking about actually since late April. Lane played wing part of the year, he can play wing or center. Probably the biggest thing that brought it on was that he is 98 born. Probably the only reason I agreed to trading Jesse is just because we are trying to enhance the 98's. We went with the hybrid model last year and it was great and we were happy with that but this kid is a very good young player. He scored 15 goals last year playing junior A. Basically playing as a 15-year-old for half the season because his birthday is December 27th. He's a real good young player that I really think helps our 98 year which is sort of the bigger year if we are going to pick one in the next two or three years after this season."

Gabrielle was acquired from Brandon at last years trade deadline for Morgan Klimchuk, he scored 10 goals and 9 assists in 33 regular season games. In the playoffs he had a goal and four points in 9 games. He was drafted by the Boston Bruins this summer in the 4th round of the NHL Entry Draft.

Paddock says it was tough to send Jesse away.

"There is no trade that is easy. You don't take them lightly in your thought process with your team or your thought process personally. I like Jesse Gabrielle, he was a good welcome addition for us and we would have been more than happy to keep him for two years but we got a three year player for him. Dave (Struch) and I talked about it numerous times, we have a lot of time for Jesse Gabrielle. It was hard of course. But there are things that you feel are right for your team, whether it's exactly right at the very moment isn't the thing exactly, it's big picture. I think we got a very good big picture player."

Zablocki meanwhile was drafted in the 5th round by the Cougars in 2013. He played last year in the AJHL with the Sherwood Park Crusaders. He scored 15 times and added 10 assists in 55 games. Played half of the year as a 15-year-old as he is a December 27th birthday. The year before in Midget he scored 45 goals and had 36 assists for 81 points in just 37 games. I'm told he dropped to the 5th round because he was originally an NCAA guy but Paddock says he will be here and play on the team this year.

"He is on the team. We are talking about a very good player here. Just like a 98 player in Jake Elmer who is going to be on the team. Lane Zablocki, I wouldn't have traded Jesse for a player that wasn't going to be on our team this year and a 98 born. it wouldn't have made any sense to trade a 97 for a 97, no, Lane's a really good player, this is a unique opportunity to get a good young player."

I will say this. Gabrielle has a reputation in the hockey world. I however enjoyed my time working with the young man, he is a good kid and I wish him all the best out West.

The Pats will open training camp on August 29th.


- The Regina Thunder played their one and only pre-season game of 2015 on Saturday in Medicine Hat and lost 33-17 to the Calgary Colts. The Thunder led 14-9 in the third quarter but the Colts went on to come back and win the contest. Head Coach Scott MacAulay says he got what he wanted out of the game.

"We started out the game with a lot of the guys that we thought were going to maybe be our starters. QB Jaeden Marwick for example played only two series and then we got Sawyer Beuttner in for two quarters and then were able to get the 3rd and 4th string quarterbacks in there as well. Even the other positions we got our starters int here for a while and then it was good to mix it up with a lot of the young guys and see how they were able to compete at this level. I think we got what we wanted out of it and we are looking forward to starting practice this week."

MacAulay says some guys stepped up in the game. "Some names that come to mind, Carson Bell played great, hes an 18-year-old  defensive lineman out of Assiniboia and also Rylan Gibb who is a defensive end out of Prince Albert and I thought both of those guys did a great job and were pleasant surprises that they were able to carry themselves at this level so quickly. Another guy Tanner Smith at MAC linebacker, he was outstanding, he did some great things. On the offensive side we already knew how good Kris Calcutt was but man he is fast and he is athletic and he made some big plays. That was great to see. And then running back Victor St. Pierre definitely over performed. We knew how good he was because we played against him last year with the Winnipeg Rifles but man he is explosive and can definitely make plays."

The Thunder will open the 2015 season at home to the Winnipeg Rifles at 7 o'clock on Saturday night. MacAulay says they don't know much about the 2015 edition of the Rifles. "They have been super quiet. We have been googling and youtubing and everything trying to get as much information as I can. What I do know is they have quarterback named Ubeara. He was the starting QB with Vancouver Island back in 2013 and he's a hell of an athlete and has a great arm. I am assuming he will be their starter and he can definitely deliver the ball. They have a guy named Blair Mates, a guy I remember from Manitoba U18's and he is a great running back. Just from seeing on the internet it looks like he is back and so they have a lot of good athletes that are back. Even looking at their defence, I think their linebackers are definitely going to be their strength so we will see how it goes."

Tickets will be available at the doors at Mosaic. Hope you can make it!


- On to the 0-7 Riders. I know it's a little odd to say but I haven't felt better about this team since before the opening game of the season. Let me explain. The defence is getting better every week, the big name players are starting to make plays. Alex Hall, John Chick and the like have stepped up. Yes there are still mistakes but things are improving. The offense looked pretty good in Brett Smith's second career start. He was very impressive in Toronto, used his legs to extend plays, took some hits and made some great throws. Penalties hurt them but there were a lot of positives that came out of that game.

The penalties were bad. However I don't buy into the notion that the penalties are a coaching problem. How in the world is Corey Chamblin responsible for Ryan Smith and Rob Bagg going off side and taking two Chris Getzlaf touchdowns off the board? How is he responsible for a player in street clothes, who wasn't even playing, who started an altercation from the sidelines and was flagged. Sure there wee other penalties and discipline needs to be addressed but the onus has to be on the players too.

Another point on this while coaching discussion. The Riders have never given up over this streak. They have come out and played hard in every game. That to me indicates Chamblin hasn't lost his locker room. I wasn't sure before but now I am. Changing coaches does not look like the answer from where I sit. Two weeks ago I thought this team might never win a game but with Ottawa and Winnipeg making up 4 of the next  5 opponents, thee is a sliver of hope for this club to turn this around. I'm not saying they will make the playoffs but they are going to win some games.

- Pats forward Sam Steel and Team Canada is off to a great start at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament. The Canadians beat the Czech Republic on Monday 3-1 and the Sweden on Tuesday 2-0. Steel has yet to record a point but he has looked good in the two games. The Wheat Kings Nolan Patrick is playing with the Vancouver Giants Tyler Benson on a line and those two are just unbelievable together. The Kelowna Rockets Dillon Dube is also having a great tournament. It's great to be watching hockey again, I gotta tell ya.

- Former Regina Pats forward Dyson Stevenson has a new pro contract for this season. I have been asked to keep things under my hat for now but will let you know as soon as I have been given the go ahead. What I can tell you is that Dyson turned down a two way deal with the Islanders farm club in Bridgeport. Good things are happening for the Shaunavon product.

- The Blue Jays made two firsts in franchise history in the last week. First Justin Smoak hit the organizations first ever grand slam in New York on the weekend. The Jays swept the Yankees in that series. Then last night the club recorded it's 9th straight win. Coupled with the 9 gamer earlier this year, it's the first time the franchise has ever had two winning streaks of that length. And my god they are fun to watch. Just a half game out of first now!

- Well it's been a road series between the Regina Red Sox and the Weyburn Beavers in the Saskatchewan Division Finals. Regina won the first two on the road and then lost games 3 and 4 at home including last nights defeat. The 5th and deciding game will be played tonight in Weyburn and for Regina's sake I hope the road team wins again. Been a great series so far.

- Anyone else excited for the last major of the year in Golf? Rory McIlroy is back, Tiger looks to have found his game just a bit, Jordan Speith is looking for 3 of 4 on the year. Whistling Straights always makes for a great tournament and I can't wait for things to get started tomorrow morning.

That's all I've got for today. Have a great week!



Anonymous said...

Hey, a glass half full take on the Riders. Right or wrong, it is a treat among all the negatives. Did anyone notice the comment by TSN guy on one of those offsides? He said the receivers have not yet become used to Smith's timing on snaps. Makes sense to me. Timing is everything for getting off the ball quickly. When receivers are not used to the QB it can cause offsides etc. No, not an excuse, just a possible reason.

Anonymous said...

It's not the coaches job? The coach is teaching the players to play on the edge, if he didn't want that it would be fixed. It is very much the coaches job to mentor these guys to play on the edge while instinctively not taking penalties.

Being offside is a timing issue and that kind of stuff is ingrained into guys in practice. You don't actually watch for being offside in the game you run full speed and time it up. Not to say its %100 coaching but players do their part and if they fail it's up to the coach to find out why and right the mistakes. I'm not a head coach and neither is Rod so of course we don't know how to fix the penalties but there is a way to coach better behavior out of your players.

On a Trestman team it would be very uncharacteristic for an undressed player to not have any self control and get in a scrum like that. Most guys weren't repeat offenders because they had a sense of pride about not letting coach down. The proof is in the pudding. Well coached teams have fire and discipline not one or the other. We've repeated to many mistakes for me to think coaching has nothing to do with it.

Hmmm said...

This business of no excuses is getting crazy. How does it not matter if we lose two starting QBs and need to start a rookie?

Again, if its just a matter of next guy stepping in, why do all teams in all pro leagues pay big bucks to the difference makers?

Theres a reality factor.

I also feel the new QB's cadence is affecting the offsides. However many of the penalties are professional errors.

Come on, if you are a professional and want to be treated like one, why do you need to have a coach correcting you for basics even I learned in Pee Wee?

Anonymous said...

So, is Trestman going to come and coach in Saskatchewan next year?

Anonymous said...

REDBLACKS ready to dance all over the Rrs.

Anonymous said...

Why is a player, not playing, in street clothes, even ON the sideline??

Anonymous said...


Who's #1? Who's #1? Who's #1?
We are,

Oskee Wee Wee,
Oskee Waa Waa,
Hamilton Tiger Cats #1.

Thank you Sk. Football God Mr. Kent Austin.

Mr. Oskee Wee Wee

Anonymous said...

The Sliders are just good enough to lose a close game.

Anonymous said...

How is it NOT the coaches problem when Getzlaf goes offside or a player on the sidelines is called for roughness? What are you thinking? By this notion, what IS a coach responsible for? If a coach isn't responsible for a players in game behavior, then let chaos rule!

Anonymous said...

WOW what are you watching this team and especially it's coaching staff are a complete train wreck.Only two other teams have started this bad not to mention this so called great coach has a losing record and only won two games since lastyear!!Poorly coached and disciplined team and it's only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

Federal Election Update:

- Harper - trying to explain and cover up the shenanigans of all his Conservative appointed Senators

- Mulcair - trying to point out what an idiot Harper is

- Trudeau - in Regina, laying out cohesive plans, addressing economy, environment, middle class, and moving forward.

Anonymous said...

in Phils world we all accept being mediocre and limping to a 4 win season and pinning it on injuries. Argoes have more injuries, missing their QB but are in first. Why make excuses for barely being competitive?

Anonymous said...

REGINA — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says his party will grow the economy not from the top down like the governing Conservatives, but from the "heart outwards.''

Speaking at a farmers market in Regina, Trudeau said putting more money in the pockets of the middle class is the ticket for his party to win more support in Saskatchewan.

Trudeau focused his speech primarily on Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, noting: CANADA IS THE ONLY G7 COUNTRY IN A RECESSION.

Anonymous said...

i know my season ticket seats will remain empty for the rest of the year unless 2 individuals are fired.

Anonymous said...

Nice hair though!!

Anonymous said...

Firing Brendan Taman is not the answer and firing Corey Chamblin isn't the remedy. But firing both of them is the solution.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) I like Justin and especially Ralph. However it should always go official opposition to power.

In this case although I personally like the PC candidate there's no way I can vote for that party. I also will not vote for former city councilor Louis Brown as the Liberal. No way and no how.

I moved and can't vote for Ralph Goodale. I told my wife we'll go vote for the federal NDP, and hold our noses doing it, but it's the best option.

2) From there the Liberals should pick up enough to form official opposition and hold the NDP in check. Mulclair is not dumb, and neither is the Premier in Alberta. The NDP will get one chance and one only. He had better steer the ship right to the middle. Don't screw around with the energy sector, treat the west with respect, and stay well away from the leftwing lunatic fringe.

3) Let's be very clear on Stephen Harper and the Federal PCs. There is zero progressive in that party. This is the Alliance-Reform that merged, took the PC brand so they wouldn't look redneck, and booted out the progressives.

There is no way Brian Mulroney, Diefenbaker, Bennett or any reasonable former PC PM has a place there.

4) All parties break promises because you have to govern. However when you advocate to be a war hawk like they have, then turn around and cut benefits to Veterans. That's immoral and that's why he's gone in October.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there able to refer "Obama" to a blog site where he can comment on politics?

Anonymous said...

Last time we went 0-7 we got rid of the coach. He went on to win a couple cups as a coach and GM. We continued our struggles for another 10 years. Just some history from a guy almost as old as Frenzie.

Anonymous said...

At least the people that are still unsure who to vote for will be clear now after reading a morons comments who goes by the name Obama.
What a dork.

Anonymous said...

"i know my season ticket seats will remain empty for the rest of the year unless 2 individuals are fired."

Aww, muffin. Too bad you already gave them your money.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) My garden is fabulous this year! Nothing better than the taste of fresh tomatoes.

2) If I knew how hot it was going to be this year, I would have planted Pineapples.

3) Lets hope old Harper wins the election and gets all that oil out of the sands so we can be rid of those horrible things that live in the oceans, like coral reefs and fish, and we can get some palm trees growing in Regina so I don't have to dream of living in Florida.

4) All these butter flies are so nice to see. Time to pick your cabbage and make some sauerkraut.

5) I too miss Diefenbaker. He would know what to do about the economy!

Y'er Pal,

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Just chekin In. Rider gm not gone yet, damn! Com'on Reynolds, get your act in gear, do your job. FIRE Taman!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Fredericko, but Joe Mack said No.

Anonymous said...

Give it to him Obama made sense. He's been a lot nicer on here. What gives with him?

Anonymous said...

Here's the scoop! Fake Gainer, fake Obama. Multiple people post under that moniker to entice page hits to this site such as this one, the more the better for RODPEDERSEN.COM Recent Obama posts just lame and lazy.

From the engine that drives In the 306, V8.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau the dope smokers champion! Anti gun anti pro life but sure has nice hair!

Anonymous said...

Let's poor more money into the cannabis prohibition - I love wasting tax payers money.

As for all those gangs that profit from the continued Harper prohibition - let's continue our pro gang pro violence voting...

Vote Harper