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Friday, August 21, 2015


The weekly set of thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always, they are in no particular order:

-- Congratulations to two all-time great Riders and now two CFL hall of famers.  Gene Makowsky is Roger Aldag 2.0. He simply is Saskatchewan. They are both the same type of individual with one coming from the city and one coming from the country. They both symbolize what Saskatchewan is and it is great to see Geno immortalized in the CFL Hall of Fame as it is Eddie Davis. Without a doubt, he is one of the best defensive backs to have ever played in the CFL and the stories he must have from his days with the Birmingham Barracudas would be legendary.

-- The new Mosaic continues to grow and from this shot by RRI staff, it looks great at night. By this time next year, the doors will be ready to open. There are still some who are highly against this being built.  Too bad!  Enjoy the events and other benefits that will come out of the facility and yes, there will be many besides football.

-- The Riders are 0-7 and Saturday's game is sold out. Well done Rider Nation, well done indeed. Hopefully the team sees the fan-base has not given up on this season and they can come out and pull off a major upset. If they did, it would have people talking around the league. No one is picking the Riders to win and for good reason, but if they do, it will give the team a great deal of confidence heading into Ottawa. Brett Smith gets the start again and he showed drastic improvement from his first start to his second one, but it doesn't help him that Chris Getzlaf and Levy Adcock won't play.

-- What the hell was going on in Calgary with Jasper Simmons and why was this battle through Twitter involving guys like Bo Levi Mitchell.  The agent for Simmons was upset his client hasn't played this year and went to Twitter to voice his anger. This got a war of words going between Marquay McDaniel and former Stamp Maurice Price and now the Calgary quarterback has gotten involved.  I would think John Hufnagel is smart enough to see whether a player deserves playing time and obviously Simmons doesn't in the opinion of Hufnagel. Getting criticized through his agent is not going to help Simmons or any other player in the CFL represented by his agent. It wasn't a surprise to see Simmons get released by Calgary, but it was a surprise to see the guy get picked up by another team. I don't think he is worth the headache or at least the agent providing the headache. Simmons would be wise to tell this guy to get lost.

-- Why is it kickers in the CFL are having such a problem kicking a 32 yard convert?  Going into last night's game, 20 had been missed and there was at least one missed in the 1st quarter by Montreal's kicker. That was the only rule change I liked, but I still find it odd that there have been so many missed especially when the percentage of kicks from that spot are back are way better.

-- University of Saskatchewan head coach Lisa Thomaidis is certainly getting a lot of positive press these days for leading the Canadian women to gold at the Pan-Am Games and then the FIBA Americas title. There is no doubt Thomaidis is a great coach, but there is another great coach doing his thing with a University program in this province who seemingly always falls under the radar and that is the U of R's Dave Taylor. It's no secret Taylor knows his stuff and he is one of the main reasons why the U of R has one of the best womens basketball programs in the CIS.  Between these two, basketball in this province and this country is in very good shape on the womens side.  Speaking of Taylor, if you have a daughter who is playing basketball or any sport the U of R offers, the various Cougar teams hold great summer camps with the womens basketball one wrapping up this week. I would highly encourage you to put your kid in one of these camps because they are worthwhile.

-- Moose Jaw Times Herald editor and 620 CKRM's Sportscage baseball analyst Craig Slater wrote a very good letter to the Leader-Post this week asking about the lack of baseball facilities Regina has especially with Pacer Park about to go under the bulldozer with the Regina bypass project.  Slater makes some very good points in his letter saying Leibel Field and the Co-Operators Centre helped ease the minor football and hockey crunch. What happened with the Baseball Canada Under 21 Championships and the Regina Red Sox was very unfortunate and wouldn't have happened had Regina lost Game 5 of the Saskatchewan Division final to Weyburn.

The sport of baseball is growing in this city and this province and while Regina has two great facilities in Currie Field and Optimist Park along with the Baseball Regina diamonds across from the Orr Centre, it is obvious something more is needed. It won't happen overnight (unless you want to turn Kaplan Field into a baseball diamond like you did when the Little League National Championships was here), but it would be nice if another baseball facility was available for the many who are playing the sport.  One can only wonder if the city will pay attention to not only Slater's call, but the call of the baseball community in this city.

-- That being said, the timing is not there for a new facility when you look at the current state of the economy. It is why I think Ken King's press conference in Calgary this week to talk about a new home for his teams is nothing but a giant pipe-dream. If he thinks he will get what he wants from others to have that built, he is out of his mind.  I would think the Oilers are carefully watching this as well as they don't have any or very little money coming from the provincial government for Rogers Place which will be ready to go for the start of the 2016-17 season. If the Rachel Notley government is going to give money to King and the Flames, they are obligated to give money to Daryl Katz and the Oilers and yes Calgary fans, I would be saying the same thing if the roles were reversed.  As I said, I will be shocked if ground breaks on this initiative. Time will tell.

-- There are stores starting to stock Christmas items already. This is wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Can we get the kids back to school and get through Hallowe'en before we start thinking about Christmas?

-- Did the University of Regina Rams really erect a sign called "Compete Street" on their practice field? Whether they did or they didn't, I love the slogan. Head coach Mike Gibson was on the "Sportscage" this week and he did the interview just moments after seeing his squad go through a yoga session. Gibson admitted the young lady teaching the class had the approval of the players----there is no other way some of those guys would get caught in LuluLemon attire is there?

-- The UFC makes its first foray into Saskatchewan this weekend as "Fight Night" goes Sunday at Sasktel Centre. Its a packed card headlined by a featherweight bout pitting Max Holloway against Charles Oliveira. Holloway has been tearing through the competition lately, winning six fights in a row, including a submission victory over Cub Swanson in his last fight. The Hawaii-born fighter is looking to jump into title contention with a win, but he's got a tough test to prove he belongs in that conversation. Oliveira has been just as impressive lately, winning four fights in a row, with three of them finished by submission. The Brazilian has long been considered one of the best prospects in the UFC, but now he's starting to finally realize that potential, and a win over Holloway would certainly propel him into the top five of the division. It is going to be a great night and I can't wait to sit with fellow UFC fans watching this historic event in our province. It should be a great night!

-- One last thing and that is there is a very proud pappy wandering around the halls of 620 CKRM and for good reason. The legendary Perry Nyhus who went from on-air to a position in sales is beaming over the fact his son Mason has been named the quarterback for Team Canada in some games against the U-S which will be played in Texas. I've never seen the kid play, but Dad says a lot of schools are interested in him, Let's hope the CFL has smartened up somewhat when it comes to Canadian quarterbacks and by the time this kid is finished University, he can step onto a CFL roster in some fashion,

That's all I got. Have a great weekend everyone. If you're going to the Riders game, stay dry and GO RIDERS!


Anonymous said...

The Flames aren’t getting provincial gov’t money, and the whiny bitches at city hall in Edmonton can shut their pie-holes (qualified opinion as I’m a born&raised saskie who has lived in Edmonton and Calgary). This is a political play and nothing more. The riding Jim Prentice vacated after losing a majority gov’t is about to have a byelection. If Notley says no, the opposition parties can use it against the NDP in the by-election. If she says yes, they can use it against the NDP in that by-election, as well she promised no funding announcements would be made during the running of the by-election. Notley is just sitting on the fence, by saying they’d consider anything that comes across their desk, until the votes are tallied and then will politely tell King and the Flames - NO!

Anonymous said...

Compete street!!! How about defeat street!


Anonymous said...

"Rogers Place"? Sounds like another facility I'll never set foot in.

Anonymous said...

UFC in Saskatoon Sunday night!
Ya Baby!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Went to the HOF induction dinner in Saskatoon last night, top notch presentation!
Congrats Geno & Eddie!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to Slater's letter? I really don't disagree with what he is saying, but I'd like to read it.

Anonymous said...

"University of Saskatchewan head coach Lisa Thomaidis is certainly getting a lot of positive press these days for leading the Canadian women to gold at the Pan-Am Games and then the FIBA Americas title"

head coach of what, gold in what?
English 101

Anonymous said...

It's City Govt money Mitch! Do you actually read articles and get educated.

This guy is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Gibson admitted the young lady teaching the class had the approval of the players----there is no other way some of those guys would get caught in LuluLemon attire is there?

Heard Gibson on the radio ... was talking like an old pervert. He better learn quickly that he isn't in the pros anymore. He crossed a line and if that young lady was offended ... bye, bye!

Anonymous said...

Whose brilliant idea was it to not have you MC'ing the CFLHOF dinner last night Rod?

truenorthern said...

Just to clear up a misconception, the Oilers did get provincial money for their stadium. The PC's at first said no, but then Katz shelled out a few hundred thousand in donations to them and they ponied up 25 million plus other supports to assist in building the new arena.

And, Ken King and friends are very connected to Calgary and Alberta's 1%. They have been working on multiple diff proposals to replace the Saddledome for at least 10 years, they must believe this is the best, most likely to succeed solution,...

Anonymous said...

Can someon proof-read this guy before his column pollutes Rod's blog?

Anonymous said...

King wants 300 million from provincial govt to clean up site.

Maybe f###nuts a few comments ago should read some articles on the issue.


Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) In a play to save his job, the Saskatchewan Roughriders bought up the remaining tickets. Go look at the stands on Saturday and that'll tell the story.

2) Mitch, if anyone is to blame for the lack of baseball facilities - blame the baseball community in Regina. North Regina Little League and Kiwanis will say they are just fine with their respective parks. There are 2 Little League organizations, Baseball Regina (SBA), Optimist Baseball, Prairie Midget Baseball League, and now American Legion. They all fight over the same group of players.

Hockey unified and got their rink built. Baseball needs to do the same and then you have something.

3) Question to all the SaskParty faithful. So when is Geno going to be a cabinet minister?....not one cabinet minister from Regina. That's something.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Flames suck. Just move the team to Quebec and be done with it.

Steve said...

Anonymous...RE: U of S head coach, if you read the article you would know Lisa Thomaidis coached basketball. Next time try reading without moving your lips....or have someone read it to you.

FYI, they are not looking for provincial money to build the football/hockey facility but rather to clean up the site so they can build it. Regulatory speaking, contaminated site remediation is a provincial responsibility.


Anonymous said...

They wanted an MC who didn't tell the same stories every time...and perhaps the stage wasn't big enough for his ego.

Anonymous said...

Obama ... i tried buying four in a row last week and couldn't. Couldn't even get two and two anywhere close together. Why would the Riders buy up tickets and announce a sell out four or five days ahead of game - driving people away? I could buy the theory if they did that on game day but makes no sense otherwise - so you opinion holds no weight.

And who are you referring to save his job? You have taken runs at Mazurek for marketing but he isn't the marketer. They have a vice president of marketing.

Anonymous said...

Obama should read Rod's blog or listen to the Sport's Cage and he may learn from Rod that the game Saturday is a bona-fide sell-out. The team did not buy tickets up.

A cool rainy day will mean that some season ticket holders will stay at home because they are wimps. This has been shown to be the case in recent years.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

you shouldn't have to read five sentences to figure it out ... wouldn't common sense and general writing skills know you would refer to her as U of S basketball coach Lisa Thomaidis ....

Anonymous said...

Bahaha! I love how Mitchell Blair couldn't even type 'Saskatoon' when talking about UFC Fight Night. Nice journalism buddy. Which city has the people with the inferiority complex? BAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...


Can someon proof-read this guy before his column pollutes Rod's blog?


Anonymous said...

Re Christmas. We need to get past November 11th before we see Christmas crap on the shelves and hear the Carols. Please.
Otherwise, good column Scruffie.

Anonymous said...

Rod, you may be alone in thinking Currie Field is a "Great Facility". That is comparable to saying that the existing Mosaic Stadium is a Great Facility. Currie Field is a dump and needs to be replaced.

I have watched high school and independent league ball throughout North America in many city's a lot smaller then Regina and there facilities are substantially better.

I hear from people that have never seen a football game outside of Regina who say "What is wrong with the existing Mosaic Stadium?" These people need to travel a bit and see what a good facility is.

Glad we are replacing Mosaic, it was way over due. Now we need to replace Currie with a intimate 2,000 seat facility.

Anonymous said...

Rod, can you get the addresses of all the blogs that anonymous write.

I would sure like to nitpick at everything they do.

Nice job to the a-hole asking if "someon" can proof-read stuff.

Intelligence! Try to buy some. I hear they have 3 for 1 sales at Home Depot..on wait that's 3 employees who putting their common sense together equals 1 smart person.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be a real interesting day for football tomorrow, with gale force winds. One thing is certain, the team that wins the coin toss will win the game in the 4th quarter. This has been the case for the windy games here this year so far. It will be a bad day to be a QB, but the running game will be key, so look for a big day from Messam and company.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess even idiots like you (who are likely from Saskatoon) don't realize SaskTel Centre is in Saskatoon. That would be like seeing Mosaic Stadium in Regina.

Rod, the amount of imbeciles you get on this blog is amazing.

Scientists would love to test the braincells of these wannabes!

Anonymous said...

We need a slo-pitch park as well, Saskatoon has 3 parks alone for slo-pitch, we have 1 and it's play at your own risk rambler park. There's 100 teams waiting for a place to play come on city of regina build a proper facility already.

Anonymous said...

Riders suck!

Senator Mick Duffie

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that some of these retards who comment on here can put sentences together.

It clearly says Thomaidis is a womens basketball coach at U of S, everyone knows Sasktel Centre is in Saskatoon.

Is it a Saskatoon thing? Cmon Saskatoon, you are better than that aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Brain Cell is two words genius. BAHAHAHAHA!

Wow, after reading a few of the recent comments someone is rattled. C'mon Scruff-Dog. Chin up.

Next time just acknowledge Saskatoon and avoid the headache. BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I counted 6 times where Mitch typed 'Regina' where people would clearly know he was referencing something in Regina. Nice try sunshine.

I'm not even from Saskatoon and it's hilarious how much Regina resents Saskatoon and how little Saskatoon cares about Regina. HAHA!

Shirley White said...

I Can Not Believe that Anyone Refers to someone as a "retard". Horrible word!!!! Is Very Disrespectful to Mentally Challenged people and their families. If you feel you must insult people use a word that doesn't attack people with disabilities. Using the word "retard" tells others a lot about your own lack of intelligence and compassion.

Anonymous said...

Avoid Saskatoon and headache all in one statement. Yup that sums it up right there!

Can't wait to watch UFC on TSN Sunday night and see all the empty seats because that is what Saskatoon does when a high profile event comes right?


Anonymous said...

Disrespectful and mentally challenged people?

That sounds like 90 percent of the commenters on this blog led by Obama!

Anonymous said...

That's right Brian. It is why and many others will be coming up Highway 11 Sunday afternoon and then coming back after to save their sorry asses again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Scruffy would probably be the first to admIt he isn't going to win the nobel prize for literature, but i for one enjoy his column. Keep up the good work Scruffy.

Anonymous said...

You all suck. Yorkton is where it's at. Perogies and cabbage rolls and garlic sausage for dayz!

Gunderson's Yorkton
Let's get retarded in here!