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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announce they've added international quarterback Blake Sims to the practice roster.
Sims (5'11 – 218) joins the Riders after spending the previous four seasons at the University of Alabama. In 2014, the Georgia native started all 14 games, completing 252 of 391 pass attempts for 28 touchdowns and a single season school record 3,487 yards. He was named Second Team All-Sec and SEC Championship Game MVP as the Crimson Tide beat Missouri 42-13.
While with Alabama, the 23-year-old won the 2011 Capital One Bowl, the 2012 and 2013 BCS National Championship, and the 2012 and 2014 SEC Championship.   
 · The Riders also announced they have released national receiver Scott McHenry and international linebacker Telvion Clark.
* Head coach Corey Chamblin revealed after Tuesday's practice that veteran slotback Jamel Richardson is no longer with the team.


Marc said...

Are we not short of Canadian players already?

Anonymous said...

Never really thought Scott McHenry did anything spectacular on the field and I hear Jamal Richardson is gone. Thought I saw a little attitude from him on the field last game. Maybe he pulled a diva act and got the boot.

Anonymous said...

Someone contact Jamal and get his personal perspective on the roughriders revolving clown circus.

Anonymous said...

I guess the photo that was here earlier of Blake Sims wearing #14 should have given that one away...

C in the 780

Anonymous said...

Scott McHenry has been injured and unable to play for a long time. Seems like he would not be able to get back to his old form after the neck injury.

Anonymous said...

Another release of a veteran that is shrouded in mystery. Just another example of the circus that this franchise has become.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to Chamblin's after practice interview. In my opinion he is not the same person/coach now as he was before this past weekend. The confidence is gone, anger seeps into his comments along with a lot of uncertainty. This past week end was a big deal on him and has really shook him up.

Just my read/opinion.

Anonymous said...

And the Taman/Chamblin Circus continues.

Anonymous said...

"shrouded in mystery" Why because you don't know? I actually believe part of the problem with this organization is its fan base and the belief they NEED to know what is going on.

My best guess would be that they told Jamel they wanted to look at younger guys and are hoping they can help him find another opportunity before outright releasing him.

In any other single market in this league nobody would have even noticed the player was missing today.

Anonymous said...

Rod why do you have comments section? As you have said in the past this your blog and we "tune-one" to read your thoughts not all the half baked views of the yahoos. Do the team a favour and dump the comments.

Anonymous said...

And stop feeding the massive ego of the man who writes this blog who picks and chooses what he is going to publish.

Yeah, OK. Keep dreaming!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why the fanbase "NEEDS" to know and don't give me the I'm a shareholder spiel.

Here's the raw truth buddy.

Buy your tickets, buy your merchandise, cheer the team on, give praise or criticism as a fan and that's it.

Personnel decisions and many other aspects of the day-to-day business are NONE of your concern.

Are you going to tell me what is happening at your workplace if I ask (which I won't because I don't care and you are probably unemployed anyhow)? I doubt it.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Tips.

Anonymous said...

To the knucklehead who said "dump the comments", why the heck are you even clicking on the comments if it bothers you so? Without the comment section where would I go to get my daily laugh from fellow armchair coaches, GMs, team presidents and the army of wannabe pundits, of which I am but one. Heck, I might have to get off my chair and go look for a job!

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

I guess they can't talk about Richardson until they synchronize their watches and rehearse the story.

The wheels have totally fell off this organization and they just keep shooting themselves in the foot.

Anonymous said...

When you can’t find a QB yourself, go get one Toronto didn’t want....

See Smith, Brett and Sims, Blake

Anonymous said...

The comments section add to the traffic on the blog; granted, some of them illustrate the idiocy of some commenters , but traffic is the reason the sponsors are on here!
Don;t like it, don;t read it!

Anonymous said...

'Our plan going into the season was the vets hold us the first nine' and then let those rookies get a chance to grow.
There's no better time then to 'let them play now'.


Head coach doesn't know left from right.

Anonymous said...

Or do like Toronto and grab one from the Eskimos.
Or like Hamilton grab one from Toronto.
Or like Ottawa take one from Calgary.
Or like Winnipeg take one from Saskatchewan.
Or like Edmonton take one from BC.

Anonymous said...

N O !
Find one.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever get rid of the comments section. That is the only part I read. Sometimes I wonder what Scruffy must have said to upset everyone. But I don't care enough to go read it.

Every team has injuries and that is where the GM comes in to play. You need to find guys for the coaches to coach. GM needs to quit looking in the scrap heap for guys. The funny thing is every time we sign someone posters on here thinks it is the greatest signing ever. The reason is because the majority of you on here, like me don't have a clue what would make a good signing.

Our D looked good last week because we played a second string QB and an O line with two back ups. Edmonton's second stringers were better than ours so we lost.

Keep the comments coming.

Rafal said...

Blake Sims is a great addition, strong armed and elusive runner, does alot of great fakes. It's time to look in the mirror as Durant and Glenn are getting older and chances of getting hurt again are high, I can see Sims and maybe Price developing well when they get a chance.