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Monday, August 24, 2015



1 - THE GAME:  Add it to the pile.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders are 0-8 following Saturday's 34-31 home loss to the Calgary Stampeders however this loss wasn't like all the rest.  Well, in a lot of ways it was (like defensive collapses at inopportune times) but there were some encouraging factors as well.  The team won the turnover battle for once (3-2), they chopped their penalties almost by a fifth (from 24 in Toronto to five against the Stampeders), and they scored on a punt block for the first time in years.  It was another wildly entertaining game and, I suppose, as Rider coach Corey Chamblin said, the fans got their money's worth.  But there's still plenty more to dissect coming out of this one.

2 - IT'S NOT OVER TILL IT'S OVER:  That was the assessment of Rider Radio analyst Carm Carteri off the air as we got ready to do the postgame show Saturday night.  His statement was a shock to me because Carm won't go down in Rider history as the most positive person, that's for sure.

However it was in response to my assertion that the season is over at 0-8.  I tweeted after the third quarter, when the score was 24-24, that the Riders couldn't let this slip.  The season was on the line.  And then the Stamps put 10 points on the board in the blink of an eye.

Pffffffffffffffft.  The air went out of the tire and there wasn't a service station for miles.

Last week I didn't my hopes up and for once, I wasn't disappointed.  Turn out the lights, the party's over.

Or is it?

Further down in this column Carm will tell you why this season could be on the verge of turning around.

What the heck.  Why not stay on board?  I'm not going anywhere.

3 - OFFICIATING:  Dave Foxcroft's crew didn't have their most stellar outing on Saturday night but which crew ever does in the CFL this year?  I'll have to disagree with Chamblin on the Randy Richards DQ however.  Chamblin thinks the wrong call was made there.  However if Kyries Hebert was disqualified for his headshot on Jon Cornish in Week 1 last year at McMahon Stadium, then Randy Richards deserved to be tossed out the other night for his clothesline on Calgary's Tim Brown.  They were identical plays.

Was Richards blocked from the back by Calgary's #93 Micah Johnson on that play?  Yes.  Was he probably going to clothesline Brown anyway?  The answer to that too, is yes.

We haven't heard the last of that situation either, whether it's the Richards penalty itself (which I doubt) or the incident which followed at halftime.

The Riders actually got some breaks in this game which gave them the opportunity to pull out a win.  The fumble from receiver Ryan Smith was overturned upon review, which took Keon Raymond's scoop-and-score off the board.  (The call on the field was a fumble, which was incorrect, however rectified by video replay).

The head referees continue to call the wrong player when announcing penalties.  This goes into the official stats page as fact.  For instance, when #59 Randy Richards was tossed out, they announced #58 (Xavier Fulton).

Accept the things you cannot change.

4 - TOO LITTLE TOO LATE?:  So you can limit the amount of penalties taken if it's focused on during the week!

We noted on this website last week the various tactics Chamblin was employing in practice to combat the high number of penalties his team was taking.  Coaches were throwing flags in practice and if guilty, that whole side of the ball had to drop and give push-ups or burpees.  Then on Friday Chamblin took the whole team into the eastside stands to give them the fans' perspective.

To paraphrase, Chamblin said the fans are going to have an opinion of the players regardless and they're entitled to it.  However what type of performance are you the players going to give on which the fans will base those opinions?

Eureka!  Rider great Don Narcisse called this tactic by Chamblin, "amazing" and said, "I've got chills just hearing about it!" when we discussed it on Friday's SportsCage on 620 CKRM.  I thought it was brilliant too.  Nobody had ever heard of a coach doing something like this.

This was vintage Chamblin, from 2012 when he was cutting his teeth as the first year head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Remember the "Big Ticket" and the "Cornish Guarantee"?

Where have these kinds of things been?  Perhaps Chamblin's been too focused on defensive strategies and personnel to put much time into these inspirational themes.

Maybe there are motivational things going on behind closed doors that we don't know about but I haven't heard of them.  We certainly haven't seen any results that would suggest that's the case.

The players want to be inspired and challenged.

Chamblin is once again showing the qualities that made him beloved in the Wheat Province.  Are they now happening at just the right time or is too little too late?

No one has ever questioned Corey Chamblin's intelligence.  His motives or methods maybe, but not his smarts.

What happens next?

5 - QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY:  Just kidding.  It won't be a quarterback controversy once Kevin Glenn returns from that torn pectoral muscle but it will make for an interesting scenario.  On Saturday's pregame show, Rider GM Brendan Taman divulged that Kevin Glenn is "throwing lightly" but is still at least two weeks away from returning.

After Saturday's game Chamblin said once Glenn returns, the quarterback which best represents their chance to win will play.  (Which we've been telling you all along).

Both Chamblin and offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine have cautioned that the progression of rookie quarterback Brett Smith "isn't going to happen overnight" however it's grown by leaps and bounds the past few weeks.

With a play here or there in the other two phases of the game, Smith could be 2-1 as a starter rather than 0-3.  However he's still been victimized by some bad throws (i.e. the endzone interception at the end of the first quarter which was overturned by review) but HE'S A ROOKIE!  He's done far more good than bad.

It's just that the bad sticks out like a sore thumb, like the pick six's in Edmonton and Toronto.

And with each passing week, we're getting closer and closer to this season being scrapped and the focus being shifted to the future.

What will be the tipping point toward that decision?

6 - ONE LAST THING ON THE HALL OF FAME:  The Riders did a good job of honouring the 2015 Canadian Football Hall of Fame inductees who were present at Saturday's game.  Gene Makowsky, Eddie Davis, Bob O'Billovich and Larry Reda were recognized on stage at midfield at Mosaic Stadium.  Was 2015 inductee Leroy Blugh there?  It was tough to tell.  It's chaos in our broadcast booth at halftime and I couldn't see all of what was going on at field level.

Inductee Dave Dickenson was in the locker room with his Calgary Stampeders making halftime adjustments as offensive coordinator.  Montreal Alouettes owner Bob Wetenhall was inducted as a builder, but he was back in Montreal firing his coach.

The whole week seem incredibly awkward.

There was no coverage on TSN of the induction in Saskatoon on Thursday.  There was ZERO coverage of the events by the Canadian Press Wire, where I get a lot of news for this website.  I did not receive a single news release of any kind from the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

The induction class itself was announced on the Friday night of Grey Cup Week in Vancouver last season, for the second year in a row.

When nobody's paying attention.

Again, accept the things you cannot change.



Harvey Johnson
On Thursday morning I accepted a long-standing invitation from football maven John Lynch to attend his weekly coffee group at the Casino Regina's Last Spike Restaurant.  It was pretty typical of any coffee group in Regina, with a bunch of gray haired football fan retirees who go by the names of Joe, John, Del, Glen, Jim, Dave and Wayne.

And Harvey.

That's right -- Harvey Johnson, who worked as the statistician on Roughrider radio broadcasts from 1968 to 2011, is a part of this coffee group and I had to get his take on the 2015 Riders when I had the chance.

You see, we would always wrap up each broadcast with Harvey's stats and then his last word assessment on the game, and on the team.

As a broadcaster, Harvey's claim to fame was announcing on CKRM Radio in 1963 that JFK had been assasinated.  So, he's seen a few things.  And I asked him for an assessment on the winless Riders.

"Quite frankly I'd like to know what the problem is too," Harvey stated.  "There just seems to be an awful lot of issues.  I think it goes back to not enough good scouting and you wonder what those free agent camps in the States actually produced for them.  Other teams actually seem to have a better scouting system than we do.  There are times when the coaching staff is struggling in terms of finding the right situation for our guys.

"I'm not sure what the ulimate answer is.  The executive of the team needs to take a long, hard long at what the future is the for the next four or five years and then draw out a plan that produces some consistency.  Right now what we're doing isn't working."

And Johnson zeroed in on the defense which has been a big problem all season long.

"It has," Harvey concurred.  "Quite frankly, and it's my own opinion, it's a difficult thing for a head coach to handle a defensive coordinator's position.  It's interesting because when Chamblin came here he didn't want people doing two jobs.  He's doing two jobs himself.  If you're gonna not want your players doing two jobs, i.e. as a defensive back and a returner, than why would it be okay for you?

"It's difficult for a head coach to cover the whole thing."



Lastly, we leave you with this.  Perhaps this will perk up your "Down Week" a little bit.

Carm Carteri
27-year Rider Radio analyst Carm Carteri doesn't think this season was written off with Saturday's 34-31 loss to the Calgary Stampeders.

"No I don't!" said an exasperated Carteri.  "We go to Ottawa now and if we win that, you gotta remember nobody else is excelling.  The B.C. Lions only have three wins, Winnipeg only has three wins, and in the next four weeks we see Winnipeg and Ottawa twice!  The Riders can get on a roll.

"Everybody can say 'Ya they haven't even won a game yet' but they can win four in a row because I don't think Ottawa and Winnipeg are that good.  If the Riders get lucky and get on a roll, look at against the Stampeders -- this is a really good football team but the Riders, even though they had some bad spots, they came back and almost pulled this one off.

"Unfortunately they didn't finish and this is something we've talked about all year long; this is a team that has all new coaches.  They never won in the preseason and they're now 0-8 in the league.  They don't know how to win.  That's a tangible you can't teach or coach -- you just gotta have it evolve within the team.  They've got a good young quarterback and he's getting better and better but every game he's thrown a killer interception.

"If they can clean up one or two plays, I think they can get on a roll.  I just hope all of Saskatchewan can hang in there like we're trying to do."


Our crew with Tom Wright

Some notes from UFC Fight Night Sunday in Saskatoon:

- Max Holloway's first main event was bittersweet.

The Hawaii product defeated Brazilian Charles Oliveira in the first round of the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 74 on at the SaskTel Centre in a bout that was stopped due to injury.

The featherweight fight ended at 1:39 after Oliveira started to favour his right shoulder following an exchange. The seventh ranked UFC featherweight went down and the fight was stopped, giving fifth-ranked Holloway (14-3) a knockout victory at the SaskTel Centre. Oliveira (20-5) was carried away on a stretcher.

- We made the welcome trip up to the Bridge City with former Rider Scott Schultz and Regina MMA promoter/coach A.J. Scales.  It was nice to get away from the epicentre of the Rider Nation for a few hours, even if we elected to drive home right afterwards rather than stay over.

- The road out to "Sask Place" seemed longer than normal, but that was because construction had traffic restricted.  We missed the start of the first fight at 4:00 pm.  Amazingly, it didn't take long to get out afterwards despite all the horror stories we'd been warned about.

- A Fight Night is pretty much the exact same type of deal as the Saturday night Pay-Per-Views, however with a lesser-known card and not as many heavyweights and middleweights.  Announcer Bruce Buffer was there, which was cool.  Sadly UFC fixtures Dana White, Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan were not.

- The crowd was disappointing, announced at 7,202 in the 15,000-seat facility.  However those who were there were LOUD making for a raucous atmosphere for the card televised across the U.S. on Fox Sports 1.

- You have to wonder if the half-full arena will make the UFC think twice about staging a Pay-Per-View event in Saskatoon in the future.  You could've crammed that many people into Regina's Brandt Centre which would have made for a hornet's nest.

- And that really isn't an indictment of Saskatoon, but rather of the entire province.  The UFC says the highest per capita sales of their PPV events comes from this province.  But they won't shell out the dough to see it live??

- The ticket prices of $250 may have scared lots of folks off but you can't complain about the bang you get for your buck.  The event started at 4:00 pm and concluded just before 10:00 pm.

- It was great to chat with UFC Canada President Tom Wright on Sunday, the former Commissioner of the CFL, and when I asked him for his thoughts on the event, his response was, "Great.  Just Great!"  We also chatted about the Roughriders for a brief second and Tom said he "feels bad" for the 0-8 team.  However I mentioned that we can't be on top forever and his response was, "I know".

- It was my first UFC event and it was very interesting to survey the crowd.  They were generally between the ages of 40 and 50 with virtually no children in attendance and the only senior citizens were the ones working as ushers and security.  The lone piece of Roughrider merchandise we noticed was a Rider flag a guy had tied around his shoulders as a cape.

- I'll talk about this on the SportsCage on Monday but the "show" in Saskatoon was mind-blowing.  I've been in venues before where the music blaring through the speakers rattled my clothes but not until Sunday had I experienced an event so loud that it rattled the skin on my face!  It was blood-pumping.

- The CFL and WHL could take some notes from the UFC on the "in-game experience" however we have to remember this is an almost once-in-a-generation type of event as opposed to 10 or 36 home regular season games.  Still, you can always turn up the volume and the UFC had theirs at "11".

- All in all, it was a great trip!  We're planning a visit to Las Vegas for a UFC show in the spring.


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(With files from the Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Showing what qualities that he is responsible for one the worst starts in this team's history.The fact he's what 2 and 18 going back to last year.He is a complete inept coach who takes no responsibility for anything and should be fired immediately he deserves no more chances!!

Anonymous said...

Only in sask do they accept an 0-8 start and the mediocrity of this team.Not sure how many coaches have survived an 0-8 start in the cfl can't be to many!!

Anonymous said...

Rod wrote: "Perhaps Chamblin's been too focused on defensive strategies."

Jock Climie on TSN had no trouble illustrating the deficiencies in Chamblin's defense.

Did you PVR it Rod? Have you seen Jock's little demo?

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys but all of your bravado will not cover it nor will CC gimicks in the stands, thats for high school and college, not the Pros.

CC is 2 and 13

He has got to go and the sooner the better/

Anonymous said...

Harv Johnson is the most intelligent person you've spoke to in weeks.

"I think it goes back to not enough good scouting and you wonder what those free agent camps in the States actually produced for them. Other teams actually seem to have a better scouting system than we do."

I hate to take the heat off Chamblin but I think Harv is right and Brendan Taman has to wear this.

Anonymous said...

What stops me from losing hope is the players. I remember teams in the late 70s and early 80s that after 5 or six games just plain gave up. These players are not giving up. They are working and hitting and taking the blows needed to win games. These guys are 0 and 8 and are working their tails off. They deserve our support. I wish we had won more games. I think the players deserve some real appreciation for their efforts.

Anonymous said...

Tamen does not pick the players for the team - the head coach does~~

Its CC's team warts and all

This is not a popularity contest

Anonymous said...

Carteri must be smoking something in those Electronic Cigarettes, and if he isn't he should start now. After watching Ottawa almost beat Toronto today I think the Riders will be in for another tough one with a sold out house supporting the Red & Blacks. I'll say 37 - 25 Ottawa in that one.

Dick Rubnutz said...

The talent level of our team isn't the issue. It's the continuous coaching mistakes and poor defensive play calling that is holding us back.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in kicking in to legally challenge rrs out of date constitution operations management structure etc? Personally had enough of this bs of the non accountable individuals in charge of a public business entity who won't act on the current situation on and off the field of play. Losing product not acceptable nor condoned.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Watching the Riders this year is akin to watching "Groundhog Day". Unfortunately they have yet to find their way out of the loop. Again, defence poops the bed when it counts most. You can't expect any more from a rookie QB than what we are seeing...he'll take time to develop. I don't think Durant looked any different at this stage. It is what it is. Still a Rider fan no matter what...I've watched this team for decades. They have their ups and downs, but I'm still going to support them...just like a true Rider fan does.

Anonymous said...

The CFL reffing has been substandard for years. It's time for the fans to demand real change. For every pruolater hunger game people should donate,as well as offer their beer/concession money and then walk away from the game in protest.
The following reforms are suggested to help the beleaguered CFL admin to professionalize the officiating:

1. Cut the on field crew from eight to four. Immediately double the pay of the remaining four.
2. Eliminate the high school, junior, CIS, CFL progression. It's not working as ref are only reinforcing their poor skills as they move from one level to another.
3. Identify And create a talent pool of recent CIS grads to train for on field officials. For instance many recent CIS qbs have been playing the game since walking. Most of the refs today have never played the game. They are bright young men who can learn complex tasks quickly. They are used to pressure and can make quick decisions under pressure in noisy atmospheres. They understand how to command authority. They are not intimidated by large crowds. They are in great physical shape. They can film study for critique and improvement of play. This list could go on..........
4. There are many talented, bright and educated young men who would never be drafted but could earn a living in the CFL as officials. In just two years the officiating product would improve and in five would rival the NFL. There is no reason for the CFL officials to be laughing stocks.

Anonymous said...

I think its the defensive play calling. I would like to see how many 2nd and long conversions Calgary made. Way to soft of defense. Wasn't that the problem with Hall's defense last year. It seems the only way we get a stop on 2nd down is if the other team fails, not by use making a play.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) Corey Chamblin won a Grey Cup in 2013. If he became an idiot over night something is wrong. Here's the deal. The players are not good enough and there is no depth. That's on scouting and personnel. What they brought in isn't getting the job done.

Regarding firing Chamblin, I wonder if any of you have ever been fired or frankly if any of you actually have a job.

There are 9 teams in the CFL with a bunch of Coordinator and Position coaching openings under them. Nobody calls the media or the fans to interview for them because they haven't the slightest idea what they are talking about.

The scouting is not working, and it's reminiscent of the cupboards being left bare in Winnipeg. They lose to Ottawa it won't be Chamblin losing his job I can tell you that.

2) UFC - we're at a point in human history where we now put to people in a cage and watch them batter each other. That's something.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Bosox fired Cherington after 1 WS and 2 last place finishes. Higgins gassed in Montreal after 3-5. CEO Reynolds: "we want to compete for Grey Cups. No need to act rashly" LOL! Get better mgt the best fans and flagship franchise deserve better than mediocrity. Wheres Woz to defend Taman? BT is the Ruben Amaro of CFL GM's. Like Amaro, had a winning team based off previous GM's work. Left to his own he delivers a bottom feeder. Who is a worse GM than Taman? I would say Desjardins and maybe Walters. So you will finish closer to the bottom than the top with that type of GM. At least Hopson brought in ET when he made a change. Lets get smarter people to run the show!

Anonymous said...

go 3 str8 playoff games....give chamblin and taman lifetime extensions!!

Anonymous said...

The clueless and time passed Harvey Johnson! Hey Harvey Junior Mertile started the game at half back and was found at those free agent camps. So was Tyree Hollins who was out playing everyone in the secondary until he got hurt a few weeks ago.

Maybe Harvey isn't a good enough fan to have an opinion if he isn't paying attention.

SkRoughie said...

Where is Obama lately?

SkRoughie said...

Where is Obama lately

Anonymous said...

that is your comeback? haha you have the NDP? how very Sasky of you. only in the CFL could a coach lose all the games in the first half of the year and keep his job, scratch that only in Regina could that happen ( see Montreal) " we stand behind our team no matter what!" ever think that's the problem, and that's why in 100 years you have 3 cups in an 8 team league. maybe if you didn't just stand there and accept all the shit years your team might actually care if they need to be any good. Canada's team? you buy the most merchandise, they have you brainwashed into that little scheme. However stop with all the greatest fans garbage, good fans demand accountability from their teams, they don't stand there yelling "go riders" when the team is 0-8. don't make changes, the rest of the country is loving this. the difference is EVERY other team in ANY league would have changed by now. FOR their fans. chew on that for awhile riderville, just make sure you use your good tooth.

Anonymous said...

Harv Johnson is the smartest interview you have had in years. He hit the nail on the head. This all comes down on Tamans scouting dept. and Chamblin thinking he can do two jobs. He does not have the experience to handle two. He was barely a DC before Taman anointed him HC. We need a QUALIFIED DC. If Chamblin won't go that route then his time is up.


SkRoughie said...

Is that Devobama?

Anonymous said...

However I mentioned that we can't be on top forever and his response was, "I know".

Rod, we were on top for a three game stretch in 2013, not forever.

Anonymous said...

Man these 'Berta guys must have a lot of time on there hands after being laid off. It's ok guys, enjoy your mother's basement and trolling us Rider fans. You'll be back on your feet before you know it.

Rod Pedersen said...

Really? It seems more like a decade to me.


Anonymous said...

Rod, Carm, the Riders are delusional. Hearing players say we're not a bad team, a turnaround is imminent! Really? In case you forget Ottawa beat Calgary in Ottawa. if we win the next four it proves nothing. 83-104-1 is Tamans record as a GM. Who was the idiot that hired a GM with a losing record? Wasn't that Jim Hopson? 0-18 is what I'm hoping on so Taman gets fired.

Anonymous said...

Harv Johnson for President.

Anonymous said...

Wow, surprise, surprise that Obama objects to MMA, he's far too delicate. Really go watch lawn bowling and ignore the MMA. You have no clue the dedication, time, effort and level of training that are involved.

Roddy the Pats couldn't turn up the volume all the old-timers would be complaining to much, hell they complain when kids get loud and start cheering, I feel bad for QCSE they have a tough situation there.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hoping for the Riders to lose is an a-hole.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rod,
Great read as usual. When I looked quickly at the picture you have of Brett Smith I thought I saw a Kent Austin doppelganger. Don't want to create anything or put comparisons as Brett can scramble a hell of lot better than Austin could. As for the Riders this year it is time for Chamblin to check his ego at the door now and admit what he is doing on defense is unfortunately not working we need a head coach that can be head coach 100% of the time of the field. I can visibly see mistakes being made because of this. Micro-Managing does not work in a team atmosphere.
Ron - Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

I see you deleted the line where you admitted you're on a 'gag' order.

The Woz said...

I will defend Taman. Anyone who tginks we won in 2013 because of what the orevious GM dud is delusional. Tillman had the worst canadian drafts of perhaps any GM in our history. I have listed them on here before - name the players that he drafted that are still on the team? If anything tillman won with roys team. And dont tell me how great a job he is doing in hamilton with canadians either. Most of the canadians on that team are free agent pick ups. The fact is when he left sask we were an old team with no one on the neg you remember 2011? That team was tillmans. Taman then took the reigns in 2012 and we have not missed the playoffs in the three years he has been in charge including the big win in 2013. I applaud him for taking that crap show in 2011 and two years later stocking it with talent to in the cup at home!! As hopson said two weeks ago who do you think assembled the 2013 allstar grey cup team?

Alas good team often get poached for their best players. the canadian talent assembled by taman in 2013 was decimated by free agency, the expansion draft and retirements. Butler, newman, hurl, hughes, heenan....i have done a detailed comparison of 2013 to now on here before and i am not going to do it again. But look it up.

I still sayin taman is bringing in talent. I am impressed by our young guys. Both smiths, knox, legree, marshay, doughty, connop, carroll, wilson, demski.....what is wrong with that??? Many say that there are some older guys that still need to go.....there is always that fine line between being good and hitting the wall. George was a terror last year but perhaps his time has come. Same with chick and some others. But you assrmble a roster in the offseason and are largely stuck with it at that point because bringing in guys halh way through the year doesnt work.... We did that throughout the 1980s with airlifts of players gms coaches.....anyone they bring in now if for next year. They will do their evaluations after the season just like they did after 2011.....and changes will be made. Personally i do not see any problem with the guys taman wanted to go to war with this year. If they were all playing we would not be where we are. Regardless we are competing with who is healthy and that is actually a testament to the work of taman. If we had no depth we would be getting blown out right now

Harvey is just grasping for an explanation just like the rest of us. That is what coffee groups do

Anonymous said...

Funny how fans stay fans without seeing the truth. Everyone says the defence couldn't get the stop. Anyone actually know why? When everyone in the stadium knows they are running the ball it is on the linebackers to make the stop because the d linemen get eaten up by the o line.

Without a pure middle line backer on the roster due to injury and Brackenridge moved there the team simply wasn't good enough. Media and fans want to say how great Brackenridge was because he made some plays and he definietely did, but he isn't good enough to play in the box over the long haul. If he stays there teams will eat us alive on the ground.

Anonymous said...

And there you have it folks. A fan hoping the Riders don't win a game so the GM gets fired.

Now that's a fan lol.

Probably the same "fan" that was hoping Durant would fall on his face so he could be proven "right" as well.

Anonymous said...

Well said Woz

Anonymous said...

You can rationalize anything if you try. Winning the cup in 2013 was because (Tillman? Miller? Austin?) left behind a good team. Or weren't left a good team so went out and bought/traded (cheated?) to get a stacked team to win the cup. But winning is the only criteria to judge by. But not in 2013 I guess. So for 2013 it's why you won that counts. But no that does not apply to 2015. In 2015 it is only whether you win. So confusing.

Anonymous said...

In his first start Randy Richards took 30 yards in penalties - the 25 yarder on the illegal Tim Brown close-line and a procedure call. So to those that may think injuries don't make a difference, I say the outcome would have been different with Adcock. While the reduction of penalties was impressive, still the Chis Best penalty before the half was a killer!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else attending the Woz/Taman wedding???

Anonymous said...

Unless Austin or Huffnagel are wanting to come over to Sask. then Taman is the best option. So he is here to stay.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roddy,

Love the blog, wondering if you could get Reynolds and or Morsky on the sportscage, I would love to listen to their thoughts and what they are saying about the present situation. This is still a shareholder owned and operated team and it appears the two guys at the top are sure silent during this. I would think Jim Hopson would be more infront of this and talking to the media and fan base a little more than the present group.

PS. Just this peon's opinion but I think Harvey would be a great contributor from time to time to either your show and or the game day tele-cast. Again, just a thought from a blog reader/peon.

Thanks for a great blog Rod, look forward to the cage everyday!


Anonymous said...

So CC thinks Calgary has the same team that started the year, minus one or two players. Or the entire offensive line and the MOP from last year, plus a few more - on offense alone. CC proves yet again that he has no clue.

As for the Richards ejection, anyone with half a brain can see that the correct call was made. Might be the dirtiest play in the league in the past 30 years, yet CC thinks it is fine. What a moron. Couple that with Richards dancing off the field celebrating, getting high fives from the team on the bench while the Calgary player lay in a heap on the field, then getting a standing ovation from the fans as he is ejected and you can quickly see why the Riders and Rider fans are the most hated team/fans in the league.

Lastly, the only reason this game was remotely close was because of two very questionable roughing the passer calls against Calgary, both which extended drives and allowed the Riders to score points. In one case, the Calgary player was actually shoved on top of Smith after he was done, in the other the Calgary player had his hands on Smith's back but didn't shove him in any way. Riders were clearly the beneficiary of bad reffing on this day, and allowed the final score to be much more flattering.

This team still has a very long ways to go. How do 6 Riders allow 1 Calgary receiver to jump and get the Hail Mary at the end of the half? Did CC not tell them that they are allowed to jump at the ball? Was he surprised a Hail Mary was coming? Does he have any clue at all? While his coaching is certainly suspect, the level of talent on the team is as well. The record speaks for itself. 0-8. How's that "12-6" prediction looking now Taman?

2013 was clearly a fluke year for CC. His overall coaching record is a joke.

Joe Sixpack

Anonymous said...

Is Chamblin really head coach material? Three years ago he was the buzz word in football circles and praised by Coach Tomlin, now....not really the hottest coach out there with his track record:

2012 - 8 Wins, 10 Losses = 0.444%
2013 - 11 Wins, 8 Losses = 0.611%
2014 - 10 Wins, 8 Losses = 0.555%
2015 - 0 Wins, 8 Losses = 0.000%
Total - 29 Wins 34 Losses = 0.402%

To me, the math screams mediocrity and mediocrity is what we as fans had grown accustom to for years, the Jim Hopson era taught us not to expect average at best and we were going to be the leader and grey cup contender for years to come (like Calgary).

Hawker said...

UFC crowd disappointing? Not according to Tom Wright. From the S-P today:

Wright, on the company's debut in the Bridge City. which drew a crowd of 7,202 paying a live gate of $949,000. UFC typically targets a $500,000 gate for its non-pay-per-view Fight Night cards:

"It's always great coming into a new market. The response has been great," he said. "I've always loved coming out here ... A million-dollar gate on a Sunday in Saskatoon, I couldn't be happier."

Anonymous said...

Wow Woz, that's quite the "Man Crush" you've got. Does BT feel the same? I hope you two have a great marriage.
Reality Woz, yeah injuries but every team has them, rookie QB-same in Montreal and TO(although their guy has been on the roster), our DBs are to small(every team is getting bigger at receiver...well, except us). Your hero has a lot of work to do, including telling his HC to hire a REAL DC.

Anonymous said...

Agree would love to here from our new "President" the CMA type is sure quiet these days, can you get him on if you have time this week Rod?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very good idea. Get those silent clowns who run the business side of operations on behalf of the Saskatchewan Roughriders to account for the dismal downslide of the franchise. This continuous unaccountable downward trend just might be a reflection of their own business ventures and thats not conducive to a long term professional sports franchise. Total teardown restructure maybe in order as the present model not working.

The Woz said...

The worst fann on here are the ones that say winning is the only thing that counts and because taman and cc are apparently nit committed to winning they should be fired midseason. Even person in the history of this franchise has always wanted to win. Everyone. Cc and taman will be evaluated at the end of the year and changes will be made if necessary. But they want to win. That is why they work 18 hour days and weekends. Every year these so called fans want to fire someone. Cortez richie hall daley berry miller bellefuille, barrett and on and on. That is there one solution to the riders every year someone.

It is clear to me that none of these people were around in the late 70s 80s or most of the 90s. They make the assumption that since they were not around then that everyone was an idiot back then and no one wanted to win. Things would have been different if THEY had been around. News flash everyone wanted to win then. And you know what the solution was most years? Fire someone, airlift players mid season. And as a result we were perrennial losers. It does not work!! Pick you guys and stick with them! Just like they have done in pittsburgh and new england and green bay and bc and mobtreal for years. And those teams are successful - maybe not every year but they stick with their guys. Between 1977 and 1987 we had the following coaches....pawsadowski, eddy, lancaster, faragalli, berry, gotta, brancato, and gregory. We also had preston, spavatal, dorsch, hunter, baker, and herrerra as gms. So that was 14 different combinations in 11 seasons and we missed the playoffs every year. Meanwhile the powerhouses at the time in winnipeg and edmonton had one gm and perhaps three coaching changes.

So which formula works better? Cc and taman have done a good job and will turn this thing around. They are good football people and would be out of work for two minutes if we let them go. Meanwhile we would bring in retread has beens like benevides or higgins. Why would anyone any good come here when they run good football people out of town despite making playoffs every year they have been here and winning a cup at home. Geez.

The Woz said...

Go figure. For years people complained about the non football people like the board or the business operations guy/president getting involved on the football side. But now they want to hear from the board and president.....and what are they going to say to make you feel better? They have already said it is cc/taman show fornthe rest of the year. So all they would say is that they are as disappointed as anyone right now but that they are giving them the rest of the year.....and performance will be evaluated after the season. If you need someone to make you feel better call your momy for your sippy cup.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to jump on this topic as well, the anon requesting Reynolds, we hear from Hopson and his thoughts, where's Craig. Get him on the cage Roddy, he needs to answer to the fanbase.

Anonymous said...

Woz, when's your term up on the board? Jesus man your a poster child for what's wrong with many on the fan base. Keep enjoying this awful season, I've moved on and don't feel bad one bit at neglecting my 4 season tickets, they already have my money but I don't have to spend any more on food, drink or marketing crap if this is what I have to endure. Cheer extra loud for me and many others because I personally expect better from the leadership of this club.

Not settling for mediocrity

Anonymous said...

woz take the boxing gloves off before you type, or throw in a proof read. it is painful reading your garbage as it is, throw in al tha errerrs and it sucks. enjoy a winless team, don't ask questions, give them all a pass but don't say a fricken word when the same thing is happening a year from now. your bromance is blinding you. its comical, every werd you tipe. Keep up the god werk

Anonymous said...

I don't think talent is that big of an issue. We had chances to win likely 5 or 6 of the 8 games. Bad decision on the sidelines by the coaching staff has cost these guys as much as anything else.

Regarding the Richards hit, it was dirty but at least it was part of the play. The blind side hit delievered by that Calgary player on Harris was a deliberate attempt to injury. The play was done, he was on his way out of bounds. He should have been kicked out. Along with the ref who missed the call.

Anonymous said...

Check out the NFL game highlights from the Viking's win over the Raiders this past weekend and Brian Peter's interception - he almost had a pic-6 but was brought down inside the one yard line. Looks like he may be another Rider to make it in the NFL. (I can hear the gnashing of teeth from the Brian Peter's hate club.)

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Spell check Woz, spell check....please. Capital letters every once in a while would also indicate that you are not just some rambling so many on here.
Thanks and have a great day and PLAY to WIN the GAME.

Anonymous said...

Dear "The Woz",

I love your rants man, but best to keep your gasket intact. The silver lining in all this adversity is that come 2016 when we get some key player's healthy and Durant back at the controls, the roster will have a nice mix of youth and experience. We are seeing the development of future stars - Knox Jr., Ryan Smith, Devin Wilson, Steve Miller, Marshay Green, and Brett Smith. After all the hand wringing and venting by angry fans, the fix is now in and no one will be able to prevent the Ti-Cats from taking home the Cup in Winnipeg.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

The players put in a great effort this last game unfortunately the Head Coach and his game calling got in the way. A review at the end of the year will be done and hopefully Chamblin will be required to be either the HC or the DC but not both.

Steve W said...

Agree with you 100% Woz! You have to realize it is likely the same 5-10 people who comment on this page, most of who have a grade 9 education. From a strategic business perspective they are clueless....from a strategic football perspective they are even more clueless...if it was up to them we would have a new coach and GM every year or in some cases every few games. They complain when the president is to involved, then complain when not involved enough, complain we run the ball to much one year and not enough the second, complain our team is to young then complain it is to old, say we need to build for the future then say we need to win now. It is actually unbelievable and now I know why we are called banjo picking hillbillies!! I have to admit, this blog is sure entertaining, not from a football intelligence perspective but from the perspective of watching the movie jackass. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Is Chamblin really head coach material? Three years ago he was the buzz word in football circles and praised by Coach Tomlin, now....not really the hottest coach out there with his track record:

2012 - 8 Wins, 10 Losses = 0.444%
2013 - 11 Wins, 8 Losses = 0.611%
2014 - 10 Wins, 8 Losses = 0.555%
2015 - 0 Wins, 8 Losses = 0.000%
Total - 29 Wins 34 Losses = 0.402%


Anonymous said...

I read and seen that also.
Damage control by outside sources dictating?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Reynolds was on the pregame show.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the old boys on coffee row are saying that the Riders should bring Ken Miller in as interim head coach and then hire Richie Hall at the end of the year as head coach for 2016. They also are certain Wally Buono will get canned too, so he can also be brought in as GM for 2016 - with Roy Shivers as the head scout.

Anonymous said...

Right on , good morning

Anonymous said...

Well done Woz. Had to read it twice because of the comments suggesting you (or any of us fans) are happy with mediocrity or somehow missed the objective is to win the game. Duh! But pro sports is entertainment. Of course if winning is the only reason for going to a game you will now be staying away. I get that. But, a question, do you sit through the whole game or just come for the last minute to see the win? Nothing else matters?

Anonymous said...

Responding to the Anon Officiating commentary:
League has tried what you suggest. CFL has actively Recruited at the CIS level (graduating players) with minimal success and have also recruited former/retired CFL players. Only one former player was willing to give it a try - Dave Donaldson.
For whatever reason, former players have NO interest in Officiating, at any level.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want Reynolds or Morsky on the Sportscage???? Does anyone believe they will be forthright and honest with their assessment, or just blow more smoke up our backside.
Too many excuses coming from the Rider org along with Chamblin praising mediocrity and losing; fans getting tired of the "same old". Long way to go to get back to respectability .......

Anonymous said...

Fire Chamblin and Taman right now. Let Scruffy and Woz have their jobs. It can't get any worse.

The Woz said...

Makes me feel good about my posts when the only critique is spelling. Good job buddy . I will send you my book report in the morning Mrs. Kost

Anonymous said...

Woz, Wake up it's all a bad dream! You are back in Kansas and can spell again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hawker, you must be new here, Rod is jealous of, and can't stand Saskatoon, so he tries to unload on the city whenever possible.
He thinks the Riders are the hottest ticket in Canada.

Anonymous said...

If Chamblin could coach as good as he talks Riders would never lose a game.
He needs to realize this is not high school ball.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Grandpa Miller coming in interm to finish 2015 season while kicking some ass back to team respectability.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying Woz, you type pretty darn good for a guy that is as gullible as you are.

Owen Eight

Anonymous said...

You folks just got schooled by Woz...

Game, set,match.

Anonymous said...

Chamblin would be pretty busy if he had to do pushups every time he screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it great to go to an event not involving football in Saskatchewan and NOT see anyone wearing a Rider jersey!!

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is look at the poll on the blog, 75% believe Chamblin should not be fired! This goes to show you the blowhards on here calling for his head are the vocal minority. Thankfully they don't make any decisions with our team.

Anonymous said...

That just means 75% are wrong. They remember the euphoria after the 2013 Grey Cup and associate Chamblin with it. But here's a refresher course. In the semi final in Regina, the BC Lions had the upper hand until late in the game when DD literally put the team on his back and carried them to victory. That was nothing to do with who was coaching, that was Darian and he carried on for the west final in Calgary. But it appeared as though DD's magic was done early in the Grey Cup game. DD fumbled and fortunately the Riders recovered then had to punt. In the next sequence DD fumbled again but it went straight to Kory Sheets who rambled 47 yards. If Hamilton recovers that ball it's a different game. That was pure luck and had nothing to do with Corey Chamblin's coaching. He was the benefactor of a lucky bounce and you guys have forgotten all about it.

Owen Eight

Anonymous said...

You must be really pissed off.

I can tell by this statement that your one of those Durant haters. I suspect that when he hoisted the cup in 2013 it really angered you.

You have to focus that anger on someone, I have dealt with this type of person before. So now you are fixated on the coach, since Durant has the support of the province.

Fortunately, you ARE the minority. A 25 % minority. Not that that matters. All that matters is that Cory has the support of the board. Which he does.

How angry does that make you?

The Truth

Anonymous said...

@ The Truth

You are full of crap! I've pulled for Darian Durant since he became a Rider. I've dealt with people like you before and you're an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Rod said, "Accept the things you cannot change".

Spoken like a true Conservative supporter...

Well RP, the other 70% of Canadians do not accept the way things are and can change it on election day.

However, to get back to your original context, the CFL referees too, can be changed...