Realty One

Monday, August 10, 2015



It was a popular joke making the rounds in the Wheat Province on Sunday: "At least the Roughriders won't lose this week!"

It's true, the Saskatchewan Roughriders won't lose in the upcoming Week 8 of the 2015 CFL season because they have a bye and the scheduled break has temporarily paused this disastrous start to the campaign which has the club at the bottom of the league standings at 0-7.

The latest defeat came at the hands of the Toronto Argonauts Saturday night at Rogers Centre, 30-26, before a surprisingly enthusiastic crowd of 20,642 in the Argos' home-opener.  The attendance was almost 5,000 fans more than Toronto's seasonal average over the 2014 season, but the game itself was an eyesore.

It was the second-highest penalty total in a single CFL regular season game with a whopping 24 infractions being assessed to Saskatchewan and 15 more flags being thrown at Toronto.


Angry Rider fans weren't even blaming the referees for the loss, saying nothing was called which wasn't warranted.  But can the officials at least tell us who the penalty is on?  "Procedure, Saskatchewan, five-yard penalty, repeat second down," referee Tom Vallesi was heard to say time after time.  It makes it difficult for those of us tracking these sorts of things in the press box.

Even more disturbing is the fact observers noted three Roughrider scores were called back due to penalties, ultimately leading to another demoralizing defeat.


"Write it like the other (games) and you have the same story," Riders coach Corey Chamblin said after the game.  "Tight loss.  We did some good things but negative things hurt us.  Everytime we had big plays, penalties killed us."

And that, perhaps, is the most maddeningly-frustrating thing about this horrendous season for your friendly neighbourhood Green & White.  It's the same annoying story being played over and over again on a weekly basis.

Is there reason to believe it will ever turn around this season?  I get the sense the Riders are at the apex of this situation and they can go one of two ways in their next game on August 22 when they host Calgary: 1) they finally get some breaks and the bubble bursts or 2) they continue to shoot themselves in the foot and they give up hope.

Going into Saturday's game I chatted with the exasperated General Manager of the Roughriders, Brendan Taman, on CKRM's pregame show and he pointed out the biggest culprit in all of their losses so far.

"Turnovers," Taman blurted, taking less than a second to answer.  "(Going into the Toronto game) we're minus-9, we're the worst in the league, and you don't win games when that happens.  A big part of that is we're not taking the ball away.  Everybody associates the turnover ratio with offense, but we've had two takeaways all year on defense which, we've all seen, is below normal and that's an understatement."

The CFL record for the least amount of defensive takeaways in a season is 25, set by the 2006 Edmonton Eskimos.  The 2015 Saskatchewan Roughriders are on pace for only six.

"I don't know what I can say on top of that.  That really sums it up," Taman continued.  "The penalties and tackling are part of it but I think the turnovers are huge.  If we don't take the ball away, we're going to have issues to win games."

Saturday was another game where Saskatchewan came out on the losing end of the turnover battle (1-0), failing to record a takeaway while rookie quarterback Brett Smith served up another pick six interception.  That dropped the Riders even further to a league-worst minus-10 statistic.

"When you make mistakes like that - however you want to interpret it - that's a problem," Taman said.   "When you add in who we're missing, that is a recipe for disaster.  We haven't had a good start."

So the football club couldn't wait to get to this bye week to reassess and chart the course for the final 11 games.  A playoff spot, remarkably, is not yet lost despite the record.  Corey Chamblin has gone from Coach of the Year to Coach For The Year and each mounting loss has those wolves back howling outside his door.

Last week in this space I noted that losing would not be tolerated by the decision-makers of this franchise however that notion seems to have cooled.  Chamblin's been given a vote of confidence by his bosses and that appears to have set him at ease somewhat in the days since.

However that hasn't stopped the braintrust from holding emergency meetings and seeing how best to manage this crisis.  Former Roughrider President Jim Hopson is rumoured to have offered a helping hand, with his replacement Craig Reynolds treading water in the deep-end.

To quote singer Glenn Frey, the "Heat Is On".

"Oh no.  It's been clearly stated that we're in the business to win games," Taman concluded.  "We all get that.  We've tried to tinker with the lineup, getting young guys in to play, and getting a change.  We have to change what we're doing.  We started that scheme-wise and lineup-wise with the Toronto game.  That happens when you lose."

So many have asked what you'd put your finger on for the reason why this club keeps losing games at a pace not seen since the Pierre Trudeau administration.  But it takes too many fingers.

The Roughriders' defense continues to let the team down when it's needed the most, like allowing the Argos to move the ball 98 yards in two plays to provide the winning points in the fourth quarter on Saturday night.

Perhaps they're just not good enough?

It's a question the team is reluctant to answer, but has to be taken into consideration.  The personnel department would bristle at the notion, but everything's up for review at this point.

"That thought hasn't even entered my mind," said star slotback Chris Getzlaf.

All the gloom and doom is understandable because, as I've noted countless times, nobody's used to this and it certainly wasn't expected.  But the Riders are still the league's flagship franchise and the preferred destination for players to play.  They're getting more publicity now than when they were at the top of the podium.  Make no mistake, the brand is still incredibly strong.

But it can't take a prolonged hit and everybody is aware of that.

All I know is I'm glad I'm not the one who has to find the answers.



Here's the postgame analysis from Rider Radio's Carm Carteri:

CC:  It's unfortunate for the young rookie QB Brett Smith because I thought he did everything he could in this football game to try and make it happen.  Unfortunately again, we'll talk about penalties that killed the Roughriders again here in Toronto.  When you look at great efforts, you had to be impressed with both Nic Demski and Steven Miller.  I thought they both played their hearts out and made big plays when they needed too but unfortunately for the Riders - and we've talked about this all year - when they needed big plays on defense, they couldn't get it done.

Tonight though, they stopped the Argos late with a 2-and-out, gave the offense the ball back with 1:37 to go, down by four, they had the opportunity to win the game inside the Argo-20.  Unfortunately they couldn't put it in the endzone and that's been the whole problem with this team all season long; they can't put it in the endzone.  That's why we're staring at 0-7.


CC:  It certainly is.  This was a great opportunity to win here tonight and when I make the statement above, I make it because it's tough with a young head coach, who's won a Grey Cup, but is also surrounded by all new personnel except for Bob Dyce.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing but they haven't grown as a team or as a coaching unit.

They're not jumping on teams' throats when they have the opportunity and that's an instinct you can't teach.  It just has to come within a football team and right now it's not coming from this Rider team but they're so close.  That's what's so tough as a fan because you see they have the potential to win it, but then they end up finding a way to lose and they couldn't get it down again tonight.



1 - Toronto is not my favourite city to travel to but once we're there, it's very enjoyable.  It was especially exciting this year to be in the epicentre of Blue Jays Fever.  Canada's Major League team has won eight in a row and is within striking distance of the division lead with tons of time left in the regular season.  This week's homesets against Oakland and the New York Yankees are all sold out.

Imagine - Toronto's on fire because their team finally has a chance after a generation of futility.  Meanwhile we're pretty lucky in Saskatchewan to have enjoyed the success of our football franchise over the past decade.  And every year, the Riders have a chance.

2 - The Argonauts are just biding time until they move to BMO Field next season.  It's clear they're unwanted guests at Rogers Centre, as all the signage around the stadium pertains to the Blue Jays.  It's understandable, but imagine how the Argos players feel walking in for home games and all they see are three story banners of Blue Jays players.

3 - There were protesters at Saturday's Toronto FC game toting signs saying the Argos aren't welcome there either.  However you know how we feel about protesters.  The Argonauts are coming no matter what, and will make it work.

4 - The Argonauts are planning to be bumped from Rogers Centre if the Blue Jays make a playoff run in October.  Options for other venues include Toronto's Varsity Stadium, Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton and may even Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo.

5 - The average ticket price for Toronto Maple Leafs tickets is $446.  The average cost for a Blue Jays ticket is $129.  Just for spits and giggles on Friday, I tried to get ticket prices for the Argos.  They weren't even listed in the top five events on and when I called the Argos' ticket line, I was cut off after two minutes on hold.  I called back but was cut off after waiting another five minutes on hold.  The first lesson of marketing -- make it easy for consumers to buy your product!

6 - Ran into a typical Toronto sports fan while watching the Jays and CFL game Friday night on TV at the Firkin On Bloor.  He was a local bar owner who said, "It's tough to take the CFL seriously when there are only nine teams.  That's almost a whole division in the CFL".  I countered with, "So was the NHL not to be taken seriously during the Original Six Era?".  He responded, "That was before I was born, so it doesn't count".   Tough to argue with that logic.

7 - Former Rider linebacker Brian Peters made a great case for himself in Sunday's NFL Hall of Fame exhibition game when he came up with an interception for the Vikings against the Steelers.  It was later changed to a fumble recovery.

NBC play-by-plan man Al Michaels made a curious comment at the opening of the telecast when he said, "What a wild off-season!  You didn't miss a thing if you watched Court TV".   NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell must've frowned when he saw that.

8 - The WHL's Kelowna Rockets announced the hiring of Brad Ralph as head coach, replacing Dan Lambert who fled to the NHL's Buffalo Sabres.  Ralph joins the Rockets from the ECHL's Idaho Steelheads.

9 - I thought something didn't add up when the Patrick Kane police investigation story broke last week.  Stories are emerging that he was a "target" of the alleged victim in that Buffalo bar last week.

10 - The Regina Red Sox are up 2-0 in their second round WMBL playoff series against Weyburn coming home for Game 3 tonight at Currie Field.  We plan to broadcast the SportsCage's Rider Monday live from Currie Field today at 4:00 pm.




Anonymous said...

"preferred destination for players to play" Hey Rod care to defend that statement? The line of free agents leaving has been long the last couple of years and a this years leagues worst record probably won't help matters.

willy said...

Calgary's Horse will have to have a replacement after the next game in Regina. Even a horse can only do so much and that old Nag will be worn out after that game. So far this year the only team that has really beat the Rider is the "Riders" themselves. With all the penalties that they are taking it looks like a first year football franchise. Playoffs would be great, but on the other hand so would a WIN be nice.

Anonymous said...

I think the most frustrating thing is that the overwhelming majority of penalties have been taken by veterans.

Our rookies are doing quite well if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Rod, your 2nd half podcast is not working.
Thank, Jim

Anonymous said...

Have had trouble putting it in the end zone all year? Come on Carm. They were killing it on offense at the beginning of the year before Glenn went down. Probably close to 30 points a game. One might even say 26 points in the last game should be enough to win a game. Don't think blame the offense this year. Clearly it's the putrid D and penalties that are responsible for this start.

Phif from the home of Harper's bologna

Anonymous said...

Roughrider President Jim Hopson is rumoured to have offered a helping hand? Oh thank god. We're saved! If Jim's ego hadn't have got Tillman fired in the first place we wouldn't be in this mess. If Hopson is involved in trying to fix this, wow! It's about to get even worse.

Anonymous said...

The coaches need to make sure that the guys are ready to go out and play football and STOP taking all the stupid penalties. We used to be the team with the lowest penalties!!! Get them mentally prepared for the game. We all know why we aren't winning games!! I am hoping these areas get fixed by the time we go out and play Calgary!! Us fans want our Roughrider team BACK!!! We want to show our pride and be able to leave the game feeling proud of our team!! Enough is enough....bring us fans our team back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quote from our illustrious coach, "a young head coach, who's won a Grey Cup, but is also surrounded by all new personnel".

That doesn't sound like a team effort to me. What's the old saying? There's no I in team.

He's his own press agent.

Anonymous said...

Carm says can't find the endzone. Excuse me?! With the exception of the Edmonton game which was Smith's first game I don't think this team is having a problem finding the endzone. In fact, they found it three times on Saturday only to have them brought back because of penalty. (FWIW: I thought the Tisdale call was a cheap one)

Perhaps Mr. Carteri needs to take a better look through those aging eyes over what is going on if he wants to know why they are 0-7.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a beautiful Monday morning for some house cleaning.

Anonymous said...

"Former Roughrider President Jim Hopson is rumoured to have offered a helping hand"

He engineered this whole mess when he didn't want to give Austin full power and opted to hire his puppet Taman instead.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only in the cfl can you be 0-7 and there's still hope to make the playoffs. Thats what's wrong with the CFL. NFL can't start soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely don't bring Hopson back to supposedly fix things. He's partly responsible for this whole mess as it's his hierarchy that's got us to this point. Funny how he takes all the credit for the Grey Cups and now he's supposedly going to be the saviour of the franchise by stepping back in. Or maybe attempting to save his reputation as now everyone can see he wasn't the grand genius a lot of people think he is.


Anonymous said...

The answer if pretty clear. they've won 2off their last 16 games, one against Ottawa, and one against Edmonton who was playing 2nd and3rd stringers. Chamblin has to go, or fans simply wont show up to games period, end of story.

Anonymous said...

"...the Riders are still the league's flagship franchise and the preferred destination for players to play. They're getting more publicity now than when they were at the top of the podium. Make no mistake, the brand is still incredibly strong."

It WAS the preferred destination when the team was WINNING. Now it's just a crappy football team in a less-than-desirable Canadian city. No offense, but when your team sucks, it's going to take a lot of money to make a guy want to move to Regina.

As for the brand, look how fast fans are bailing off the bandwagon. Let's see how strong the "brand" is after it goes through a few Hamilton/Winnipeg consecutive years of futility.

- Sean in Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

There's little to no hope of making the playoffs. And depending on your division you can start 0-7 in the NFL and still have a slim chance of making the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Exactly!! Austin wouldn't come back to work for Taman. Btw Taman is 83-104-1 as a GM. Most intelligent post on here all year!!!

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) I reserved judgement until Monday to remove equation and give this a sober second thought

a) If Jim Hopson is indeed lending a helping hand....Fire Craig Reynolds right now! - CEOs don't get helping hands, they have a vision and they implement it and they are not conflict averse. If that is happening then as a seasoned HR professional with a strong recruitment background lemme tell you something: Proof positive that good soldiers don't make good the Marketing Department while they're at it too.

2) Here's the deal. You don't fire Coaches mid season unless Don Mathews is in his prime and ready to step in. This isn't the same as John Gregory getting gassed, and Phil Kershaw having the sack to bring him in to turn things around. There's nobody available - Mike Benevedes underachieved in BC, and read up on Paul LaPolice in Winnipeg. Yes he had a moron for a GM, but the inmates ran that asylum. LaPolice is now in the Barry Melrose land of being a TV guy, and would last about as long as Melrose did when he went behind the bench in Tampa.

3) Football is football, but the CFL has this formula to win. Quarterback, Canadians, Kicking Game....2015 is a total write off. Going forward what's the plan? That's what Reynolds whom Hopson said on Sportscage is not a football guy, that's what he should be asking.

There is no depth and every team has injuries.

4) Here's the news. End of the 2015 season Cory Chamblin is gone. He made the decision to turf his Coordinators so heavy is the head that wears the crown. Mike Benevedes will be the Defensive Coordinator here in 2016 because what we have here now is a complete mess.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm about to do this, but, I agree with Obama for once. If Hopson is being brought back in, in any facet of providing assistance the board obviously made the wrong choice in hiring the wrong person to be a president and the leader of this organization. If Reynolds doesn't know how to rite this ship, have his own vision for success then he needs to be replaced at the end of the year along with Chamblin.

One has to wonder what the discussions are like at the CFL head office with the Riders suffering so to do the TV ratings and attendances are down in most markets. Tough year for the CFL all around....bring on the NFL thankfully.


Anonymous said...

On the Blue Jays. Being Canadian I'm pretty excited about the Blue Jays, they seem to have added all of the right pieces to take a run at it. But being Canadian also tempers my enthusiasm for the Jays. The problem is the Jays are owned by Rogers Communication and it seems that Rogers main ambition is to kill the CFL. Remember folks if you buy any Blue Jays merchandise you are helping finance the death of the CFL, an institution that I dearly love.


Anonymous said...

I want to challenge the comments by Sean in Saskatoon. Free agents choose where they go based on two things - their opportunities to be a starter, and the chance to be on a winning team. Period. If a FA has any other factors in his decision than that, then that's not a player you want on your football team. And if Regina is such an undesirable place to play, why have dozens of alumni from other parts of Canada and the U.S. chosen to remain in the city after they retire?

Sorry but the whole "nobody wants to play in Regina" thread is not relevant and just not true. And it'll take more than one bad season to severely damage the #3 sports brand in Canada.

- Richard in Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

An honest question on a rule clarification:
When a play is blown dead on a procedure call, and a D-lineman takes a free shot at the QB, why isn't that a penalty?

I'm not talking about the later play with the possible fumble, or the many legitimate calls or non-calls, or the many other calls/non-calls that confused me. I'm just wondering about that one non-call, and why it's not a penalty. Or was it just missed?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm about to do this, but, I agree with Obama for once. If Hopson is being brought back in, in any facet of providing assistance the board obviously made the wrong choice in hiring the wrong person to be a president and the leader of this organization. If Reynolds doesn't know how to rite this ship, have his own vision for success then he needs to be replaced at the end of the year along with Chamblin.

One has to wonder what the discussions are like at the CFL head office with the Riders suffering so to do the TV ratings and attendances are down in most markets. Tough year for the CFL all around....bring on the NFL thankfully.


Anonymous said...

Reynolds is the President, allow him to do his job and do not go back to Hopson not fair to him or Reynolds and tells the fans that there isn't a plan for this season.

Rod Pedersen said...

The difference is - Jim has offered to help. He wasn't sought out, at least to the best of my knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Hoppy needs to stay away, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Bandwagon fans can cram it.

Anonymous said...

I would have never thought I would loose interest in the CFL, but this year between the Rider's record, the rule changes and the lack of leadership (sorry, I think Corey should have been replaced) and the ego this coach has and some off the cuff comments he's made about media/fan base. I find myself having no desire to attend games. I know I'm going to get jumped on by everyone for being a fair weathered fan, but this summer has been gorgeous, I've been a season ticket holder for 25 years and expect better from this club. I love listening to Rod call an away game and find myself quite content listening to him call home games from the comfort of my deck while enjoying a great SK the look at attendance #'s I feel many are thinking the same thing, its sad but reality for pro teams in today's day an age.

Win or people with find other ways to spend their money and consume their time. Furthermore, be honest and open with your fan base, where is Reynolds? Why hasn't he taken a page out of the Pats owner books and hold a town-hall, or at least hold a press conference and field questions from the media and tell us what his plan is? Staying quiet is a slap in the face to the great fan-base of this team and the CEO should be front and center after 7 straight losses and re-assure his stakeholders that there is a plan and they value the fan's support. Till that happens I will gladly donate my 4 tickets to big brothers and sisters.

Great job Roddy, hang in there you're doing a good job trying to stay positive during these times, can't be easy.


Anonymous said...

ill be there regardless. all things considered i hope they stick with chamblain.

Anonymous said...

I love how as soon as you voice your frustration with this year's club your a bandwagon fan! The Rider's are the most profitable team in the league, the oldest club in the league and only have 4 cup wins...thankfully since 07 things were turning around and winning was the mandate here and the fan base climbed through the roof and Canada's Team was alive and more evident than ever!

Now, the team is 2-16 and we're just supposed to pay our money, attend games, clap our hands, buy merchandise and don't question what's going on because we're just the fans and don't have a say. Well then I guess I'm a bandwagon fan because I am not happy with this season and concerned for the future of this club.

Cue the boo birds

Anonymous said...

To the fool who said Tillman was fired. Not true - he resigned, and for good reason, for his own well being and those of the team. Try not to make false and stupid comments please, we have enough of those from "Obama".

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Hopson haters keep popping up here. I had a good laugh though from the comment by one clown today who whines how he brought in Taman and - what? - won Sask a Grey Cup a couple of years ago at home.

Anonymous said...

The Toronto radio braodcasters laughed at CC getting a vote of confidence. They said Coach is responsible for evaluating the talent, instilling discipline and being the leader. He sets the tone. Didn't see how he could still be the head coach in 2-3 weeks. Might as well turn BT too. He is proven to be mediocre. You are watching his product which is a result of short term thinking and poor trading> The best players are not his gets...

Steve B said...

FYI, just checked the Vegas odds and the Bye Week is a 3.5 point favorite over the Riders.

People are not band wagon jumpers, they just expect quality entertainment for there hard earned dollar!! If they don't get the value they will and should spend the money somewhere else. I know most of your lives revolve around this GAME but this is an entertainment business, nothing more, nothing less. If I am not not entertained, I will will do something else which is more entertaining.

Steve B

Anonymous said...

Let's make one thing perfectly clear. Those of us who are mad at the team and criticizing this awful record are NOT bandwagon jumpers. We're speaking up because we love this team and want it to be better. It's like if your favourite restaurant has problems, you're going to speak up because you love the place and want it to be better. The bandwagon jumpers are the ones who aren't commenting at all. That means they don't care and only will once a we have a winner.

Either way, things need to change. There's no will to win on this team and the constant penalties/mental errors confirm that. Let the season play out with the current personnel and pull the pin at the end. This is unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

Old Riders never die, they just keep falling off the Band wagon.

Anonymous said...

As for the penalties...

Yes both teams are noted as being the highest penalized, however there is something larger that is a problem here regarding the penalties.

Let's remember, this is not a new game and we did not just take a bunch of refugees who never played the game before to throw them in there and try there best. For both teams on that night, what we have are grown men that have played their whole lives both North and South of the border. No, the game is not new to them and the rules are what they are, so what then is the problem with all the calls...?

Well, I have been writing into Rod's blog here for a number of years, and I also write to the league when possible. The problem is the poorly trained referees and the strange culture of what they 'believe' there jobs to be. Of course this could take a book to write about the problem, but the reality is there is no other league in all of football that has this many penalties absolutely ruin the game. It's to the point that I don't even get excited about a great catch or punt return for a touchdown, or any great play as the back of my mind knows that the chances are the play will be called back anyway. I repeat, there is no other football league that has this problem!!! Imagine, a great play happening, then everyone doesn't even get excited anymore until we wait to hear what penalty was likely called, this is not something rare, this is now a regular occurrence!

I hope to God that the US ESPN did not broadcast that game, because the fans South of the border will never tune in again. The CFL (a league I used to love), I am sure is the laughing joke of the US if they tuned at all. Even the US born players in the CFL must be thinking this is a joke. They no longer want to leave and go to the NFL just for the money, they want to go because the referees are a complete joke. It's not even a game anymore...

Did I mention this could be a book...

What a disgusting shame (not only this year, but the last few years). I will suggest that this is the new CFL Commissionaires biggest problem to deal with. And, oh, just to clarify, it really does not have that much to do with the new penalties... It's everything to do with the Ref's in general. They are terrible.

One last note, I used to be a Canadian minor league football, so yes I am aloud to be critical!

Kel in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Players don't want to play in Regina because there are no strippers.

Anonymous said...

We needed a football guy to be the president, not a bean counter.....

Anonymous said...

RP said, "There were protesters at Saturday's Toronto FC game toting signs saying the Argos aren't welcome there either". I just want to follow up with that, (no offence Rod P), I want to add as to that why the protesters were there.

It's not that the protesters are anti-Argo, it's just that they love there MLS Toronto FC and they don't like the non-plan to deal with the torn up fields that will very likely happen. Or put another way, the MLS fans don't appreciate the BS that was put upon them when they were told the field would never suffer any damage from the CFL (yeah right).

The reality is eventually they will have to install artificial turf there for the two to co-exist... The Toronto FC fans are against that idea (too), thus the protests.

Kel in Victoria

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the Argo's playing a game in Buffalo, why not? Likely they will get 2 or 3 times the amount of fans coming out for the game, rather than the lack of promotion and poorly attended games in the Toronto dome.

However next year will be different, the new outdoor stadium in Toronto will very likely save the Argos from it's doom of a past the last 25 years in Toronto under the dome...

Kel ... Calling it like it is from the West Coast

Anonymous said...

Taman also not a football guy! 2013 hop son messenger boy. No interm/long term remediation to date. Franchise product operation on and off the field unforseen with nobody steering or held accountable.

hmmm said...

Oh well..

Im fine with the way this year is turning out.
- Our offense is lights out most of the time.
- Chapdeline has been awesome
- We have a young QB that can play in the cfl!!!!...Durant is getting old and will not have played for two years. He's not our future.
- I'm from the old days where we never won every year. Just doesn't happen in the cfl. After being a fan for over 50 years, I can be patient for next year.
- Getlaf, dressler, chick, Durant etc are all getting old. We were built to win this year. We lost key players and that's reality. Its over. Start getting ready for our new stadium!
- In the cfl, you can rebuild in two years.
- Cant use injuries as excuses? What a dumb statement. If anyone can fill in, why does every league and sport pay big bucks for difference makers?

Anonymous said...

Time for change,
Current Saskatchewan Roughriders structure isn't working, board of directors etc. Time for private ownership, where the current status quo of perpetual losing would not be condoned or acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I agree that all of these players metioned are past their best before dates. Good to see tht they put in Korey Williams, Ryan Smith and Now Brett performing well, along with Steven Miller.

Anonymous said...

Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs and Walmart better stock up on diapers because of a lot of people in here are pooping their pants again over the status of the Riders. It is so sad when the lives of some of these 9 to 5'ers revolve around what a football team is doing.

Enjoy life and don't vote NDP October 19.

Anonymous said...

City of Saskatoon/business community would be wise to entertain the idea of starting the process of CFL franchise application with a solid structural ownership.

jamesonkj said...

Another Toronto type spewing hate because the CFL has 9 teams? Just how many does he think we should have? People need to quit comparing us to the USA. They literally have 10 times the ****ing population we do. They have the ability to have 34 teams in a league. Unless this sports bar guy plans on buying CFL teams and building stadiums in Red Deer Victoria Kelowna Saskatoon Thunder Bay Quebec City and Halifax, he should probably just realize we are what we are, and that most of us like it.

Anonymous said...

An honest question for ya Rod.

On Sportscage, you always tell people to put a name to their texts because you are not going to read anonymous ones. Why don't you do that for this blog? There are many ways to make some of these jarheads accountable for their thoughts so make it that way.

It sort of sounds hypocritical on your part to allow it in one medium and not another.

Jeff S/Saskatoon

PS: Love the show and hope you take this the right way.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on this absurd idea that MLS fans have that MLS football/soccer is any good. Having lived in the UK I know for a fact that in the UK and Europe MLS by the leading football people, football soccer is considered tier 4 level ball and at best maybe a poor tier 3 level game when compared to UK/Europe game.

This is a fact!!!

So MLS fans get over yourselves, enjoy your very poor MLS and get on with life. And, oh yes, leave the CFL alone.

The MLS game is where washed up players go to die and want a bes get 2 sec. of some sort of fame.

Anonymous said...

Reading about the Patrick Kane story, it would seem as if some young lady had a desire to meet the rich kid in the bar and have some "fun" with him and he fell for it hook, line and sinker like so many athletes have.

This is going to be a he said vs she said scenario again and it will drag on for a long time.

It will be interesting to see how the NHL handles this with one of their superstar players.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roddy...good work as always. A few quick points:
1) If CC wasn't in such a big rush to get rid of Richie Hall some of this years early L's would have been early W's
2) Stew was right on the money on his post
3) I wore the "CFL Rocks, NFL Rots" button during Grey Cup in 1995...I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that button now. The CFL (for the past two years IMHO) has continually been the best advertising for why people should switch over to watching the NFL. I have never walked away from the TV before being so disgusted with watching CFL games. No flow, flag after flag, and no real entertainment. Sad to say...and can't believe I'm actually saying it.
4) Enjoy the remainder of the summer...many of us are back in the rinks in a little less than a month!

Jeff in Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the the Saskatchewan Roughriders Board of Directors/President structure not interspersed with some insightful former players who have actually played the game and have a grasp professional football direction?

Rod Pedersen said...

Regarding the anonymous thing: it's monotonous to read anonymous texts in the SportsCage so that's why we ask for a name and location. Here on the blog, it is what it is.


mister winnipeg said...

re: Blue Jays

As much as I'd like to, I refuse to cheer for them or spend any time or money whatsoever on them because of the relentless effort by Rogers to kill the Argos and the CFL.

The way that the Argos and their fans are treated is shameful... did you see the tweets on Saturday showing the massive lineups outside the stadium gates? They only opened a portion of the gates and took extra long to give everyone the airport metal detector treatment according to MLB standards.

Rogers can go suck a diock, I hope the Jays choke and finish out of the WC. They are Canada's worst company bar none.

Anonymous said...

The riders have not been perpetual losers. They've been competitive every year for over a decade, except for 2011. 2 grey cups, and 4 grey cup appearances.

Anonymous said...

We needed a football guy to be the gm, not a bean counter.....

Anonymous said...

2 - 16 says they are. And 4 Grey Cups in a 100+ year history of existence, huh?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mr. Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

mister sir are my hero, best post on this blog in forever. I detest the jays, since their birth and you have given my hatred one more angle. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

CC is that you?

Anonymous said...

Brown supermarket paper bag wearing displeased Roughriders fanbase showing up next game, Stampeders at Regina. Be there! Or you can watch on the television broadcast.

Anonymous said...

How did the Ottawa REDBLACKS become better than the Roughriders in only a two year existence? Winnipeg Blue Bombers better than the Roughriders, huh? Roughriders the worst of the worst In professional sports and sinking deeper into the abyss.

Anonymous said...

1 win in the last 13 games - is that the signs of a great head coach ??????

I don't think so

Anonymous said...

How did Ottawa become so good in 2 years? By getting to take some of the best Canadians off every other team. Not rocket science!

Anonymous said...

If having only 9 teams in the cfl is so bad ???

How come the NHL only has 6 teams in Canada ???

With that logic I quess hockey in Canada is really up the creek with terrible teams and players

Anonymous said...

Rod, a few days ago you said your blog had never had so many hits.
I don't doubt it. It's probably because guys like me are going here five times a day hoping to see that Taman/Chamblin have been sacked. What are they waiting on? Why waste the next 11 games? Give the keys to somebody else and they have 13 exhibition games to put their mark on the Riders and land running for 2016.

Anonymous said...

For all of you guys that think that Rogers is the boogey man don't know jack about business. It isn't their job to promote their competitors product. Perhaps TSN should promote their product better; when was the last time they had a Saturday or Sunday afternoon game on their main network (CTV)?
The biggest CFL insider (Arash Mandani) works for Rogers and develops half the story lines in the CFL.
As for the tin foil hat theory that Rogers set up extra security to screw with the CFL, it is a theory brought forward by someone who must have only ever been to CFL and WHL sized minor leagues. Security screening is a reality and really should be happening in all CFL markets but doesn't due to cost.
The argos are terrible tenants that pay cheap rent and whine constantly about the building. The team hasn't spent a dime to make their home field better for fans.

Anonymous said...

This is a very thoughtful and well written article Rod. The continued poor play of the defence and the ugly penalty totals are tearing this team apart. The deflating lack of disciple is continuous and nobody has been able to get ahold of it. It seems to show a lack of preparedness, intensity, and commitment. These demoralizing losses regardless of the score are sucking the life out of the team and it's fans. This can't go on forever yet it could! Even with the losses for the most part the offence has put up enough points to win in most games. The defence has let them down repeatedly. We have sunk to the level of some really dark times for the franchise, with a distinct likelihood of getting worse. I was at six business places today and in every one the Riders were the topic, and not in a flattering way.

Losing shouldn't be tolerated by the senior management (BOD and CEO). This tumble and the bleak prospects are going to translate to a loss of significant monies. Maybe not right but that's the way things go when the fan base become jaded. Votes of Confidence can often be elusive and without tenure. Sometimes even the kiss of death. The organization absolutely needs to look at the current situation, expectations, and long term vision. They need to decide of the people they have in place are the right ones. That goes for players, scouts, managers, and of course coaches. Many would suggest we are weak in all areas. When the brain trust are holding emergency meetings and Hopson willing to enter the fray, tells you the situation is hanging in place by a thread. On many levels this situation is becoming untenable. A few years back the Esks found themselves Grey Cup Campions and a few years later they were in disarray. They did what they needed to do and have quickly regained their swagger.

Anonymous said...

No, how did Ottawa become better than the Roughriders in 2 years? that's the question.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Hear Hear. I also frequent this site to get the news "Taman and Chamblin have been canned".

Anonymous said...

Danny Macioca was the laughing stock of the league and butt of all CFL jokes for about three years before Edmonton's BOD mustered up enough guts to pull the plug on him. Surely we don't have to wait that long to get rid of Taman and Chamblin.

Dave said...

Untill they fire Taman this is the new riders. What was built by Shivers and then Tillman he has destroyed. Tillman had us stocked with Canadians and lots of depth and talent but this bonehead has a history of not knowing anything bout running a team over payed a lot of vets

Anonymous said...

Mitchell Blair sucks

Anonymous said...

How did Ottawa become relevant you may ask? Well, Mike Gibson isn't on their coaching staff anymore.

This Huskies fan in Regina can't wait to see the trainwreck that is the Regina Rams this year. It will be outstanding!

What a great hire!!

Anonymous said...

In a Conservative world... Bib businesses will always come first...

Anonymous said...

Pathetic excuse for a coach that has won only two games going back to last year.Can't or won't admit mistakes!!Typical around here he won a grey cup two years ago!! This guy and the Gm are out of chances and don't deserve any more time to "try and fix things"