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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Thursday: Montreal at BC
Friday: Hamilton at Edmonton
Saturday: Calgary at Saskatchewan
Sunday: Ottawa at Toronto

BALL (18-14): BC - HAM - CGY - TOR
SCRUFFY (18-14): BC - HAM - SK - TOR
PHIL (17-15): MTL - HAM - CGY - TOR
R.P. (17-15): BC - HAM - SK - TOR
SHARKY (16-16): BC - HAM - SK - TOR
LYNCH (16-16): BC - EDM - CGY - TOR
COIN (16-16): BC - EDM - SK - TOR
SCHULTZ (15-17): BC - HAM - SK - TOR
LUC (14-18): MTL - HAM - SK - TOR
ABOU (14-18): BC - HAM - SK - TOR

* Winner gets a $50 gift card to the Press Box Sports Bar


Anonymous said...

Does anyone want to put money on this next year? All you homer "analysts" keep picking the Riders. The Stamps are 5-2 and looked really good last week. The 0-7 Riders don't stand a chance.

In Football,
STAMPS FAN in Regina

Anonymous said...

You know things are in a very sad state for Rider Nation when its godfather and Main Man John Lynch picks the Stamps!

Anonymous said...

at least he doesnt have his head burried in the sand like some of the others

Anonymous said...

Funny how so called stamps fans have to come on a roughrider blog. But I guess nobody cares enough about the stamps to have a blog focused on them.


Anonymous said...

Must be lonely being a Stumps fan in Regina.

Poor fella

Anonymous said...

running out of the tunnel to "bring em out" will be the hi light of the night for rider fans. after that you will wanna send em back in!

Anonymous said...

Luckily Rod does a good job of covering the Pats and Regina Red Sox. I strongly encourage all you bandwagon Rider fans to jump on the Bluejays wagon.

Prediction- Stamps by 30

In Football,
Stamps Fan In Regina

Anonymous said...

It's kinda funny how the riders have single handedly killed all of the records of these guys doing the weekly picks. Basically all of them pick the riders every week... that's 7 extra losses haha... Oh well... honestly I'm glad to hear that most fans are relaxing a bit more now and not getting so upset over this tough season. We've been good... really good for the better part of a decade now. We should be thankful for that. My dad and grandpas and uncles all put up with the heart breaking losses in the Grey cup in the 60's and 70's, the brutal 11 year playoff drought that took up basically the entire 80's and the crappy inconsistent teams of the 90's and those men rarely complained about the team... except when the games were on haha. We need to embrace the recent success that our franchise has had in this salary cap era.

Anyways, let's all take a deep breathe and continue to support this team for now and hope they can come back and make the playoffs. You know what the bitter Rider hating jerks in Calgary and Edmonton and around the league fear the most and are having nightmares about? This rider team playing the way that everyone knows they can! A team that runs the ball down their opponent's throats and doesn't take undisciplined penalties. I'm not predicting this to happen but I'm saying there's a chance and I'm willing to stick around for the ride and cheer these guys on! If they blow it and miss the playoffs... so what? It's one season. There's no way that we are so far off from being a contender that we need to rebuild or worry about a repeat of this next season. The riders will be alright people. Just wait and see.