Realty One

Titan Auto

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Thursday: Montreal at Hamilton
Friday: Toronto at Edmonton
Saturday: Calgary at Winnipeg
Sunday: Saskatchewan at Ottawa

BALL (21-15):   HAM - TOR - CGY - OTT
PHIL (21-15): HAM - TOR - CGY - SK
SCRUFFY (20-16): HAM - EDM - CGY - SK
RP (19-17): HAM - EDM - CGY - SK
SHARKY (18-18): HAM - TOR - CGY - SK
LYNCH (18-18): HAM - EDM - CGY - SK
COIN (17-19): HAM - TOR - CGY - SK
SCHULTZ (17-19): HAM - EDM - CGY - SK
LUC (17-19): HAM - EDM - CGY - SK
ABOU (16-20: HAM - EDM - CGY - SK

* Winner gets a $50 gift card to the Press Box Sports Bar


Anonymous said...

Hoping but can't see the Rider D stopping Henry at the RedBlacks home base.

Anonymous said...

So why with an 0-8 start and 2 wins going back to last year would you pic the riders!!Only in the Regina media you guys are a sad bunch!!

Anonymous said...

at the start of the season some of these jokers should just say the riders will go 18-0 and win the grey cup. its either stupidity or they really fear for their jobs if they god forbid picked AGAINST the riders

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice to see one person in the Regina media that had the balls to predict a Rider loss? Oh, there is one named Darryl Davis but he's an outcast. Pathetic.