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Monday, July 27, 2015


REGINA -- Never before in my life have I hoped a head coach is wrong more than I do right now.

Prior to Sunday’s home game against Hamilton, Roughriders coach Corey Chamblin told his team in his pregame speech, “This will determine what type of team you’re gonna be for the rest of the season!”

TSN cameras caught the address and the commentators noted how fiery Chamblin was in his talk.

The club then proceeded to blow a 21-17 lead in the fourth quarter and lose 31-21 for its fifth consecutive defeat to open the 2015 CFL season.


Of course to make matters worse, quarterback Kevin Glenn got injured making a tackle on an interception he threw at the end of the third quarter and was unable to finish the game.  His status is now in question for this Friday’s game at the division-leading Edmonton Eskimos.  Glenn will see team doctors today to gauge how the injury responded overnight.

Ironically, the sun did not come up Monday morning.  The crackling of thunder and persistent showers seem to reflect the mood of the Rider Nation.

Initially, the inkling is that this season is a write-off and we haven’t even hit August yet.

Upon my return home after the game, my wife asked, “So are we eliminated from the playoffs?”

And the answer to that question provided the one slim glimmer of hope the team has left.

No, they are not eliminated from the playoffs.  There are still 13 games to go.  In my first season calling games in 1999, when the club finished 3-15, the Riders were miraculously in the playoff picture right down to the final weekend.

But something needs to change with this team immediately.  There’s one bullet left in the gun and should they falter at Commonwealth Stadium this upcoming weekend, it would be tough to convince even the most-optimistic of fans – or even the players - that this season can be saved.

Defense cost Saskatchewan the Hamilton game.  Just like all of their games so far this year.  Chamblin, the club’s defacto defensive coordinator, tweaked their approach and applied considerably more pressure against the Ticats on Sunday than we’ve seen all season.  But the result was the same.

“Just like you say, we brought the heat,” Chamblin said after the game.  “We got after (Ticats QB Zach Collaros) and did everything we could.  That's football and we couldn't keep them out of the endzone.  The thing we can't do is quit, no matter what.  This is one of the toughest situations they'll ever be in but we have to fight another day.”

Amidst all of Chamblin’s postgame quotes, that was the kernel which stuck out to me.  “We couldn’t keep them out of the endzone.”

So the time has come for Chamblin to relinquish the duty of calling defensive plays and hand it over to Greg Quick, the man whose business card actually says “Defensive Coordinator”.  Chamblin's a great football coach but the task of managing the game while running the defense at the same time seems to be too huge at this juncture.

The facts are staring the Roughriders right in the face.  What they’ve been doing simply isn’t working.  There have been promises all season long but they’ve come up empty each and every week.

It’s come to this.  You have to ask yourself what's best for the team?  To me, this might be it.

Receiver Weston Dressler has emerged as the leader of this football club in the absence of injured quarterback Darian Durant and even he has run out of answers.

“It's getting harder and harder to talk to you guys,” Dressler told us on CKRM’s postgame radio show.  “Coach told us to remember this day.  We're at the bottom and have nowhere to go but up.”

That part is likely true.  And it was so sad to see most of the 31,683 fans in attendance on Sunday head to the exits with 1:41 remaining.  There was so much hope in their faces all game long, but it is quickly evaporating.

“You never want to see people leaving early when there's still time on the clock.  It's tough,” Dressler continued.  “If we had the answers we'd be winning games instead of losing them.”

That was the toughest part to digest.  The Riders don’t have the answers and if they don’t, who does?

It’s time to try something different, before it’s too late.  The clock has started ticking on Corey Chamblin’s mostly successful time in Saskatchewan and no doubt there will be plenty of calls for his dismissal between now and Friday.  But that, assuredly, won’t happen.

“I think, no matter what, through social media the players are gonna read (speculation on his future) and they shouldn't be worried about my future,” Chamblin said calmly.  “They should be worried about theirs.  My mindset is the guys in that room.  As long as I'm here, that'll be my focus; to get wins for the guys in that locker room.”

For the last couple of weeks Chamblin has sounded like a dead man walking and it’s clear the team is down to its last out.

But they’re not giving up.  They can’t.  Not yet.

“It's gonna be a heckuva ride when we pull out of this thing,” Dressler concluded.

It has to start Friday night.



Here's the postgame analysis of Rider Radio's Carm Carteri following Sunday's game:

"The Kevin Glenn interception was a big turnover for the Riders.  That really got Hamilton back into the football game.  Having said that the Riders had a 4-point lead going into the fourth quarter and they allowed it to slip.  It was just a little bit of everything: penalties and not making plays.  Again, it was Kevin Glenn not at the helm for the Riders.  Young Brett Smith had to come in and really couldn't get anything going as that Hamilton defense turned it up a notch.

"They sent the blitz at the young quarterback and stayed zone behind in the secondary.  Really the Riders had nowhere to go and it's unfortunate because this was a game tied at the half 14-14.  The Riders looked like they were going to make something happen and win this football game but it was just too little too late.

"It was the fourth quarter that killed this football game again.  Over 30 points given up by this defense.  You just can't do that in this league.  Unfortunately for the Riders it's back to the drawing board again on a short week.  They've gotta lick their wounds and go 'Alright now where do we go from here?'

"That's a big coaching decision for this staff because they don't have the formula right now and they'd better find it quick.

"It was a back and forth game and you felt like the Riders were in control.  And then Kevin Glenn doesn't come back with what we suspect is a shoulder injury.  Now you're down to, really, your third string quarterback.  But the game was lost before Brett Smith even got in there, really.  He was deep in his zone and the Ticats just squeezed the head of the Riders and choked them off when they needed to.

"Even Hamilton took some bad penalties.  The one by Banks nullified a touchdown and they had to settle for a field goal which gave the Riders a chance.  But boy, just more questions than answers again."


Tune into 620 CKRM's Rider Monday in the SportsCage today at 4:00 pm.  I'll be joined by co-host Mike Abou-Mechrek and Rider GM Brendan Taman will make his weekly appearance.  Sportsnet's Arash Madani will be on the show as well.



Anonymous said...

Simple question - has CC lost the dressing room? Has the team stopped picking up what he is putting down? Seems so to me....

Anonymous said...


I am the most optimistic of fans and will never ever give up my season tickets. We have had them in the family from the 1940's and my kids will have them when I am gone.

However, there is clearly no way we win in Edmonton on Friday with Smith, Sunseri or Price. Edmonton's pair of Nichols and Franklin are far better than what we have. Their defense is so far more superior to ours that we will be lucky to score 10 points on them. Our special teams coverage has been excellent the last five quarters of football, but no return game is in sight either. Demski will help in that area once he gets some experience.

It is my belief that firing Chamblin is not the answer believe it or not. A - who is out there other than Benevides or LaPo and B- WE SIMPLY DON'T HAVE THE PLAYER PERSONNEL TO TURN THIS SEASON AROUND, PERIOD!!!! Let's call a spade a spade, no fumble recoveries and one amazing interception by Doughty is all we have to show from an 'aggressive' defense in five games. Not good enough from a defense in any league. Chamblin is trying with what he has. The teams in the league have gotten better and we haven't. Simple. It comes down to finding talent south of the border and drafting better. Only one Canadian starter is on our roster right now from the last three drafts.

Whatever we do for the rest of this season, DON'T TRADE ANY MORE FIRST OR SECOND ROUND PICKS. Let some of our practice roster guys play and see if they can get it done. Don't sign any more 29 or 30 year old cast offs. That is not helping our future.

Just my two cents!!

Aaron Anderson

Anonymous said...

well the problems start and end with the coach anyone who says attitude is more important than winning is a problem. Chamblin is danny barrett (record wise0+ danny maciocia (grey cup)+ roy shivers (attitude) and that is a toxic mix for riders. Plus it seems too many players are here on merit not performance I noticed across the field Austin has the attitude you are not producing you are not playing. I must also wonder has this team aged over night on defense are we playing too many players that are on the back 9 of the career

Anonymous said...

yes it has his arrogance and ego are off putting to fans and probably to the team and the teams answers questions like stepford wives

Anonymous said...

"But that, assuredly, won’t happen."

How do you know that and why wont it happen? You can't ignore the numbers. CC's overall head coaching record is 29-30. His last defensive coordinator job in 2011 the tiger cats were 8-10. No coach at any level or league is safe but yet you claim hes safe. Taman extended CC through 2017 already but that just means he gets paid to watch the games at home. Im not safe at my job nor is anyone i know. If you screw up enough you get demoted or fired. This whole situation in sask looks eerily similar to the blue bombers with taman as GM.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments

Larry said...

Stay the course for another month...we are only 4 points out of the play-offs.

If we are 2-7 or 1-8 at LDC, then deal Glenn for a high draft pick and go with the kids at QB for the rest of the season.

Become sellers, not buyers at the trade deadline!

Anonymous said...

Quote, "The clock has started ticking on Corey Chamblin’s mostly successful time in Saskatchewan"

In case you've forgotten his record is less than .500 now at 29-30.

Anonymous said...

Et tu Rod?

The Professor said...

The offense and special team performance has improved since the Durant injury in 2014. The problem is the defense. The personal on the field is not making enough shut-down tackles all over the field and forcing turnovers.

To Aaron Anderson's point about the lack of talent on defense is right, obviously. HOWEVER, the problem is that the talent we do need can only be found on the injury list, players like Weldon Brown, Shea Emery, Tristan Jackson, Marshay Green, and Keenan McDougal. My question that I hope someone will ask the Riders is when can we expect these players to return to action.

Anonymous said...

Good point Rod! I think that Chamblin does have to examine his duties. I agree that he should not be fired. He does have to take some responsibility for his defensive duties though.
It seems that he has been saying all along that he does not have the players that he needs, and I do agree. We do not have the depth or talent of other teams.
I admire the coach for his fiery attitude and hard work. Sure he has made a few mistakes in decisions and responses to the media, but he is learning. He had a rationale for the "questionable" coaching decisions that he made. However, he would probably be better served to relinquish his DC duties at this point. I felt that some of the media tried to slant or read too much into what he had to say, which was unfair.
The current management has not done a great job of bringing in players and maintaining the talent pool. The team appears to be having some bad luck, but the GM needs to be ready for these events. The team is relying on older vets and not replacing or adding to the roster adequately.
I feel for Chamblin as I did for Greg Marshall - he really is in a difficult no win situation. I feel that Miller hurt the team with many poor personnel decisions as well.
The team needs to go with status quo for the rest of the season. They need to develop players, including a young qb.
If decisions are made this season, they need to start at the top.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly believe any team will actually TRADE for Glenn? Especially a high draft pick?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
first of all this was pure gold!
Anonymous said...
What's more difficult? A Rider win or telling the difference between the cry stains and food stains on Mitchell Blair's stinky Rider jersey (which is bush-league for a broadcaster to be wearing the home team jersey)

July 26, 2015

how about some perspective here knuckle heads. the riders are about 1/3 into their season....0-5. Any NHL, MLB or other sport that had a coach that lost the first 33% of their games to start the year would be gone by now. However this is the CFL and you expect crap and settle for crap football and players. that is why you have the Mitch Blairs as the "professionals" time to throw in the towels and vote with your feet. but you wont because you would rather go and then bitch about the outcome than stay home and hope they wake up and make the changes.

Y'er Welcome
Obama's cousin

TKP said...

Not running the ball is on the coaches/game planning.

Sure, they are good against the run but we did not even try to make them stop us. We stopped our own run game by planning not to use it.

We did not "surprise" them by passing insteading of running.... all we did was take away a couple of our own best weapons... and we lost... which was no surprise at all.

Anonymous said...

Someone is getting fired if this keeps up. CC floated the idea yesterday that this team just isn't good enough, which is placing the blame at the feet of the GM. It was a shot across the bow that Taman heard clearly. They have gassed Coordinators in the past so it is either going to be the coach or the GM. I'm going to guess it will be the coach

Dennis said...

I think most fans realize with the injuries we have had that this season is a write off and cant wait for this season to end and start fresh next year. This season started with so much promise after the way last year ended, and all the disappointment to have given up on the Riders after only 5 games. The next two home games against Cal and Wpg should have good crowds but after that could be like the end of the 2011 season where you couldn't give your tickets away.

Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail on the head Rod. Chamblin needs to back off on meddling in the defense. I think that means backing off on defensive play calling during the game although I know he did most play calling for the second half of last season and seemed to go well. Perhaps the issue is Greg Quick is not offering enough of an additional contribution of ideas to defensive planning. Having Hall as a counter balance to Chamblin's ideas seemed to be more effective. I doubt he's interested but bringing Benevides in as DC seems like a big move that might give fans some faith that the team is still trying. The big question - will Chamblin's ego allow him to give up any control over the defense.


cflsteve said...

The Football Gods are not with the Riders so far this year. Another very key injury to your second starting QB. Yes Glenn through that int. But clearly banged up after the first half. Then unable to continue with a 4th qtr really to go.
Very familiar to what Toronto and HC and in charge of offense Milanovich lost weapon after weapon early and often.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) The season is not a write off, but clearly the Defense has issues. From my vantage point the D-Line was pushed around in the 4th Quarter, they are vulnerable to the run, the secondary was exposed, and they can't fundamentally breakdown and tackle. It's in the details, and they were exploited.

Solution: Mike Benevedes as "Defensive Consultant".

2) Chamblin hasn't lost the room. What he lost was a starting QB, a backup QB, and has 7 new guys on Defense that are running around unorganized.

3) I was very upset at the play calling. Sorry, but yardage between the 20s is nice, but you have to score TDs,and the Riders do not punch those in. That turnover Glenn picked resulted in a dagger.

4).....If the Executive of the Roughriders reads this Blog. You need to get a new Marketing Department, and remove Steve Mazurak. There were empty seats, and I heard no marketing leading up to this game. Even if they lose, you have a 30 degree Sunday, Kent Austin coming to town that's worth the price of admission to boo, and you have the Ti-Cats our rival with a long history.

The Red Sox promoted their game, and had 800 fans. The Roughriders under Mazurak's leadership has become lazy. The brand is slipping, and there is no leadership there.

5) Craig Reynolds best take a page from Jim Hopson's book and get involved in Football Ops. Jim wasn't what I called conflict averse, and Craig better develop that skill because he'll lose control of the asylum fast.

Y'er Welcome

cflsteve said...

as it is similar to what the Argo's went through with the Offense last season with their HC in charge of offense. Key injuries strapped the Argo offense early in the season and their early record showed it.
Coach C has the same issues now with his defense. So this non sense about taking on too much or firing him is Ridiculous!!!

Too early to compare Milanovich or Coach C to Patriots Belichick but look at the Patriots the season they played without Brady.

Anonymous said...

If it starts at the top then the top is the board not Tamen. Then there's the president they hire who hires the GM. And on. So go elect a better board? Do you know your board? Did you vote? They hired the Pres who hired Tamen. If Tamen only won the cup at home by trading away our future then did the Pres only have success for the same reason? Who to blame, who to blame. Ah, go kick the dog!

Anonymous said...

I hate these games where we feel so helpless and can predict how plays are going to hurt us before they happen. As soon as I heard CJ Gable was going to play I knew there was a very good chance we would lose. Pleasantly surprised we stayed in the game as long as we did but I believe other teams know they can crank it up in the 4 th quarter and beat us. It doesn't matter if they win by 10 points or 1 point they still win and we still lose. Injuries are a huge factor for sure and hopefully some of these players can make it back but so many may not . Until Labor Day I believe we have the power to change the course of our season and all the little mistakes (tackling) can be corrected. Adding Tisdale And Suber were good moves but those players that think they can take a dive at a players body and hope they stop them are getting nowhere. I hope the team watches the game today and gets a clinic in how to play defense by watching what Hamilton did because Edmonton will do more of the same. The reffing I have to say was not terrible for this game and that in itself gives me hope that things can change. I hope the team can rebound from this loss but I won't be surprised if it takes one more game to change the course. I just hope Chamblin doesn't lose his job in the process.

Anonymous said...

Fire Quick and get a decent DC. Bene, Marshall? Anyone can be Oh for the season.
It's going to be a long wait for the NFL cuts so the riders have time to Marshall their scouting forces and be ready.
Coach chamblin is on a short leash. He needs to make good football decisions not decisions based upon setting up players to fail. First and 15 is not good for this porous D. This D has a chance at second and long, slim but a chance.

Anonymous said...

The season was lost the moment DD's Achilles burst. Take the best player out of your lineup and that's usually what happens. The Patriots have won their division every year for the last decade except one.. The year Brady missed, coincidence?

Firing the coach mid season seldom works, ie. 2011. Grandpa came back for a short burst then the balloon deflated again. Yeah the defence has sucked this year and that's on Chamblin, but 2 of these losses can be put right on Glenn's shoulders with his brutally timed interceptions.

My opinion is to ride the season out, get the young guys in there and hopefully there is some players to build upon going forward.

Anonymous said...

Let's tune in to the radio to hear Mike Abou-Mechrek say... wait for it..."What, there was a game yesterday?'

Anonymous said...

Hello Keith Price...

C'mon, at least give the guy a chance.

Anonymous said...

Um...did people forget the year Brady was injured on Game 1, the Patriots still finished 10-6, and made the playoffs with a then rookie QB who had never started a football game in college named Matt Cassell?

Probably because they had a REAL coach in Belichek who can hide weaknesses and exemplify mistakes. All CC does is make excuses.

Steve W said...

Not only is CC under .500 as the Rider coach, 0-5 in 2015 but he is 2-14 over the last 16 games...that's right 2 WINS and 14 LOSSES over the last 16 games!!!!

Steve W

Anonymous said...

The comparison with the 2008 Pats is laughable. Yes the Pats didn't win the division the year Brady got hurt. But despite that the team went 11-5 with Matt Cassel at the helm. They had a tie for the division lead at season's end which they lost on a 5 point differential in their head to head matchups. They did not fall off a cliff like the Riders have done without Darian. Why? Because in New England, and many other well run teams, its not about one player being the lynch pin between success and failure. In Riderville its all about Darian. And that is why Taman is the worst GM in the CFL, bar none.

Anonymous said...

Cory you're 2-15! If you were the GM what would you do?

Anonymous said...

We've seen a lot of bad D here over the years but never in my life have a seen a team that tackles as poorly as these guys. I know they are down to 2nd and 3rd stringers in some spots but really it's embarrassing. Having said that Alex Hall is a first stringer but he's been exposed for five games. He's a fraud.

Anonymous said...

What is it .... 2 - 17 since Labour day of last year.
I don't care how many injuries you have. Hamilton was without their starting QB for half of 2014
Not only did they do good. They made it to the GC. I'm not saying Chamblin needs to do that.
However a record of 17 loses and 2 victories is hard to swallow.
I agree with most on here. Greg Quick is nothing more than Chamblins puppet that carries the title DC.
Yet Cory calls the plays during the game. Corey wants to emulate Chris Jones. Difference being is that
Chris Jones over the years became a great DC. Corey was a DC one year in 2011 and Hamilton went 8-10
So I would say our 36 year old head coach is in a little over his head. He needs to go back to being strictly a HC
They need to put Quick as a positional coach which is what he has always been and we need a successful bonified DC
Until that happens the offence can score 40 points but out defence is always going to give up more than we score.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

Glenn should have been brought in as a qb,s coach and the 3rd string position only. We are the only team with two mid 30 year old starters. Sunseri should never have been asked back as they obviously felt him not good enough but yet he occupies a position a more promising developing QB could take. Don't waste anymore time in not bringing in QB's. What about Price give him Tinos spot on the roster. Make some "big decisions" as whatever they are doing now is not working.

Anonymous said...

To the Rider Board

During the Roy/Danny years we were never 2-17.
What needs to happen is eventually a change is going to happen because if the Coaching staff doesn't pull back, work smart, and remove emotion from the equation it's going to get worse.

That entire football operation needs to sit in a room collectively and figure where the gaps are and get a plan in place. If they are isolated then it's going to get worse.

Cory Chamblin needs to give up the D.C duties, and like I stated earlier Mike Benevedes to be here as a "Consultant" - The Alouettes did that last year with Jeff Garcia and Don Mathews coming in. Tom Higgins put ego aside and they turned it around. This is getting from bad to worse, and sadly if they lose in Edmonton that might be the end of the Chamblin era and he has nobody to blame but himself.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Reginald is wrong about 2 of 17. It is actually 2 of 14. In 2014, we were 2 of 7, including the semi final, after the Banjo Bowl. Counting pre-season, we are 0 -7 this year. So it's 2-14.

Rod, I applaud your courage in speaking what needs to be daid.

Anonymous said...

So Rider fans want to get this team right ... ok, here is what would have to happen. Obviously you need guys to actually play the game but bye bye Chick, Brackenridge, Hall, Getzlaf, Harris, George ...

Let Demski start in Getzlaf's spot. I think the depth is fine - it is the key guys that have been brutal! Chick has what four sacks in 15 games? Brack has been a turnstile and Harris is all show.

Dressler is the heart and soul of this team but if Rider fans want to do anything to win he should be on the trade market. His return is greater than his value. With Demski and Ryan Smith they will be fine.

"Trade Dressler - this guys crazy!" News for you people - you cant trade crap for gold! That's why Milo got cut.

Why haven't the fans mentioned Alex Anthony. They all knew better when he got cut. What has Pierzchalski done? Has he seen the field?

Anonymous said...

So the Riders should have brought in Glenn as a coach ... even though he had multiple teams offering him playing contracts ... or signed here as a third string! Ha!!

And the team should have went to the quarterback tree and grabbed a guy who is CFL ready after Durant got hurt.

Ladies and gentlemen ... Rider Nation! #knowledge

Anonymous said...

I don't know if firing Corey is the right decision, I'm not behind closed doors and know the dynamic. I think this can be a bump in the road. Look at the injuries - I mean seriously!

What I do know is if Chamblin went for Lapolice this franchise would take a giant step back to the crappy 90's. I mean face it there is a reason why this guy hasn't got a job since Winnipeg. Not even as an OC!

joe bunyawk said...

I'm going to nominate Aaron Anderson for the Voice of Reason award. One of the better posts I've read this season. Teams and talent tend to be cyclical (some cycles longer or shorter than others granted). This core group is reaching the latter stages. There are still valuable pieces upon which to build. But patience will be required. You don't always hit home runs after rebuilding your swing. Four Grey Cup appearances and two wins in the past eight years sure beats the hell out of living as a fan through the late seventies, early eighties, and the nineties. It's no fun being the whipping boys again and it's taking all the restraint I can muster not to respond to some of the comments on social media. And I fully expect to be flamed for this post as well. However, I will continue to follow and support this club as I have since 1972. It's what I believe in. So be it.

Tom Pura

Anonymous said...

Obama is back .. like a bad case of herpes! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

It's our turn to be a bad team

Anonymous said...

For the right money Glenn may have signed as a playing coach and yes there are some promising young QB,s out there. Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto have found some promising talent and are not afraid to develop them. What are the Riders doing? Tamans job is to find QB,s to develop not to catch and release year after year. Obviously one might not be CFL ready but if Taman can't locate promising talent who can start getting ready get someone who can.
Yes there is Rider Nation Knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Win or lose, the primary reason I still look forward to watching the Riders play for the rest of this season is WESTON DRESSLER. We are blessed to be able to see a future Hall of Fame receiver working his butt off each and every play. He remains the bright spot. When Durant went down again, the guy I felt worse for, aside from Durant, was Dressler, a player now hitting his prime. He and Don Narcisse should sit down sometime and talk about life in a season when the team is in despair after multiple losses.

On Defense the only true bright spot has been Knox Jr. He sits #2 in the CFL, ahead of Chip Cox and just below Bighill in tackles at 30. Having an impact as a rookie is great to see. Remember, even Jerrell Freeman had to spend time of the practice roster and special teams before hitting his stride and becoming a star in the year before he went to the NFL.

The third thing I will enjoy to watch is how the Rider players try to dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves in.

Old Hank

Darcy said...

The "D", where's the pressure, where are the sacks, the front 7 is the biggest disappointment so far, whats missing from other years, Ricky F, changes have to be made, might have to look at moving 41 to linebacker, yes this is coach C's "D", he had no problem in stating that, the coach should have no problem in making changes to make this team better

Darcy said...

once again, another brad wall and sask party pregame advertisement, another rider loss

Anonymous said...

It's our turn to be a bad team, take a tumble? what rock you been under? What a wagon full of crap that statement is.

2011 - crappy season
2012- 8-10 crappy season
2013 - Grey Cup - Up year although only a 10-8 2nd place team.
2014 - Crap season only won twice after DD went down - QB circus
2015 - crap year that going to get crappier

Now 4 out of 5 season have been less than awe inspiring. Guess who's been our GM those five seasons? Then someone gets on here and says it's our turn to be poor team. Where have you been the last five years? With the exception of the Grey Cup game, we have been a very pedestrian team over the past five years.

We really haven't had much success the last five years actually well below .500 according to my stats. Then someone pipes up and says it's out turn to be bad. How much below .500 constitutes bad? Maccocia in Edmonton won a GC but he also turned them into a bad team, much like we have here. The Chairman of the Board got rid of him in mid-stream and brought in Hervey who was a controversial person and even not liked very much . HOWEVER with some good hirings and astute player recognition and development they now have one of the best teams and organizations in the league.

BTW Benevides wouldn't come here unless he was the top guy. Under this management scheme he likely wouldn't come at all.

It's time to recognize the problem and do something about it. Some people on the Riders BOD were blinded by a small piece of gold. They rewarded what should have never been. Firing Chamblin this season won't help. It needs to go higher. Winnipeg is still reeling from the past errors. We are driving down the same road.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should give Smith a bitof a chance. Jesus

Anonymous said...

"Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto have found some promising talent and are not afraid to develop them"

Such a simplistic statement and deceptive.

The only reason that the back-ups are playing and gaining experience in live action (Harris in Toronto after 4 years on the practice roster) is because of injury to their starters - Reilly, Crompton, and Rae.

The reality is that the ONLY way that the back-ups get a shot at playing is due to injury. Sometimes the back-up works out and sometimes not, when the opportunity arises.

As far as getting a QB ready to take over from Durant as starter after he retires in 2020 or so is to go the way many teams do it is i.e. through free agency - as in Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and Edmonton.

When the 2nd string goes down, few teams are lucky to have an experienced 3rd stringer.

Anonymous said...

Obama made some good points. I would like to add to them.

Someone needs to check out the food stands in the South end zone. Twice I have had to leave games in the 4th quarter due to the undercooked food, and barely make it to my own bathroom.

We arrive at games early to watch the players warm up. Guess what else we watch! One stand setting up and cooking frozen leftover food from last game! How old was that food? Where are the health inspectors? What about quality control? Suffice it to say, unless something changes, hell will freeze over before we eat at the stadium again.

And, I have said it before, and will say it again, our players are not good enough. They are being outplayed and outcoached.

Anonymous said...

Re: Obama is back like a bad case of herpes.
There's a GOOD case of herpes? Yikes yourself.

Anonymous said...

Obama is an interesting guy if you ever meet him and talk to him. Those points are right on the money. The ship is going down, and Craig Reynolds is not a Football guy. He's running this organization like a nice little accounting office, and that isn't the case.

Reynolds needs to put his mark on this. When Hoppy took over it was a scorched Earth philosophy, and he made hard decisions. This guy is trying to please everyone. You have the business side screwing up the brand and doing nothing but resting on this laurels - I agree with Obama the marketing for this team is on the downslide and Steve Mazurak is cashing cheques. The football side they are falling apart.

This team is losing so something has to give.

Anonymous said...

$6 for a hot dog should be enough to stay away from the food...

Anonymous said...

I agree. Obama was the clown prince of the comment section for many years. His only problem in recent times is that he has become profoundly BORING. I think the poster who christened him as Oblahma his the nail on the head. I see his silly pontifications and my eyes glaze over. The "Obama" needs to up his game here. The only reason to read any comment section on any blog is to seek out some good humour and the occasional deep thinker. Obama fails on these points.

Bay Rock O.

Anonymous said...

I'm quickly giving up on listening to Cage on Mondays and so are many others because of MAM and his absolute cluelessness. Is he really the best you can get? WHere's Dominguez? Where's McCullough? Where's Hughes?

He makes Belton Johnson look like Mullinder.


Anonymous said...

To keep it simple, during injury to the #1 guy at least other teams young backups are playing developing and winning. Due to injury our backups were given the chance and failed even after spending a year or two on the roster. We have been so desperate at the backup position that we even recycled a veteran and a previously released backup. Give Smith the ball, let him play, Tino had his chance.

Anonymous said...

Mike Abou-Mechrek: The absolute worst!!

He is to the Sportscage what Joe Mack was to the Bombers.

The Bombers tied a can to his ass. Let's hope Rod does the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Attacking Abou-Mechrek! Really? Get a life.

Anonymous said...

The part of your argument that doesn't hold water is flippantly dismissing the effect injuries have had. You mention Hamilton losing their QB for half the season last year but that doesn't really compare to this at all. First of all, we have lost our starting QB for the entire season. We have lost our backup QB. In fact if you look at our 6 game IR it is approaching 15. That is a THIRD of our opening day active roster. Our 6 game IR is bigger than our practice roster. I can't recall any team for as long as I can remember watching having this many players out. Even Calgary with their amazing depth wouldn't be able to cope with this. As someone who used to play this is mind boggling how they have been able to stay in games. I will stay a fan through and through and give a bit of free pass in terms of their record this year. Blaming the coach won't fix injuries

cflsteve said...

Maybe the one thing they may want to change on D is to move Brak back up to SAMLB.
Not because he is any less of a safety than he has been.
Just a combo of things.
1.Yes the rule change on D has changed things. For better or worse at this time. It was likely needed. Coaches and DBs just pushed that freedom of cluthing and grabbing, etc. to the limits. So D schemes will have to change some. Where you need a S to stay back more and help out over the top. Brak is aggressive by nature and he has been great on Safety Blitzes. Now though if you bring him it seems a lot more likely someone gets open over the top. If you dont then the pressure they are used to getting from him blitzing affects the pass rush.

2. In 2013 Butler played WillLB and in 2014 Peters played WillLB. Both have had a few seasons of pro experience and with the Riders. Both have also been hard hitting Safeties in their past so it was easy for them to flip back into S when Brak would come on a Blitz.
2015. Knox looks to be an outstanding young WillLB. however this is his first year of pro football anywhere. He is a true rookie right out of school. In a new league at a much higher level of play. Unlike Butler and Peters who were eased in a bit more for a season or two.

Whether it means moving a current import DB to S or if MacDougal can come back soon or a Combo of both. MacDougal IMHO proved he did make that step in his 4th pro season from a teams guy to a S who can contribute on D on a regular basis as a starter or in a package.

Riders have been forced to just one ratio spot on D with injury to MLB and MacDougal. If MacDougal can start and Suber becomes the Utility DI or both play in different packages. It allows the Riders not to have to rely on keeping one of two rookie DL in at all times.

I think the Riders would love to have a Dline rotation that would see Walker and George at DT together without having to be weaker in another position on D.
Something that having Emery and MacDougal afforded them after both had healthy and productive TCs. Only to go down long term in game one.

Even having Suber now will help. Carter can maybe concentrate on maybe playing some S. If injury should happen he can come into the Field CB spot. Suber can be the Utlity Swiss army knife vet who can move to other positions at DB as he has much experience and has played them all.


Anonymous said...

Mike Abou Mechrek is to the Sportscage what Brent Parker was to the Regina Pats. You can make your own comparisons from there!


Anonymous said...

Why would any self respecting coach want to work under Chamblin?

Rod Pedersen said...

Not fair to Abou.

Anonymous said...

The news that Benevides has had a chnge of heart and is now open to returning to the CFL after labour day is an interesting topic. My own thoughts would be that by then the Riders may be out of the running for a play-off spot. Getting Benevides to come in and team up with Greg Quick would be a good way to get a jump on 2016 - assessing the defensive assistants and players.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to reality, riders fans. This team has a long history of losing and losing badly. They set more futility records than achievement records. Decades of losing is the norm and the riders are back to normal. The new stadium will feature debt and empty seats for the rest of the decade and halfway into the next........that's hope perhaps a 500 record and a playoff spot in 2025. First playoff game in the new stadium 2033.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Winnipeg Kirk Penton's ' The Insiders ' on Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Jesus might have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who questions what Abou brings to sports radio, but thinks Mitchell Blair is a good contributor needs their head examined.

Abou brings credible knowledge, opinion and insight from a former player. Mitchell Blair watches ESPN and steals opinions.

Anonymous said...

Rod Pedersen needs to go. Two faced. Only acts for his own interests. Time for the Scruff Dog to be the new voice of the riders.

Anonymous said...

Scruff Dog for voice of the Riders. And with that, the contest for the stupidest thing ever posted on the Internet is closed!!!