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Monday, July 13, 2015



1- BACK IN THE EPICENTRE OF RIDER NATION:   The Saskatchewan Roughriders returned home from Vancouver Saturday afternoon following Friday night's crushing 35-32 loss to the B.C. Lions which dropped their record to 0-3.  I stayed in Vancouver until Sunday evening so I haven't had the chance to absorb the vibe in the Queen City surrounding the team's disappointing start to the 2015 season, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.  I'm sure I'll hear lots in the days ahead.

2 - THE NEW CFL:  Of the Riders' three narrow losses to open the campaign, none have been as devastating as Friday's outcome.  Saskatchewan had an 11-point lead with 2:15 to go!  Rarely have I seen a CFL team give up a lead like that with so little time left, but in the New CFL, anything is turning out to be possible.  I suppose you could say it's been crappy for the Riders, but great for the league as it tries to jazz up the games and attract new eyeballs to the product.

3 - TAKE THE POINTS:  Based on comments coming into this blog, on message boards and on social media over the weekend, Riders coach Corey Chamblin is facing a lot of heat for tactical decisions made in the loss.  Quite frankly, I can't say I disagree with the calls that he made.  Going for it on 3rd-and-1 from their own 47 with a minute to go and a three point lead was ballsy and aggressive, but we like that.  In fact the move was endorsed by the Rider players in locker room interviews after the fact.

But they couldn't get that yard, turned it over, and rookie B.C. kicker Richie Leone nailed a club record 56-yard field goal to tie the game with 15 seconds left.  Who could've predicted that?  Honestly, that's the football gods again turning their back on the Riders early in the season.  Leone missed a 32-yard convert into the same endzone earlier in the fourth quarter.

Saskatchewan played it conservative from the point of that gamble on, kneeling down with 0:15 to go and taking their chances in overtime.

Faced with a similar 3rd-and-1 at the BC-26 in extra time, Chamblin decided to go with a 33-yard Paul McCallum field goal rather than gamble again.  Seriously how could you blame him given the offense's inability to convert just moments before?

Someone quoted the late, great Ron Lancaster who always said, "Take the points" (kick the field goal) when you're down in the redzone but can't push the ball across the goalline.  However I'm not sure Ronnie was referring to overtime.

Whatever.  When Chamblin faced the Regina media upon the team's return on Saturday, he wasn't going back on his decisions.

“No. No second-guessing," Chamblin asserted to reporters.  "I talked about that right after the game. I asked anybody if they had any questions about any calls that we made, and no. You live with them. Hindsight is not what we live by. Anything that we set out there, we have to be able to attack and win with.”

4 - CLOSE ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH:  After each loss, Chamblin has proclaimed that his club is thisclose to coming out on top and winning games.  They've lost three games by a combined nine points but really, that doesn't mean much.  It's like "one-goal games" in hockey.  Losing by a goal only means that you weren't good enough to win in regulation, but struggling teams always like to point to that stat for some reason.  But it's true, the Riders are right there.

It says here the 2015 Saskatchewan Roughriders are a good football team.  Will they ever be great?  There's a long road to get to that point, and it's up to Chamblin to navigate it.

You'll be hearing some news out of the Roughriders, perhaps as early as today, that Canadian special teamer Levi Steinhauer is out for an extended period with a lower body injury suffered Friday in Vancouver.  The team is also adding veteran import corner Geoff Tisdale.  He was an All-Star in Montreal last year and has a history with Chamblin.

However with the addition of Tisdale, who's losing their job in the secondary?

It's worthwhile to examine Chamblin's philosophy of flaming players for poor performance (see: Will Ford, Chris Milo, etc.).  Back in the Shivers/Barrett Era, the braintrust was criticized for not replacing players mid-season, and allowing them to line back up each week despite a litany of mistakes.  Now it seems if you screw up, you're on the next thing smokin' out of here.  People apparently don't like that either.

What do you want?  A happy medium may be more preferable.

5 - STAY AWAY FROM THE PANIC BUTTON:  No one's getting fired and no one's job is on the line despite the 0-3 start.  Veteran Rider guard Brendon Labatte pointed to the B.C. Lions' 0-5 start in 2011 before they went on to win the Grey Cup.  Others have referenced Hamilton's 1-6 start last season before they turned it around and ended up in the Grey Cup game.  There is simply no reason to panic as the Rider braintrust continues to bring this club together, figure out the new rules, and strive to eak out victories.

However don't be fooled.  An 0-3 record and the lack of a sellout so far this season (under ideal conditions) had better have raised the antennae of the powers-that-be.

But it's still "early" in the season until the opening six games are out of the way.  We'll re-examine things at that point, however that won't stop the endless second-guessing that's going on now.  That's fine too.  We've got tons of space on blogs and over the airwaves to discuss these matters in the finest of detail.  That's what we do, and the Riders will be dominating the talk on coffee row and around water coolers more now than at any point this early in the season for as long as I can remember.

6 - THE ITALIAN STALLION:  Former All-Star CFL linebacker Carm Carteri is in his 27th season as colour commentator on CKRM's Roughrider broadcasts.  He hasn't seen many endings like that over the years either.  Here's his assessment from Friday's game:

"Boy, you know what Rod?  I wish I had an answer," Carm stammered on the postgame show.  "I mean I'm just sitting here stunned like you are.  This was a football game that - I won't say was decided by the officials - but boy, was definitely controlled by calls on the field.  And I'm not saying they were wrong calls at all.  It was just the way this game went, with both of these football teams making dumb errors and sustaining drives.

"The Riders, with a little over two minutes left in the game, had an 11-point lead, had an opportunity to punt it back to the B.C. Lions, but elected to go for it on 3rd-and-1.  That was the call; 'Win the game and let's get outta here'.  But the Riders couldn't get that half a yard and Travis Lulay just came back with a couple good bullets.  This one's gonna kill Corey Chamblin and this football team.

"They were up for this game.  They were down after losing the first two games of the season but felt like they had a good week of prep and came here feeling good about their chances.  They had the game in hand and I can't even tell you how it slipped because there were just so many ways.  There were some drops on offense and on defense, again, the inability to come up and make an open-field tackle really hurt this football team and allowed the B.C. Lions to steal it."

And Carm agreed with me, as neither of us had a problem with Chamblin "going for it" on his own side of the field.

"No I didn't," Carm continued.  "I thought, 'Let's just win it right now' and, because if they'd punted, B.C. would've had about a minute left with the ball around their 20 or 30 yard line.  The way Lulay was slinging it late in this game, you just had the feeling that he could bring them back.  The Riders elected to go for the win which I don't have a problem with.  Unfortunately they didn't execute that 3rd-and-inches with a quarterback draw, the B.C. Lions made the big play and then Manny Arceneaux in overtime finished it.

"And too, the Riders' inability to put the ball in the endzone in overtime!  The Riders had to settle for a Paul McCallum field goal and were fortunate to get it because a couple of B.C. penalties bailed them out!  Otherwise Paul would've been trying a 50-yarder.  All in all, the Riders had it won.  We're sitting here stunned trying to explain it."

7 - THE RIDERS ON TWITTER:  Here's a collection of comments from Roughrider players on Twitter following Friday's 35-32 overtime loss at B.C.:

RB Jerome Messam (@JMessam): "Keep believing ... We'll get it turned around! #RiderNation

TE Spencer Moore (@spencermoore): "United we stand, divided we fall.  Nothing will come between us.  This family will overcome.  #RiderNation stay with us."

LS Jorgen Hus (@JHus41): "Don't worry #ridernation.  We are so close to getting this thing rolling!"

8 - SIMON SAYS:  The CFL's all-time receiving king strode around B.C. Place, his kingdom, on Friday night with an ear-to-ear grin on his face.  He was featured on the pregame in-house panel providing analysis on the video scoreboards with Christie Buono, Brent Johnson and Tom Europe.

Afterwards, Geroy seemed to be torn between the two locker rooms which are situated only about 30 yards apart.  When I caught up with him, he was chatting with former Rider teammate Alex Hall against a pillar outside the Rider room.  We shook hands, chatted real briefly, and went our separate ways.

Never afraid to speak his mind, Geroy finally opened up to the Vancouver Sun's Mike Beamish on a variety of topics in Saturday's edition.  He glowingly referenced new Riders offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine, who Geroy said he had a hand in hiring in Saskatchewan after so many years with B.C.  However he also opened up about his one frustrating season with the Roughriders which ultimately led to a two touchdown performance in the 2013 Grey Cup.

"When I left B.C., I didn't have success because I didn't have a coordinator who believed in me," Simon told Beamish.  "It's not a shot at George (Cortez).  It's just that he didn't believe in me."

That is, until it counted in the Big One.  And now they're cashing cheques from the same team once again.

9 - THE VIBE IN B.C.:  Speaking of George Cortez, I was dismayed to have missed the Lions offensive coordinator on field prior to Friday's game but in a classy gesture, George stopped by our broadcast booth at the game's conclusion to shake hands.  "See y'all next week in Regina," Cortez drawled in his Texas twang, referring to Friday's return game between the Riders and Lions at Mosaic Stadium.

And that was all part of the good vibes coming out of the Lions organization on the weekend.  A big thanks goes out to Lions PR man Jamie Cartmell for setting up Mrs. SportsCage with a pass to be able to join Carm and me in the broadcast booth for the thriller.  First class.

The talk on the Lions pregame show on TSN 1040 was all about the paltry crowd that was going to be on hand for their 2015 home-opener.  All tolled 23,062 showed up, mostly clad in orange, although there was a heavy contingent of Rider Priders in attendance.  Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province referred to them as "loonies" in Saturday's newspaper, in an article about shoddy attendance.

The last time the Riders were there (in August of 2014), there were over 33,000 in the house on "Guaranteed Win Night".  The smallish crowd on Friday was attributed to the market being soaked by the just-completed Womens World Cup and the fact the Vancouver Whitecaps of MLS were home Sunday night (they drew 21,000).

Skulksy's presence wasn't immediately evident Friday night, unlike last August when he confidently watched the game from the Lions' sidelines.  However he had to have been there, somewhere, for this game.  We had some fun with Skulsky over the "guarantee" but in the end, you have to admire the man's fiery nature.  It seems he got so worked up about the Riders placing a billboard outside B.C. Place that he blurted out the guarantee on Vancouver radio without giving it much thought.  That's the kind of passion you want.

The Lions are in good hands with Skulsky, and attendance doesn't seem to be a concern over the long-haul.  They're kind of like the Regina Pats - secondary in the market - but with a strong footprint in the local sports community, they're not going anywhere.  Nor are they in dire straights.

Even Lions owner David Braley was on hand for Friday's game, watching his beloved football club.  He stayed at our hotel, the Hyatt Regency, and was even spotted closing his eyes for a quick nap in the lobby on the afternoon of the game.  It's doubtful Braley will ever unload this team.  He rescued it from ruin years ago and as a steward of the CFL, I can't see him selling the club off anytime soon.

The Lions are offering seats to fans and sponsors on their charter planes for road trips again this year, tabbed "Operation Orange".  I see the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are doing the same thing.

How much would you pay to fly with the Riders on the road?

10 - AN "ASSAULT":   The excitement of Friday's game was marred by a CBC report Saturday morning that a Rider fan attacked a Vancouverite on the Skytrain after the game.  The alleged assailant was seen on video wearing a Rider jersey, a sure sign that he's a member of the Rider Nation.  Some commented on Twitter that just because he was wearing a Rider jersey doesn't automatically mean he's a Rider fan.

C'mon.  Please.

However the lesson to be learned is if you're representing the Rider Nation at home or on the road this year, please remember to keep it classy!  The victim of Friday's alleged incident, Kevin Deschutter, told the CBC the perpetrator likely won't ever be found.

Perhaps he was talking when he should have been listening?  Rider fans will always have "an edge".  It's part of our charm.

** And one last note -- what's with all the comments from people bashing Craven-goers in Scruffy's column on Friday?  What difference does it make to you if these people want to enjoy the Craven Country Jamboree year after year?  The world would be much better off if people just minded their own business when it comes to things like this.




Anonymous said...

The difference between the 2011 Lions, the 2014 Ti-cats and the current Roughriders is they both had a Coach/GM that knew what they were doing and the contacts to find the players to turn it around. We have neither.

Wasted Year.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rod. You are so good at this blogging thing it is scary. Make Mitchell Blair go away tho.

Anonymous said...

I know you can't question the coach because of your position but I am not buying that you/Carm agree with the strategies employed by Chamblin in the final moments of the last two games. I have been watching this game for 43 yrs and he is directly responsible for the last two losses. He owns this 0-3 record. This is a talented team on offence but the defence can't put on pressure, tackle, or make the a stop when it matters. CC's arrogance is growing thin with many.

Bay Rock said...

The Riders just have to do better going forward which is all that matters. Fiftenn games to go. My fellow fans who wallow in misery have my sympathy, but we have been through losing streaks before. Hopefully it ends Friday night.

What is a bit sad is the small but dedicated group of folks who post in this site who fall back on the old pre-2013 Taman/O'Day hate-fest - now turning their venom on Coach Chamblin.

But heck, if it makes them feel better, then this blog does serve a purpose, beyond good coverage of the Rider and the CFL. Cheaper than them seeing a shrink or taking it out on their neighbour or co-worker.

Anonymous said...

How much would I pay to fly with the Riders on the road? Maybe $20 tops.

Anonymous said...

Was it a 55 yarder or a 56 yard field goal. If you go to, their stats says 56 yarder?? SportsNet say 56 yarder and CTV say 55 yarder.
Who has the final word?

Anonymous said...

Really?? rider fans have an "edge", so it's okay if they attack someone?? Rod, if this was the other way around, there is no way you would be trying to justify this.

Lyle Pederson said...

Strange thing this football ... not many life experiences allow so much second guessing let alone complete 180 turn on such minor change. BC coach calls for a FG from 55 yards out? No confidence in his offence. Of course you go for the 3rd down gamble. (Kicker couldn't even make a 32 yd convert) Is the guy nuts? Glad he's not our coach! Oh ... he made the FG? What a brilliant call! Shows confidence in his kicker ... love that. Wish our coach was like that.

Anonymous said...

I watch the 3rd & 1 attempt a couple of times and all I see is Bighill leading with his head and a helmet to helmet with the quarterback. Is that not a penalty? Didn't Brackenridge a penalty for a similar hit down field in game 2?

Anonymous said...

The ball is on our side of midfield short of the 50 with 1:30 left. We have a punter that by everything I have heard can boom the kicks like no other. So at worst he puts it in the end zone and we get a single or he places it inside the BC 20 yard line. Sounds good to me, let them have to march the ball down field to get into scoring range. Earlier in the game 2nd and half a yard inside the BC 25 we don't put Glenn under centre and sneak it for the first down. But we have a calamity of errors by both teams, Riders penalty takes Dressler TD off the board, back and forth we settle for field goal. SO WHY NOT KICK IT. Maybe because the coach has very little confidence in his defence.

Chesty Morgan

Anonymous said...

2 years ago chamblim was Vince Lombardi of the CFL. Now he iis the " gutless choke job pussy in the league!" Fire everyone, start all over! Here is nothing better than this collection of mentally unstable group of fans called riderville. When things are good oh my god everyone is happy, diseases are cured and the riders would win Super Bowls let alone grey long as they don't have to count how many players are on the field. BUT the second it turns for the worse, th plague returns, crops don't grow, people everywhere are crying for no reason. Rider fans are THE most fickle, fair weather fans in any sport and any league. They win one game well hell obviously they will win it all. They lose some games and fire everyone and hang the gm. One day I hope you look back on it all and realize just how retarded the whole lot of you are. Enjoy going 0-16 let the madness begin.......we will all sit back and love it!

Anonymous said...

Listen, I've been spewing venom as much as anyone at Chamblin's poor decisions as of late. However our record is what it is. We are a winless team at the bottom of the CFL. If we go 0-4 by losing on Friday there's a very good chance the season is lost. But let's all relax and try to get behind these guys and help turn this around. Non-Chesty Organ

Anonymous said...

with your comment on the "assault" you just became as bush league as Mitch Blair. if that poor rider fan had been attacked, the world would have felt the wrath of the mighty Rod Pedersen. BUT since it was an edgy rider fan after another loss he will let it slide. you are starting to show the ass in class on here Pedersen, all the losses finally starting to get to you? Riderville I know he is your Jim Jones, but he will only push you to drink that koolaid, he will dump his out and then blame the refs for spilling it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry CFL, I will not watch anymore flag football.
Bring on the NFL!!

Anonymous said...

Rod those people bashing the Craven goers are losers, plain and simple. They see the negative media reports about people being arrested and filthy campsites and assume that everyone who attends that festival is a pig. Absolute nonsense. This weekend I ran into more than a few people well into their eighties who were there to enjoy the music and the cammaderie with the fans. And I'll guarantee you these people have more integrity than any of those losers posting on Friday. So if you don't like craven, fine. But don't go labelling and judging the people that do. You are no better than the racists you think those flag flyers are. Which they aren't, of course, but that never stops you from calling them so. If you want to see a bigot, look in the mirror.

Chris Christie

Anonymous said...

Someone needs a hug...

Steve W said...

Well said Rody, make sure you don't ruffle any feathers and actually conduct a critical analysis of the are paid lap dog but I don't blame you as you know who puts the food in your mouth. You are great at recaping the game but leave the analysis to those have the courage to ask the tough questions and are not afraid express their honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

Yo Chesty Morgan. A point single on a punt does not come out to the 20 yard line, it comes out to the 35.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a good coach shoulder some of the blame, just to take the heat off his defense?

Rocky said...

I have said it to anyone who has been within earshot of me and I will say it here. Bringing in your 3rd String Quarterback to handle the football on 3rd and 1 in the middle/late portion of a game is THE WORST PLAY IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS!! Can someone please tell me how this makes any sense at all? Trust the #1 unit that has been working in sync all game to carry or at least hand the ball off to 1 of our 220+lb running backs. I would like to know the ratio of errors/fails on this play vs injuries to #1 QB's that warrant the use of this thinking.


Anonymous said...

it was the backup ... not the third string. Personally i think we should bring in the third string for short yardage ... Tino. He is bigger and appears stronger than Smith.

Anonymous said...

Chamblin was 100% correct in both short yardage play calls. It is only hindsight that he APPEARS wrong. First down in regulation = game over. Stopped in OT = game over.

The Woz said...

Rocky do you seriously want our 36 year old starter (and frankly only hope this year) with a history of knee injuries to be in there for sneaks? And handing off three yards back to a rb when you need a half a yard and the other team needs to be one yard off the ball? Sneaks are successful with backup qbs likely 95% of the time. Bc made a play get over it.

Anonymous said...

RP, I know you and I know the old Scruffdog. You are both outstanding Grade A individuals. Over a coffee some time, you will have to try and explain the Scruffyhate to me because I just don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why you would agree(job security)with the coaching decisions made over the first three games, but those of us who are not under contract to broadcast the games have a different view of Chamblin's game decisions. He has made terrible decisions and must be held accountable for them-including looming unemployment if he continues to be out-coached in the early season. Football is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately career choice and lately Chamblin has not done much, including his role in the Kerry Joseph decision last year.

Anonymous said...

If the refs give the Riders the FD on the 3rd down sneak which they clearly had, we aren't talking about this. We are all talking about how the team is ready to roll. Yes, the Riders did piss it away at the end, but it would never have come to that had the ref done his job and given Smith the first down.

Anonymous said...

Rod, your appointment has been moved to 230.

I will buy you some ice cream with sprinkles on it for not calling Chamblin on the carpet.

Craig Reynolds

Anonymous said...

I understand it's your job to spread the gospel. But, it sure hurts your credibility when the whole panel at TSN are questioning Chamblin's calls.

Anonymous said...

The hardcore ScuffDog hate is like the Taman hate - at its core is deep envy by those who think they are better looking and smarter but are stuck in some dead end meaningless job and wish they could be a GM or sports personality.


Anonymous said...

“No. No second-guessing," Chamblin asserted to reporters. "I talked about that right after the game. I asked anybody if they had any questions about any calls that we made, and no. You live with them. Hindsight is not what we live by. Anything that we set out there, we have to be able to attack and win with.”


Ask the Seahawks if they made the right call in the Superbowl, and they will stand by it 100% of the time.

For us fans, zip your lips about the coaches and their playcalling and just enjoy the game. We have the whiniest fans in the league and 400 or so armchair Coaches who think they know the game better than the actual coaches do. Shut up already and just enjoy the ride when they comeback and start winning some of these close ones!!

CM said...

OT decision to kick FG was dumb. The other kicker just booted a 55 yarder. so the odds are heavily in favor of BC getting 3 at worst given they scrimmage at the 35. So if Riders kick a FG the best you can hope, in all likelihood, for is a tie. Go for the yard play to win, not to lose.

Rod Pedersen said...

You guys are talking yourself into hysterics.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 3rd down gamble. But why does it always have to be a qb sneak? Spread out the offense, more like a regular play. Why put all those bodies in a small area. You can sneak the ball, hand off or if they don't cover the wide outs its a touch down.

Anonymous said...

I understand why Chamblin went for it on 3 and inched late in regulation but I still think it was the wrong choice. There was one minute on the clock. Just run the 20 second game clock, punt the ball and BC has probably 30 seconds or even less to get into field goal range. Not to mention they would have likely had to march the whole field....but then what happens if we give up a big return? Hindsight is 20/20 and right now the Riders are dealing with a combination of bad luck, and poor defense late in the game. The good thing is that there is still plenty of football left to be played. The season is not won in the first 3 games and The Riders now have two in a row at home to get back on track. Go Riders Go!


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who has trouble with comprehension

I said we could have gotten a single or had Early punt the ball and pin them inside the 20. Learn to read I did not say anything about starting at the 20 after the single. Of course the ball is placed at the 35 after a single, but that forces a td to win then not a FG to tie.

Get back off the moonshine and go back to school for your GED.

Chesty Morgan

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice Obama is long gone from this Blog or keeps it to the minimum? Whatever happened to that loser?

Anonymous said...

First of all, Obama is not gone from this site, he is only hiding under an assumed name.
Secondly, I am so glad that the Riders are into recycling!

Anonymous said...

Tisdale was brought in to replace the additional injuries from this past game. Has nothing to do with someone is getting cut or benched.

Brown, Jackson and Steinhauer are all out for an extended period of time. I'm hearing Brown and Steinhauer are done for the season. Jackson is week to week.

Also, Jackson brutal low hit on Lions Rec Cam Morrah has a terrible result as Morrah is out for the year. Dangerous play.

Danny said...

This is just one person's opinion, but it "feels" as though we've come to the end of an era in rider-land. From whenever it was that things turned around, (07'?) until now, feels like a chapter. Durant going down, and this 0-3 start feels like the beginning of a new, suckier chapter.

Winning the GC, at home, was the climax. We'll always have that.

One could even zoom-out, and make the case that football itself is entering new, uncharted territory.

I can quite easily see football turning into something akin to MMA - a sport where only the somewhat reckless participate. An "Extreme" sport.

The concussion story is only just beginning. We're rapidly approaching the day where the science is sufficiently honed to make predictions like: "If you get a concussion, subtract X amount of years off your lifespan.". I wouldn't be surprised if "X" was something like 20-30 years. Who in their right mind would let their kids sign up for that?

Anonymous said...

I hate to inform on Oblahma but I believe he is now Chesty Morgan. He tried to hide it but thanks to my inside source, he has been busted..:)


Mike Stackhouse said...

If I was a player, I wouldn't be thrilled playing for a guy who demands utmost accountabilty from me; but doesn't accept it himself. Chamblin doesn't need to be perfect, but own it when he makes an error. I think that's all anyone would be asking for. As far as the OT goes, not going for it on 3rd and short shows a total lack of confidence in his personnel. They didn't make it the first time and he's not trusting them again. Ouch.

Steve W said...

Gambling on 3rd and half a yard close to mid field is the correct call. Everyone knows that...would I have been upset if he decided t kick, not at all but the gamble was correct...that gamble is made 99 times out of 100. Lots of additional risks when punting. Get your head out of your butt you second guessers...have you ever played football? Stick to second guessing the skips at the Brier.

I am keeping track....we are now 2-12 since Durant has been hurt...please tell me Chamblin's strategy wasn't so narrow in scope that he focused on one player and now he is screwed.

Anonymous said...

2-12 without Durant? GC champs with him and 8-2 before he got hurt.

Tells me he is probably the most valuable player in franchise history, although I am sure George Reed would have to be in argument.

Gramma Bev said...

Rod Some fans demand perfection of everyone but themselves, others you only hear from when they dislike something. They may like 90% and dislike 10% but you will ony hear about the 10% they dislike. That includes myself.

Players and coaches need to remember the 90% rule and turn a deaf ear to the 10%

Anonymous said...

Tisdale seems like the perfect name for football player in a Rider uniform. Could be a popular jersey in the SOE postal code zone.Now if we can find another one named Yorkton we might be onto something.

Anonymous said...

I ran into the fellow who goes by the nom de plume 'Obama' at the dollar store Saturday afternoon.

He lamented what he called the "ocean of despair" and the "myopic mindset" that has washed over his fellow posters on this comment section.

He said he still tries to keep abreast of all things sports by listening to the Sports Cage. He still wants to be a Rider fan come heck or high water. He predicts that only once the NDP returns to power in Sask will there be a 5th Grey Cup.

I mentioned how much he is missed by the masses and how, with his departure from his habitual posts, Brad Wall seems much more relaxed.

He spoke of longing to return to Alberta and get a minimum wage job so he can better support his family. His two degrees, one a Degree in Jargon, the other a Degree in Nonsense, have not served him well in Saskatchewan. He is set on getting a third degree, but so far he is afraid of getting burned. So he may or may not be back on this site. He was going to discuss the matter with himself in a mirror on Sunday.

Bay Rock

Anonymous said...

The day things turned around for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club was the day they hired Mr. Roy Shivers along with his vast wealth of personal accumulated pro football knowledge and connections.

Hmmm said...

I agree with CC's calls at the end and in OT. Hindsight is a beautiful thing! If it works, everyone is with him, if it doesn't work, everyone hates him. The logic behind his calls is sound but the outcome could have been better.

What's with the Mitchell Blair hate? I hate the way john gormley spins everything to get the masses riled up for his own benefit. I don't listen to him. Easy.

Anonymous said...

Chesty Morgan is not Obama, boy some can't figure out more than one or two people might have some questions about decisions and not everyone drinks the same koolaid.

I can answer Steve W when he asks all the posters on here…… have you ever played football.

No. I've only coached football and was the offensive coordinator that took his team to a provincial championship. I would put my coaching resume up against anyones. Oh wait I have as many Championship trophies as Coach C. I still have two boys in football who are very successful and I've coached them both in the past. There are some coaches in football who would have kicked the ball and let the defence do the work. I'm one of them.

Chesty Morgan

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that Chamblin has had some questionable moments in the losses but here's why the players aren't turning on him ... LaBatte and Best have taken numerous penalties at horrible times. Both took penalties that resulted in TDs called back. Differences in the last two games. Shouldn't they be blamed for the losses?

Where is Chick/George/Hall? Giving Chick the "double team" out is simply an excuse. Sometimes we only rush three - but not always. Forget a sack how about getting in the same area code.

Where Terrell Maze? Got straight up owned on the last touchdown.

How about making a tackle at first contact on defence and special teams?

It starts with the coach but everyone wears this start.

Sorry for making sense on this comment section.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Chesty Morgan, glad to hear you are keeping us abreast of your football credentials. Let us know when you advance up the chain from Atom to the Pee Wee level. The rest of us will continue to build our own understanding of the game from watching CFL on TSN on the boob tube in our armchairs.

Have a glass of rum on me,

Captain Morgan

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that the Bombers are not happy with Hurl. Maybe we can get him back for a 6th round draft choice to help replace Levi Steinhouer on special teams.

Anonymous said...

The Rider coach must take heed of the wise words from one Chesty Morgan before the season goes tits up!

Anonymous said...

Nice try cupcake.
Y'we Welcome !

Anonymous said...

who cares if a bunch of guys in hoods want to have a rally, why concern yourself?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Calgary fans are calling for Hufnagel's head
I wonder if Calgary fans want Cornish benched for fumbling
I wonder if Calgary fans want to know where Charleston Hughes is.
I wonder if some Rider fans realize how completely stupid they are.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to compare the CFL sack total after week 3 with that of the first three weeks in 2013 and 2014. Like the high % completion coverage by QB's, the new rules may be having an impact on sack totals, for the worse - just a guess, but curious anyways.

Anonymous said...

Rod, here's some stats you can't sugar coat.

In three games our defense has created one interception (Doughty) and ZERO fumble recoveries. That's a grand total of one turnover in 12 quarters and two overtimes of football.

So it's either poor performance, poor talent or both. If it's poor performance then it's poor coaching. If it's lack of talent then the GM wears the goat horns.

Maybe it's both.

Realistic Rex

Anonymous said...

Pedersen says >>>> Quote:: I disagree with the calls that he made.(Chamblin). Pedersen always disagrees whenever a Rider Coach, Manager or any important part of the Rider Organization is up to their neck in poo. Come on Rod say it the way you really want to, and we will all enjoy your column that much more. These guys won't hurt you, but I think your big problem is that you don't want to lose them as friends.

Anonymous said...

Can't be lack of talent Mt. R Rex, lots of good players on both sides of the ball (although too many of them are stuck on the 6 day injured list). We need the play-makers to make more plays on defense. The GM is far from the reason for the 0-3 start.

Anonymous said...

What difference does anyone's opinion outside the dressing room matter? Zilch!

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Every fan can have one and so can each individual in the media. What matters in that the team blocks out all the crap and gets on with executing each and every play on each down throughout the game.

Anonymous said...

Hey Captain Morganslurmywordsagain,

Atom and
Peewee thats too funny, but the best one was how you get educated by watching CFL on TSN. PULLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSSEEE. Have another drink while you watch the game and your thought process will be much clearer. You can watch the same 3-4-5 camera angles especially the ones that are so conclusive on plays.

Those are some kinda credentials, do they come with a remote?

Chesty Morgan

Anonymous said...

Chesty Morgan,

Use your pull to get us young guys a Hooters in Regina.