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Monday, July 13, 2015


CALGARY - Bo Levi Mitchell threw two touchdown passes to lead the Calgary Stampeders over the Toronto Argonauts 25-20 on Monday night.

Jon Cornish ran for another touchdown for the Stamps (2-1), who rebounded from a 29-11 road loss to the Montreal Alouettes on July 3.

Rene Paredes kicked a field goal for Calgary, while Rob Maver added a single.

Toronto quarterback Trevor Harris threw touchdown passes to rookie receivers Kevin Elliott and Tori Gurley while Ronnie Pfeffer kicked a pair of field goals for the Argos (2-1).

Neither team could get much going early on until Harris completed an eight-yard touchdown pass to Elliott late in the first quarter to cap off a seven-play, 78-yard drive.

Tim Brown appeared to give Calgary great field position with a lengthy punt return early in the second quarter, but the play was negated due to a penalty for face-masking on linebacker Karl McCartney.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Calgary hasn't lost two consecutive games in three years. We've lost consecutive overtime games in two weeks. But we've got the best coach. Yeh, right.

Anonymous said...

So, a defense can hold a lead in the 4th quarter. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Those guys can even tackle too.

Anonymous said...

Any unemployed coaches sitting at home out their as good as the old Huff?

Marc said...

It is amazing that Toronto had their first Illegal contact penalty last night. Have we gone a quarter without one? It seems every defence other than the Rider's can actually hold on to a lead! But that is OK they are trying really hard and our coach is very proud of our defence, after all that is what pro sports are all about!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ... "Calgary hasn't lost two consecutive games in three years. We've lost consecutive overtime games in two weeks" what ounce of sense does this even make???

Stop the train Rider Nation I want to get off!