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Friday, July 10, 2015


The weekly assortment of thoughts running through my muddled mind and as usual, they come in no particular order.

-- Are we in some sort of CFL bizarro world?  No one has brought up the fact that in Week 2, we saw 4 East vs West battles, the East won all 4. All 4! When is the last time that happened?  Is the balance of power changing with the Argos and REDBLACKS at 2-0 and Hamilton perhaps being the best team overall after two weeks? Edmonton certainly brought Ottawa back down to earth to start Week 3, but we will find out if the East has become more competitive in 2015.

-- With the Eskimos beating Ottawa Thursday night, it means all teams in the West now have one win except for the Riders and Lions. Who gets that first "W"?

-- The CFL has changed its "stars of the week" to the performers of the week as the offensive, defensive and Canadian player have been scrapped. Did we know about this?  It is like the international/national releases which first came out with any notification. The awards are always subjective as people will think Player A should have been recognized instead of Player B and while it was great to see Ryan Smith get honoured as one of the three for his efforts against the Argos, how could the league look past what Kevin Glenn and Henry Burris did. It is also interesting to note that after the first two weeks, there has been no defensive and no Canadian player nominated. On the surface, it just seems to me like the CFL has no desire in promoting defence and Canadians and is putting all their dough on offensive players. BTW: I started selecting my own players of the week and put them in the Monday column, but with a game being played Monday, that will either bounce over to this column next week or a separate post will be made Tuesday morning.

-- Dennis Skulsky has been very, very quiet leading into tonight's game between the Riders and Lions. If you remember last August, the Lions president  put his foot in his mouth bigtime when he guaranteed a win over the Riders and said those in attendance would get a free ticket if the Riders won---which they did! I wonder how much that stunt cost Skulsky?  I also have to wonder what then Lions coach Mike Benavides would have thought of the statement, because it did motivate the green-and-white.

-- I learned a couple of things in the Darian Durant press conference this week.

 1) Never ever talk NBA with the Riders quarterback because he is a huge Kobe Bryant fan. This blogger can not stand the L-A Lakers superstar who I think is an extremely selfish individual despite his many, many talents

2) Never ever doubt the resolve of "Doubles". This guy worked his tail off to rehab his elbow injury and he will work his tail off to rehab this injury as well. I think the talk of a body breaking down is valid because it has happened to many others, but Durant isn't going out without a fight and he will be back on the field for the start of 2016 and a few years after that.

-- The Regina Red Sox are having a tough season. I don't think I have seen a Red Sox team struggle as much as this year's squad. The problem is the Red Sox and the WMBL have to start from square 1 each year. The WHL have prospects, the CFL have prospects, etc, etc, but the WMBL doesn't have many players returning from year to year so you basically have to start over each year. This year, things aren't going well for the local side, but next year will be a different story.  It doesn't help when your best player--pitcher Tyler Shumpert is summoned back to Baylor University to pick up a class.

--  Rory McIlroy is being "unfairly" criticized by some for injuring his ankle just two weeks before the British Open by playing soccer with friends. Some have wondered aloud why McIlroy would be kicking a soccer ball knowing golf's 3rd major is right around the corner. What is he supposed to do? Is McIlroy supposed to insulate himself inside a bubble and do nothing? Freak injuries occur and can occur at any time.

-- The commercial which plays at Rider games and is now being shown on TV stations documenting the move from the old Mosaic Stadium to the new one is simply fantastic.  If that doesn't capture the heart of a Rider fan, nothing will. I have said it once, and I will say it again, the last game at Mosaic Stadium will be an extremely emotional one when the Rider Nation says goodbye to the old girl. I think I know what it will be like, but the mood in that facility as the clock ticks to zero will be one to capture.

-- It was only a scrimmage and the game was largely four on four with some three on three, but Connor McDavid showed why Oilers fans should be excited on Monday night as he scored five times with some of the goals just being pure "nasty". This kid has had and will have the spotlight on him for years and he isn't bothered by it one bit. I don't know if Edmonton has done enough to be a playoff team this year, but number 97 makes that team different. I can't wait for opening night!

-- Has Alex Rodriguez figured out baseball has completely turned its back on him and wishes he would go away. There was no celebration when the Yankees DH got to 3000 hits and now when he is having an all-star calibre season, he is snubbed for the game, American League manager Ned Yost said he wanted one player from each position to serve as reserves and there really wasn't room for a DH. Ummmmm....A-Rod could play 3rd or short you know. I'm not a big A-Rod fan, but I think he is getting the shaft.

-- The Riders have the 3rd strongest sports brand in Canada. That is no small feat to accomplish and there are many over at Mosaic who should be saluted for keeping the /=S=/ front and center. However, one has to believe the on-field performance has a lot to do with that with the way the team has played as people will back a winning organization. Then again, the Leafs were number 1 and know.  With the expected re-surgence of the Edmonton Oilers, will they crack the top 10 next year. It also surprised me to see the Alouettes as the only other CFL team on the list. Does that mean Montreal is the 2nd most popular team in the league. In all honesty, I thought that honour might go to the Bombers or Stampeders.

-- RIP to Kenny "The Snake" Stabler. He was one of the NFL's best and perhaps the greatest lefty quarterback the game has seen.

-- Enjoy Craven if you're out there and stay cool. I'm guessing many will be taking Monday off and some may need Tuesday as well. Oh to be young!

--That's all I got. GO RIDERS!


Anonymous said...

Hey Scruffy, I went to your blog and checked. The Leafs were not #1 they were #2. The Habs were #1.

Maurice Richard.

Anonymous said...

Craven "Saskatchewan" Country Jamboree, where the confederate flag is flying high and proud (huh?) as it comes down S.C. 07,10, 2015.

Anonymous said...

Craven. As Fake Gainer put it this week, more crabs out there than in a Spongebob movie this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Craven Jamboree. The poster child for politics winning over the environment. How much additional human waste will be pumped into the poor little Qu'Appelle River with that gross group down there?

Anonymous said...

Check out the three rednecks and d-bags on CBC trying to justify their flying of the flag. That's a portrait of Saskatchewan right there. All they need was something with the Rider logo!!

Anonymous said...

yes McIlroy should refrain from that stuff. he is a pro, it is his livelihood. every other sport has stipulations in contracts to not do that. Mitchell Blair he is not a slo-pitch player who had a random best ball tourney this weekend. he is one of the top ranked golfers in the world with a major in his own back yard. but leave it to slobby mitch blair to think " well why cant he?" Pedersen I know you think having this hack post on here gets more eyes on your sponsors. but come on man, stop this garbage, you are better than that

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So absurd that people at Craven are flying the confederate flag. We are Canadian, not American! Don't involve yourself with history that you know nothing about! Because I'm sure if you knew anything about that flag, you would not be flying it! Grow up people!

As far as the Oilers go, its high time they made the playoffs. If they haven't done enough this offseason to make the playoffs, then I don't know what else they need to do. How hard is it to at least make 8th place? You only need to be in the top half of the league to get into the playoffs! Come on Oilers!


Anonymous said...

Can we curb the Durant convo everytime someone writes a new blog or starts a radio show. He is done, there will be no new news for 10 months! In hockey when some stud goes down, nobody bemoans the loss for the rest of the season. Move on!

If the Oilers aren't a playoff team this year then they may as well fold up shop.

A-Rod made his own bed. My empathy bone doesn't twitch for a billionaire ball player with tiny testes.


Anonymous said...

The KKK used to be a presence in Saskatchewan in the 1920's. Ignorance and hate knows no borders.

The Woz said...

If anyone thinks the confed flag is going away then think again. People throughout the world will continue to fly it. To some it signifies the old south, their ancestors, the southern culture. And if yiu did your own research you would know this was never the flag of the confederacy. It was a battle flag of the army of northern virginia not the official flag. Most people dont even know what the official flag looks like. Having said that people see it as a symbol of slavery and racism. Fair enough. And it will be taken down from state capitols and off state flags. But will racism go away.....right now people are projecting onto this flag as the reason for racism. It is a symbol but nothing more. People choose to be bigots or are taught it. The flag will continue to fly in backyards and at tailgates. Guaranteed. And then what? There are thousands of civil war memorials and statues and graveyards. Are all those going to be taken down or vandalized now? We all disagree with slavery now but 150 years ago all those young guts went to war and died fifhting for their state and family .....many didnt even own slaves. So memorials like that cant be somplified into bigotry and slavery. For many who had ancestors die in that war the flag and the memorials pay tribute to them. Lets move off this fkag thing cause they are going no where unless they make them illegal which aint happening

Anonymous said...

Kobe Bryant led his team to 5 championships.

Mitch, do you even watch sports?

Anonymous said...

Good points Woz,

The positive thing about an individual's right to fly any flag they wish is that it makes it easy to identify a person's political beliefs and mind-set.

If my neighbour wants to fly a Nazi flag, that is his choice. We get a sense of how he feels about Jews and other non-Aryans and can give him and his ignorant mind a wide berth.

If a friend decides to fly his ISIS flag, that's his choice. I then know where he stands on be-headings and woman's rights.

The old fool down the road who has a confederate battle flag on his license plate? Well, we can guess that he is comfortable with white supremacy and longs for the days of segregated washrooms in the old south.

So let freedom ring at Craven, with those proud of their Nazi, ISIS or Confederate flags showing us all their ignorance in all its glory.

Me, I'll stick to the good old glorious Rider Flag.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

So absurd that people at Craven are flying the confederate flag. We are Canadian, not American!

We are Canadians so we emulate Americans, Canada is full of American wannabes. Unfortunately that will never change.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these punks flying the confederate flag in Craven have absolutely no idea what it even represents.

Anonymous said...

Kobe led his team to 5 championships???? HA HA HA HA HA HA

I'm sure Shaq would have something to say about that.

He may have led them on his own to one, but saying he led them to 5. Do you watch sports? Are you the same idiot who didn't know Jarret Stoll had been exonerated. Sounds like it.

Anonymous said...

D-bag central out at Craven. Want to find a d-bag, look for the confederate flag and a Dodge Ram and you'll find one. It isn't that hard!

Anonymous said...

Why would I want to find a d-bag?

Anonymous said...

Would the Lakers have won 5 titles without Kobe? Hell no. Save your laughing in caps for another argument Mitch. Anyone who has even watched a few episodes of Sportscentre in the last 15 years knows Kobe is legit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mitch. All wrong on Kobe. Not many pro athletes in any sport have 5 championship rings. The Lakers without Kobe wouldn't have won those.

Anonymous said...

Nice editorial on Kobe asshole. You probably have a confederate flag flying somewhere.

Chad said...

Are we really debating a flag that 2 weeks ago nobody cared about until the media told us to be out raged !! ??
I thought this blog was about sports , not opinions of PC sheep drinking kool-aid

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, all of you idiots can have an opinion on Taman and its gospel, but someone comes out and says he doesn't like Kobe Bryant and you attack him for it. Can you say hypocrite boys and girls?

FWIW: I can't stand Bryant either. He is a complete "me" guy and not a team guy.

Anonymous said...

Kobe Bryant legit? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


He's the biggest "ME" guy in all of sports.


Charles Barkley

Anonymous said...

That's right Chad, not many white folk in the USA cared much about the flag until a terrorist went into a church and killed 9 Americans because of their race. Instead of the ISIS black flag, the terrorist's flag of choice was the confederate flag - taken down today after being hoisted at the South Carolina State house in opposition to the Civil Rights Movement since 1961.

Anonymous said...

Kobe Bryant and Craven are the main topics of argument when the Riders are 0-2. ????????

chad said...

Except that the gunman wasn't caring a flag and blacks or whites didn't care about it either !
Until 2 weeks ago !!!!!
Now enough of the race baiting and get back to sports

Anonymous said...

Kobe Bryant; 5 Championships in a team sport. 'Me guy' or not, he is one of the best athletes of our time. Anyone who says otherwise is uninformed and not fit to comment on the issue.

Let me repeat that; 5 Championships in a team sport. To say that other athletes shouldn't respect him in the dumbest thing you've ever said Mitch, and that's saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

Got my McDavid Oilers jersey in the mail today Scruffy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chad, you need to read more than the sports section and sports blogs if you want to comment on something that you seem to know nothing about.


Anonymous said...

This blogger can not stand the L-A Lakers superstar who I think is an extremely selfish individual despite his many, many talents

Where does this say athletes shouldn't respect him?

Talk about saying some dumb things.

You had better tell your sister how to read or is she getting "busy" in Craven.

Once again Rod, reading the comments section in this blog from some of these anonymous nut-lickers makes me shake my head.

Anonymous said...

The Mitchell Blair drinking game:

Take a drink every time Mitchell Blair says or writes something insightful, entertaining or provides you with information you didn't already know.

It's a great way to quit drinking.

The Woz said...

I would like to remind everyone.....americans and otherwise that george washington and thomas jefferson were both slave owners and in fact jefferson fathered several children with his slaves. So should we change the name of the state of washington? Change washington dc? Should all pictures of both of them be removed from history books and the whitehouse? Should we blow up mount rushmore? Why not? These two men were clearly racists and biggots and are symbols of that. .....flags and pictures are just that. The idiots that chose to discriminate are the real problem not historical references.

Anonymous said...

The confederate flag is used by white supremest hate groups today as a sign of "white pride". It is offensive to many and especially African Americans. It belongs in the museum not on a state legislature. Its presence, like a monument to the 10 Commandments and state mandated prayer, is ridiculous. It can sit beside the German one in a museum with the Swastika. Kudos to the State of South Carolina for its decision to take the flag down in respect for the victims of terrorism in their state.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Anonymous commenters are what makes this blog what it is Mitch. If you can stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. HAHAHAHAHA

The Woz said...

Old hank. So the flag is gone from the capital. And even if they could remove every such flag everywhere in the world we will still have white supremists and biggots an racists. You are pruning a twig but the tree renains healthy. Until you change PEOPLE not flags will you have any progress. I agree it should have been taken down from all oublic buildings but it will still be carried and flown all kinds of other places. People can and will buy that flag and the swastika. The big difference here is that we are talking about rhe united states.....they will not outlaw sale of the "confederate flag".......that goes against freedom of speech and there are milions of southerners that are not offended by it. Honestly there has been mire talk about one flag than about the idiot who actually committed the murders.....and even now that it is gone there will dtill be cops beating and killing blacks and other freaks in churches. Nuff said

Anonymous said...

I agree with your closing comments Woz. We can take some encouragement from that fact that it was not too long ago that no one envisioned equal treatment of gay and lesbian people, including their ability to marry the one they loved. Human rights are always a work in progress and much remains to be done by our species.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Riders 0-3 with Mitchell Blair doing the Friday column.

Anonymous said...

Hmm hmmm, cough cough, correction. That's 0 - 3 !

The Woz said...

Loved the snake but Steve young was the best lefty of all time.....