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Friday, July 24, 2015


It's time for the usual thoughts that are running through my muddled mind and as always, they appear in no particular order:

--The Winnipeg Sun's Kirk Penton has tongues wagging in these parts after suggesting Paul Lapolice will be in here by Labour Day as the head coach of the Riders, The Winnipeg Free Press' Gary Lawless has also suggested change is imminent in Riderville with both Brendan Taman and Chamblin being gone with Jeremy O'Day becoming the new GM if things don't improve. Where are these guys getting their info? Penton is one of the best beat writers in the CFL if not the best (sorry Murray McCormick), but this would seem to be a little outlandish especially when Lapolice sends out a tweet saying Penton is on the wrong road. While it just gives the very loud "vocal minority" that wants change some more ammunition, it also gives the /=S=/ some more motivation to get out of this early season slide and beat the Ti-Cats Sunday night. Talk about winning one for the beleaguered coach

In the article where Penton suggests change could be coming in Riderville, he also has come up with some interesting tidbits and ones that can't be considered outlandish:

* Scoring is up by 5.1 points from last year, but if you only include points scored by the offence which is what the CFL wanted, the margin is 2.9 points. It has the pride of Moosomin asking if CFL fans are fired up for that extra field goal per game they are seeing.
* There are the same number of big plays (30 yard pass or 20 yard rush) as there were after four weeks last season.
* Rider fans are bemoaning the loss of Richie Hall, but Hall's new defence in Winnipeg is giving up more yards than what the much-ridiculed Rider defence is giving up
* The Rider offence has been successful on 52 percent of second and seven or above this year while the league average is 37 percent.

This just in -- while you don't play the game on paper, the Ti-Cats have in my mind the best team top to bottom in the CFL so it wouldn't surprise me if another down week is on the horizon. However, Kent Austin has not had much success from the visiting sidelines since returning to the CFL and judging by my picks this year picking Hamilton is a guaranteed win for the Riders.

Speaking of Austin, this is what he had to say to Drew Edwards of the Hamilton Spectator this week when asked what is happening in Riderville because if anyone knows it would be him. The answer  “The thing that’s great about it is that you’d rather your fans be invested. You have to take the good with the bad and believe in yourself and the staff, which I know Corey does. They’ll get things turned around — hopefully not against us.

Once again, Kent Austin has summed it up in a nutshell. Can you debate this?

Back to Penton. The pride of Moosomin has a question which many around the CFL and myself are asking as well and that is why does TSN keep defending the refs? It looks bad for them to keep doing so. The American consortium of networks have no problem in criticizing the refs if the need is there. Perhaps TSN needs to take a page from the NFL book and hire a former ref to sit in studio to discuss controversial calls and do it while the command center is doing its thing. There has to be someone out there who would do it.

--When did Chris Getzlaf become the Rider whipping boy for 2015?  Did I miss the memo?  Did Brian Peters give him that crown before heading to the NFL? Getzlaf has been the target of critics right from the start of training camp.  Chris Getzlaf is not the problem!

--CTV Regina's Lee Jones did a tremendous story on Weston Dressler and Ryan Smith Thursday. Jones asked if the two have come up with a name for themselves like "The Dynamic Duo". They haven't although Dressler threw out the name "Bash Brothers". Cmon Rider Nation, you've been challenged!! Come up with a name. AlI I have is Dakota and Dakota Junior and that's weak!

--Speaking of Dressler, in announcing their Week 4 players of the week, the CFL has a line at the bottom saying Weston Dressler was named the Week 3 performer of the week and gets 10 bonus points. Bonus points? Can Weston take 5 dollars off a cable package from SHAW, does he get an appearance on the Global Regina morning show.  What exactly does this mean?

--Why was Matt Devlin doing Blue Jays games earlier this month and can he return to that position?

--Did anyone see the Brett Lawrie/Barry Davis interview Wednesday night? The Oakland 3rd baseman was emotionless as he "addressed" Blue Jays fans. Where was his cue card guy? Lawrie came off as the selfish, immature player he was in Toronto and it just makes the trade for Josh Donaldson look all that much better.

--The Sporting News ranked NFL quarterbacks from 1-32 and surprisingly Houston's Brian Hoyer was number 32. How could anyone but Jay Cutler be at 32. Some NFL insiders will tell you there are backups in the NFL better than Cutler.  By the way, Cutler finished 20th ahead of others like 2nd year QB's Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles and rookies Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. However, Matt Cassel, RG 3 and Josh McCown might be insulted while the Bills, Redskins and Browns fan base can be less than enthused about the upcoming season.

--Huey Lewis and the News played in Saskatoon Tuesday night while Journey played in Regina as Saskatchewan went back into an 80's timewarp. Did Duran Duran play in Prince Albert? Was Loverboy in Moose Jaw? Did Alabama play a set somewhere? Where was Debbie Gibson????

--There is nothing like seeing a good old fashioned thunderstorm roll through.

--Former golfer Gary Player said Wednesday he is rooting for Tiger Woods to come back and be the player he used to be because golf needs a black champion and kids need to be inspired. Does it really matter what colour a golfer is to be inspired? Player isn't even being raked over the coals for this. If someone said a white golfer needs to be champion, he would be crucified. It has to go both ways doesn't it. Perhaps Player is being given a pass because he is in his late 70's, but I am surprised no one has called him on it.

--Will the Saskatchewan Rush try to work on their provincial name by doing something in Regina whether it be an exhibition game or a camp or something? It would benefit the team by having them do something here and connecting with an audience in the southern part of the province.

--With the Canadian dollar being at a level it hasn't been at since 2004 what does it mean for Canadian NHL teams who are on the upswing. I would think they can absorb the hit a little bit better than the last time, but who knows! Will it have an impact on whether or not the league returns to Quebec City?

--Colin Cowherd is leaving ESPN?  This is terrible news which is made more terrible by the fact Sirius/XM Sports Zone has moved the time of the "Dan Patrick" show.  Cowherd and Patrick are the gold standard in sports talk radio.

--Why does TSN continue to bring us "That's Hockey" especially in mid-July? LET IT GO!!! Are you going to beat your head against a wall and continue to do a show like this when you don't have the rights for another 14 years? It's over! Turn the page.  Move on to something else. Here's an idea, how about a show called "The CFL Tonight" that is a half hour long and dedicates some programming to what is happening around the league.  I would have greater interest than that than some of the sludge they are trotting out these days.

--What are the odds on Don Cherry and Lou Lamoriello getting into fisticuffs this year? This could be Kapp-Mosca 2 with two old men flailing about.  Lou Lamoriello?? Really?? Saying this is a shocker is an understatement. How the h-e- double hockeysticks did the Leafs manage to keep this quiet is the question many are asking and I will say the same thing.  What a covert operation! In this day and age of social media, it caught everyone off guard. I will say "Bravo to MLSE" on that one!

--No truth to the rumour one of the fights on the undercard at UFC Fight Night Saskatoon will be Pedersen-Penton. That would be a good scrap with two rural Saskatchewan kids going at it. Who ya got? Put Lapolice at ringside and see if he turns on anyone!!!

Have a good weekend. GO RIDERS!!!!


Anonymous said...

For several reasons I'm hoping Penton is right.

Anonymous said...

What? Take "Thats Hockey Tonight" off the air? That just means they will push more leafs talk during sportscentre ha

Anonymous said...

UFC showdown, "The Moose" hands down over "The Riders Cabana Boy".

Anonymous said...

A couple of real good ideas from the old Scruffdog when it comes to TSN programming.

I would love to see them do a Mike Perrera type thing and have a former ref in studio. If Kerry Fraser can do it for NHL coverage, why can't TSN get a football guy.

Anonymous said...

I miss the way that TSN used to show the locker-room and head coach's pre-game speech to fire up their team before a game. Wonder why they dropped it. The CFL should let TSN into the dressing room for the pre-game and post-game message like they used to. Anyone know why it ended?

Old Spud

Anonymous said...

Who is the Pride of Moosomin? Did I miss an inside joke?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong in riderville. Keep buying tickets and rider gear people.
Steady as she goes!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd pay good money to see Pedersen to get his bell rung.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Taj Smith?? Injured? Not injured?
6 game injury list or released? My guess is the team wanted to release him, but he is claiming that he is injured.

Anonymous said...

Penton's stats about big plays mean nothing. The "big plays" and the number of points scored by offense may be the same, but means noting. When a drive is "driven" by 4-15 yard penalties, and one "big play", your offense just has to punch it in from the 10 yard line or less. You get your "big play" and points by offense that Penton speaks of but the offense only had to do 30-50 yards of work, while the rest of the ride is enjoyed on the coat tails of the officiating. This has happened to often this year.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) That saying it starts at the top - Lamoriello, Babcock, Shanahan, Mark Hunter - As a long suffering Leafs fan I have complete faith in a turnaround. Now get good players.

2) I was at Journey, and before that Huey Lewis played the Casino. They were awesome shows. Actually a couple of weeks ago I saw Larry Gatlin play the Casino. These guys still play because people still want to see them, and they all deliver the goods.

3) Don Cherry will be a non entity - he'll yap about Lamoriello being American and I guarantee his 5 minute time slot will be cut to 3 minutes. Lou isn't going anywhere. New Jersey fell on hard times when Kovalchuk bailed on them, and it threw the entire system off. They also had an ownership change.

4) I will be at the Riders game. Whether they win or lose, I could careless at this point in my life. I'm grateful to have perspective, and I love CFL football.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

What's going on here? Obama is trying to be nice.

Anonymous said...

When the Riders are 0-6, they will have no choice but to can Chamblin.

He can then take his under 500 record and be a great coach somewhere else.

Anonymous said...


Steve W said...

Let's not forget....2 WINS and 13 LOSSES over the last 15 games!!!

Change is obvious!

Steve W

Anonymous said...

Obama everyone! well played my old friend.
Don Cherry was out of touch 15 years ago, the leafs, like the oilers will be different teams now that they have actual hockey guys in place. asking rider fans to have perspective is quite a reach but one can hope. and finally loverboy was in Lloydminster a couple weeks ago and from all reports are still good.

Roddy hang in there pal, the nut jobs will weed themselves out eventually.

Dean in the 780

SkRoughie said...

Finally Obama is talking some sense. Other then being a leafs fan! LETS GO RIDERS!

Anonymous said...

Obama seems to have mellowed. What gives?

Anonymous said...

saw this the other day. Smith & Weston.

Anonymous said...

Stealing this from Scruffy's comments section on his blog, but it might get more traction here.


Anonymous said...

OK, what did you do with the old Obama, and who the heck are YOU!!

Anonymous said...

I hate that they are losing I hate that they are not yet playing to their potential and I hate that the Riders are at the bottom of the heap, but I will watch the game and cheer loud and like I do after every other game I will get on with my life. That is how I remain a loyal fan, I don't let it consume me. I check this blog once in awhile to get updates on players and the upcoming game. Green is the color and always will be. Coaches and players will come and go but green is the color. Have a great weekend enjoying the summer weather and Go Riders.

@mrt_man said...


Anonymous said...

To all those people saying Chamblins record is 2 and 13 in his last 15 games, the riders were 11-2 including 3 playoff win and a Grey Cup before that. The last 15 games have also been without their team leader in Durant. Not making excuses, we should be 2-2 this year. We legit lost 2 games and should have won both that went to overtime.

Sounds like your glass is half empty all the time people. Come on, Fill 'er up!!


Anonymous said...

So in conclusion Scruffy you think everything Penton wrote that you agree with is true, but the stuff that you don't like or agree with was made up? Awesome logic...

Anonymous said...

Smith and Dressler---The Dakota Dudes. Get it Regina? See, there is this Casino/golf haven outside of Saskatoon and....well, you know.

Anonymous said...

Frodo and Bilbo?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how stupid people are. Why is Shanahan being put on a pedestal as a hockey maestro? He has no experience running a team and has approached the entire off season as an amateur. When the back account has no limits, it's pretty easy to pay higher than the rest of the NHL. To hire a coach, than asst. GM's, than a GM is what will make the Shanahan era short lived and will go down as the biggest disaster in Leafs history. How many teams have had success when the coach is hired first, than asst. GM's, then the GM? The answer is none. Lou is OLD and he treats coaches like shit. Ask Larry Robinson or Brent Sutter what they think of the Leafs new/OLD GM? Lou is a coach killer and the only possible sane reason he was hired is to protect Shanahan with a layer that's not necessary. Babcock's success in Detroit is directly attributed to the GM, scouting staff and program setup for long term success. Detroit was great before Babcock became involved. Sorry to speak the truth. Oh, Riders need a new GM as well, he benefited from Hopson shouldering the media burden and sheltering him. He's cooked and done!

Anonymous said...

At this point I firmly believe we will see what Chamblin's players think of him, they know they are only a couple losses away from seeing him fired. If they love their coach they will pull one out or at least battle extremely hard for him. If we see a lackluster effort in the next two games and we lose both without a fight then I'd say it's probably time that Chamblin goes and only because of the fact that it will show that he has lost his players. Losing your players happens to the even the best of coaches. If he did get fired he would resurface pretty damn quick I would think. But I'm betting on us pulling out one of the next two games.

JD in the Dirty 306

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, have you ever heard the phrase "what have you done for me lately"?

Anonymous said...

Who is me?

Anonymous said...

If Reynolds doesn't run off Taman and Chamblin he's better order a curtain for the top few rows in that new stadium because they'll never sell the seats.

Anonymous said...

Taman cooked and done, that's the word on Dewdney ave. A lot of people can now resume being Roughriders fans Including myself Mr. Wonderful. Woo whoo !

Mr. Wonderful In the Regina 639.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous

Anonymous said...

Your brain is fried Mr. Wonderful - get into rehab fast!

Anonymous said...

So if Scruffy comes out and says Penton is in the know and endorses what he said after Peterson's childish rant both on this blog and on the Sportscage, would he have allowed this post to be published.

I think we all know the answer to that!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the over / under on how many question marks in this weekly drivel???? It's a little excessive. Only high school girls use more than you Mitch. ?????

Anonymous said...

Pedersen-Penton on the practice field before Labour Day game.

Pedersen comes out with his shades on acting like High Impact Wrestler Robbie Gamble and he comes down to ringside with Mrs. Sportscage in a short skirt and Carm. The Rider Nation goes nuts with chants of Rod-die, Rod-die.

Penton comes out to boos and he flips off the crowd.

The match starts and its even for a while, but Penton gets the upper hand with a couple of kicks to the old solar plexus and some hammer fists to Pedersen's back.

Roddy comes back and when Carm diverts the refs attention, he pulls out his trusty cellphone and bashes Penton between the eyes to take control.

They battle for a bit when the ref gets knocked down. In the chaos, something makes its way to the ring. ITS GAINER!!! He lays a beating on Penton and leaves him a mess in the middle of the ring. Pedersen comes in for the cover and its 1-2-3!!! Wait a minute, Gainer is taking off his head...ITS TAMAN!!! ITS TAMAN!!!! OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

A good old fashioned thunderstorm? As opposed to a new fashioned thunderstorm?

Come on Rod, the fact that you allow this crap to take up prime real estate on your blog is killing your cred.


Anonymous said...

Can we say 0-5?
Rod will need to be placed on a suicide watch.

Anonymous said...

I hope Scruffy wrote this prior to actually knowing what Coward said. I hope he doesn’t actually advocate what Coward did.

The only talk show host who is allowed to make racist comments and get away with it is Stephen A Smith.