Realty One


Friday, July 17, 2015


B.C. (1-1) at SASKATCHEWAN (0-3)
Friday, 8:00 pm, Mosaic Stadium Regina
TSN, ESPN3, 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network

RIDERS: Home 0-2, vs West 0-2
LIONS: Road 0-1, vs West 1-0

QB Kevin Glenn is the CFL's leading passer (868 yds, 4 Tds, 3 INTs) ... RB Jerome Messam is #2 in CFL rushing (244 yds, 1 TD) ... SB Weston Dressler is the leading active receiver (204 yds, 2 TDs) ... Riders are #1 in points scored and #1 in fewest sacks allowed.

QB Travis Lulay is 5th in CFL passing (658 yds, 4 TDs, 1 INT) ... RB Andrew Harris is their leading rusher (118 yds, 0 TDs) ... WR Emmanual Arceneux is their leading receiver (161 yds, 1 TD) ... Lions are 9th in points scored and tied for first in fewest sacks allowed.

LB Macho Harris leads the team in sacks (2) ... LB Jake Doughty leads in INT (1) ... LB Jeff Knox Jr. leads in tackles (18) ... Riders are 9th in points allowed and 5th in quarterback sacks.

Three players are tied for the team sack lead with one each ... Hoffman-Ellis and Solomon Elimimian are tied with one INT each ... Elimimian leads in tackles (17) ... Lions are 4th in points allowed and 9th in sacks.

RIDERS SPEC TEAMS: K Paul McCallum is 100% on field goals (5/5) ... Rookie P Ray Early is 2nd in punting average (49.8) ... Tristan Jackson leads the club in PR and KOR yardage ... DE Dylan Ainsworth leads in ST tackles (6).

LIONS SPEC TEAMS:  Rookie K/P Richie Leone is 100% on field goals (7/7) including a club record 56-yarder last week vs Sask ... Leone is 7th in punting average (44.2) ... Shaq Murray-Lawrence leads in KOR yards and Alex Tillman leads in PR yards ... Jason Arakgi leads in ST tackles (3).

INTANGIBLES:  Riders will wear their lime green Reebok Signature third uniforms tonight. They are 2-0 in the uni's ... BC is +2 in the turnover ratio (4th-best) while Saskatchewan is 8th at -4 ... Riders are the CFL's most-penalized team while BC has taken the 2nd-least ... The referee is Tom Vallesi ... Saskatchewan is favoured by 3.5-points ... The forecast calls for a high of 22 degrees, periods of rain and a southwest wind at 30 km/h.



willie said...

Riders by 16 in this one. This is an excellent football team and now it is time for some breaks to happen . They have not been beaten by better teams , they have only beaten themselves and starting tonight you will see a huge change in this team. Go Riders !

Anonymous said...

Right on Willie!!

Anonymous said...

The Cnd dollar in free fall is hurting all our American players and puts to bed plans I had to go south in the fall. It would be a good time for US football fans to come up to Canada and take in CFL action.

Old Hank

Rod Pedersen said...

Are the Riders marketing in North Dakota and Montana?

Rick said...

NFL Radio indicated that the NFL is starting a spring leauge in 2016 (almost like a farm league)...I wonder how this will impact the CFL.

Anonymous said...

To RP,

The other day on Sportscage you said there was nothing on TV other than football. You provided the example that MLS Soccer was a yawner for you, however you then lamented that thank god baseball was on...

Newsflash, or should I say 'Sportsflash', although soccer may not be for everybody (I understand), please know that the ratings of soccer's MLS has continued to grow and grow. Franchise costs are going through the roof and the league is very popular, especially amongst the cities hosting a team.

By contrast, baseball ratings have continued to decline and so has the popularity. Even in the US where once baseball reigned supreme, that is no longer the case. If a city has only so much money, guess what, they are not going to waste that money on a baseball field when they can put up a soccer field or many fields. Also, it is the youth that determine the future of sport, and there too you are not on side with today's youth that want sports like NBA or MLS soccer.

Baseball, exciting as watching paint dry, is going the way of the dodo bird.

Who knows, maybe Regina's new stadium will some day host a soccer team of their own... You up for it???


Anonymous said...

I think U.S football fans prefer to watch real football.

Anonymous said...

Let's go Riders!
Hoping for a big game. Need to win the turnover battle.

SkRoughie said...

Rod Pedersen and Carm are the best tandam in the Leauge. I dont need a TV as long as I got the radio on 620 CKRM. Thanks Rod and Carm for all your hard work in Rider Nation. Lets get the W tonight. LETS GO RIDERS

Anonymous said...

If the beer was free, I might consider going to a live soccer game. Just hard to get used to watching the "pace" of soccer and cricket after being raised on the rush of football and hockey action.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

Riders lose 20-9. No TDs given up on defense only 2 field goals. Riders fumble in end zone and BC recovers and they give up a punt return for a TD. Offense only gains 275 yards and 3 field goals.

Anonymous said...

Hey Old Hank.

The pace of soccer, slow... You may need to check your eyesight. The pace is fast.


Anonymous said...

Go Saskatchewan Roughriders !

Travelling the USA.
Digby & Dockby Granger
Spearfish SD.

Anonymous said...

Cory: Seriously?? Soccer is fast in your eyes? Seriously? Hockey, Basket Ball and Nascar must be taking place at speeds you can not follow.

Anonymous said...

Cory and Trevor, love you soccer guys!

Ricky & Julian

Anonymous said...

The CFL needs to do something about improving the offense (again). The 1st quarter of the Redblack game was a brutal display of offensive ineptitude.

Anonymous said...

If baseball is like watching paint dry, then soccer is like waiting for the next solar eclipse

John said...

Cory, soccer is maybe OK for participants but it is about the most boring sport to watch. Darts are more interesting. The only reason soccer is getting more popular is that it's cheaper to play

Anonymous said...

soccer- best sleep you will ever get. snoozefest.

Anonymous said...

Expect a heavy deluge of "Riderville Brown Nosers" if the team happens to pull out a victory over the BC Lions tonight, too bad the Lions win. Now what ? "FIRE TAMAN" ! That's what ! Riderville so sickening after a victory on the open line radio call ins, stick a fork in it. Go Lions Go ! Go Lions Go! Go Lions Go !