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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


TORONTO (July 7, 2015) - The Canadian Football League announced today:

Saskatchewan Roughrider Chris Best has been fined for a low block from behind on Toronto Argonaut Cleyon Laing.

Hamilton Tiger-Cat Adrian Tracy has been fined for lowering his head and leading with the crown of his helmet, making it the main point of contact as he hit an opponent.

As per league policy, the amount of the player fines was not disclosed.

CFL Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge issued the following statement on the Tracy fine: "There has been significant interest in this play as it resulted in an injury to Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback Drew Willy, which forced him out of the game. As Adrian Tracy was closing in to hit Willy, the quarterback was already in the process of being tackled by another Tiger-Cat, which changed Willy's body position and put his head in Tracy's path. However, Tracy had a responsibility to avoid lowering his head and hitting his opponent with it. Leading with your head,and using it as the main point of contact, is illegal. It is a dangerous and unnecessary manoeuvre that puts both the tackler and his opponent at serious risk of injury. It is standard we must uphold as we strive to protect player health and safety."

Glen Johnson, Vice-President of Officiating, added: "Player safety is an important priority and there should have been a penalty on the play for unnecessary roughness."


Anonymous said...

Figures that Best would get fined for a "dirty block" on Laing but Laing did not get fined for his dirty hit on Reily....Does the league just like to favor Toronto or how do they justify this lack of consistency? In my opinion, Laing's hit on Reily was 10 times worse than what he received from Best....and now a top QB will miss most of the season because of what Laing did....this seems ridiculous

Rafal said...

Laing was pushed into Reilly, so it was not intentional, you cannot stop yourself from being pushed like that, get your facts first Anon.

Anonymous said...

out come the the crybaby rider fans right on cue. WHAAH WHAAH WHAAH. the most despised fans in whole country. great to see you 0-2 hopefully many more losses to come!

Anonymous said...

Better send more complaint letters to the league. I'm sure they get a kick out of them ...... lol

Anonymous said...

They hate us cause the ain't us!!

Former Calgarian said...

To anonymous 2.
Why are you even here? Most Rider fans could not be bothered perusing the blogs of other teams. Perhaps you should stick to your own team. We don't need to read your crap. Why do you come to our site when we neither want nor care enough to want your opinion about our team and its fans.

First time posting anything anywhere. Just sick of people like him.

Rod Pedersen said...

Welcome! And welcome home!!

Anonymous said...

I take you've done it before. Can you give me tips please. That way if a Stamps ever asks I can pass it on. Go Riders! Go CFL! !

Victor in Brooks, AB

Anonymous said...

Just a none comment since they are to chicken to put your name? Go Riders! Go CFL! !

Victor in Brooks, AB

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure thing Rafal. I watched the replay several times, he clearly went straight for Reily's leg. Try watching the replay instead of simply reading phony articles


Anonymous said...

Hey Former Calgarian,

Welcome to a great blog.

Yes, Rod attracts a lot of fans to his sight who spew venom from across the league. I used to hate them as well, but now I just feel sorry for them. I mean, how bad does it have to be in their city if they have no sports blog to go too. I mean, imagine if you were the only one that cared for the Riders. It's sad really.

I guess when you are CANADAS TEAM and are the third most popular franchise in Canada after the Leafs and Canadians, your gonna get these comments. I hope Rod sees it as a sign of success.


Anonymous said...

Yo, my man Victor in Brooks,

I am not to "chicken" to put my name down!

Go Riders!

Now I feel as brave as you, I should have been a soldier.

William in Regina

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy, ever been out to sea?

Anonymous said...

crybabys and thin skin to boot... lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Tips.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone that's critical of the Roughriders are fans of another team. Some of us are disappointed with what's going on with our team.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome

Anonymous said...

The CFL and it's team, the Toronto will experience karma in a big way when the Argos finish 5-13 this season and miss the playoffs again... the officiating kept Toronto alive last weekend in Regina. They won't always get that luck. Dirty teams like Toronto deserve every bit of karma that they get.

Anonymous said...

Awe... you still butt hurt over your back to back losses Mr oskie wah wah? News flash, your Ticats suck!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris Best should've received a Bounty Ransom for going after that QB hunting PIECE OF S#!T, not a fine! Every team should have a fund to pay off the guy who puts that bastard out! I hope the rich QBs pay off his fine.