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Sunday, June 21, 2015


Saskatchewan Roughriders GM Brendan Taman met with reporters Sunday morning to discuss the team's final cuts from Saturday night.

It should be noted the team has not yet set its practice roster as we've been told no agreements with any players have been formalized at this time.

Day 1 of their practice week is Tuesday (the Riders host Winnipeg on Saturday) so we may have to wait until then to see which of the released players have elected to stay on the P.R.

Otherwise here are Taman's comments:


BT:  That was not a fun discussion to have.  I spent quite a bit of time with him Saturday.  His level of play was still what it was but our staff had determined that role just wasn't going to make our team this year.  That's never an easy thing and he's such a quality guy.  Hopefully his career continues somewhere.


BT:  Ya Matty's a young guy who had a really good camp.  That's a situation where we wanted him to make the team so all those dominoes sort of fall in certain directions.  In that case it didn't work in Paul's favour.


BT:  I don't think we ever expected Paul to be a true defensive player for us.  We played him some on defense to see what he can do but his role was defined as a special teams player and a pretty big leader on our special teams.  No, I don't think his defensive play led to this decision.


BT:  Those are always tough decisions.  You'd love to keep everybody but you have limited rosters and when you have a salary cap to put into play, it's somewhat difficult.  Alex had a good camp, he had a good run, but we'll be covered with our final roster.  And Alex Carroll isn't a guy we should overlook.  We'll see what comes out of the next few days.


BT:  Yes we had talked about that.  But he wanted to be on the field somewhere.  If the guy wanted to accept a roster spot and didn't worry about playing, you'd start to wonder about him.  He proved in camp that if a team needed him, if that situation presented itself, he'd have that chance and it looks like he'll be ending up somewhere.  I told him it's the right decision and good luck.


BT:  They're good young guys and they all had a good run.  We're just sifting through all the practice roster possibilities right now and I foresee one or two of them sticking around.  When it comes to the practice roster, a lot of it depends on what your schedule is.  We don't practice until Tuesday.  Had we been practicing today we'd have a lot more firm decisions plus we're going to check out what's available around the league.

** Taman also stated that slotback Ryan Smith should be able to play Saturday against Winnipeg in the Riders' Week 1 game.  Smith was hurt in Preseason Game 1 and it's been reported he suffered a concussion.  Meanwhile Taman said he "hopes" safety Tyron Brackenridge will be able to play against the Blue Bombers.  He hasn't participated in full drills since Day 2 of training camp.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of salary cap re: Alex P...isn't he more cap-friendly than Getzlaf? and younger (with more upside potential)? and maybe more reliable? I mean, you can almost guarantee that Getzlaf is good for at least one off-side penalty and one drop pass per game.

Anonymous said...

And Alex would be good for the above, plus a missed block that wouod result in our QB being decapitated.

What did Alex do to deserve a locked spot on this team? A player with one career reception. Alex Caroll is flat out better than Peerchalski.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man tough decision. I Really hope Getzlaf Really earns his money for the next couple years as I've been waiting for pierz. To take one of those roster spots since last year. This could really bite us but Taman is loyal. Jamel and Taj best be up to snuff too it's tough to lose that guy (pierz )he looked great this year. My opinion. Ouch .


Anonymous said...

'ave another beer Byob! We feel your pain! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm no scout so it's hard to judge that small sample size.. Time will tell. I do know it bites to have to lose either when Getz is on the verge of becoming Clermont with crappier hands

Anonymous said...

Good question about Piercheksli. Alex Carroll was heads and above over Alex..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Preston Bews ahead of Pierzchallski? #explain

Anonymous said...

Greg Hardin cut? UND football record breaker. He of the next "Riderville appointed" heir Dressler. Huh?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers second guessing the coaches cuts. How many hours of training camp film did each of you watch. What a pathetic bunch.

bd said...

Ditto re Bews. We show 47 on the roster. Does he go back to Jr.?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry I brought lots!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Exactly. I was very curious and wondered but what have BT and COACH done so far that we have questioned. Lack of backup qb last year and that's it in their tenure. Also Tino fooled them last year anyways. Trust In the group that brought us the best moment in Riders history. And that moment wasnt close.

Anonymous said...

Nah no need to watch boring raining camp film Like Ike I could ever get my hands on it.. I prefer prefer to second guess from the view from my arm chair like everyone else sipping on cold ones thinking of the glory days of ol " canadian air force" .. relax dude no panic here unless we start losing then it's utter friggen chaos haha! Go Riders!!


Anonymous said...

This will go down as one of the biggest 'one that got away' blunders of all time. Pierchalski is just oozing of potential and could have been a mainstay of our Riders for the next decade,
I put this squarely on the shoulders of Chamblin and have to question why Taman acquiesed in this decision. CC clearly has a bias towards D-men and Import veterans and disregards home grown products as a minor inconvenience.
I'll be following Pierchalski's meteoric progression and really hope he some day shoves it down our (Cory's) throat!
I am seething mad!! Grrr!

Anonymous said...

Why is it Hufnagel always has a plan but with Taman it's wait and see?

Anonymous said...

To seething mad; I agree.

Anonymous said...

Are the same people talking about Pierchalski the same people who were mad about Tino getting let go? What team did he re-surface with anyhow? Once again, the mouthbreathers think they know it all when they know zip!

Anonymous said...

Is it Alex P's release we should be upset about, or the fact Rider draft picks over the past 3-4 years have amounted to just about nothing? Other than Craig Butler and a can't miss pick of Ben Heenan, who have we drafted that is a starting calibre player? That's the bigger issue, I suggest.


Anonymous said...

Stan, go look at all the teams drafts for the last 3-4 years. You'll be lucky to find two starters per team.