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Saturday, June 20, 2015


REGINA - Drew Tate accepts the backup quarterback role with the Calgary Stampeders. But that doesn't mean he can't be a team leader.

Tate engineered a fourth-quarter comeback that boosted the defending Grey Cup champions over the Saskatchewan Roughriders 37-29 in a preseason game Friday which was delayed 15 minutes by a massive hailstorm which battered Mosaic Stadium an hour before kickoff.

"Yeah, I'm the backup. I know that,'' Tate said. "I know the plays when I get in there and I know where we're hot and I know where to go with the football based off the looks I'm getting by watching on the sideline.''

Tate hooked up with Kamar Jorden on a nine-yard touchdown pass with a little more than six minutes remaining in the game to give Calgary a 30-29 lead, one that erased a six-point halftime deficit.

Tate then marched the Stampeders offence to the Saskatchewan one-yard line before third-stringer Bryant Moniz scored his third one-yard touchdown plunge of the game to put the Stamps ahead by eight.

Tate, who relieved starter Bo Levi Mitchell to start the second half, finished the night 12-of-17 for 175 yards and one touchdown.

Not to be outdone, Saskatchewan's backup quarterback shone in his limited time. Kevin Glenn, signed by the Roughriders in the off-season, replaced starter Darian Durant midway through the third quarter and marched the team on two scoring drives in the second half.

Glenn threw a 21-yard touchdown to Alex Carroll late in the third quarter that gave the Riders a 26-16 lead. Glenn was sharp, completing 12-of-14 attempts for 147 yards.

"We're a veteran team on offence so I think it's easy for us to iron out the little mistakes we did make,'' Durant said. "We're ready to go.''

Durant shone in an extended final tuneup and looked every bit like the franchise player he's expected to be this season. The Saskatchewan quarterback completed 14-of-21 pass attempts for 146 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He found Chris Getzlaf for an 11-yard touchdown on the Riders' second offensive possession of the night.

"I'm close,'' Durant said when asked if he's where he needs to be to start the season. "I was glad that I was able to get out today and run around a little bit. I was able to move around and use my legs a little more than I did last week.

"I feel good physically. We're still getting used to the system and getting used to Jacques (Chapdelaine, offensive co-ordinator). We're making strides each and every day. I don't see a reason why this offence can't be the best in the league.''

Meanwhile, Mitchell threw for 108 yards on 8-of-14 pass attempts and was intercepted once. Jon Cornish rushed eight times for 38 yards in two quarters of play.

Lemar Durant led Calgary with five receptions for 85 yards. Steven Miller caught three passes for 56 yards to pace the Riders.

Both teams will make final cuts on Saturday.

Calgary starts the regular season at home against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on June 26. Saskatchewan hosts the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on June 27.

(Canadian Press/Craig Slater)


Anonymous said...

Drew Willy and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers going to run ruffshod in victory next week over the 0-2 sad sack bunch from Sk.

Anonymous said...

glenn to start week 1. we are gonna hear this all year now

Anonymous said...

Durant shone in an extended final tuneup and looked every bit the franchise player he's going to become this season. Too bad for the Roughriders it was Lamar Durant of the Grey Cup Champion Calgary Stampeders who was outstanding. Oh well. Kevin Glenn a bonofide #1 starter, good acquisition by Mr. O'Day.

Anonymous said...

Oh look a Blue Bomber fan on a Rider blog, isnt that nice. Whats the matter nobody in Manitoba knows enough about football to start up one of their own? I sure Willy hopes the O-Line has improved because George,Hall, Chick and the D will be hard to stop. But I guess with a couple ex Riders in Neufield and Picard they will be able to hold down the fort some what. 1991 must seem like along time ago. Keep it classy Manitoba, tough to do I know. But try.

Anonymous said...

Great, the dumb-dumbs are already out in full force.

Durant = best QB in the league. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

68 points against in 2 games and 0-2. And someone said 14-4? Ya…right. Not near the quality of defence you need to be a championship calibre team. We scored enough to win but our defence is once again a sore spot.

Anonymous said...

Don't recall as many penalties. Teams adapting or ref's relaxing a bit? I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bo dosent know football. He looked pretty brutal out there.

Drew Tate starts week one?

Anonymous said...

With the #1's in there, the Riders were up on the Stampeders. Once the #1's went out, the tide turned.

I could look great all night if I had time to throw because no one was blitzing. That is why Glenn looked fine.

No worries with this guy about an 0-2 preseason.


Anonymous said...

If anyone knows anything about sports they should know pre-season is for weeding out third and fourth liners for a spot on the team. That has no bearing on regular season win totals for the Winnipeg "fans" commenting on hear. That being said on to the team, Glenn looked great last night, as did the american kid (whose name escapes me right now) in the 1st preseason game. Emry is worth whatever we are paying him. Defence does have some sore spots to iron out (run defence as per last 3 years) however showing a lot of promise (pass defence) with the speed we have this year. Jacques definately has his poop in a group fifty times more than a certain ex-offensive coordinator (who I don't want to name for fear the nightmares will return) whose play book was more predictable than the seasons. All around I think it will be a good year for RiderNation, very optimistic and if Durant isn't 100 percent, we can always do it old-school and run 3 qb's again haha GO RIDERS

Anonymous said...

Smith was the qb who I was thinking of in my last post. Showed a lot of promise when he was flushed out of the pocket and made good reads when coverage was tight. Maybe stared down a reciever or two a little too much but that comes with time. Look at Durants early years, where tight coverage and heat coming, meant try to thread the needle for a almost guaranteed pick. At least Smith held or threw away.

Brock from Regina

Anonymous said...

Im a Rider fan myself but come on take off your rose coloured glasses as Durant is NOT the best QB in the league, he has problems cracking the top 3

Anonymous said...

IT WAS PRE-SEASON. Relaaaaxxxx!

Anonymous said...

Calgary and Sask's backup QB's could both beat Willy in their sleep

Anonymous said...

Social media by players themselves already confirming that WR #86 Devin Wilson has made team. Also #87 Alex Carroll confirming on twitter that he has made team. 1:30pm Regina time.

Rod Pedersen said...

Umm - I took Devin Wilson's Tweet to mean he was cut, but thanks for the chance to tryout??


Anonymous said...

Keith Toston cut !! Good grief, what does he have to do to win a spot in the CFL?

Anonymous said...

Keith Toston cut !! Good grief, what does he have to do to win a spot in the CFL?

run faster

Anonymous said...

Paul Woldu cut! Looks like some seasoned CFL vets getting release to make room for the next generation of players.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Woldu is done!