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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


The Saskatchewan Roughriders held Day 1 of their practice week on Tuesday as they get set to host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Week 1 of the 2015 CFL season on Saturday (6:00 pm, TSN, CKRM Rider Radio Network).  Here are some notes:

- Veteran stars Weston Dressler and Tyron Brackenridge did not participate in the workout and afterwards head coach Corey Chamblin said both are question marks for the Winnipeg game.

- The good news is sophomore receiver Ryan Smith practiced full-out and appears to have recovered from the injury sustained in Preseason Game 1 in Fort McMurray.  It's been reported that Smith suffered a mild concussion.

- It appears the Riders' second pick in the 2015 draft, defensive tackle Rory Connop from Western, will be in the starting lineup which will provide some ratio relief for the Green & White.  Also with Brackenridge still on the limp, four year veteran national DB Keenan MacDougall continues to lineup at safety.

- Chamblin cautioned that they're still tinkering with the ratio and a lot could change between now and Saturday.  The Riders will hold a closed practice on Wednesday in which more of the game plan, including personnel, will be implemented.

- There are a handful of number changes which include LS Levi Steinhauer (51), WR Seydou Junior Hadaira (84) and LB Telvion Clark (12).  There are a few others whose names escape me at the moment.

- Quarterback Darian Durant said he's excited to see his first game action since last year's Banjo Bowl which, incidentally, came against these same Blue Bombers.  His surgically-repaired right elbow is feeling 100%.

- Durant also said it's difficult to prepare for a Week 1 game since new Blue Bombers defensive coordinator Richie Hall likely didn't show anything in the preseason.

- Regarding Richie's first return to Mosaic Stadium since jumping ship to the Blue Bombers in January, Chamblin says new Rider offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine likely has a better read on what Hall will do than he does.  Chapdelaine opposed Hall and the Roughriders many times while running the offense of the B.C. Lions.

- Wednesday's SportsCage will be live from the Jon Ryan Charity Classic festivities, and the inaugural Wednesday Night Live at the Saskatchewan Sound Stage featuring comedian Sarah Colonna, country act Gord Bamford and rock group The Trews.  Corey Chamblin will join us on the Coaches Show, TSN's Paul Lapolice will be in for the Coaches Playbook, and we'll be joined by Jon Ryan and his Seahawks teammates.  The show airs at 4:00 pm on 620 CKRM.



Anonymous said...

Ryan Smith and J Rich looked excellent today and the offense appear very crisp.

Anonymous said...

The TSN feature "Around the Table" is outstanding! The player segment is on the TSN site now, and it features Chad owen, Durant, Drew Willy and Foley.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the ESPN schedule of CFL games they are showing this season? I don'think they got the best package/games to show! Maybe it has something to do with available dates for them or maybe they asked the CFL what they could get for an x amount of $$$$. Personally, I don't think football fans in the USA will see our best teams/games on a regular basis ....... I know the Leage should showcase all our Teams, but to show Ottawa 5 times and Montreal 6 times is a little overboard. ........ Saskatchewan twice (both away games) and Calgary three times (best team in the League)- you think that is right ????

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the "around the table" program. Great idea getting people together for a round table discussion in a casual setting away from the bright lights. It really shows off one of the CFL's main strengths which is it's people. Bell media ought to be broadcasting this show and shows like it on CTV, Much, etc in order to reach as many people as possible and as wide of a demographic as possible. Show the country that this is serious football, especially to those Canadians who see the CFL as second class. Maybe as part of their "inside the CFL" program they could have a similar segment but with the fans and broadcast it from different sports bars across the country every week. Rod, feel free to add that one to the suggestion box this weekend when you're hanging out with the TSN team.


Anonymous said...

Just tell em Dubya sent you!

Anonymous said...

Damn TSN still didn't show exhibition games though!! WAAH WAAH WAAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

No CFL exhibition games but...they will show an NHL awards nite..YAWN, or the oooohhh!! I'm so excited..draft..DOUBLE YAWN.

Anonymous said...

The Sports Cage was fantastic today! I really enjoyed the Bob Lancaster interview at the end. Keep up the fine work.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

The CFL is broadcast on TSN, (of which there were a selection of exhibition games broadcast), however the NHL awards were broadcast on Sportsnet. These are two different networks and the CFL is broadcast exclusively on TSN.