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Thursday, May 28, 2015



- On Thursday evening Regina will host two prestigious dinners: the annual Premier's Dinner featuring Brad Wall and the Cougar Mens Hockey Alumni Dinner featuring Clark Gillies, Bob Bourne and yours truly as the MC.  Which one would you rather attend?  You can be sure the BS will be flying at both.

- There were some comments circulating on social media on Wednesday saying the 2015 Plaza of Honor induction class is sub-par.  Frankly, I think it's sensational that Tim McCray and Scott Schultz will be honoured this year.  It's the perfect blend of the 1989 and 2007 Grey Cup championship teams and the fact there are only two inductees into the Riders' version of a Hall of Fame means each man will get his proper due.

- I can go on all day on the topic of Halls of Fame.  The Plaza has a different set of criteria than most Halls, but some of the rules say a player has to have spent five seasons with the Roughriders and been retired for at least three seasons before getting consideration.  However, in true Saskatchewan style, the rules have been bent in the past to include players like Rhett Dawson and the three-year retirement period was waived for Roger Aldag, Norm Fong and Gene Makowsky.  When I suggested to the committee that Kerry Joseph is in line for the Plaza, I got blank stares.  How can you exclude a Grey Cup champion quarterback and the first Roughrider to be named league MVP since Ron Lancaster?  And don't get me started on the Roy Shivers debate.

- It was great to hang around the Old Boys Club this week at the Plaza news conference.  The group of course includes - but is not limited to - John Lipp and Tom Shepherd.

- It would be cool if the Regina Pats introduced a Hall of Fame.  There are many worthy players and coaches over the past 98 years.  It doesn't have to just include the players whose numbers have been retired, but that's a great place to start.

- Perspective.  An elementary school class was given a tour of Mosaic Stadium on Tuesday and one child asked, "Can we see the Rider locker room?"  He was told no, and I was immediately disappointed for them.  However after asking about it, the tour guide told me there were currently players in the locker room and some of them may be nude.  That's good enough for me!  Glad I asked.

- While on Troy Westwood's radio show in Winnipeg this week, one of the hosts suggested that Riders head coach Corey Chamblin has a bad habit of "micro-managing".  I replied, "Sure -- he'd be the first football coach to be accused of that!"  However when you think about it, Chamblin gave coordinator George Cortez 100% autonomy on offense in 2014 and I assume the same applies to Jacques Chapdelaine this season.  Does that sound like a control freak to you?

- It was also hinted in that Winnipeg interview that the Bombers were disappointed to see U of M star Nic Demski go to the Roughriders.  However Winnipeg passed on him with the #2 pick so you have to wonder if the Bombers will be faced with a Jason Clermont Situation like the Riders were in 2002?  Demski was nothing short of sensational on Day 1 of rookie camp on Wednesday.  He can start looking for accomodations.

- It's not known what Demski signed for but the top two picks in this year's draft received $20,000 signing bonuses and, reportedly, six figure salaries.  Rider Assistant GM Jeremy O'Day noted on Tuesday that these wages are "a positive" for the league.  Sportsnet's Arash Madani surmised on the SportsCage that the bump in the salary cap has meant bigger salaries for rookie Canadians and big name imports (a la Michael Sam in Montreal who signed for $100,000 and $150,000).

- An American homophobe tried to get into it with me on Twitter this week saying the only minority Michael Sam belongs to is his race.  He said Sam "chose" to be gay, and that's where the conversation ended.  Of the gay people I know, none chose to be.  But the persecution Sam faces daily must be close to unbearable.

- The Blue Bombers recently announced the opening of their second Bomber Store, and their first off-site (away from Investors Group Field).  The Riders can boast that they recently opened their fifth retail outlet, and it's in another city!

- A note to Rider fans in Prince Albert:  We'll be broadcasting the SportsCage on Thursday, June 4 from the P.A. Boston Pizza.  Come on down for the show!

- Darian Durant will join us live on location for today's SportsCage from Regina Motor Products on 620 CKRM.  Darian will be in attendance around 4:30 pm and you're invited down to meet the Roughriders star and get autographs and photos at one of our biggest sponsors.

- Season tickets for the Ottawa RedBlacks have reportedly dipped by 20% from their inaugural season of 2014.  That's a bad sign.  Sure their club was 2-16 last year but they can't afford many financial slips.  It would be horrible to see another pro football venture in Ottawa fail.  Their owners have the deepest of pockets but they won't be interested in underwriting big losses.

- The Calgary Stampeders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats are believed by CFL people to have the deepest Canadian talent in the league.  Are they on a collision course for a Grey Cup rematch in Winnipeg in November?  Right now the Stamps are the favourite to win it all with Bodog installing them at 10/3.  The Riders and Eskimos are next at 5/1 followed by Hamilton at 6/1.  Rounding out the field are the Alouettes and Argonauts (8/1), the Blue Bombers (10/1) and the RedBlacks (20/1).

- If you haven't booked your summer holidays yet, consider some trips to Rider road games over the next few months.  Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Ottawa are considered by many to be the top three game atmospheres and Hamilton is a must-see too.

- The world of analytics as it pertains to football has become particularly fascinating.  PAT's were converted at a 99.6% rate last year but by the CFL and NFL moving them back to 32-yards, the success rate drops to 82.5% (based on field goals of that distance in good conditions).  How much will this stat urge coaches to go for two point conversions this season?  Analytics have made the world of coaching far easier because now coaches can explain tactical errors by saying, "the numbers say we should have done it".

- The Stanley Cup Conference Finals are both going to Game 7s for the first time since 2000.  However it appears interest is waning with our short summers becoming the more-popular choice for finding things to do.

- Former NHLer and 1986 Stanley Cup champion Ryan Walter was a fascinating presenter at the Leadership Impact luncheon at the Delta Regina on Tuesday.  He discussed the power of Positive Forward Thinking versus useless Negative Past Thinking.  The thing I took away the most from the 45-minute presentation was that the person you will become is shaped by the people you hang around with now, and the books that you read.  If that's the case, I think I'm in great shape!  Thanks a million to Roughrider Chaplain Rod Donison for the invitation to attend.

- It seems to me the CBC telecasts always interview North American players between periods and after games on their telecasts.  On Wednesday night we heard from Patrick Maroon and Patrick Kane.  Maybe it was "Patrick Night"?  European players seem to be getting ignored - which is fine with me - but the notion struck me on Wednesday.

- What I'm NOT Hearing About:  The Memorial Cup.  Even the hockey people aren't talking about the CHL championship tournament in Quebec City.  It certainly would have been a lot more interesting if Connor McDavid and the Erie Otters had won the OHL.  But it promises to be a lot more interesting next year when the Memorial Cup is held in Red Deer, Alberta.  Either way, I wouldn't want to be trying to market junior hockey these days.  The NHL is sucking up all the eyeballs and advertising dollars in hockey these days.

- Interesting that the Kootenay Ice hired Luke Pierce as their new head coach, who joins the WHL from the BCHL's Merritt Centennials where he was Coach/GM.  It's an out-of-the-blue hire by the Ice but I wouldn't question GM Jeff Chynoweth even if he hired Rob Ford as head coach.  He's got the Midas Touch.

- It's rare that I'm driving around downtown Regina over the noon hour but this week I was stunned that no noon hour joggers have been picked off by our crazy drivers.  The exercise-lovers seem to dodge in and out of traffic wearing earbuds with belief they'll always have the right-of-way.  Just when you think that, THUMP!

- Two words for motorcyclists: organ donors.

- I gnash my teeth when I see the age of all the panhandlers standing on our city's boulevards.  They're kids!   Get a shower and get a job.  Please!

- Calling all ROUGHRIDER FANS--book your stateroom for Football Fan Cruise Feb 6-13, 2016, sailing to the Eastern Caribbean with hosts Rod Pedersen (Voice of the Riders) and Carm Carteri (former Roughrider), as well as Chris Walby & David Black (former Blue Bombers).  Book with before May 29th to receive FREE CLASSIC BEVERAGE PACKAGE (valued at $700/stateroom).


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Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see Seattle Seahawk Jon Ryan on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior"? No spoiler for those that didn't yet.

Anonymous said...

Since you keep "pushing" the Michael Sam story I feel I must write a rebuttal. Rod to say one has no control over his actions implies that this person in question has no brains. Everyone on this earth makes decisions right or wrong for their behavior, choices, actions. Michael Sam is no different than the rest of us on earth,we are all born sinners. The only thing God requires is that we repent and live our lives God's way not our way. If we refuse to accept God's free gift of grace "Jesus Christ" we will all perish eternally. The persecution comes when anyone dares speak his mind on the gay agenda. Then that person is belittled hounded and threatened. Persecution, you have no idea what persecution is unless your a Christian living and standing for Christ around the world. Watching your children be beheaded because of your beliefs is real persecution. We all must make choices and the one's we do will affect us for all eternity.
Tyler Rock

Rod Pedersen said...

Hiding behind religion to push intolerant beliefs. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Hiding behind a "mask of righteousness" to further your beliefs is what? There is a reason why they Crucified Christ. It is because he spoke of these things and they killed him for it. Yes and Christ is intolerant of sin.
Tyler Rock
And no I am as guilty as the next person.

Tarcy said...


My version of God's grace through Jesus is quite different from yours. Jesus himself left us two things to remember:

Love The Lord, your God with all your heart. And, for you, more importantly, love your neighbour as yourself.

From what I know, people who are Gay can do both of those things as well, if not better than some. God's grace is available to all of us, by believing in Jesus as the saviour.

Christ was far from intolerant of sin. From what I remember, he hung out with all the sinners, and his only want was for them to believe in Him. As well as treating everyone else better. Not to change them as people. Heck, one of his closest friends betrayed Him and basically ended his life...and he forgave. You should look into this a little more, maybe.

Being a Christian doesn't mean you have to be a douche.

I'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Christ is a "douche? If I spoke my own words they would mean nothing but I spoke Christ's words as they are given in scripture. No one is being forced to do anything here. Christ died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven because God cannot tolerate sin. 7 billion people perish from this planet every 100 years. Then we will all give an accounting before God. None of us have a written guarantee on the length of our life. God wants us to follow his way not our way of living. Eternity is a long time to be at odds with God's sovereignty. Rod posted day after day about Michael Sam as to what agenda? He has gotten a response and now he is offended? Unless we repent we will certainly all perish.
Tyler Rock

Anonymous said...

Tyler ... do you have any proof of any of this?

The Scientist

Anonymous said...

This is worse than the political discussions that show up on here.

Anyone want to talk about football?

Tarcy said...

Dude, Christ isn't a douche. You are.

When I give my accounting, I will say that I loved and accepted everyone. Regardless of their sexual affiliation. That I believed Jesus wanted us to accept all...and when hit, turn the other cheek. What will you say? You vilified people and drove them from Christ because they were sinners? Michael Sam is a story because he's the first openly gay professional football player. Just like Jackie Robinson was one the first black player in the major leagues (Montreal seems to have a knack for these things). Rod is reporting on it, mostly because he's a sports reporter. It's kind of his job.

I seriously can't wait for full camp to open up. Excited, wi a few questions surrounding the Riders. Lets play some games!

Anonymous said...

Wow...this blog has been many things in the past, good and bad. But this is the first time I have seen it as a religious debate. I really need to get a life and stop reading this stuff. ;)

Anonymous said...

Block these comments. No one wants to read this Crap. Moses

Anonymous said...

Come on Tyler Rock! Get your brain unwashed.

God is much too busy dealing with the prayers of Ranger fans and Darian's throwing arm to worry about a person's sexual orientation. God is Love, my dad used to say. She has no time for haters and homophobes.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

I am sure that God will be quite fine with people loving each other regardless of the fact that they are of the same gender or not. Of the 7 billion who he has to sort out this past hundred years he is likely more bothered by the scum involved in lynchings, genocides, the Holocaust, the Holodomor, theft, murder and the bullies.


Dean said...

oh wow I can see the post count getting big numbers today.

I grew up a Christian but growing up and being an Adult having faith in Christ it truly blind faith.

The whole anti gay thing by Christians is a big reason I questioned my faith. Once you question it you really can't believe anymore.

1. Who's right? Jews, Islam, Judaism, higher power ect?
2. Science? Dinosaurs, the earth only being 5000 years old lol
3. The Bible is just an old book made up of old rules. Sell your daughter, can't eat pork, man lay with women ect.
4. I really could go on and on. I would love to believe in any kind of life after death.

I don't really agree how M. Sam has gone about the whole thing but really drop your attitude Tyler Rock. With an attitude like that if there is hell most would say your the one going to hell.

I thought this man really put facing death in a very good way.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tyler, I will leave it up to Richard Dawkins to fully explain your God.

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”
― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

Chad said...

Who cares if he's gay ! Sick of hearing the media make a bigger deal of this than is needed !!
And if God didn't want him to play then he wouldn't have Givin him the gifts too !

Anonymous said...

Decide who you put your faith in the opinions of men or God Almighty?

Anonymous said...

Fortunately we do not get to choose who goes there because all of us are flawed/sinners. He alone is perfect and brings righteous judgement.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scientist. The lame walk the blind see diseases are cured and the dead are brought to life and even after all that they Crucified him because their deeds were evil.
It's God's way or the highway everyone gets to choose.

Anonymous said...

Today's blogging bible thumpers.

Here's a passage I got memorized just for you.

The path of the righteous man Is beset on all sides by the Iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men/women. Blessed Is he who, In the name of charity and good will, sheppards the weak through the valley of darkness, for he Is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy this great sports blog with their religious bullsh*t . And you will know My name Is Rider Pride In the 306, V8 when I lay My vengeance upon thee with rebuke comments and opinion.

Shut up, this ain't Sunday school, it's a sports blog.

From the engine that drives In the 306, V8.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Jesus Christ couldn't hit a curve ball?

Anonymous said...

This an entertainment blog. Rarely is sports discussed in the opinion section.

Often in the opinion stories there is certain points i think are purposely put in to cause multiple comments. These comments are more than likely political or religious.

Anonymous said...

OK Harris, let's not start a holy war here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,

How is Rod "pushing" the Micheal Sam story. THIS IS A SPORTS BLOG. HE REPORTED A SPORTS STORY.

Is there not a religion blog that you can go debate on.

By the way, I was in New York City the other day watching Jay and Dan on Fox Sports Live. One of there stories was the signing of Micheal Sam in the CFL. HOW DARE THEY lol.


Anonymous said...

"Decide who you put your faith in the opinions of men or God Almighty?

Hate to break it to you, T-Rock, but the bible was written by men. Unless God almighty has visited you in person to tell you what's what, you're like the rest of us - just guessing and hoping.

My God wants us to love each other, including in the case of two consenting adults who may or may not be dudes.


Anonymous said...

SO what has caused more wars and killed more people than religion?

I applaud Michael Sam for standing up for his beliefs in a very dominant heterosexual sport/locker room.

I'm not gay, but believe everyone should have the right to love...and our tolerance to that makes the world a better place. It really has nothing to do with religion...and has everything to do with being a good person...


Anonymous said...

Calling Obama (unless Tyler is Obama) - please state something outlandish and/or political to save the comments section from this holy war.

Robb E.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stan all scripture is God breathed. Men inspired directly by God not by their own willing but by the power of the Lord.
A "god" who bends to the wishes of our beliefs is not a "god" but a genie.

Anonymous said...

Your mom wears army boots

Anonymous said...

Move over Obama! There is a new loon loose on this site and he called himself Tyler Rock - or should it be Tyler the Righteous?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler. There are an estimated 4,200 religions in the world. I dont believe in 4,200 of them. You dont believe in 4,199 of them. We are are almost the same...just one more to go for you Tyler.

Try some critical thinking instead of the mush you are spouting.

Anonymous said...

Plaza 2015=Sub par.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. What are your suggestions.

@mrt_man said...





Anonymous said...

I don't want to watch what RP does in the bedroom or MS or even DD. I do want to watch DD throw footballs to WD and JC sack quarterbacks heck I'll even pay for the display. I'll read misinformed opinions of how DD throws or WD catches or JC sacks but don't care if the EE is now complete with the NDP or how BW makes winners or if JC exists to help or punish what RP,DD,WD,or JC does in the bedroom. It does not matter that we should all be atheist socialists lets play and talk football.

Anonymous said...

Say what?

Anonymous said...

Hey Roddy: Thanks for the sports news and the Rider news especially. The comment section, especially today with the religious overtones I'll take a pass on though. Keep up the great blog. Living out in Medicine Hat we don't get enough Rider news, and I gotta say the Hat is a Rider town, no question.

Dave in the Hat

Anonymous said...

Coincidental with the arrival of the bizarre Tyler Rock in this comment section, is the news item out of Calgary today about the guy who discovered a fossilized fish when digging out his basement. The paleontologists have estimated it at 60 million years old. The guy who found it remains adamant that the fish can be only 6000 years old as it had to of 'drowned' in Noah's flood.

Speaking of Noah, I was again impressed by the Ram's young QB at today's camp despite the high winds. He will be fun to watch when the Ram's season gets in gear.

Bay Rock O.

Anonymous said...

Ha h. Awesome segue!

Anonymous said...

The belief in god:

Proof our education system is subpar and isn’t spitting out people to think for themselves

Anonymous said...

I think it's embarrassing Mr. Pedersen that you are tge voice of our Riders. You are so arrogant, narcissistic and has a huge ego that rubs many the wrong way. Time for a new voice in Saskatchewan that brings some more positive light into perspective!

Anonymous said...

I officially quit this blog today, sick of the garbage on comments , politics and religion, what's next.. Abortion beliefs?

Anonymous said...

The red blacks had 17k in season tix/flex tix to 15.5 this year that's an 8.8% drop not 20 and there's still a month to go.

Anonymous said...

Why would a fish drown in a flood????

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, not only is Rod not going anywhere he's also going to be the voice of this team for at least the next 15 years and beyond. Either find a new team to cheer for or suck it up!

I think these controversial comments are more mail room GZ employees trying to get into JN's good books. They also text him whenever they post on here to go read their dumb comments. JN just shakes his head and wishes he could throw his phone away.

Anonymous said...

Voice of the Roughriders for 15 years and beyond on a fading am radio station?, that's sad. You sure about that? Go Stampeders! All inclusive sports, Roughriders talk on the GZ, none of this FN religious crap. JN= nobody.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Rod's not going anywhere. Unless he somehow latches on to an NHL gig. lol

Anonymous said...

A couple things:

I was in Calgary this week and could not comment when asked about this. Tyler is just another confused young man that's all.

I'm on a church council, have taught Sunday School and Confirmation for years, and lead adult bible studies.

Tyler I have a few questions for you:

Tyler, I'm interested in selling my youngest daughter into slavery as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. What would a good price for her be?"

Tyler, "On six days work may be done, but the seventh day shall be sacred to you as the sabbath of complete rest to the LORD. Anyone who does work on that day shall be put to death." Exodus 35:2 - would this not wipe out the NFL?

Tyler, Cops, Nurses, Firemen, insist on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly says they should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill them myself or is it okay to call the police?"

Tyler, Here's one that's really important cause we've got a lot of sports fans in this town: touching the skin of a dead pig makes one unclean. Leviticus 11:7 If they promise to wear gloves can the Roughriders still play football? Can the Rams and Thunder?

Tyler, I live is a small town called Gray. Does the whole town really have to be together to stone my neighbour, Kenny, for planting different crops side by side? Also can I burn my mother in a small family gathering for wearing garments made from two different threads?

Tyler, think about those questions, would you?

I go away two days and this blog lead by Tyler literally goes to hell. And it is for this reason and asking these questions why Michael Sam is going to be just fine, and why Tyler is so out of peace and not living in abundance in the biblical sense.

See you all at church on Sunday.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Obama has literally just owned this Tyler guy. That was epic to read.