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Friday, May 22, 2015


It's time for the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always, these come n no particular order

-- Goodbye to Neal Hughes. The news he was retiring didn't come as a surprise, but it was still tough to see someone who has been a favourite of this blogger since his days with the Rams come to an end.

I still remember vividly Hughes completely tearing apart the University of Alberta Golden Bears on a Saturday afternoon at then Taylor Field as he ran for almost 300 yards. My colour man at the time was Keith Colhoun and he saw me writing down as I kept the stats Hughes had 250 yards. We went to a break and Keith said "Are you sure he has 250 yards? Have you added that right? I quickly double-checked my numbers and then responded "Have you been watching the game?"

I don't know if I have ever seen a better performance by a running back in that stadium in my life and that includes what Kory Sheets did on that oh so magical November night in 2013.  While I was in the room after that game talking to several Riders, the one guy I never got to see and congratulate when it was over was Hughsie. I don't know what happened to him and maybe he never ever came off the field as he soaked it in with everyone there, but I couldn't find him. I don't know what his future holds and he said on the Sportscage Wednesday afternoon that he doesn't know what he wants to do when he grows up, but whatever it is, he will be successful. That's just the way he is!

-- Neal also answered a question for me when he was on the Cage Wednesday. What is it about fullbacks that play for the Riders that make them so popular?  Neal might not have had the popularity Chris Szarka had, but there was some genuine love for the former Thom Trojan. He answered with this and I can not argue.

"It's a tough hard-nosed job and there are a lot of tough hard-nosed people in Saskatchewan," Hughes said. "I think a lot of people say that guy isn't flashy, but he just gets the job done. There's a definite relation that's for sure!

-- Does Roger Goodell go to Foxboro for the NFL season opener after what has happened between him and the Patriots? I am guessing he won't get a positive reception especially if number 12 is not on the field. He does have an obligation to be there, but perhaps there is a conflicting "family matter" that will prevent him from being in attendance.

-- Congratulations to the Philadelphia Flyers! GM Ron Hextall went outside the box and didn't recycle an NHL coach or promote a current assistant. He went out and brought University of North Dakota coach Dave Hakstol to the world of professional hockey. Hakstol has been in charge of arguably the best Division 1 NCAA program and he has coached many NHL'ers like Jonathan Toews, Brock Nelson and T-J Oshie just to name a few. He will turn the Flyers around and leave North Dakota with a huge hole to fill even though assistant coach Brad Berry is taking over

-- Is it just me or could Hakstol and Mike Babcock be brothers, You decide!

In the words of the immortal Stampede Wrestling manager J-R Foley---"Money Talks". I was shocked to see Babcock leave Detroit for Toronto. I honestly thought he would stay in Detroit, but when the money comes callin, you answer it.  Its my belief Babcock saw the job Todd McLellan did with Team Canada at this year's Worlds and said to himself he wanted to be the coach of that team next year.  Good luck in Toronto'll need it! By the way, what the hell is with Saskatoon boy Babcock referring to the Leafs as "Canada's Team". All of us in Saskatchewan know who is "Canada's Team" and it sure the h-e double hockey sticks is not the Maple Leafs. Cmon Mike!!  Babcock also told George S on Thursday night that he listens to country radio so he doesn't have to listen to talk radio......I'm just going to leave that one alone.

-- Canada wins gold at the World Hockey Championship and there was no one from the Toronto Maple Leafs on the roster. Coincidence?  Maybe Babs took the job because he wanted to be the coach of Canada's team at the Worlds next year and repeat what happened this year.

-- Has Alexander Ovechkin ever beaten Sidney Crosby in an international game between Russia and Canada? Crosby's team beat Ovechkin's team at the World Juniors in Grand Forks, we know what happened at the Olympics in Vancouver and in Sochi, and now Sunday's win at the World Championship.

-- I think its safe to say at this point, the Oilers have won the off-season with the ping-pong ball falling their way to get Connor MacDavid along with Peter Chiarelli and Todd McLellan and that Buffalo is the big loser with not getting MacDavid or Mike Babcock. Again, I have to think this is the hockey gods way of punishing them for tanking the final few weeks of the season. It looks good on them!

-- I think its too bad MacDavid isn't getting the chance to go out with a Memorial Cup appearance. While a lot of us have seen MacDavid play some games this year, it would have been great to have a national audience watch his final week of junior hockey. That being said, I am sure the Memorial Cup won't suffer with four great teams going at it.

-- The Prince Albert Raiders need a GM. Two names come to mind 1) Curtis Hunt 2) Chad Lang.

-- How popular will Pats assistant coach Dave Struch be in the off-season when it comes to possible coaching gigs? There is no doubt John Paddock owes a lot to Struch for the success he had. QCSE might be wise to lock up Mr. Struch and perhaps be the successor to Paddock down the road if John has the desire to get off the bench. That being said, I don't think he does anytime soon,

-- IF Montreal is successful in getting baseball back, what would it do to the Alouettes? I don't think there would be any desire to move into what would have to be a new stadium in Montreal as the Alouettes are fine in their cozy little locale, but a baseball team would take away from their fanbase I would think.

-- Why doesn't the CFL have an Instagram account? Is this not a good way to get the younger demographic involved in the game? The Riders have one, but the league should also have one IMO.

-- The pictures of the new stadium that were put out by many individuals on Thursday has to get you excited, Construction is nearing the halfway mark. I can't wait to see how much progress will be made by the time the Labour Day game comes.  I think when that game hits, I will truly start to realize that games at the old Mosaic Stadium will be counting down to the last one. I don't know what gamut of emotions will run through yours truly on that afternoon and I think you can say the same about yourself. It will be a game to remember even if the Riders should lose by 40. How long will it take for everyone to leave?

-- As the Foo Fighters played on Thursday night, the stark realization that something on my bucket list would not get accomplished occurred. David Letterman said goodbye with what was a great hour and 20 minute final show finished by the Foos. I didn't see Johnny Carson in his heyday, but I watched a lot of Letterman and enjoyed many laughs. I still think the suit of Alka-Seltzer was one of my favourites and after the horror of September 11, his monologue a few short nights later was just a sign that life could get back to normal after that terrible day in our history. I always wanted to see Letterman do his thing live and I guess I won't. Thank you Dave! To me, you are the king of late night television.

-- NHL 16 will have a playoff beards feature. That is awesome! What will Crosby's look like? Can the game bring back Mike Commodore!

-- That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Ken Barteski said...

The CFL has had an Instagram account for some time now ... it looks like 18.8k people have found and are following the account ... so I'm not sure why you can't find it. Seach for CFL in Instagram and its the first account that comes up! If you need help .. go to any kindergarden class and I'm sure one of the students there can help you!

Darren said...

Come on man, do a little research. @cfl_official is the Instagram account, 1900 pictures and a great feed that is updated daily. The Riders are the ones that need to pick their game up, case in point, you didn't even know they had an account. The Argos, Redblacks and Lions are the most active accounts as far as teams go.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Barteski:

I must be as blind as Scruffy then. When I go to the CFL website, I see links for Twitter and Facebook, but nothing for Instagram. If you go to the Riders website, you see an Instagram link. The league shouldn't have to make you search for this, but apparently they are. Thanks for the info!


Anonymous said...

A Few Things:

1) Enough with the Chad Lang to P.A or anywhere else for that matter. John Paddock took over Regina and dismantled basically his entire plan and started over. It's time to move on and you have to start asking if a guy is so good then why did two teams dump him.

Curtis Hunt would be a good fit in P.A, but what they should do is put Dale Derkatch in as GM or make the Head Coach the dual GM.

2) I'm okay with Mike Babcock going to Toronto, but it will not work out. The issue there is and never has been coaching.

Look at Tampa Bay. A new owner takes over, he gets Steve Yzerman and away they go. Shanahan can't say he'll be with the Leafs for 8 years as his boss is leaving. There is no GM, and he's.....short version...they are as screwed up today as they were before Thursday's press conference. It doesn't mean I won't ransom my 40s to them hoping they get it right.

3) ....last point - Provincial Cabinet Shuffle and Mean Gene still isn't a Cabinet Minister. Welcome to Brad Wall's Saskatchewan. The jobs are disappearing and food bank visits are up.

JR Foley also said, "Let the good times roll."

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

I'm with perry! When I go to the CFL website, I don't see any links to Instagram. There is a Facebook link and a Twitter link and if you go to the bottom of the page under media, it has CFL on Facebook, CFL on Twitter, but nothing about CFL on Instagram. You might want to let people know about your product instead of making people search for it. That looks bad on the CFL!


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Babcock hiring: one thing for sure is that nobody can predict the future and those that do are often wrong, especially people who post here.

Bay Rock O.

Anonymous said...

1. Congrats to Neal and all he accomplished. Watching guys like him and Darian and Dressler capture the coveted Cup at home is something they and those there that day will never forget. Can't wait to see Hughesie in Plaza!

2. Open up Instagram and search for @CFL_official. It's THAT easy.

3. Loved the kindergarten comment!

Anonymous said...

Hey if Babcock thinks that the Loafs are Canada's team that's fine. There's a lot of Loafs fans that think the same way and this includes the broadcasters who insist on putting their crappy hockey in prime time for everyone to see. Babcock is a great guy, though, and a real Saskatchewan hero. Scruffy does that one comment mean that you don't like country music? Hey you don't have to but there's no question that it's the main genre in SK. That's why Craven has been the success it has!

Y'er welcome
Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

In three years the leafs will be closer to the hundredth anniversary of their last Stanley cup than the last time they won the cup. Ha.

Anonymous said...

I value the comments from all the anonymous posters over "this N' that" column.

the comments are entertaining but the column frankly is boring. Just some guy rambling away at bar stool.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I feel dumber for reading this Friday jargon. When will I learn? My bad.

Anonymous said...

Once again, anything is better that Rod's blithering

Anonymous said...

There's something extremely funny about an Oilers fan, who's now up on their high horse, beaking the Leafs. Pot calling the kettle black?

I agree, i'm dumber by reading these Friday columns.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the CFL promote their Instagram account on their website?

Making fans have to look for it is dumb,

The Riders website has it right there. Once again, the CFL can take advice from the Riders.


Anonymous said...

What the #$%@ is instagram?

Anonymous said...

Babcock to the Leafs. It was always "all about the money".

Anonymous said...

I love Friday. I spend my whole week wondering what is running through Mitch's muddled mind in no particular order.

Instagram accounts are awesome if your target audience is 12 year old girls.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gundersons Yorton, I think as a "radio personality" that's what is tripping the Scruff man.

Anonymous said...

Is my lawn ever dry! I love the heat and love to watch hockey when it feels like August outside, but maybe the ol' Scruff Dog, as part-time weather guy, can do something in terms of ordering us up some big rain, ideally at night when I sleep. Thanks in advance Sruffy. We love you out in radio-land!

Old Carol

Anonymous said...

How I feel after reading Mitchell Blair.

Anonymous said...

Love the stadium pics!

Anonymous said...

When it comes right down to it, I can't stand either one of you guys because you are both rather irritating and bigger than you think you are.

Anonymous said...

Cmon Scruffy, the CFL was too busy changing their rules to think about putting a link up on their website to instagram.

Can't wait for the MMG and the namedropping after seeing the Twitter pics from Mr. I-M Portant today.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful

Anonymous said...

"When it comes right down to it, I can't stand either one of you guys because you are both rather irritating and bigger than you think you are."

And I'll be back next week to remind you how much you suck! /irony

But really, Fridays aren't exactly the highlight of the week around here.

Anonymous said...

"You are both...bigger than you think you are."

Sucks to suck at trash-talking, doesn't it, Cletus?


Anonymous said...

I’d laugh if McDavid became the next Alexandre Daigle

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on Scruffy and Rod reading the Friday comments.

Anonymous said...

Just embarrassing! Completely embarrassing! Why you continue to publish comments amazes me Rod. The complete stupidity shown on here by many is just disgusting and says a lot about many. I am guessing 98 percent of these people wouldn't have the guts to say anything like that to you or Mitch in person.
It really does take away from what is a great blog.


Anonymous said...

There is a very simple solution, just DO NOT click on the comment section if it bothers you so.

I only click on to check on my close friend Obama to see his excellent political commentary. His sports comments are just silly, part of his schtick.

I bet 98% of people who browse the blog do not check the comment section.

Bay Rock O.

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone care what is running through the head of a small market radio disc jockey?

Anonymous said...

Canada's team is the Blue Jays. RP would like to think otherwise ever since his book made the Milestone best seller list.

Rod Pedersen said...

Hate us all you want - just keep reading our blogs and following us on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

It's no secret the trash comments come from staffers that work in the mail room at the competition's station. Then they go and brag about it to JN, he shakes his head and rolls his eyes and tells them to get a life.

Anonymous said...

In the world of business, having someone else try and knock you off your perch is a good thing.

It means they have failed, they are looking up at you and their last result resort is to try and knock you down to their level.

Anonymous said...

Not to ruffle your feathers big guy, but I really do hate the negativity on here from all these ignorant mouth-breathers who think they are getting one over on you.

Don is right when he says 98 percent of these a-holes wouldn't dare say what they put on here right to your face.

Changing the comment mechanism where you have to submit an e-mail addy would reduce your comments somewhat, but make the overall content better.

Just my two cents! Have a good weekend. Camp starts next weekend. WOOHOO!


Rod Pedersen said...

And a lot of people find them entertaining. As do I. Sorry, but the comments stay.

Red Woody said...

Thanks Rod! The comment section is an especially good way for guys like me to vent or celebrate throughout the Rider season, and to hear from the fringe of the fan base as to who is at the top of the most hated list as things progress.

Can hardly wait for the 2015 season to get rolling and for Darian to start games for us again! I am getting real excited. Go Riders!!

Anonymous said...

Small market radio disc jockey? I personally know of interested parties out East that would love someone like Rod to come work with them. I bet if you ask Rod, he has been approached by larger markets. Only small minded people with no self confidence try to bring others down to their level. Keep dreaming, because one day you may also be as highly prized as Rod.

Anonymous said...

This asinine keyboard spewing of stupidity makes me appreciate Rod's abilities much more. Well played Roddy. Thursday is the new Friday for blog reading.

Anonymous said...

Haters gonna Hate, and the Riders are CANADA's Team , like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Rod, just remember comments can be entertaining from those who submit e-mail addresses. They don't get shown on here, but you know who they are.

It would then be up to the commenters to see if they have the balls to stand by what they say on here knowing their identity will be shown to you.

If you like the toilet-scum mentality that exists on here that's fine. It is just a suggestion to make what is already a great blog better.


Rod Pedersen said...

Don - if there was an option from this blog's host server to include email addresses with comment submissions, I'd do it. However I don't think there is.

Anonymous said...

My small market radio comment wasn't directed at Rod. It was aimed at the author or the Friday column.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the author of the Friday column that you consistently come back to read each week and could probably care less about what you're thinking?

Remember to ask those who make their order if they want fries with that!

I'm sure Roddy and the old Scruffdog just howl over these comments. I know I do!

I can only imagine what the reaction would be if Roddy gave some blog space to douchebags like Derek Myers or Chris Hodges!