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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


From left: Steve Mazurak, Walt Precourt, Ron Styles, Bruce Axelson & Paul Hill
The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced on Monday the first four of 12 Founding Partners: The Mosaic Company, SaskTel, Harvard Broadcasting – A Hill Company, and Capital Automotive Group.

The 12 Founding Partners, known as "The Starting 12", will provide support to the Roughriders construction commitment of over $40 million towards the new Mosaic Stadium.   

This select group of corporate partners receive lifelong recognition within the new facility and the ability to secure exclusive multi-year sponsorship and partnership assets, naming rights and other activation opportunities with our fans.

Founding Partners will also have access to premium hospitality areas, including suites and lounges that will provide an exclusive environment for building relationships with clients, vendors and preferred customers.

On May 22, 2014, the Riders announced that their current partnership with The Mosaic Company will be renewed in a 20-year stadium naming rights agreement between the two organizations. With the new Mosaic Stadium, and renewed naming partnership, the two organizations will continue with the partnership that began in 2006.   

"Our naming rights sponsorship of Mosaic Stadium represents our long term commitment to the province of Saskatchewan," said Walt Precourt, Senior Vice President – Potash for The Mosaic Company, "we are proud to help usher in an exciting new era for the Roughrider Football Club, the community and all of Rider Nation."

SaskTel is the leading, full-service communications provider in Saskatchewan specializing in voice, data, Internet, entertainment, security monitoring, messaging, cellular, wireless data, and directory products and services. Through the agreement SaskTel will be the Riders exclusive communications partner. 

"Together with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, SaskTel's vision is to create a world-class technologically innovative facility and deliver the best fan experience possible for the hundreds of thousands of Saskatchewan people who visit the stadium annually," said Ron Styles, SaskTel President and CEO.

Harvard Broadcasting will continue to be the Roughriders exclusive radio broadcaster on the newly expanded 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network. Combined with Harvard's Mobile Apps and Streaming options, Rider Nation can follow Game Day broadcasts of "Canada's Team" in all corners of the Province and anywhere in the world.

"We are delighted to continue our relationship with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This new agreement will mark 49 years of Harvard's broadcast partnership with the Football Club, but moreover, it will be the culmination of 49 years of support and dedication to the Riders by The Hill Companies and the Hill Family, stated Paul Hill, Chairman, President and CEO of The Hill Companies. "That support has taken many forms, highlighted by initiatives such as the Television and Radio-thons (1987&1997), Save the Turf campaigns (2000 & 2007), Jersey Auction (1989), East & West Side Club Seating builds, Centennial Fund & Camera Tower build (2005), Rider Shares,  Major Sponsorships of the 1995, 2003, and 2013 Grey Cups, plus ongoing support of  the Plaza of Honor Dinner and Friends of the Rider's Lottery."

The Capital Automotive Group is one of Western Canada's largest automotive retailers comprising Capital GMC Buick Cadillac, Capital Ford Lincoln and Universal Collision Centre in Regina, Capital Kia in Yorkton, Capital Used Cars in Saskatoon, and Thrifty rent-a-car in Regina. Capital will provide Rider coaches and executive staff with promotional vehicles.

"Capital Auto is proud to be one of the founding partners of new Mosaic Stadium, as well as to be the exclusive vehicle supplier to the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club, stated Capital Automotive Group President & CEO, Bruce Axelson. "The staff of the Capital Automotive Group are honored to be part of this new venture in support of the City of Regina, province of Saskatchewan and the Roughrider Football Cub for many years to come."


RWAH said...

I must be old school or do the Riders have an agreement with the City that allows them to sell the naming rights to a stadium that the tax payers of the City of Regina own???

Anonymous said...

That's the smell of piss running down the Greenzone's leg.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Let the hateful comments from the mail room staffers at the SK drive office flow. Or better yet, ask that over zealous advertising salesman who told someone that they were for sure getting the rights. Pretty sure he's now unemployed. Or selling encyclopedias.

Y'er welcome
Gundersons Yorkton

Anonymous said...

But but but I thought CJME was getting the rights and Warren Woods was going to do the play-by-play and Wray Morrison was going to host the pre and postgame shows??


Anonymous said...

Actually Gunderson that Ad Sales Rep I beleive is on his 3rd job since leaving office - in the real world you have to back up what you say.

I read an announcement like this and thank my lucky stars I do not live in Regina. I'll come in for games, but those people got hosed plain and simple.

...City of Regina Tax Payers pick up the tab, and the good 'ol boys reap the benefits....

Quite the system.

It was Obama who wrote a long time ago if these companies are so hot to trot of a stadium let them pick up the whole shot and give something back. Not this piddly stuff which in the end benefits them.

Y'er Welcome
Midnight Rider

Anonymous said...

Will this spell the end of Saskatchewan's #3 sports show? I would think PTS is number 2.

Anonymous said...

If the rider brass thinks that an auto group with 4 dealerships makes them "one of the largest in western canada" the construction fumes must be drifting.....

Anonymous said...

Time for CKRM to ditch the country music and go all sports.

You, Ballsy, Phil, Scruffy et al would crush it!

Congrats on the big news today. CKRM and Rider football are tied at the hip as it has been since I was a youngster.


Anonymous said...

Will they be footing all the costs to add a roof somewhere in the immediate future? Saskatchewan? big twelve? lmfao!

Bunderson from Dorkton.

Anonymous said...

FYI: The Capital Auto group has outlets in Regina and across Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Bruce Axelson has more money than he knows what to do with it.

You might want to investigate before you hit publish son!

Anonymous said...

In response to Bill's comment.

CKRM would be even better if it went to an all-sports format, but I am guessing that won't be happening anytime soon.

The reason is Harvard management doesn't appear to know how to properly promote sports.

You have the Pats, Riders and Rams, but you do very little in sports coverage besides the Cage.

You have a woman who is very poor at reading sports in the morning when you could have someone like Ballsy, Phil or Scruffy doing it.

Your casts are very little and don't inform the listeners the way a station that supposedly specializes in sports should.

Do these topics even come up Rod?

The sports product at CKRM is great, but I don't think your management realize how good Scruffy is in sports and how good Phil and Ballsy are at what they do.

There are many who would be ecstatic in this town if you at least increased your sports coverage some.

Just my two cents!


Anonymous said...

All-sports is a pipedream in this city.

If you are going to do it, you have to have the rights of a franchise which CJME doesn't have and CKRM wouldn't dare anger the massive audience it already has across Saskatchewan.

Farmers want their Strait, Jones, etc. etc and not 24/7 sports.

Sorry Bill!

Rod Pedersen said...

I'm responsible for the SportsCage and my role in Roughrider radio broadcasts. It's nice to be on the winning team.

Anonymous said...

A hour a day dedicated to the local cricket scene would not be a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey construction fumes guy??? Do you have a case of penis envy?

Anonymous said...

bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha whoever wrote that, I literally spit my Coke Zero all over laptop
"Anonymous said...
That's the smell of piss running down the Greenzone's leg. "

Anonymous said...

Who is the sports director then if you are just responsible for SCage and Riders?

I would think your input (or perhaps lack of it) would carry a lot of weight.

Let's face it Rod, CKRM is known for two things---Sportscage and Sports coverage! Country music on the AM dial is fading. Big Dog and Country 100 are the stations of choice now and not that old hokey crap that comes on in the afternoon. Loretta Lynn? Stompin Tom? Country from the 60's. Sorry that just doesn't cut it anymore with many folks.

You are on a winning team, but you could be on a championship team with a little effort.

The Pats were a winning team this year too, but I don't see them hoisting any trophies!

Anonymous said...

Sports radio in Regina will happen here when CJME gets the rights to Saskatchewan Roughrider football!

Anonymous said...

In a very small pro sports market like Regina, attempting to complete with cities many times the size(10X+), numerous revenue and in-kind streams of support are required.

This was as true in 1910, as it was in the 50's, as it is in 2015, and it will be the same 50 years from now.

If support is not public, commercial/industrial, and unfortunately government based, there would not have been, and will not be, a publically owned team.

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with the day to day operation of CKRM (morning news reader aside), but if I were to change something, it would be the amount of sports coverage you have. Regina is a great sports community and deserves a little more.

Anonymous said...

Great to see these great Saskatchewan business support the team.

Will continue to support them in return (listening to the Sportcage podcast on my I phone provided by Sasktel driving my Cadillac that I purchased at Capital! Time to go put some Mosaic potash in the ground.

Anonymous said...

What is this Green Zone? Never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

I like it when Scruffy reads the weather.

Anonymous said...

I am old school and get it. Not much different than Thatcherism or Devinism is this Wallism. Yes the taxpayers pay and the corporations line up to name, influence, and eventually micromanage the operation. They are seen to be efficient because they don't have to pay as much tax. When the property due to entitlement starts losing money, the taxpayers prop it up for a while until a telethon is needed. By this time the corporations have left and need not return until there is value (which isn't theirs) to claim. Then it's time to move forward again. I'll never understand why the taxpayers always agree.

Anonymous said...

IN addition to great Rider Coverage...Kindly keep it country if you please! Maybe re-introduce a Sat night Polka Show if there isn't a Rider game.If It aint broke don't fix it. Polkabill from the Peg!

Anonymous said...

I like it when Phil does the agriculture roundup!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is any plans to place palm trees around the new stadium. There would do well in our new weather and would be great for the ambiance of the area.

Anonymous said...

I really miss

Weathers Nexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt

Anonymous said...

Let's get Jim Smalley on the sidelines!