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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


EDMONTON (CP) - The Edmonton Eskimos acquired Canadian receiver Cory Watson and a 2016 second-round pick from the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Monday for the rights to long-snapper Jorgen Hus and a 2016 third-round selection.

Saskatchewan acquired Watson from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Jan. 29. The former Concordia star spent five seasons in Manitoba, registering 178 receptions for 2,217 yards and six TDs in 67 career games.

Edmonton selected Saskatoon native Hus in the fourth round (31st overall) of the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft out of the University of Regina. He then signed with the NFL's St. Louis Rams, spending the 2013 and 2014 training camps with the team.

Hus also spent time with the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City before being released by the Chiefs last week.

**Roughriders GM Brendan Taman explained the reasons for the trade Monday afternoon.  Here are some of his comments:

TAMAN:  "Things in our business change by the minute it seems and we acquired Cory to have him on our team obviously but as things progressed throughout the off-season, it didn't look like we were going to start more than two Canadian receivers so his salary was fairly high.  If he wasn't going to start for us, that wasn't going to be a cap-friendly salary that I could take on.  It wasn't planned that way but as it went on, like I say, I had to explore things and Ed Hervey came in and offered us a player that we'd wanted for quite some time."

TAMAN:  "We wouldn't have done this if Corey Chamblin and the coaches didn't sign off on it and there's a lot of give-and-take in everything we do.  We had a lot of discussions.  Cory's a good player and he can start for most teams in this league but we've got two quality Canadians that we're happy with and as fate has it, we'll continue to go with those two."


TAMAN:  "I talked to him this morning and he's over-the-moon happy because Saskatchewan's a place he's always wanted to play.  We've been trying to get his rights for three years.  We have some work to do there because he has representation but I think his focus and goal would be to get to Saskatoon on May 31.  He's available and we'll visit with him as we go."

"One of the things we wanted is to have two snappers on the team at all times so Levi Steinhauer is not going anywhere.  In fact he'll probably get a chance to play some defensive end and in order for that to happen, we weren't going to have a roster spot for a back-up snapper.  Now we've reversed it so maybe Jorgen can be the starting snapper and Levi as the back-up which is perfect for us.  It really helps him develop on defense and it helps our roster make-up because if we didn't do it that way, we'd have to take a Canadian off somewhere else."

"He ain't a back-up snapper.  He's one of the best ones you could see.  We had a good one last year in Chad Rempel and this kid is younger and as good, if not better.   He's a talented kid.  He's athletic and is thrilled to be in Saskatchewan which is huge.  If something were to happen with one of them, we're covered.  Coach Dyce is really excited to get him."


TAMAN:  "Nope.  Not at all.  The cap had a lot to do with this move.  I would've loved to bring Cory to camp but if he's not starting, I'd have to talk to him about a paycut and he doesn't deserve that.  This doesn't change our draft plan at all.  We'll still look at our needs and see where it goes."


Anonymous said...

The trade of Watson suggests that the Riders will now go for Addison Richards in the draft.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good trade ...
Watson wouldn't have started nor probably even made the team.

Watson for Hus (good)
2nd for 3rd (off-set salary and the fact he had no more value to Riders)

Fair trade!

Anonymous said...

So the Riders traded a 2nd rounder and a young prospect to get Watson and a 3rd.

The Riders now trade Watson and a 2nd to get a young prospect and a 3rd.


In the end.....we traded two 2nd rounders for two 3rd rounders.

The two young prospects cancel out.

Anonymous said...

The main reason why Watson was let go soo soon is because he would have got cut from the Riders.

Anthony, Carrol and Prychalski are all ahead of Watson after the mini-camp in Florida. This is a positive.

Also, stop talking about Addison Richards. There are two other receivers in the draft that are way ahead of Richards in terms of talent and ceiling.

We might draft a receiver at #6 but i bet it isn't Richards.

Anonymous said...

Typical riders fans when you acquired Watson all you did was brag him up saying how amazing he will be ,but as soon as he is traded you all say bad negative things like he won't even make the team like serious riders fans get a life and quit being losers

Anonymous said...

ANNON ABOVE ^^^ He wouldn't make the team. He sucks. Deal with it .


Dick Rubnutz said...

If we're going receiver at #6, got to go with Lemar Durant.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the Riders just lost 2 - 2nd round picks for what - nothing, as Hus may not report

Anonymous said...

Watson has a big contract but at the time of the original trade, was deemed worth it as he could fill a starting spot if needed.

Both Dressler and Alex Hall were signed after the original trade for Watson.

Now with the combination of young receivers showing well at mini-camp and Watson's contaract now being a bit rich for a back-up....boom, his shipped out.

Anonymous said...

If you seriously think that Anthony, Carrol and Prychalski are all ahead of Watson after the mini-camp in Florida, then you have never seen Watson play. SMH!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i didn't know you were at the mini-camp. I wasn't there but i took the coaches at their word.

I'll run my "player evaluation" comments by you next time.

Sorry man.

Anonymous said...

Alex Carrol is going to be the "sleeper" of the Riders training camp and upcoming season.

Anonymous said...

Such a small population base yet it continues to turn out GMs and Head Coaches at an amazing pace. What a province.

Anonymous said...

To many of these "give away a higher draft choice for a lower one" scenarios. Would be nice to get one the other way around occasionally.
That said, I guess all u can do is hope BT knows what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Taman's comments - disappointed that Canadian WR's won't get the chance to start for the Riders

GWil26 said...

Most of us haven't seen Watson play much... He's usually injured...

Anonymous said...

Lemar Durant is seen as a diva and someone who needs coddling.

Addison Richards will be the pick.

The guy is better than Fantuz and won't want to go home because he's home already.

Get ready for your last year of seeing Getzlaf as a starter.


Anonymous said...

Yawn, so Taman continues to scramble.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand those saskatoon born players. With the departure of Watson any chance for the return of Sisco?

Anonymous said...

The rider spin is in full force this week. Watson is often injured, he has a high salary and probably wouldn't make the team.
If that's the case, why did BT trade for him in the first place??

Anonymous said...

The return of Sisco???

That is the stupidest comment of the day, the week, the month and perhaps the year!

That kid was too stupid to see the opportunity in front of him and thought his "talent" would make him an automatic success.

Anonymous said...

Addison Richards will not be the pick at #6. I would pick Demski every day of the week before Richards. It's not even close actually.

The only way the Riders get Richards, is if they trade there 1st round pick to get a couple 2nd rounders....say for the Peg's #11 & #15.

Who knows....if the Riders take an o-lineman at #6, they could flip Watman down east and get a late 2nd round pick or early 3rd rounder.

The trade winds are a blowin'...

Lot's of options tonight.

Anonymous said...

Sisco is playing touch football with all the other Rider rejects.

Anonymous said...

I like taman's planning lol.

Mike fron Vita, MB said...

If ur so adamant about ur position, b a man/ woman & take ownership 4 your view instead if being anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I this the Mike from Vita that I know, or is it the other Mike in town? Please be more specific.

Old Hank (McCraken)

Anonymous said...

Lemar Durant's tweets the night of draft showed disrespect of the CFL and the process. Diva is an understatement. Even the Ti-Cats beat reporter tweeted just unfollowed Lemar Durant. Have fun with this guy in Calgary Stamps fans.