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Saturday, May 30, 2015


WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced on Saturday the additions of veteran long snapper Chad Rempel and receiver Mike Willie.

Rempel, six-foot-three 225 pounds, has played 125 career CFL games - nine of which came with the Blue Bombers in his rookie season of 2005.

The Sherwood Park, Alta. native moved on to play seven seasons for Toronto and one for Hamilton, before spending the 2013 season with the Chicago Bears. He returned to the CFL for the last half of the 2014 season with Saskatchewan.

Willie, six-foot-two 220 pounds, played two years at Arizona State and caught 72 passes for 897 yards and nine touchdowns. He went undrafted in 2012 and was signed as a free agent by the San Diego Chargers. The Compton, Calif. native had a minicamp tryout with the Baltimore Ravens in 2014, before signing in Winnipeg.

No contract details were disclosed.

The Blue Bombers also released five players on Saturday, including defensive backs Ryan Steed and Gabe Lynn, defensive lineman Kheeston Randall, receiver David Gettis and offensive lineman David Mims.


Anonymous said...

Five released players from the Bombers organization that Roughriders gm Taman can pick up to improve his on field product this year.

Anonymous said...

BT has been a godsend for us. His haters baffel me. To the argument he bought the 13 grey cup. Well BC hosted last year and didn't win. WPG has the cup this year. If that's all it takes then I assume they will do that and win right? Also they have been taking our cast offs. Richie, Remple, pic. BT had an unreal off season again and we have a ballance of vets and a TON of new young players for camp.

Anonymous said...

Would be cool if Willie can become a starter for my Bombers, than we can see TSN deal with the two Willies when there is a Willy to Willie touchdown. Its going to give other teams the willies, mark my word.


Anonymous said...

For as good as the Bummers will be their fans will have the willies

Anonymous said...

No one cares or writes about bombers bummers or bumpers( same crap). So they come on the rider pages hahhahahahahahahha

Anonymous said...

I remember when Taman haters used to call the riders, the Saskatchewan Blue bombers. Well take a look at how many ex riders in Manitoba. Thats ok you can have our sloppy 2nds. When you dont draft and nurture good canadians you have to raid them off the good teams.