Realty One


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


BRANDON, Man. (CP) - Connor Gay scored 3:24 into overtime as Regina edged the Wheat Kings 6-5 Tuesday night in Brandon.  It was Regina's third straight win over their division foes.

Sergey Zborovskiy, Morgan Klimchuk, Braden Christoffer, Patrick D'Amico and Austin Wagner supplied the rest of the Pats (20-11-1) offence.  Daniel Wapple picked up the win in goal making 27 saves.

Tim McGauley struck twice for Brandon (24-7-4), with Ryan Pilon, John Quenneville and Nolan Patrick also chipping in.

The Pats outshot the Wheaties 39-32 while going 2/5 on the powerplay and 2/5 on the penalty kill.  The attendance was 3888.

The Queen City kids return home Wednesday evening to host the Lethbridge Hurricanes at 7:00 pm on 620 CKRM (Press Box Sports Bar Pregame Show at 6:35 pm).

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, its time to be " Buyers". The Pats are for real.

Anonymous said...

What a game! Unbelieveable come from behind win. Paddock has these boys truly believing they are unstoppable. They have to be in Top 10 in Canada now. To beat Brandon 3 straight and Kelowna is huge. Let's pummel and bury Lethbridge tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

if they buy now they will be sellers for the next 5 years or more. nows the time cash in on the assets they have

Anonymous said...

I agree,the way the pats are playing,you go for it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who says the Pats aren't for real needs to shut it now. This team has shown they are a contender and they should be buyers come the deadline

Anonymous said...

Rod, anything on when the pats play on access

Anonymous said...

The Pats are positioned with several other teams that are all "for real" with Brandon, Calgary, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, and Kootenay emerging. We are no better or worse. They are are on no better pace than they were last season. As a matter of fact they had about 19 wins by the Christmas break last year and ended up winning a pennant. They were knocked out in 4 games in the first round. We were buyers last season and where did it get us?

When your not deep enough, one or two injuries and your done. The Pats are a hard working team, not an overly talented or deep team. I've been a seasons ticket holder for ages so I know what I'm talking about.

This team is seriously short of draft picks and depth over the next two drafts that it's embarrassing. The people who don't attend games and think we should further diminish our future are total fools. For years the Parkers traded picks for the short term and where did that get the franchise? Because of that we've been in the darkness for 20 years. We changed ownership and they want to change things for the "long term" . They do not want continue what was done in the past.

The Pats are no more for real than any of the aforementioned teams. Paddock knows and has gone on record as saying we couldn't beat the elite teams in a playoff series, and that his team is not final four calibre yet. He also says he needs to get younger as we have too many 19 year olds. The man gets it and will make the right moves for the future. He knows the definition of insanity and I don't consider him to be an insane man. Not like some posters who say mortgage the future even more and perpetuate the Parker legacy.

This team is not highly talented with nobody in the top ten in scoring and our success is built on hard work. I fully expect that to continue after the trade deadline. Vanstone who shamelessly promoted the Parkers for years shouldn't be getting into an area he knows nothing about. The new ownership want to build a franchise that is excellent every year not just occasionally. Sometimes it takes short term pain for long term gain. Anyone who says we should be buyers because we are "for real" should give his head a shake "for real". To suggest we gut our lifeline (the draft) even further is utterly irresponsible to the fans of this team, and shows they no absolutely nothing about how great junior teams are really built.

Anonymous said...

The Pats should just sit pat.

Anonymous said...

Geez you dint have to have guys in the top ten in scoring in order to win you need to have a balanced scoring this team has scored 122 goals not to shababy You go for it when you have the chance . You dint not dismantle a team that's going good you are the one that is insane . I think you have to rethink why you think that are nit good enough to win against these teams. I haven't heard why you just said they aren't how in God's name do you know that explain yourself. Winning two games in BrAndon tells me a lot . Please don't say it was a fluke.

Anonymous said...

And hard work might just get them to the promissed land. They can deal with draft picks and all that when they are losing sir

Anonymous said...

This a good team and yes a team that can contend this year and years to come. We could swing a deal or two that could put us over the top and not mess with the future. Anyone who doesn't think that? Clearly has not been out to any games this year at all.

Anonymous said...

they have been buyers for the last 15 years ... why stop now!

Anonymous said...

for the love of god we are not buyers this year we have no assets to be trading this year to become a buyer. Had the Parkers not forced Lang to make some pointless trades involving key draft picks then yes we could of been a buyer this year but that is not the case.

We struggled against Saskatoon, we haven't played a full 60minutes since our game in Kelowna, we are not consistent enough to be considered among the top 4..

Oh ya another thing our 1st round match up will be against SC and last time I checked we have struggled against them all year going 1-3 cause of their defense and goaltending.

Hard work will beat a talented team but in a playoff series where the stakes are higher a talented team will come out on top 95% of the time.

We are still a playoff team even without Klimchuk he will fetch a good return and we will get a roster player along with a couple key picks or prospects.

This is the same BS that was going on during Jordan Weal's last season here, he should of been traded instead of giving away our 1st rd pick to add Marincin for 5 games of playoff hockey against Moose Jaw... but the fans were just as delusional as the Parker's were to buy buy buy.... go take a look at the results of that 2012 bantam draft in who we could have on this roster with the 1st and 2nd round picks we traded to PG

Paddock will do the right thing, he has a commitment to be here long term and he wants to add a CHL championship to his name to go along with all he has accomplished in pro hockey.