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Monday, June 16, 2014



- To all the Dads out there, hope you had a fantastic Father's Day on Sunday.  It's the most important full-time job we have!  It was great to spend the day with mine.

- We spent Sunday morning at the Do It For Dad's Prostate Cancer Awareness Walk at Wascana Park.  This year's honoured walkers were Rider great Wes Cates and his dad, "Big Cates", who's going through a cancer struggle of his own in Columbus, OH.  How loved is Wes Cates?  There was a record amount of walkers on hand and Wes's former teammates Mike McCullough, Andrew Greene, Gene Makowsky, Belton Johnson and Mike Abou-Mechrek came out to show their support.  Over $55,000 was raised!

- Wes Cates will be our featured guest on In The Huddle this week on Access 7 and Shaw.  Yes, the Riders' second-leading career rusher has joined our team too.
DFID Walk with George Reed & K9

- About Saturday's Rider game (a 21-17 preseason win over Ottawa):  I'll get to the football notes in a second but first off we should address the paltry crowd of 13,014.  I mentioned on the air that it's "the lowest-attended Rider game since the Trudeau administration" but colour commentator Carm Carteri was quick to point out "But it's an Ottawa home game, not Saskatchewan's, so it doesn't count!"

True dat.  But it was a gimmick which failed.  I got text messages from CFL types across the land who tuned in on TSN2 only to say, "Where are all the Rider fans?"  In truth, there were far too many cons than pros when it came to buying a ticket for this game.  The strike threat, the bad weather forecast, three home games in a row and the fact the game was televised all conspired to bring about a flop of a "home game".  I'm not going to chastise the Rider Nation for not snapping up tickets to this one.  However I will thank the diehards who were there including the pair of Ottawa fans who drove 3500 miles to watch the REDBLACKS' first-ever game.

My Mom, my wife, one of my daughters and both of my brothers go to every home game but did not go on Saturday.  I wouldn't call them diehards and they wouldn't be offended by that.  In fact I don't know too many of my friends who did go!  Who cares.  Let's move on.

- One season ticket holder said to me Sunday, "The lack of a sellout in last year's playoff game and 13,000 for this one should be a wakeup call to the Riders".  I'm not so sure I agree, but there it is.

- Ottawa looks like they've got a football team.  Although their roster looked like a dog's breakfast as I was filling out my play-by-play chart Saturday morning, they played like a well-oiled machine.  Kudos to head coach Rick Campbell, offensive coordinator Mike Gibson and defensive coordinator Mark Nelson for having their 70 players ready to play!  The 77-yard punt return by Jamill Smith barely two minutes into the game was indeed a wakeup call for the Riders that they were in for a game.

- Henry Burris was better at quarterback in this game than he was for Hamilton in the 2013 Grey Cup.  Figure that one out!  The Smilin' One left the game with the lead and was 5/6 for 40 yards.  They spent their money wisely on Hank, that's for sure.

- If you stack up talent versus talent, you knew Saskatchewan was going to win Saturday's game.  You're talking about the defending Grey Cup champion team against an expansion unit so the four point victory was in the bag.  It's difficult to know what Rider coach Corey Chamblin and his staff were asking their players to do but he noted going in that his biggest concern would be substitutions and they didn't take one penalty related to subs.  That was a victory right there.  All in all it was a good game for preseason #1 and it was enjoyable to broadcast.

- Again, Rider players are quick to point out that their four consecutive two-and-outs to open the game with Tino Sunseri at quarterback were not the fault of the man behind centre.  So what was the reason?  At this point I don't know but we'll investigate.  It's easy to draw the conclusion that the ineffective offense was Tino's fault but after a pretty good training camp it's hard to believe he'd flop in the game.  But the spark in the offense when Darian Durant came into the game was obvious.

- A quarterback was not among the first round of cuts made late Sunday night by the Riders (although non-import Brandon Lehy was sent back to university).  That means the choice for a third-string quarterback must not be an easy one.  Back-ups Adam Weber and Seth Doege both performed admirably in Saturday's game and perhaps in the end they'll keep four pivots.  There seemed to be some confusion on the sidelines when Weber came into the game to start the second half and two plays later he launched an interception.  However he recovered enough to cap a scoring drive with a touchdown pass to Brett Swain on the next series.  That was impressive.

- I'm glad I'm not seeing things.  Rookie slotback #16 Brett Swain said after the game he had a slow start to training camp but has improved everyday (which was reported on this blog).  He really stood out on Saturday as his two receptions for 22 yards both were in the endzone.  The Ashville, NC product is proving to be a reliable target for his quarterbacks and he's a safe bet to be in the starting group in Week 1.

- Is the Dewdney ban still on?  Swain will be popular with the ladies on the Dewdney stroll if allowed to partake.

- You were all likely anxious to get a look at rookie receiver #81 Chaz Schilens on Saturday.  So too were the Riders but he was barely visible.  I mean, I saw him jogging on and off the field for offensive plays but once the ball was snapped, I couldn't find him.  He did not have a reception and I'm not sure how many plays he was in for.  What his status is now is unclear.  My guess is he'll be kept around, but he'll need to elevate his play Friday night against Edmonton.

- The Dressler clone, Ryan Smith, didn't jump off the page but he was noticeable.  He had two catches for 15 yards and one punt return for seven.  Obviously we're pulling for him to make the team and love the fact Weston called Smith prior to training camp for some words of encouragement.

- On defense, linebacker Mortty Ivy was our game star with two tackles, two special teams tackles and a sack.  I'm told he's a favourite of Rider team management because he's a stand-up guy whose father is a State trooper.  We mentioned in the spring time that Ivy would have a chance to be a starter and he didn't hurt his chances in the Ottawa game.

- You may be interested to know recently-signed defensive back Antonio Fenelus led the club with four tackles on Saturday.  Then on Sunday he was cut!  Tough crowd.  Defensive tackle Trevor Guyton got the team's other sack and interceptions were recorded by Macho Harris and Paul Woldu.

- I thought the Riders' first pick in the Canadian Draft, defensive end Dylan Ainsworth from Western, made some big plays in the second half before going down with injury.  The team is looking for a back-up Canadian behind Ricky Foley and he looks to fit the bill.

- The Leader Post's Murray McCormick was right.  He said on the SportsCage that Josh Bartel had clearly won the punting battle and on Sunday evening, it was punter Brett Cameron who was cut.  That's too bad because I was pulling for the son of CFL legend Bob Cameron.  However CFL teams aren't big on storylines, they're big on productivity.  Each had five punts on Saturday but Bartel was five yards better on average.

- And the war of attrition at the tailback position was downsized by one.  On Sunday night the Riders released Clifton Smith, the former Stampeder and 2008 Pro Bowler with the Buccaneers.  I guess he didn't show enough on Saturday in his two carries and two punt returns.  I had a hunch last week that Jermaine Thomas would be the team's featured back in Week 1 but right now you'd have to think Anthony Allen and Keith Toston are ahead.  We'll see what happens Friday when the Riders host Edmonton.

- Finally for my portion this morning, there's horrible news out of Winnipeg.  Former Rider Graig Newman of the Blue Bombers suffered a dislocated/fractured ankle against Calgary Saturday night and will be gone for the season.  A Bomber season ticket holder was tragically killed last week while biking to their home preseason game against Toronto.  What a tragic start to the season in the Manitoba capital.



Nothing Big, Just Some Thoughts

By now we’ve all heard and talked about the good and bad things that were on display this past Saturday.

Rider Nation has consciously inserted Brett Swain into the 42 man roster, and Keith Toston is the hardest running back since Jerome Bettis!!!

Everyone is also putting on their coaching hats and justifying which DB can get cut in order to make room for Marshay Green, and why Anthony Allen is awesome … as you all should be.  It’s what makes you guys the greatest fans on the planet (also the hardest to perform in front of).  You invest in these guys.

Instead of giving you a gang of scenarios and predictions, I’m going to spend some time talking about a couple of things and players that have stuck in my mind, and maybe illustrate a picture, if you will.


When Doubles left the field after he orchestrated a Rider scoring drive, I wish the announcer would have said, “Darian Durant ladies and gentlemen…Darian Durant…nuff said.”  This may very well be a season to remember from #4.  Go back and listen to him last year during his interviews, and then take any one of his soundbytes from camp.  The difference is astounding in a lot of ways.

The definition of ‘leadership’ has changed in his mind.  He knows that legendary status is going to be attained through others, and he’s ready to teach and lead them every step of the way.

Running back and Offensive Line

Now I haven’t seen the film and the assignment grade out, but from the top, it didn’t look like there was a clear winner in the RB department.  We all saw that there were guys who took advantage of the limited amount of reps that were available, but I do think, even though there may be a cut or two here, the battle is far from over.  They are going to roll hand in hand with the backfield this year.  Everyone is always asking, “How are the Riders going to replace Kory Sheets’ production?”

Stop it…Stop it right now!  This is a team game, and the Riders have one of the brightest minds in the CFL at their offensive coordinator spots.  They also have the best Oline in the league!  If they can stay healthy, our guys up front can get any one of the guys we have in camp to 1000 yards, but they might not have to.  Remember Rider Nation, it’s all about winning a championship.  Would we all be worried about replacing a 1500 yd running back if we didn’t get out of the 1st round??? Not as much.

Our 1st and 2nd Oline looked great!  Good pocket protection for the most part, and opened up some major run lanes.  Ottawa had to play with the guys they’re going with all year, so the fact that our new guys played well against the 1&2 deep Ottawa Dline is a huge positive.

#69 Corey Watman:  Not only did he do a good job at the center spot, he was also reporting as a TE with the 1st Oline group during their bigger bodied packages.  He demonstrated good hand placement and drive from that spot, and finished his blocks with tenacity.  Good to see from the 2nd year man

Wide Receiver

We spoke on this during the post game show after and I’ll put it in writing.  While everyone is trying their best to dub Ryan Smith as “the next Dressler” take a look at the route that Brett Swain ran, and caught his 1st TD on … it was the post corner route that Weston was so money on during his tenure here.  I’m also pretty sure that his 2nd TD was also identical to the Red Zone patterns that Cortez dialed up for Dressler last year.  #JustSaying

#77 Alex Pierzchalski:  He didn’t have a huge statistical game, it would have been a lot better if Doege (instead of running and getting flipped near our bench) had looked left and dumped the ball to him when he was WIDE OPEN with about 30 yds of green in front of him.  I’m really putting him in here cause of the effort I saw out of him on Special Teams.  As a young non import, you gotta be able to contribute here to justify a roster spot and his hustle, especially on punt team, was really good to see.  He got himself in around a couple of tackles which is something that young guys need to show coaches.  The willingness to contribute in any way possible.

Defensive Line

Our first unit looked solid.  Despite working with a limited variety of play calls, our edge rushers Chick and Foley still managed to come close to sacking the QB with good use of hand work and speed.  I can’t wait to see our pass rush package really opened up and our line given the opportunity to use their speed and athleticism during stunts and twists! Our inexperienced depth is still key a concern here though.  The Ottawa QB’s tested the discipline of our Ends a few times in the game, and the only ones that really bit on fakes and play actions were our younger more inexperienced guys.  They’ll need to get that corrected, and they will, because one mistake out there during a crucial part of a game is the difference between a win and a loss.  Trust me, I’ve been on both ends.

#90 Dylan Ainsworth:  I mentioned in the preseason primer that Ainsworth wasn’t quite ready to contribute on the field…I won’t change that opinion now.  I will however, tell the fans that this kid is going to be a gamer very soon!

Has everyone has heard the phrase, ‘hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard?’

Good.  Apply it to Ainsworth.  This dude was in 5th gear every play.  Whether it was special teams hustling down field and being one of the first to the ball carrier, or whether it was chasing down guys from behind the play, Ainsworth wants to play.  That’s going to get him on the field eventually.  You can always teach players, but you can’t put heart in them.  Ainsworth was busting his tail … you always have a chance when you start with effort being your edge.

Defensive Backs

I’m not going to talk about #1 and #29…you’re already doing that.  I want to mention Dwight Anderson.  If you can’t buy into a guy who has multiple championships, is a hardened vet, and still comes out and plays an exhibition game with as much enthusiasm and character as he did on Saturday, then you’re crazy.  DA loves playing the game, it’s evident, and guys feed into that energy on game day.  He wasn’t even out there that long, but his presence was seen and heard.  Like all great DBs it’s his closing speed that stands out.  Just when the QB thinks he’s got an open target, #33 closes the gap and erases the threat of a big play.

That’s why I like the outlook of this team this year and you should too.  It’s going to have some talented players LIKE (I'm not predicting final rosters) a Brett Swain or an Anthony Allen who could make a career out of the CFL, instead of bouncing around NFL practice rosters and waiver wires.  It (the Riders) will include young, raw, and talented athletes, which Coach Chamblin and his staff can mould into great players.

But most importantly, this team is built on an impressive foundation that “starts up front” led by experienced hard working, and talented, Linemen on both sides of the ball.  The foundation also has a collage of veteran talent across the board, that have gone through the assimilation process of the Green and White Culture, and found their individual niches…and finally, it is glued together by a franchise Quarterback that is poised to leave his mark on anyone that stands in the way of the term, LEGENDARY.

So as you get ready for the final pieces of this championship structure to be put together Rider Nation, don’t worry as much about the nuts and bolts being plugged in…This team is being built on a championship slab.



That's all for this week!  Hope you enjoyed our efforts.  We'll be broadcasting the SportsCage live from the Regina Pats Wickenheiser Golf Classic today at Deer Valley so it'll be great to dust off our Pats clothing and wear it proudly while talking Riders from the golf course!



Anonymous said...

Hi Rod,

I have 13 season tickets and to think I needed to put out another $40 a ticket to see a preseason game? The league and the Riders tried to take advantage of Ridernation and I hope Mr. Hopson and Mr. Cohon open their eyes after Saturday. Greed got you nothing this time boys!

Anonymous said...

Great job Rod!! Looking forward to watching the Riders this year...and hopefully win another GC!!

Anonymous said...


What's a good country raised boy sitting in a golf cart when an elderly legend is standing beside you. TSK, TSK your mom won't be happy when she sees that.

Love the blog Roddy, have a great week!


Rod Pedersen said...

Oh I offered it to him but he declined! You know George.


mister winnipeg said...

I was going to make fun of the paltry crowd until I realized that if the game had been held here in Winnipeg there is no way I would have shelled out an extra $40 or whatever to watch another yawner of a preseason game, especially on a rainy day.

But that said, this was probably Ottawa's best option. If they had made it a neutral site game in a place that would have truly appreciated having it like Saskatoon, Quebec or Halifax, the box office take probably still would have been smaller than what they made on Saturday afternoon at Mosaic.

Anonymous said...

me thinks gainer should dig Dominguez a hole he could crawl outta shape as matty claims gainer to b,not as injury-prone as #88!!

Anonymous said...

Mullinder's contributions to the blog are fantastic, keep it up!

J FRENCH said...

"Henry Burris was better at quarterback in this game than he was for Hamilton in the 2013 Grey Cup. Figure that one out! The Smilin' One left the game with the lead and was 5/6 for 40 yards. They spent their money wisely on Hank, that's for sure."

Thousands of fans, grey cup on the line, big difference. Henry look great when nothing on the line. Disagree money was well spent there. They would have been better off with KG under center and grooming the #2 for the future.

As for the largely unattended preseason game (fans are largely done shelling out big bucks for games that don't matter), lots of positives. Ivy, Swain, Tolston, R Smith, Green, Allen all showed real promise. Its early but I like what I see there. Watman looks like he might be ready to take the next step too.

Call me unimpressed with Doege. Sure he can run and take a big hit, but this is preseason, we should be evaluating on making reads and throwing the ball. Seemed to me he was more interested in running and showing his wheels than going through his reads and throwing the ball. I have Weber in at #3.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, like hell I was going to fork out more money when I have season tickets to watch a pre-season game when the money goes towards the Red Blacks. I'm glad it backfired, what did they think that there was going to be 20,000+ people there. Sorry Ottawa you can't scam money from the West on this one.

Anonymous said...

Can Mr.George Reed come out to play for the Roughriders? can he recind his CFL retirement papers? the guy looks unbelievable young and ready to go for 2,200 yards rushing.

Anonymous said...

Rider fans--Regina and southern Saskatchewan prove themselves to be a joke again with their lack of desire to see football team play. You people are pathetic. Anytime the Riders are at home we should be there supporting them. I made the trip from Yorkton and I loved it.

Mullinder's columns on here are gold.

Did Bartel really beat Cameron out that bad? I thought both looked fine on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

You are at a Pats tournament and you're going to talk Riders? Cmon man, give the hockey team their moment in the sun and pull the Rider talk back to Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

The Ottawa game was enjoyable, and the weather was fine considering, and there was lots of room to stretch out. It was great to see Wes Cates in the crowd and receive a fine ovation from the fans when he showed up on the jumbo tron.

Anonymous said...

Impressed with the RB's this year.

Winnipeg looks like they have a few gems... love that Cotton fella.

TO has their man in Steele.

And Calgary looks like a solid one two, three punch with Sanders, Cornish and the young canadian chap #14.

BC looked like they have some solid depth too.

I do think both Ottawa and Winnipeg are going to have depth problems at receiver though.

Rod Pedersen said...

I'll program the SportsCage. Thanks.


CM said...

thanks for the insight Luc.

Anonymous said...

What's the wake up call? Seriously?

A preseason game sold 13,000 tickets. Big deal!

Does anyone think that if this weeks preseason game wasn't included in the season ticket package it would be any substantially bigger? It's preseason!

The Riders are the ultimate league partner. They were the only team willing and able to take on the task of the extra game. They deserve credit ... not judgment.

We have a million GM's and coaches in the province, now we have a million business experts and ticket agents. Great!

(PS - you missed rb Curtis McNeal was also released)

Anonymous said...

What's the wake up call? Seriously?

A preseason game sold 13,000 tickets. Big deal!

Does anyone think that if this weeks preseason game wasn't included in the season ticket package it would be any substantially bigger? It's preseason!

The Riders are the ultimate league partner. They were the only team willing and able to take on the task of the extra game. They deserve credit ... not judgment.

We have a million GM's and coaches in the province, now we have a million business experts and ticket agents. Great!

(PS - you missed rb Curtis McNeal was also released)

JackD83 said...

Riders fans simply drew the line. We dont have endless money and work for what we do have. between last years grey cup week, buying champions merchandise, this years season tickets and they want us to spend another $40 for a preseason game. Fans drew the line on that. Riders should have made them $20 tickets so people could afford to go who normally wouldn't go and in the process maybe gain new fans. A few days before the game the riders should have donated tickets to charity to fill the stadium and give under privlidged people a chance to go. I still remember when I would get a pair of buy one get one free vouchers for preseason games. The cfl and hopson thought the hardcore fans in Saskatchewan could be exploited to paying big bucks for a preseason games and how wrong they were. Just have to sell more rider washer fluid to recoup the losses.

Anonymous said...

Curtis McNeal, national? or International? The Pink Panther French Inspector Clouseau designation.

Anonymous said...

wow! People are really over thinking this preseason attendance. Haven't heard Hopson or CFL feel bad.

It's always your choice to go or not and people chose not to. I don't see the issue at all.

And the team hasn't sold out a playoff game since 07 so not sure what this apparent wake up call was for an extra preseason game.

Move on!

Anonymous said...

I did buy my ticket to Satuarday's game but couldn't attend due to a close friend's Stag being planned for the same day only after I already purchased the ticket. I tried for weeks leading up to the game to sell it. Then a couple days before, I couldn't even give it away. Not sure what's up with that, had my buddy's stag not been the same day I would have been there for sure. Not being able to give it away should say something as well

Anonymous said...

My opinion on the Ottawa "home" game being staged in Regina is this:
First, if the preseason games for any team in any league were not included in the season ticket package the crowds would be worse for all preseason games everywhere. The fact they got 13,000 to this game should be applauded!!!
Second, I think it was a great move by the Rider Management team, this should have been a road game for the Riders, they did not have to travel anywhere, they got to dress all our guys, use their room, etc....That is cost savings and invaluable advantage to the coaches in the evaluation process, that none of the other 8 teams have.

Advantage Riders! Great job by Hopson and his crew and no one is talking about that at all!

BW in Maz.

Anonymous said...

Without even waiting for an answer I just know Pedersen's buddy Obama wasn't at the walk this weekend right?

Anonymous said...

Leave it alone, hopefully political obama canned. This sports blog getting back on track without his 2cent bs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod,

Do you think Chaz had the "I'm too good to play in pre-season" thinking?

Remember Quentin Griffin in 2008 when pulled the same stunt and Ken Miller cut him on the spot? (or so I remember that way.)

I'm happy with the performances. Should be an interesting game this week. Good luck with the broadcast Rod. You're one non-televised game!

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Why even bother bringing up that dufous!

Anonymous said...

Re the Riders playing the RedBlacks in Regina...

It was not greed, or poor planning, or not even a bad idea; here is what it was:

- The RedBlacks stadium was not ready - the game had to be played somewhere else
- But what about the RedBlacks faithful fans, why so far from Ottawa to have a game? Because the faithful base of fans for the RedBlacks is not yet established, you could have played this game on the moon and it would not have mattered
- Keep in mind the natural rivalry that will forever be there between Ottawa and Sask. It was there when sharing the same name; and it will be there forever more because Sask refused to let go of the trademark and rights to the name. Ottawa will always be pissed at Sk.
- If you had to choose a stadium in the CFL to pull it off, why not choose the one with the greatest volume of attendance? Riders generally fill the seats, so again it made sense
- What's in it for the Riders? selling merchandise and food and drink and all sorts of things - stadiums make money and that is why Sask Roughriders volunteered to host on behalf of the homeless RedBlacks
- need I go on???

Stop condemning the choice for this game. Believe it or not there was some logical thinking behind it. Geez, was it such a bad thing to host a football game with the Roughriders in it, in Regina? Wow people, get over it!!!

If I lived in Regina I would have went because there is nothing better to do there, so why not. And yes, I grew up there...

Kel in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Well Rod the apathy of Rider Nation always bears its ugly head. After 54 years of season tickets, I still attend games yes even this game. Stop talking about the greed of the Rider. I saw generosity by not putting a Television Blackout in place knowing they were having trouble selling tickets. If you did not go to the game because Ottawa would be benefiting, your not much of a fan. Maybe it was better in the 80's and 90's when our Television money went to Teams like Ottawa Just to keep the league going. If you are a fan with 17 tickets I doubt you would still have those tickets if the Riders start a loosing skid and get some 2-14 seasons. I bought tickets to this game not with the intention of supporting the team, but because I am a fan and love the team. All these people complaining I guarantee you will be gone if the Riders good fortune starts turning a little sour.

Anonymous said...

Austrailian Josh Bartel... Apparently not an 'International'???

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick from Yorkton - tell me, you have had season tickets since 2013 or you are a "newbie" this year? Keep your comments to yourself - you have no right to condemn others for choosing to "not" buy tickets for the Redblack game ... your comments say a lot about you ..... pathetic

Anonymous said...

Hey Pathetic. Nicks should be able to make comments just like you. I have had tickets for 54 years and can tell you from experience the people making all the complaints on this will not be there as fans if the team does not keep winning...I saw it exactly that happen after Lancaster retired...your comments say alot about you.

The Woz said...

Hey Kel.....nothing else to do here? Just wondering If you watch the game on Tv? If so then what difference does it make that you live in lovely victoria? I have been to thr island and love it there but it always bugs me that people living elsewhere think there is nothing to do here. What do you do there that we cant do here? Biking, hiking, boating, fishing, live entertainment......all can be done here too. So get off your high horse.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous loser who wants to take potshots at me without identifying yourself. That shows what type of knuckledragger you actually are. I'm guessing you were one of the many who were too "high and mighty" to attend Saturday's game for various reasons. I've been going to games since 1988 big boy. I don't miss the Riders rain or shine---preseason, regular season or playoffs.

Nick in Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Your starting to sound like you know who. We don't need another day in, day out incessant miscreant giving opinion all day long on one subject.

Anonymous said...

one year ago Roddy wrote this

3. The 32,003 fans who showed up should be commended for doing so but those who didn't buy tickets should be scolded. Perhaps the rain kept them away? Either way all the empty seats (which you can see in the photos above) are something we're not using to seeing at Roughrider home games. Buy tickets people! We'll have a capacity of 40,000 for the home-opener on Friday, July 5.

which one is it?

Anonymous said...

Pedersen, at some point you need to accept criticism.

Rod Pedersen said...

I said I'm not going to beg people to buy tickets anymore or chastise them for not doing so. What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, you can tell football is back. All the idiots are out fighting amongst themselves. "Mines bigger" mentality.

Thanks for the great read Rod


Anonymous said...

What is the chances of buying one of the awesome key chains that came with your season tickets? I called the rider store but unfortunatley there not selling them

Anonymous said...

Haha this is hilarious! It was only a matter of time that someone would come on here and say that if you don't attend every single game then you are not a true fan. Biggest load of garbage comment someone can make. Nick must be from Rokeby or something as those people are kind of weird. Can't wait for the Joe Beeverz bus trip for the opening game of the year!


Anonymous said...

Nah Obama was probably down at Crave with Hubich and Schmeichel enjoying cigars and martinis as opposed to getting out there and raising money for the community. After all, he didn't give them the prostate cancer so why should he help raise money to help them fight it?

The Woz said...

You are not a true fan if you don't buy tickets on a regular basis and live within a reasonable distance..... Get off the couch.

Anonymous said...


I love the Riders and have followed them ever since I was a child growing up in Regina. I even loved my season tickets that I paid for with my money as a paper-carrier for the Leader-Post. The same season tickets even when the Riders had absolutely pathetic records 2-14... I still bought tickets.

Grew up and joined the military and have been in the military for 25 years...

If you think that I should have no opinion as a Rider fan, or that I am 'riding a high horse' because I am now living in Victoria.. I bet to differ.

You have to forgive me for my ongoing comments on the RP blog site... I have nothing better to do since breaking my back in the line of operational duty in the CF.

I would love to ride a high horse but my broken back from my time in the CF does not allow me.

Is it okay with you Woz if I am permitted to have an opinion and care about what goes on in Rider nation?

Kel in Victoria

Anonymous said...

I'm a big girl, very big !

Anonymous said...


I also have very big knuckles, te he.

Anonymous said...

Rokeby or Jokeby, quit making up names, does Saskatchewan really have town names like that ? Hilarious flatland hill-billys.

Anonymous said...

Next time, next time, riders won't have a chance on the field and end result scoreboard against us REDBLACKS, just as sure as my name is Big Joe Mufferaw !

Big Joe Mufferaw.
Ottawa, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Brett Swain is married to Mary Swain. If he went to Dewdney Ave., I would lose all respect for him. All you have to do is google him, and stories about he and his wife are all over the internet.

Anonymous said...


Understand the things Woz mentioned doing in Saskatchewan, he doesn't do a single thing. Woz if you look at his historical narrative on this Blog is the definition of a malcontent. He's never happy, and when the Riders do well he wants to jump to the front and say he's been there from the start. I told him on here it's the same approach people took in 1939 Germany, but those with a brain took a wait and see approach and were better of for it.

There are Rider fans all over, and the reason the TV deal exists and is so lucrative is the team/league wants to reach as many of them as they can. If attendance is down, it gets made up in merchandise or other revenue streams.

What Woz doesn't realize is the stark reality being nobody, and I mean nobody gives a rat's a#@ that he's had tickets for 10 years, or his Dad and Uncle did before him. Big deal, the Riders tapped into the lucrative 18-35 year old demographic, and this recent run since '07 will keep those people for life. The grey hairs can get lost, and those season tickets will be snapped up in seconds.

You're in Victoria, technically you could be a Lions fan you choose the Riders. Good for you and enjoy the season.

Y'er Welcome

Rally Driver said...

I have 2 of those Grey Cup key rings that I won't use. Leave a contact # or e-mail and they are yours.

Anonymous said...

Finally a good comment from the "legend in his own mind".
L. Culvert

Anonymous said...

I know sixteen Nicks who live in Yorkton or the surrounding area. Which Nick are You ? ( L o L )

The Woz said...

Kel - who said you could not have an opinion and care what goes on in rider nation? Please re read my posts above. On the one hand i sad that people who live near regina and could attend games regularly are not real fans. I have said that before and stand by it. But obviously living in victoria this comment therefore does not apply. My second point is your crack that there is nothing to do in regina. Sorry but i am proud of this city and this province and i will defend it to anyone even if they used to live here. There is lots to do here and the place is growing. It is a different world here since you and i grew up. Thanks for your service to the country and the sacrifices you have made. But that does not give you rights to diss Regina.

As for obama, if it is obama and not his alter ego that comes kn here and praises him, this will always be a gate driven league. He says that the loss in ticket revenue will be made up from merchandise a d other usual that is not correct. We will go out of business if more and more people like him choose to stay home.

Anonymous said...

My email is for the key chains. Hope to here from you soon and I will come pick them up

Anonymous said...

My email is
Hope to here from you soon