Realty One


Sunday, June 15, 2014


(Vancouver) The BC Lions Football Club announced the following transactions this morning:

WR, Jabin Sambrano (I),
DE Chris Wilson (I),
DT Jarrell Root (I),
DB Jemarlous Moten (I),
DB Cam Chism (I)


(Edmonton) - The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club announces the release of:

• international wide receiver Kevin Cummings
• international wide receiver Mark Dell
• international quarterback Jacory Harris
• international defensive tackle Cedric McKinley
• international defensive end Ernest Owusu
• national defensive back Shea Pierre
• international linebacker Donovan Richard
• international offensive lineman Trevis Turner
• international defensive back Anthony Watkins
• international offensive lineman Justin Wells


The Calgary Stampeders have released the following players: 

Receiver Damian Ford (I)
Receiver Aldarius Johnson (I)
Linebacker Trent Mackey (I)
Receiver Damon McDaniel (I)
Defensive back Jeff Richards (I)
Defensive lineman Monte Simmons (I)
Defensive back Dee Webb (I)

All CFL clubs must be down to 65 players (not including players on the injured list and roster non-counters such as 2014 draft picks) by 10 p.m. tonight.


Sherbrooke, June 15, 2014 - The Montreal Alouettes announced on Sunday that the following players have been released:

Ismael Bamba WR
Jheranie Boyd WR
Robert Godhigh RB
C.J. James DE
Collin Klein QB
Stephon Robertson LB

The Alouettes have also added offensive lineman Pascal Baillargeon to the six-game injured list.

The Alouettes will make four more transactions before 11:59 p.m. tonight.


OTTAWA - The Ottawa REDBLACKS made the following transactions today:
RELEASED national wide receiver Garrett Burgess (Saskatchewan)
RELEASED international defensive back Chick Madu (Nicholls State)
RELEASED international Eric O'Neal (Coastal Carolina)
RELEASED international Larry Parker (San Diego State)


Anonymous said...

Sad to see Ismael Bamba WR, in the first cuts.

Anonymous said...

Must have something to do with the stupidity of the new ratification CBA -international/national designation, only in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I agree. What a dumb-ass idea. National/International? Not only dumb but annoying too. Why is it that some stupid politically correct moron needs to force the Media into this jargon.Import was good enough for over 100 years but not anymore?

Anonymous said...

Whatttt? announced designation transactions, cricket, rugby or soccer? CFLeague most likely adopting a page from the cricket rule book. Who came up with this dumbass Idea national/International?

Anonymous said...

I thought national/international was to distinguish the hot cheerleaders in the CFL, to comply with the foreign workers program...

Anonymous said...

Surprised to see the Eskimos cut Mark Dell,he looked good in their pre-season game.

Anonymous said...

I own a 1952 "International" 3/4 ton truck with hoist, plus a 1070 "International" tractor. The're old, cumbersome and out of style. C'mon Canadian Football League, what's up with the new media language designations?

Gomer Pyle.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the CFLPA got the short end of the stick, they were too busy negotiating new designation language for the media. International/national?

Anonymous said...

Edmonton's Ed Hervey strategy to call imports "internationals" and non-import Canadians as "Nationals" will backfire.

The reason is that true Internationals, such as Saskatchewan punter Josh Bartel, for example. Bartel is from Austrailia (a true 'international'), however is listed as a non-import with Canadian status. Any person who is from anywhere other than the US is listed as a non-import.

The reality is that I don't like Ed Hervey always trying to stir the pot. The only good thing about Hervey is that as long as he is in Edmonton as the GM, Sask will almost always be guaranteed a play-off spot.

Kel in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I see that other teams including the Riders are using the "I" as a designate. So would that mean that everyone is calling imports 'internationals' now, or does an "I" still mean import? Confused...

As an aside, Ed Hervey still sucks and the Riders will always rule!!!