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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Harvard Broadcasting continues to lead the way with regards to coverage of Weston Dressler's search of an NFL contract.  On Thursday morning the popular Rider receiver appeared on the Wolf 104.9 FM morning show in Regina with Michael Ball and here are his comments:


WD: I thought it went real well.  You get to run around a bit.  There were a few other guys there.  I thought I did everything that I could do to showcase my talents.  Hopefully I'll hear back from them within a couple of weeks here or so and see what they thought.


WD:  I think the people here understand and know what this team and this province mean to me.  I've had six amazing years here and I'll always have those but right now I'm focused on another goal of mine and that's my main focus.  Until that expires, I'm not too concerned with what may or may not happen other places.


WD:  No those (Chiefs quarterbacks Alex Smith and Chase Daniels) guys weren't throwing the balls although they were walking around the facility a bit after so I got a chance to see those guys.  As far as the workout goes there was just one other receiver there with me and some other players doing other drills as well.  But there were just two receivers and basically they ran us through what their route tree would look like and some of the types of routes they would expect us to run if we wound up there in their offense.  They got a chance to see how'd they'd envision us with them so we were able to see what we're capable of as players like catching the ball and running with the ball.  It was nice to get on the field and run around again.


WD:  They have a lot of stuff going on.  They have the Senior Bowl coming up next weekend so a lot of their personnel is there doing stuff with that.  They've got film of the workout and they're trying to find a date to get everybody together to look at it and hold their meetings.

** Dressler said the workout was held in an indoor facility which did not allow for punting.  Therefore he was unable to showcase his skills in that area.  He also said his agent is talking with "four or five" other NFL teams and there may be some more workouts lined up in the coming weeks but nothing is scheduled.


Anonymous said...

Are we all not jumping the gun a little bit with Dressler to the NFL? I love the guy but I heard there were as many as 12 players at the workout and the other receiver he mentioned was a CFL receiver. In fact I saw on twitter there were as many as 5 CFL players at the same workout.

I believe you take away the waggle, shrink the field and Dressler isn't the same player. And stop comparing him to Wes Welker - one of the best receivers in the world.

Scruffy sounded like he was creaming in his interview yesterday with KC guy. Embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1, there were 4 players at the workout. Teams typically work out more than 1 player at a time to be as efficient as they can with their time. They're busy people. Also, im thinking they are hoping to sign more than 1 player this offseason.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy? Interview? Those two words don't go together.

Anonymous said...

Wesston had me until he did the old "I'm focused on another goal of mine and that's my main focus."

Are you kidding me? How hard would it be to say whether he will be back or not if he doesn't make the NFL?

He went for a workout and he has to now focus his attention solely on whether he gets an offer. He can't think about Saskatchewan too during that time?

Arrogant comments. He knows the people here love him. Why not just say "hey, if it works out great, if not I would really like to be back in Sask."

If Dressler wants to play a leverage game, screw him. Good player, but probably 3 or 4 on the depth chart and easily replaced.

Don't get too big for your britches there buddy. You went for a workout, you weren't Reggie White being flown around on a leer jet.

Man, that pisses me off. If he makes NFL great, but if Sask isn't a definite backup right now, cut the guy loose and fins a 6 foot 2 guy/dime a dozen guy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Dressler's TD in the Grey Cup? He started his route as a Wide Receiver, which meant, NO WAGGLE!

Anonymous said...

What gun is being jumped? Dressler is working out with NFL teams and the media is covering it. I for one find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks Weston's comments are arrogant, they haven't been paying attention to him in Regina the last 6 years. What do you want him to say? Free agency is unpredictable. If he says he'll be back and isn't, it'll be Burris part 2.

Anonymous said...

Wow...the "pissed off" guy needs to take a pill....Dressler is doing nothing different than anyone of us would do in any situation in is called a negotiation!!! IF he wants to pursue the NFL then good on him and that needs to be his only focus. I support him 100%. If he does not make the NFL and signs up here with someone else, then I will be first in line asking WTF!!! Until then chillout!

Anonymous said...

All this hoopla from the media going gaga is reminiscent of the same hoopla with Fantuz a few years back. I remember Lynch and Scruffy going bonkers and drooling then.

How did it work out for Fantuz Flakes?

This fairy tale will not turn out any differently

Anonymous said...

I am not angry. I find it insulting that they guy is suddenly becoming the 'delicate genius nfl ecentric' who can only think about the nfl. Like his head will explode if he even ponders the alternative.

After being adored by the nation for 6 years, throw the nation a bone. If Weston Dressler was a 31 year old hoping to come back for one more year in Sask, do you think he would be dismissive like that.

Sounds to me like his head is blowing up alredy.

If he is leveraging the Riders, looking for more money, that is to be done behind closed doors. Dismissing the questions of the whole rider nation because it may rock his mindset - Come on.

Where is that aw shucks, happy to play pro football guy who signed here 6 years ago?

Very disappointing. As for him playing in the NFL. If a coach knows him and wants to give him a shot it is one thing. Traditional free agent scouts will see him for what he is. A decent speed, good route, 5 foot 9er.

PS - Anyone who mentions him in the same breath as Wes Welker is crazy. Wes Welker is an accomplished, premiere NFL receiever.

This have Fantuz written all over it. At least I have the foresight to see it coming.

Anonymous said...

To the anon that says WD is arrogant, think before you say something like that because now you come off as arrogant! WD owes you NOTHING! You/we should have NO sense of entitlement in regards to him resigning here if his NFL dream doesn't work out! He has given us nothing but his best while here! I hope he comes back but if not, good luck WD! Wow, I can't believe the stupidity of some of the comments on here!

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden he becomes TO. He should have had Lee Steinberg answer for him.

He doesn't owe me anything at all. I am grown man and I could actually count on zero fingers how many times the Riders have impacted my life in a significant way. Love the team, but it is a sport.

With this though, we have an aw shucks guy just getting that trace of arrogance. Be careful there Weston. When guys go down there and don't make it, they often get viewed as damaged goods. You may need the Riders there bud!

Anonymous said...

Pro sports are unpredictable. It's impossible to make promises to teams/fanbases when the players themselves don't know what is going to happen. Why do you think Burris is hated so much. Remember what he said before he left?

Anonymous said...

Why do some so called Rider fans get so upset if a player moves on. It happens all the time in every facet of life. Not everyone wants to or needs to stay in Saskatchewan their whole life. As a Rider fan that relocated I almost hope he does move on. The reaction from the lunatic fringe that feels betrayed would be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I am not upset if he moves on. He can move on. He is a 3rd or 4th receiever in this current bunch, and could be replaced.

I also have no problem with cocky guys. I don't care that Kory Sheets will tell ya how great he is. Hell, I wouldn't even care if Sheets said he was looking at other options. That is Kory Sheets and he has always been brash and full of himself in a confident way. He can do what he wants because he is who he is.

Dressler comes in 6 years ago, holding his hat in 2 hands, looking at his shoes and kicking dirt with his heel, stopping just short of answering "aw shucks" to everything.

He gets one NFL shot and turns into Joe Namath....gimme a break.

I don't care about cocky. But don't just be cocky when you are in a position of strentgth.

With that, Dressler is a dime a dozen as an import. If he was a Canadian, Id be at his house shining his shoes. But he isn't. He is a dime a dozen, who was given a great opportunity by a caring and opportunity based situation.

The fans dug him, the team found a spot and gave him a scheme. I don't care if he leaves. Just don't act like frickin Lebron James about it.

Anonymous said...

This guy has to be joking? One of the most bizarre rants in recent memory.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Release the guy, he doesn't want be here. Rrs management fully responsible for the turnabout by Dressler with the signing of Anderson last season.

Anonymous said...

Nice try cupcake!
Y'er welcome!

Anonymous said...

Anybody that thinks that Dressler needs to have Saskatchewan as a for sure #2 and can't explore free agency opportunities is a childish idiot and doesn't deserve to be a Rider fan.

Anonymous said...

Dressler, a dime-a-dozen? Wow, talk about being clueless about football. 3rd or 4th receiver??? You just won the stupid Olympics!!

Dressler is a Darren Flutie with speed. If he doesn't make the NFL he'll finish out his career in the CFL and will end up in the Hall of Fame.

People whining about exploring all his options are just jilted lovers.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting and revealing if a posters location automatically appeared at the end of their comments.Maybe some of the dumb ones wouldn't post on here. Dressler is in a business and will make a business not emotional decision that will benefit him and his family.Great if he stays but if he doesn't good on him too.
All I know is I would rather have him a Rider.

Anonymous said...

Who let The Nice try cupcake! troller out ?

Anonymous said...

Dressler calling the shots on his football career, not the Roughriders or it's fanbase. It would seem he needs to move on in a different direction with new challenges and monetary payday pay-off for his highly sought after playing services whether that may be in the NFL or CFL.

Anonymous said...

Getzlaf better than Dressler - check. Taj Smith better than Dressler - check. Geroy Simon better? Debateable. That places Dressler at 3 or 4 in the system.

Here's what I say.

Wesston, love ya, but we cant recruit a stud with the uncertainty of whether you are back or not. So, we are recruiting a stud. You want to try out in the fall, awesome. But, you aren't getting a raise.

If he walks, he walks. He's not playing in the NFL. He's a 4.7 forty and he is 5 foot 8.

Come on guys.

Anonymous said...

Getzlaf and Smith better than Dressler?? The comedy just keeps getting better and better around here!

Anonymous said...

Getzlaf and Smith better than Dressler? Taller maybe but not better and sure as hell not as key in the offense.
I hope you don't plan on being a CFL scout when/if you graduate...out of grade school.

Anonymous said...

I got out on parole yesterday if you really need to know. Dumb statement wasn't it. Just as dumb as a lot of the statements on here. Guess what? If a lot of those statements weren't made I would not make this one!!!! Y'er welcome cupcake.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Reading some of these comments and shaking my heads. Who are some of these people? Pretty sure they are not Rider fans.

Weston has every right to explore any opportunities in the NFL. I don't want to see him leave. He is a great player and an even better person - everything you want in a Rider player. But, he doesn't owe us anything. I think he has fulfilled his obligation to us. He played hard and was part of the team that got us a Grey Cup. As of Feb 15, his current contract is done. I wish him luck in trying out for the NFL. Selfishly, I hope he is back with us next year and for years to come but if he isn't, I can hardly be mad at him for it.

How many people out there go to work for a company and remain with that company forever, even if they get an offer for substantially more money somewhere else. Not many these days! Bet most of the negative posters would not pass up that opportunity but somehow they think they have the right to judge others for doing that.

Anonymous said...

If you think he is not our beat receiver you are a complete idiot. Taj, Getz et al benefit from the focus on Weston.

Also, picture yourself growing up in Canada as a hockey player. You are good but not quite good enough so play semi pro in US or Europe. You play well and enjoy it. Suddenly you have a chance to play in the NHL in Canada. Would you not focus your efforts on that? Geez, pull your heads out of your butt.

CM said...

Whose the goof thinking Dressler isn't the best receiver on the team? He's the focus of the D, and an all-Cdn. Meaning top 4 in the league. Unless the other 3 spots are held by Riders, the league knows he's the best on the team too. Plus he has every right to explore options in the NFL and Canada. I don't blame him for wanting more $, esp if its true that Geroy made significantly more last yr. Salaries should be reversed. Lets see if Taman can figure out who to pay proper value for.

Anonymous said...

You can explore your options and still commit to the team that gave you a chance as a contingency. If he is not prepared to say "I am back if it doesn't work out" then let him go. It was clear last year that Dressler was not having fun by his body language and the look on his face during games. SO, let him go. The hero worship in this province is not just completely over the top, it is actually creepy and spooky.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post CM, finally someone with common sense.

Anonymous said...

I always feel that I am pretty close to the truth when people arguing with me choose to hurl personal insults. Its a pretty clear indicator that they don't feel their argument stands on its own.

Anonymous said...

And you are some kind of master mind & body language reader? Really? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

yah, cause you need a phd to see when a guy hates his job.

Anonymous said...

he looked damn happy to me when he was celebrating with his teammates and fans on Nov. 24. I would wager a pretty penny that you also gave the Riders zero chance at winning the cup with Durant at QB. I look forward to you bashing the team after any loss that occurs next season. See you then!