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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


HAMILTON - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the following players have been released:

IMP DB Nick Graham
IMP OL Nick Hennessey


Anonymous said...

Hey Rod,

Just found this video, something maybe the pats should look into when the arena is a little light in the seats:

Cap said...

How long until Graham is picked up by the Bombers?

Anonymous said...

How long until Graham is picked up by the Roughriders?

Anonymous said...

How long is long?

Cap said...

I'd be really surprised if Graham would be asked to return to Sask. We have a surplus of d-backs right now. Winnipeg is a likely destination. Watch for Winnipeg to sign McKenzie as well.

cflsteve said...

Graham another retread player. The Riders signed two top FA import DBs. Graham, whith the likes of Tisdale just because they have played in the CFL there are many non CFL import free agents that are likley better. Toronto did it last year in bringing in Watkins an NFL vet, Amaad Carrol got one more year in as an BFL vet, Horne worked his way back through the Arena league. Burnett in Edmonton, Bennett in Calgary. A lot of these players who have had solid NFL careers but reached the point of roster space if they are not bonified starters but good Back ups and dime backs are not signed with higher salries for number of years of NFL service and teams also need to make room for potential rookies and 2nd year players who spent a season on Practice rosters