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Monday, February 4, 2013


What a great Super Bowl!  Baltimore beat San Francisco 34-31 in Super Bowl 47 and here are some observations from a perspective of a broadcaster/blogger, plus some interesting factoids like how the "Pistol Offense" was actually born in the CFL, and some unreal Super Bowl photos with a Rider connection.   Here we go:

- We almost didn't make it back for the Bud Light Sports Cage Super Bowl Party.  Our flight out of Cancun was originally scheduled for 5:00 pm on Saturday but kept getting pushed back and back.  Eventually we left at 1:30 am Sunday and arrived home around 7:00 am.  After a few hours of shut-eye, it was off to host the Super Bowl Party at the 4 Seasons Sports Palace with some special listeners.  It sure was nice to be home among friends and family!  If we weren't able to get back on time, Scruffy was willing to be the host.


- True to form, Super Bowl 47 started on time (5:30 pm CT).  Or at least, the opening ceremonies did.  The Ravens came out to U2 while the 49ers were introduced with 2Pac's California Love.  It's notable that neither team did player-by-player introductions and it saved us having to watch Ray Lewis's goofy dance.  It's something the CFL might want to look at.

- Alicia Keys went a little long on the Star-Spangled Banner.  And shouldn't you be able to tell what song they're actually singing when they're doing the national anthem?  That didn't bother Roughrider defensive end Odell Willis who made a play for Keys on Twitter right after she finished.

- The game starts with a bad San Francisco penalty (illegal formation) and a 3-and-out.  The Ravens then score on their opening drive and it's a 7-0 Ravens lead with 10:00 to go in the opening quarter.  And the best Super Bowl ad, so far, is the M&M's/Meatloaf spoof.

- Check that. The broadcast reverts back to New Orleans for a touchback, then back to the commercials.  Two dandies: the Hyundai kids' pick-up football game and then the nerd kissing the hot girl.

- It would seem that after every touchback, they go to a commercial.  That will be important to remember later.

- The 49ers have a chance at a touchdown but QB Colin Kaepernick throws between two receivers in the endzone.  Who was he looking for: Michael Crabtree or Randy Moss?  Either way he missed both and they had to settle for a field goal.

- Touchback.  Commercial.

- Late in the first quarter, San Francisco actually RETURNS a kickoff from deep their endzone.  One of our partiers, Trevor Secundiak, quips "a producer in the truck says 'now what the F#$% do we do?'"

- You got it.  They went to a commercial.

- Late in the first quarter and there's been no celebrity sightings in the crowd.  Didn't any go??  Where's Old Man Harbaugh?? You'd think the TV cameramen would have been given the seat assignments of the big names before the game.

- Miraculously the first quarter only took 35 minutes to play.  That's light-speed compared to the Grey Cup, although it's likely totally different perspectives between watching in-person versus watching on TV.

- 7-3 Ravens after one.

- :08 into the second quarter we get a shot of John and Jim Harbaugh's parents.   There was a great comment from Jack Harbaugh in the pregame show where he related some advice he received from Jack Elway, father of Denver Broncos great John Elway.  "He told me to be the boys' father and not their coach," Harbaugh recalled.  "He said they'll have many coaches in their career but only one Dad."   That is invaluable advice for any sports parents reading this.

- This is NFL-calibre play here.  Precision passes, no drops and great tackling. 

- Mistake-free football = low-scoring games.  Same thing in hockey.

- We put together a Super Bowl pool amongst the guests during the Harvard Broadcasting Mexico trip.  $100 US for 10 guys each to enter and, based on points, winners get $300 at half-time and $700 at the game's conclusion.

- The Ravens' fake field goal late in the second quarter, which failed to net a first down, figures to win this cat $300 in the pool.  Where do I collect?

- The Taco Bell ad with the Seniors Gone Wild may be the new frontrunner for best commercial so far.

- The Fiacco-to-Jacoby Jones bomb cost me the $300.  Baltimore up 21-3.

- The talk of replacing Colin Kaepernick for Alex Smith at QB for the 49ers begins at this point.

- The 49ers end the half with a field goal and I'm back in the money.  $300!  Where do I collect?

- It's true; the game is a little more exciting with some action on it.

- The Beyonce half-time show?  Meh.

- On the opening play of the second half, Baltimore's Jacoby Jones ties a Super Bowl record with a 108-yard kickoff return touchdown.   28-6 Baltimore.  Say good night Gracie.

- What?  A power outage 1:38 into the third quarter?  This game has everything!!

- To kill time, and with the play-by-play and colour microphones dead, CBS throws it down to sideline reporter Steve Tasker to kill time.  It's his big chance!  But he poops his drawers.  He stammers for a bit before throwing it to a commercial.  A situation like this made CBC's Chris Cuthbert a star in the 80's, but not-so in 2013 for Steve Tasker.

- To his credit Tasker was an NFL receiver, not a broadcaster.  And that's why you should have broadcasters in those roles and not ex-players.  Leave the jocks for the panel and the colour booth.

- The power outage stretches on.  More gold from Trevor Secundiak who happens to be sitting beside me at the Super Bowl Party at the 4 Seasons: "Man this power outage sucks, says NOT any sports bar owner in the world."

- Quip from Global TV's Derek Meyers, another party patron: "Let's kill some more time here on the panel ... Dan Marino ... what have you been up to lately?"

- Twitter is on fire during the power outage.  Said Rider great Matt Dominguez (@mattdshow): "I don't think lights ever gone out in a CFL game!! Bad look Goodell.  #wowzers"

- After a 34-minute delay, Referee Boger says "Let's Go!"

- SF's Michael Crabtree scores a touchdown and then the Niners' defense sacks Baltimore QB Joe Flacco.  The TSN Turning Point appears to be the power outage.

- On the Flacco sack, the Leader Post's Ian Hamilton questions on Twitter if Sandra Bullock was playing the blindside on the Ravens' offensive line.

- From here on in, play gets sloppy.  Penalties, dropped passes, what appeared to be missed assignments and BOOM!  It's a back-and-forth game with lots of points.

- Finally a football game!

- Down to the final moments we go and with a little over a minute left, San Francisco has to go for it on 4th-and-goal at the Baltimore 7-yard line, trailing 34-29.  Kaepernick throws a flare into the right corner of the endzone.  There's hand-to-hand combat between the receiver and the defender all the way into the endzone and the pass sails out-of-bounds.  SF coach Jim Harbaugh goes ballistic wanting a holding call on the DB.  Just about no one in the world, including those at our party, agree with him.  But I do.  If that was your team, you'd want that call.  It will be hotly-debated from now till the end of time.

- Earlier in the game the notion of conceding a safety in punt formation was brought up at our party with San Francisco backed-up.  It was quickly denounced as someone yelled "they only do that in the CFL!"

- However with just under a minute to go, CBS colour commentator Phil Simms let's it slip out, "Do you go for a safety here?"

- And that's what the Ravens did, giving up two points for a 34-31 lead, and all that's left is to kickoff on the game's final play.  They do, and San Francisco is unable to return it for the touchdown.


- The handshake between John and Jim Harbaugh lasted roughly four seconds.  I'm told the over-under was seven seconds.

- Apparently CTV cut off the trophy presentation early to go to other programming.  We wouldn't know.  I could barely keep my eyes open so after making some doorprize draws with 4 Seasons Sports Palace owner George Yannitos, I drove some of the partiers home and then was in bed likely before the Ravens left the field.  But what a game!


- Many are wondering what this Ravens' Super Bowl victory means for Stevie Baggs, who received an injury buyout at the end of Baltimore's 2013 training camp.   Had he elected to remain with the team, he might have gotten a Super Bowl ring but it's doubtful if he never suited up for the club at any point all season.  But you never know.   Perhaps he was just thisclose to winning a Super Bowl but opted to try his chances elsewhere.

- You wonder why people find football so confusing.  This "Pistol Offense" which the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick have supposedly made famous has been called by at least two different names over the past couple of weeks.  I've seen the zone-read, the running read-option and even a few others but it all refers to the same thing: you can get fancy and explain how spreading the receivers wide takes defenders out of the box and opens up running lanes BUT the easiest definition is that the quarterback places the ball on the stomach of the tailback.  Based on what the defensive ends do, the QB either hands it off (if the ends stay in position) or pulls the ball out and runs outside (if the ends crash inside against the running back).

- The Washington Redskins and quarterback Robert Griffin III shredded the Dallas Cowboys with this play in Week 17 so it's not exclusive to the 49ers.  In fact, on CBS's Super Bowl pregame show, they credited the college of Nevada as the birthplace of the zone read.  But we don't think so....

- Scott Schultz never missed a game at defensive tackle for the Roughriders between 2001 and 2009 and we talked about this play at length in Mexico last week.  He said the Roughriders referred to it as "The Calgary Play" in the mid-2000s and said Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris was the pioneer of it.  It took the Riders 2-3 years to figure out how to defend it and Burris would screw the Rider D-ends, including John Chick, into the ground with it.  I'm not sure who gets credit for it, but I'll look into it.  Right around that time long-time Stamps offensive coordinator George Cortez was coaching at the University of California so he might not have been the brains behind it but again, I intend to find out.

- ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer credited the B.C. Lions for being the first team to find a way to successfully defend the zone-read and that American coaches were watching CFL games to find the successful formula.  Amazing!

- The zone-read may not have been invented in the CFL, but the way to defend it was and it sounds like the credit should go to then-Lions defensive coordinator Mike Benevides.

- The first time I heard of the zone-read being a part of the Rider offence was in the 2007 Labour Day Classic.  I'd have to go back and look at the tape of Kerry Joseph's game-winning 27-yard touchdown run but head coach Kent Austin said they had a zone-read called on the play.

- Regardless, the 49ers tried it a couple of times on Sunday but the Ravens were ready for it.  Perhaps the play goes into the G-file now, or will just be brought out on special occasions.

- Interesting stat: the success rate of NFL draft picks is less than 50%.

Blog Mailbag:

My buddy Brent Kulcsar is in New Orleans for Super Bowl and had the presence of mind to send these photos last night knowing they'd end up in the MMG.  Here's Brent (on the right) with fellow Reginans Ricky "The Flash" Kezama and Jon Ryan, punter for the Seattle Seahawks.  Brent said he was walking down the street and heard a "Let's Go Riders!" chant.  He turned around and it was Jon Ryan....

Here they are with Kenton Keith's father, who was the first to recognize the Rider jerseys....

Here they are in the Superdome, presumably before the power outage....

Rider Pride on Bourbon Street....

Scott Clark (right) sent in this photo of he and Mosaic Place co-worker Dougie Campbell along with Rider star Weston Dressler from Friday's Kinsmen Dinner in Moose Jaw.   Dressler looks HUGE between those two!

And it would appear everyone had a great weekend!  Here's Miami Heat star Lebron James in Toronto's REAL Sports Bar the night before the Heat-Raptors game.  Argo receiver Mike Bradwell was in there with the Grey Cup and Lebron was nice enough to pose with the mug.

That's all for today!  See you in the Sports Cage at 5:00 pm on 620 CKRM for a Rider Monday...


Anonymous said...

niners fan here, good game as expected, niners didn't make enough plays right from the start, 20 yds first play and a stupid penalty which led to a 3 and out and giving baltimore good field position right away

that call should be made in the 4th, IF it's a penalty in the 1st quarter like some say, then it's a penalty in the 4th with the game on the line, like hockey before they changed the rules, you only had to win 40 minutes because in the 3rd period in the playoffs you could pretty much do anything to defend the lead, if you can't win playing by all the ruels for the full time allotment you don't deserve to win, PERIOD!

having said that, that stuff seemed to be going on most of the game and no calls so in that case, good no call as fairly consistent with how the game was called.

niners had a favorable no call on culliver for illegal contact that pretty much killed a drive for the ravens in the first half as well.

Baltimore has 3 time-outs and a little under 2 minutes left even if they punch it right after that, if the penalty is called, to go down and get a FG to win if they miss the 2 pt convert or a FG to tie or a TD to win

was surprised we passed 3 times from the 5 in that case, we were running well on that drive surprised didn't run on 2nd or 3rd to try and open up more of the playbook in terms of run and pass for the 4th down play if can get it to the 2, let's say

either way, ravens made more plays and didn't shoot themselves in the foot near as much and thus deserved to win!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Dressler in Saskatoon Friday night at the Kinsmen Dinner there where he was being referred to as "Wesley" by Bo Jackson? :)

Gored said...

Ray Lewis going to retire now and hang out with OJ Simpson?

Anonymous said...

Some people need to get over the whole Ray Lewis "got away with murder" garbage. Do some investigation and read up on it.

The fact of the matter is, you WANT Lewis to be guilty. Sickning!
Racist much??

Anonymous said...

Haha. People play the race card way too early these days. Maybe have a conversation and ask a question or three before you label someone with that.

Slightly off topic but I also am amused how in the eyes of some people every person who has suggested that the Feds need to review how money is transferred to first nations and subsequent controls to properly account for said money is racist.

It's a great shield to avoid intelligent debate.

Anonymous said...

what does it have to do with Racism? and really....rider fan goes to the super bowl....the freakin super bowl and wears a rider jersey? officially the most retarded fan base ever. thats like going to the world series and wearing your Double AA ball jersey. and they probably walked around like the entire world just knew who the riders were. I was actually surprised to see they left saskatchewan, let alone Canada.

Anonymous said...

Because if Ray Lewis was white, no one would ever bring it up again.

Anonymous said...

There are many, many, many white criminals who I have mocked in my day.

Anonymous said...

To the fellow that is amused with how in the eyes of some people every person who has suggested that the Feds need to review how money is transferred to first nations and subsequent controls to properly account for said money is racist.

It is racist because it takes away from the larger discussion the affects of colonialism on Aboringinal peoples. Colonialism is control by one power over a dependent area or people. You can then draw a parrallel to genocide when you take a look at the affects it had on that particular demographic.

Rather than have the discussion about whether these people have the right to resource revenue instead it's diverted to quibbling over financial their financial reporting. Make no mistake that narrative of bringing attention to financial reporting is done on purpose to that mainstreet can say, "see I told you so look what they are getting away with." Yet you will never see the media bring up financial irregularties with non profits, or other organizations. There are many organizations with issue around reporting. This is the reason for audits. So when something turns up there is an accountability and the controls are then put into place.

Singling out this demographic over something that happens in many other departments is by in itself racist.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

colonialism....genocide...what f*n year are you living in obama? what the chiefs are doing to the natives that live on the reserves by not passing on the funding is 1000 times worse than you or i trying to make sure they are all accountable. good god, so we can't question any of that because they are native? cause that is racist? last i checked they werent a non-prof, they should be as transparent as any other governing body that gets government funds. period. white, black, native or other.

Anonymous said...

I honestly hope Baggs doesn't get a superbowl ring. There is no way he deserves one. He didn't even play a snap for the Ravens. No need to infalte that guys ego even more than it already is. Wouldn't be surprised if he never plays another down of football in his life (NFL or CFL).
For the guy who is soooo against rider fans wearing their jerseys at the superbowl, WHO CARES! How does it effect you if someone else is wearing a rider jersey? Its funny how so many people are jealous of rider pride.

Anonymous said...

You made my point for me. What the Cheifs are doing to the people you say. That's the small minded view. What you're not mentioning is, gee what's the system they live under and who set that system up? It wasn't the Cheif's but maybe the Federal government and Department of Indian Affairs. In what world are you living in where there is a government big brother oversight to watch over an entire race of people. If there is such injustice I sure don't see Mr. Harper diving in to say maybe we should eliminate that Department and come up with a new way of doing business. Instead it repeats itself generation after generation of taking away an entire people's culture and identity, and setting it up so they are dependant on government. Instead of looking at the bigger picture you'll blame the Cheifs because that's easier.


cflsteve said...

What is Argo Receiver Mike Bradwell doing with the Grey cup in a sports Bar ownde by MLSE which Rogers is now bought into. The two groups in Toronto that have not helped the Argos one Bit. For that Photo alone Rogers should at least pay the Union overtime to get Rogers center ready for Labor Day football and pay for it out of the MLSE money for the publicity that sprts bar will get from that photo. free publiity

Anonymous said...

Rider jerseys at a Super Bowl, way to Nerd things up and make all Canadians ashamed.


Anonymous said...

Obama: Idle No More. I was hoping it meant "get off your ass, get a job and contribute to the country instead of asking for handouts". That applies to every race because I'm sick of carrying the people that abuse the system so that they can sit on their ass and collect a payment from some freebie program.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going 15 rounds on this one.
All I would say is before minimizing, stereotyping or making it so simple as to as you say get off asses I'll leave you with this. First seek to understand so you can be understood. If you do the research. If you study the history, and if you ask those affected the direct questions you will come away quite surprised. When institutionalization takes place, and post traumatic stress takes hold then how do you raise healthy children who then become healthy parents? Then when in a systematic and blatant manner all that makes up a group/community such as culture, language, music, identity, family, loving relationships, spirituality are taken away then where do a people go? Where does a person look for any type of family stability, community stability or any type of role model to show a way or set a path?

Anyway it's been like this in Saskatchewan for 100 years. Where racism is concerned with First Nations I will go to my grave saying Saskatchewan is the equivalent of Mississippi in terms of the history they've shown in race relations. I'll give Brad Wall credit for one thing. He is the one that made sure Treaties and Native history is now part of the standard curriculum. It'll take time, but the kids today will be educated, and have better tolerance and understanding for what actually goes on with that particular demographic. The future will get better thanks to education and social media.

Thank goodness for that.


Anonymous said...

It's a football game and they are wearing football jerseys. What is so wrong with that. And nothing like promoting your team and where your from. Chill out guys! And look at the recognition they got.
How about the Rider fans that emailed this blog after going to a Packer game and how they were treated? They had a blast.
I wore my Rider t-shirt to a Detroit Lions game and a kid said to me why would you come see a NFL game. He knew the Riders and what they were all about. Gotta get over the hype man of the NFL, both are great games to watch.

CM said...

Rod..thats an awesome blog today. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Canadian society can have their brown Immigration and so forth and then wonder In the future who In the hell left the door open, that's the forseeable future at your doorstep, good luck with that. This Is not a reflective racist view, just a stated fact from a contributing First Nation Person of Canada. " Go Riders 2013 "

Anonymous said...

nice scarf Bron. sike.