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Friday, February 8, 2013


Eddie Russ
The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today that import defensive back Eddie Russ has re-signed while import offensive lineman Xavier Fulton has signed a contract extension with the team. Financial details of the contracts were not released.

Russ (6’0 – 185) was eligible to enter free agency February 15th before re-signing with the Riders. The 25-year-old will return for his third season with the green and white after originally signing with the team in 2011out of Harding University. Last season the Marianna, FL native played 16 games and registered 33 defensive tackles. His nine pass knockdowns lead the team while his two interceptions tied for the team lead.

Xavier Fulton
Fulton (6’4 – 300) was acquired prior to last year in an off-season trade with the Edmonton Eskimos. The 26-year-old went on to start 16 regular season games and the 2012 West Semi-Final at left tackle, while missing one game due to injury. At seasons end, the Flossmoor, IL native was named the Riders nominee for Most Outstanding Rookie.

The extension keeps Fulton under contract with the Riders through the 2015 season.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic signings !

clay said...

Great to see X.Fulton resigned. Russ I was not a fan of however

Mr.Morin said...

I am ok with the Russ signing as long as he is able to become a more consistent contributor. There were times last year he was great and there were also times that he was not so good.
Chamblin said it best last year when he said Eddie Russ needed to decide whether he wanted to be a great player in the league or an average player.
The guy has the skill set to be a tremendous player in the league. If he can find that ability to display his best each and every week, this is a good signing. Here's to hoping we see the Eddie Russ that can be a difference maker each and every week.

3RD and 1 said...

This is all very good news. Im waiting patiently for the signing of Tyrone Brackenridge.
We have focused so much on offence so far. I dont want to end up like the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Sure they scored a ton of points but couldnt win a game because of their defence. Yes we ended up in second place defensive stats last year. Howevber I remember 3 games of the top of my head where we were up big time only to watch the defence melt down. In Calgary we were up and scored 34 points and lost that game in OT. When Burris and Hamilton came to town. Our defence melted in the 4th Qtr We couldnt cover a crossing pattern if Betty White was running it. Also opposing teams on second and really long seemed to always get a first down. Ive stuck up for Taman and Oday time after time. However if they think we can win the GC with our current defence minus a few players. Think again.
We will watch games slip away in the 4th Qtr time after time.
Build the defence now Brendan. Lets really put together a high powered 3 phase of the game team.
Go Riders Go

Anonymous said...

Fulton is a great signing,but if they can't find a better cover guy than Russ, then the Riders are in deep trouble.Russ is less than average at best.Guys like that are a dime a dozen..Polkabill from Regina

Anonymous said...

Asking Ta man to build a Grey Cup winning team ? High expectations from someone who doesn't have the prerequisite background (losing record) Ta man has been here how long now ? with full decisional Input In his capacity as both Assistant GM and GM. Most people on this this blog sight can see the obvious and have good Insight as to what the current areas of concern are to building a well balanced team. Ta man ?

cflsteve said...

Chamblain has said that Russ has the potential to be a great player if he so chooses. Maybe with the Riders showing the confidence in him may turn the tables. Be nice to sign a free agent difference maker in the D Backfield, Evan McCullogh comes to mind.
There has also been a high influx of non CFL import free agents jumping onto the scene in the D backfield. Watkins in TOR comes to mind as well as Burnett in EDM. Fred Reid of the Stamps also quietly DB in which after teams went after him at the beginning the season but chose to stay away from him after they found he plays at a higher level.
Look for more of these guys to continue to make a splash in the CFL especially at CB or HB a position that the Canadian players are still behind their import counterparts. Other positions such as #2 and #3 receivers, RT, MLB, DT and even RB (not FB ) where Canadian players have stepped up as starters or very able back ups, Rookie Matt Walter being one and BBs Carl Volney has been attempting to do in WIN.
Wil, Sam LBS as well as HB and CB, along with DEs are still positions where imports are still ahead of th Canadian Players.

Anonymous said...

Eddie has tons of potential, so i'm glad he re signed here, and Fulton is solid as well. 2 great signings today! Good job Riders!