Realty One



Sunday, February 3, 2013


NEW ORLEANS - A power outage at the Super Bowl put the nation's biggest sporting event on hold for more than a half-hour Sunday, interrupting an otherwise electric, back-and-forth game that ended with Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens as NFL champions thanks to a 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

Flacco threw three first-half touchdown passes to cap an 11-TD, zero-interception post-season. Jacoby Jones returned the second-half kickoff 108 yards, a Super Bowl record, to give Baltimore a 22-point lead.

Moments later, lights lining the indoor arena faded, making it difficult to see. When action resumed, the 49ers scored 17 consecutive points, closing the gap to 31-29.

But Baltimore stopped San Francisco on fourth-and-goal from the 5 with under 2 minutes left. The Ravens conceded a safety and kicked off on the game's final play. San Francisco was unable to return it for a touchdown.

(The Associated Press)


Anonymous said...

An absolute blown call on the Niners last possession. The receiver was held up three yards into the end zone with no call. Here they seem to know how to count to 13. It was a call that had to be made but wasn't.

Anonymous said...

How was it a blown call? Both those guys were hanging on to one another. Great no-call by the refs!

Anonymous said...

Ray Lewis goes out a Champion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And a criminal

Anonymous said...

How about Michael Oher winning a superbowl. What made the night perfect was that the Blindside was on last night after the game. How fitting.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? WHO CARES/ Millions of people all over the world. And Ray Lewis, who got away with murder now gets away with a ring. Nice blown call by the refs. Holding/pass interference whatever, a bad no call. And no, I'm not a 'Niner fan.