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Monday, February 4, 2013


(Vancouver) The BC Lions Football Club announced this morning that kicker Paul McCallum has signed a contract extension with the team. McCallum was set to enter the option year of his current contract in 2013.
"Paul's consistency has been the hallmark of his illustrious career and I'm pleased to have him remain a part of the club," said vice president of football operations and GM Wally Buono.
Paul played all 18 regular season games for the Lions in 2012, the 13th time in his career he's not missed an appearance. The BC native is now number nine in league history with 292 games. Good on 44 of 52 field goal attempts last season, Paul now has a CFL-best 10 seasons with a success rate of 80% or better.
"Special teams is a huge part of our success as a club and much of that success is a result of Paul's efforts," said head coach Mike Benevides. "He remains one of the very best in our league and certainly one of the best all-time and I'm thrilled to have him back."
In true McCallum form, he nailed his final 17 field goals of the year in 2012 including his longest of the campaign (48 yards versus Edmonton on October 19), a streak that spanned six regular season games. He was also good on all five post-season attempts extending his playoff streak to an incredible 34-straight successful field goals.

"I feel as good as I ever have and I'm looking forward to 2013 probably more than any other season in a long time," said McCallum. "We have all the pieces in place to win a championship and that is my single goal heading into the season."


Anonymous said...

Should have never let him go.

The Woz said...

He was Fatty McShanks his last couple of years here and appeared to be on the downside - it was only when he left for BC that he actually started to work out and look after himself to extend his career....that and Shivers tried assumed he would not move his family and give up his job at SaskEnergy to go somewhere else...McCallum called the bluff and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Yes he appeared to be on the downside of his career and it was only when he left that he took off.

The same thing happened for Dan Rambo, Bill Quinter, Don Mathews, Jim Popp, Hugh Campbell, Ron Lancaster, John Hufnagel, Joe Papoa, Kent Austin, Tom Burgess, Henry Burris etc.

All these Executives, Coaches and Players for whatever reason just couldn't seem to get it together and win in Saskatchewan.

.....thank goodness they never won when they left though.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd anon comment comes from someone with an obvious high IQ and should be noted as such! Sarcasm off!

cflsteve said...

sure legged place kicker but not a big leg which is ok. Punting a lil suspect but I am sure the Lions will still sacrifice that for an extra position player.
Chamblain learned from last year. Milo will most likely handle place Kicking as they found a gem in import punter Ricky Shmidt. Both have big legs so either could most likely kick off. Look how it worked out for the Argos. Swayze well worth an NI spot on the roster consistantly with kickoffs reaching the end zone

Anonymous said...

Fact-Fatty McShanks, one of the best If not the best field goal kickers In Saskatchewan Roughriders history, and a true gentleman. Just a fact.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the Sandro people who endorsed his signing just a few months back and we're praising him as a good addition to the Roughrider Club ? Also, someone screwed-up big time by letting Luca Congi go for nothing, still can't figure how Rider management arrived at that decision, after all he was a proven established player.

cflsteve said...

Sandro was just a band aid and was just OK. Milo doing all of the kicking duties did affect his performance. Sandro was the best available NI Kicker available at that time.
Teams are finding that Kicking is no where to cut corners. Toronto found that out and used a DI spot for Swayze Waters was well worth it. When prefon came allowed Waters to just concentrate on FG kicking.
The Riders should allow Milo to concentrate on FGs and using a DI roster spot for Ricky Shmidt, who was awesome in the playoffs punting.
Rarely do you see a team use a DI spot on a punter only but it will be well worth it for that big leg to help punt them out of trouble and flip the field.
BC looks like it they may be willing again to cut corneres with Mccallum for all duties. The best Canadian only punter has been Burke Dales. Be intersting to see where he lands as EDM will stick with Shaw who did excell at both when burkes went down

Anonymous said...

Sandro a bandaid, why the two year contract he supposedly signed, what a waste of Ineffective mismanagement decision.

cflsteve said...

Two year contract a standard deal. Signed for one year 2012 and the second year 2013 option year the team did not exercise that option. Milo is there future but could not handle both duties. Starting the season as FG kicker with Ricky Schmidt punting