Realty One



Wednesday, February 6, 2013


REGINA - Ty Rimmer turned away 48 shots to lead the Lethbridge Hurricanes to a 5-2 win over the Regina Pats in Western Hockey League action Tuesday night.

Jamal Watson had two goals, including the eventual winner for Lethbridge (25-23-8). Josh Derko and Sam Mckechnie had a goal and an assist each while Axel Blomqvist added one for the Hurricanes.

Chandler Stephenson and Marc McCoy scored for Regina (19-29-6) whose lost 10 of its last 11 games.

The Hurricanes scored two goals on their first four shots, ending Regina starter Matt Hewitt's night six minutes into the game.

Watson's eventual game winner near the end of the frame was one for the highlight reel, going top shelf after a nifty toe drag from in tight.

Lethbridge went 1-for-4 on the power play while the Pats were shut out on seven attempts.

Rimmer (22-20-8) is ranked first in the WHL in minutes played and saves.   Relieving Hewitt and taking the loss for Regina while making 21 saves was Teagan Sacher.

The Pats host Edmonton Thursday night at 7 pm on 620 CKRM (Press Box Sports Bar Pregame Show at 6:35).

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Mike said...

Last night on the sportscage...I was told to get my facts straight. WOW the pats make the playoffs but never went too far past the first round. Im saying they have not made the east final since 1993. In 1997-98 they lost in hte first round to Moose Jaw because Josh Holden got hurt in the first game. So don't tell me they have playoff success since 1993 because they have not. What playoff success, losing in the first round year after year.

Anonymous said...

The Pats have never had any playoff success if you ask me. Long tradition of being a losing organization

Anonymous said...

Not to take anything away from Lethbridge but last nights game was a disgrace for the Pats. No sense of urgency with the exception of a few players.


REP said...

A few good moments last night, and it was more entertaining than the score would indicate.

On the other hand, I hope there is some improvement next year - I'm having more trouble than usual justifying season ticket money, and the investment of time to watch these games.

Mike said...

I define playoff success as making it to the second, third, fourth rounds. Losing in the first round is not playoff success.

Anonymous said...

Bad team selection and bad trades from bad management equates to a bad team.....mystery solved.

Anonymous said...

The Regina Sports fans are crying again!!

Cry babies in Regina!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok we are not cry babies, the Pats are top class winning organization. That better?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the team or organization , don't go to games then!No one is forcing you to go and I'm pretty sure no one will care if you don't go!they are 16-20 year olds who are trying there best most nights and don't need fans like you!

Anonymous said...

Agree with what you say Mike, but the pats swept mj and lost to Brandon in 2nd round. I read the book Net Worth and in it I can't remember who exactly said it but it goes, there is a reason why the same teams win every and why the same teams lose...Ownership

Anonymous said...

Granted the players are trying their best most nights and that is not what is in question. What people are wanting is a better level of overall skill in the players we bring in here so that we can have the on ice success that the elite teams in this league have year after year.The other elite teams that seem to have the skilled teams year after year are scouting and bringing in players from the same pool of talent available to all teams so why are the Pats not able to find these players?? Regina fans continue to support this team even though nothing seems to change. We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

I went to this game and would advise they move these games to the Al Ritchie arena. The 15 fans in attendance would appreciate that type of ambiance better.

Here is the reality. This team try as it might just isn't good enough. The only system they can play is chip and chase, but they are not aggressive enough to win the down low battles so it comes back to their end. To start off with those first 2 goals devastated them, but overall the team just can't get any type of traffic, and can't win any battles. They were outworked and it even with 50 shots very few of them were quality.

The effort was good, but at the end of the day this team is right where it is supposed to be. I have heard the narrative change now to it being about good community leaders, and junior hockey building young men. That's a false narrative. Not trading Eberle, Teubert, or Weal has put this team where it is, and it's not getting better.

The Coaches have done the best they can with what they have. I want to make it very clear any struggles this team is having is in no way associated with coaching. If this gets laid at their doorstep then that is truely a sad state.


Mike said...

I agree with obama and why didn't they trade eberle, Teubert,or Weal. Its comes down to bad management. Bad owners trickles down to bad management. Eberle was here before Lang got here. This is is not langs mess. Lang is here to fix up the mess that Parker left. Pat Conacher and his coaching staff is here also to change the attitude and culture around here. The culture of losing. We continue to support this team year after year and nothing seems to change.As of right now ,it is not a great product on the ice we are seeing.

Anonymous said...

To the 8th Anon on here....BINGO!!! Thats what I am getting at. The players are their best but thats not what i am talking about. We are not seeing a better level of overall skill being put on the ice. The pats cannot seem to find those players. The rest of the morons on here excluding Obama has not figured that out yet.

Anonymous said...

There's no point even blaming players at this point. It's a situation of can't vs won't. If they won't do it then rant and rave all day. If they can't do it then all that happens is demolishing whatever confidence those players have at this point. The effort is there, they just can't do it. As for culture as long as that toxic fog is associated with this team it's not changing. Perry Shockey worked for how many years with Bryan Maxwell, and he tried it and he was one and done. Then Bob Lowes with having success with Kelly McCrimmon comes in and he's done. Then it was Curtis Hunt and Dale Derkatch. These people have all had success in other places yet hit the wall when they come here. It was never scouting as Ripper always found guys. However those guys get traded, nothing comes back or it's limited with who they can trade with.

This is really the end and I made mention last night reminded me of when Stampede Wrestling was winding down. It's over. So put up a for sale sign and hit the reset button.

This is my last comment on Pats hockey. I've attended many games this year and will continue to do so as I like hockey. However it is what it is.


Anonymous said...