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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


For Dwight Anderson's thoughts on joining the Rider Nation, check out my latest column at the Roughriders' official website  Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

Quote from Taman: "Our job is to win games, not to win a popularity contest.”

I don't think it is a stretch to suggest the importance of marketing a product that is 'popular' in contrast to marketing something unpopular. And that is my point of contention with what makes Taman's statement so wrong.


In 2012, Mo Lloyd was signed to attend the Riders Camp, prior to camp he was let go. I wish the same for Dwight Anderson.

Note to Taman, I will not purchase any Rider products as long as Anderson is a part of this team.

One other note, I have absolutely loved every Rider in all my life of being a Rider fan... Just letting you know so that you don't think my comments regarding Anderson are 'boy crying wolf'.

Anonymous said...

So its ok when our rider players do the chirping? But lord forbid when someone does it to us! Was it cool when durant was taunting fans..and being distasteful? D A is a good signing...solidifies our secondary...which was horrible last year i might add! Its about time we got some defenders in that will show some attitude..and throw some fear and head games into recievers and offenses! I dont care about his long as he makes plays!

Anonymous said...

Win's = popularity. If D.A. contributes to the wins, he'll be popular too.

Gonzo in the 780

Anonymous said...

The Hall of Fame of every professional sport contains many, many jerks. Jerks that wanted to win more than the nice guy across from them.

I may not like it, but DA can go ahead and flap his gums on the field as long as he backs it up. If he can't back it up, let's welcome our next contestant.


Keith said...

I applaud the signing of Anderson. The next move is to bring in a pass rusher to replace Willis. I am sure O'Day et al are out searching and some interesting talent will appear at training camp. I have my 2013 Grey Cup ticket and what matters most is that the Riders are there and talented and well coached enough to win. The Anderson signing is another good step in that direction.

3RD and 1 said...

#33 will soon be the D.A. of the defensive backfield. The Minister of Defence retired a couple years ago. So we need another Politican back there.

Anonymous said...

I like aggression, in fact I wish we would get a whole team of DA's.

As for machine gunning a crowd, bring it on, I play such games all the time, I don't see a problem with machine guns in public view, even if just for fun.

As for Dressler and Rob Bagg who cares. In fact, I would trade Dressler for a more aggressive player like Anderson if it meant we would get more wins... I agree with the majority of comments on here.

Anonymous said...

Will Dwight Anderson be good for the Rider dressing room If some not In agreement with his addition to the team ? Moot point, he's here as per signed player contract which management deemed appropriate. Only time will tell what character and on field playing contributions this person will bring to the Roughriders Football Club, plus or minus.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited as heck to have DA on the team. Note to anon 1, I haven't bought any rider gear the past couple years and wasn't planning to. But I'm gonna buy something now to make up for your crybaby stance.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaaat? Weston Dressler gave his blessing to the trade? That should shut up a few naysayers though I realize it's Rider Nation so a few wackos will continue to pretend they will boycott the team over this. See you in the stands in June.

Anonymous said...

Negative Naysayers go back to that is where all the negative stuff is discused. A bunch of wanna be head coaches over at that forum !!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted that first comment probably hated Roy Shivers when he was our GM too. Complete ignorance, that's all that comment was. He can take his merchandise money and leave if he wants. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

Like Al Davis said, just win baby.


Chapeau said...

Regarding the Roy Shivers comment, an unironic 'bravo' goes to you. I was just thinking about Kenton Keith - not a saint outside the locker room, maybe not 'code of conduct' by today's standards, but he was good. John Chick had a lot of attitude. Some say Picard, or maybe Labatte, or both, play dirty, chippy, etc., as linemen, but we're happy both of them are here.

Just win baby. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone read the article in yesterday's Leader-Post about D.A.? How he gave tickets to a Rider fan, even when he was still playing for Montreal? The fan was totally impressed with him. I can live with a player like that on our team.

Anonymous said...

Replace one clown (Willis) with another. Immature antics not conducive to overall team chemistry or on field professionalism expected of one's self.

Anonymous said...

Great comment anon, I too have lots of Rider stuff but like you will purchase more to make up for the few angry fans. Gotta respect anyone putting their cash where their mouth is. If the Riders have an 18 on the roster, I'll buy a jersey to go with the 81 I was not going to buy until the above comment.