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Thursday, February 21, 2013


HAMILTON, Ont. - He was a double-threat, a player capable of turning a short completion into a huge play or burning the opposition on special teams.

On Thursday, Earl Winfield received the highest individual honour a football player in this country can as the former Hamilton Tiger-Cats star headlined the 2013 class named for induction into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Also selected as players were offensive linemen Dan Ferrone and Miles Gorrell and receiver Brian Fryer while former official John (Jake) Ireland and long-time CIS coach Don Loney (posthumously) will go in the builder's category.

The official induction ceremony will be held in Edmonton later this year with the new inductees boosting the Hall of Fame's membership to 264.

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bobd said...

Brian Fryer???

Anonymous said...

Should only be Winfield and Gorell out of that group.

Anonymous said...

Oh that Brian Fryer.
His CFL totals in 83 regular season games over eight years are 179 receptions, 2670 yards and seven touchdowns. Whoopee. Who picks these people? Not what you did it seems, it's whom you know.
Ever wonder why some people think the CFL is BUSH? This is why.