Realty One


Thursday, January 31, 2013


REGINA - Jordan Messier scored the lone goal of the shootout to lift the Moose Jaw Warriors to a 3-2 victory over the Regina Pats in Western Hockey League play Wednesday.

Justin Paulic meanwhile stopped all four Pats shooters and finished with 33 saves for the Warriors (17-26-9).

Justin Kirsch and Bryson Gore scored in regulation to give Moose Jaw a 2-0 lead after the first period.

Regina (18-27-6) answered back in the second with goals from Braden Christoffer and Stephen Hak, while Matt Hewitt stopped 33 shots.

The Warriors had entered the game having lost six shootouts so far this season, while the Pats are now on an eight-game losing streak.

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Anonymous said...

Time to clean house here, this team is going no where in any positive direction. This season is done, getting to be quite routine for the Pats, its been years since we've had a contender here, my opinion is, been 30 years. No score clock, the Pats are going backwards, kinda sad for the nations oldest franchise in junior hockey. I believe I'm done as a season ticket holder after this year, after 10 years.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here.

Can the Pats make it 9 in a row against Brandon? I would bet money on it.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a gm picks what really is a midget aged team.....16 and 17 cannot compete against 19 and 20 yr olds. Conacher will move on after this year. After all the positives of last year Lang killed this team at the trade deadline last year and his poor decisions are on display this year.

Anonymous said...

Annon above...Have you looked at the ages of Moose Jaws team

Anonymous said...

Top 10 here we come. Ha

Anonymous said...

Certainly having a tough time scoring but had lots of shots on PP for once...Pats are a young Team that will be better next year with the experience young guys are getting...agree that MJ is young as well..have to rebuild sometime and bite the bullet so to speak...Anon 1 - Pats don't need Negative Neds like you as season ticket holders so better if you go whine on someone else.
Bill W

Anonymous said...

It's not just the moose jaw game.....this team simply cannot compete.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why this team reassigned/traded two full time players who definitely contributed in a secondary scoring role and kept some of thse younger players that might see the ice 2 or 3 times a game. They are obviously not ready to play in this league. That was the nail in the coffin, in my opinion. Not a single win since trade deadline.

Anonymous said...

It's getting redundant night after night. The big thing is that our best players are not our best players. Both Stephenson and Scheidl are perimeter players and right now are bringing Klimchuk down. Contrary to what Vanstone thinks, having one good player per year will never work. Never has and never will. The Pats need to acquire a couple of good 18 year old forwards to play with Klimchuk next season. I think we have the trade bait to get what we need. Hoping on Stephenson and waiting on Klimchuk to be 19 year olds is foolish.

If this team was loaded with 16 and 17 year olds (like Moose Jaw) I could accept this learning curve, however we are much older team. We have a lot of 18 and 19 year olds. We are one of the older teams in the league. You will never win with an assortment of mediocre 19 year olds who were deemed expendable by their previous teams. It's time to rethink this thing.

One would like to think the GM has the right to do whatever he needs to. Many fans think this team has a sense of BP's fingerprints on it. When you look at how this team is constructed and the results being achieved, it certainly creates food for thought.

Anonymous said...

You heard it here first. The Brandon Wheat Kings will live up to their name and "harvest" or " thresh" the Pats this weekend. The Wheat Kings will be putting the bushels of wheat in the win column this weekend.

Brad G

Gored said...

It looks like the Pats will miss the playoffs for the fourth year out of the last five. One would think the Pats would have stockpiled lots of young talent and have lots of upward potential with the high draft picks they had due to their many consecutive poor seasons but that doesn't appear to be the case. Right now the Pats are tied for 18th out of the 22 WHL teams. They are 19th in goals for and 17th in goals against. This is not a good hockey team.

The franchise has floundered for 16 years and the fans are fed up. We are seriously thinking of giving up our season tickets because watching your undersized team get pushed around and play boring dump and chase hockey night after night is not entertaining. Attendance is dropping each year. How do you fix a team that has been so bad for so long?

Anonymous said...

For those that think "big" wins...

Regina avg height 72.75
Portland avg height 72.65
MJ avg height 72.47
Vancouver avg height 75.67
(according to roster online-not including goalies)

Guess it takes more than a BIG team to win. I just wish everyone would get facts straight before spouting off.

It's heart that wins (which comes with talent)(always finding open spaces, GETTING IT DONE, eye of the tiger, etc etc), and it looks like we just don't have enough of it. Will we get it? Who knows. But how about just going to watch some hockey, rather than rag on these kids night in and night out. What happened to just going to the game for entertainment!? Everyone seems to have some scouting background these days and they know how to fix EVERY problem, if only they had the chance. Well guess what, feel free to throw a resume in to ANY WHL team, I am sure they would consider it!

Anonymous said...

Give up all your season tickets!! there will be better seats for me.

I can't stand Regina people!!!you people cry about everything.

Anonymous said...

Last night wasn't a bad game, it was a good entertaining game, with lots of shots, hits, hardworking goals, and a fight! Rodewald and Christopher really played well! The shootout goal was plain old nasty, nothing Hewitt can do about it! Next up Brandon, sad how people bash and bash on here about teenagers. YIKES!!! Go Pats

Anonymous said...

That's the major concern right there ^. When Jack the bear and christoffer are your best players, they'd have a tough time with MJ Generals.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who was posting the heights etc., you really don't know anything do you? In the last decade whose record would you want; Vancouver's or ours? That's why they go usually go with an average height around 6'3".

Regardless your stats are questionable at best. Allan Caldwell's blog disputes all of your numbers. Caldwell probably has the most accurate information on the WHL that you can get.

Portland 72.96"
Regina 72.28"
MJ 72.04
Vancouver 72.32

Also keep in mind the adding of Henry and Samoridny from Calgary only recently upped our size. Before that we were the 4th smallest team in the league.

In case you haven't noticed or listened to the coaches all year they have been crying for some size , and sone toughness. They have complained that our d-men can't handle big forwards. Our smaller forwards can't win battles against a big defence.

These kids come to the WHL to get a chance to play pro. The NCAA says its a semi-pro league. Quit whining when long suffering fans voice their thoughts about players wearing a Regina Pats jersey and embarrassing it. You got to take the heat or get out of the kitchen.

Most of the anger is directed at our perpetual rebuilding that never reaches fruition. Tri-Cities, Kelowna, Calgary, Vancouver, Portland have a couple of down seasons before returning to the top, We have a couple of down decades, and still aren't there. We have an entire generation of fans who have never been to the area when our team was playing for a league Championship. How friggin sad is that? Back in the day when the Pats were great we hoped for a championship but now we hope for a playoff spot. How friggin sad is that?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last anon. to the poster whom says that they are just teenagers and he goes for the entertainment you really have a boring life dont you, or those that say just be glad we have a hockey team to watch. Some of us long time season ticket holders are sick and tired of seeing the pats lose night after night being promised season after season always rebuilding and nothing comes to fruition as far as a championship calibre team. With all their losing lately or for the Past 20 years,im beginning to think I could find something else to do on saturday night than watch the pats. I could go to a movie that would be more entertaining than watching the Pats lose. I agree with the last poster. It is friggin sad and kind of embarrassing