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Friday, January 25, 2013


HAMILTON - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that they have signed import defensive back James Patrick. 

Patrick, a 5-11, 188-pound native of Tuskegee, Alabama joins the Ticats after recording 227 defensive tackles, 18 interceptions and five fumble recoveries in 86 games over five seasons with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. 

Patrick enjoyed his best season in 2010, when he was named a CFL All-Star and the Roughriders Most Outstanding Defensive Player after leading the league with nine interceptions.

"As a former all-star, James is a proven player in the CFL and will be a welcome addition to our secondary," said Vice President of Football Operations, General Manager and Head Coach Kent Austin.


The Woz said...

That Austin - all he can ever bring in is ex-Rider rejects (sarcasm off). But to all those that go on and on about Taman and ex-Bombers....it happens everywhere with every GM so give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see James Patrick back In the game, good luck Mr.Patrick

S. White said...

I agree with The Woz about all G.M.s bringing in some players that were on other teams.

Anonymous said...

Roughriders terminate, Tiger Cats gain, that's the nature of free agency. Tamans oblivious patronage to past players In his employ not conducive to long term build on behalf of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club.

Anonymous said...

Austin and Tillman live off past patronages ... Just like every GM in every sport. It's called depending on people you trust.

But hey, I only have green colored glasses because I don't piss on everything the team does.

Anonymous said...

Take those green coloured glasses off and get real post #5. Yesterdays signing of Simon a slap In the face Weston Dressler who leads the green and white by his dedicated work ethics on and off the field of play.

Anonymous said...

#5 Post. I agree with you not post #6.Why is it a slap in the face because the Riders signed Simon? I think it will be a very good move. Geroy still is a most dangerous receiver. That should open up Dressler not cause problems for him. Look for both to be over 1,000 yards in 2013. Grey Cup here we come.!!!

Robert in Riderville.

cflsteve said...

Not a big surprise that Patrick was signed quickly. He no longer fit in SASK with Butler but he has been a good CFL DB for some years now. Will add competition in training camp and sometimes the change of scenery may get another good year out of a player and sometimes he just may not have it anymore but better to sign him now and get all your ducks in a row in training camp instead of waiting.ha
Montreal just did the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Some people come on here just to say things in order to stir the pot. I would suggest to do your best to ignore them. Getting your blood boiling is exactly what they want. FrankensteinE

Anonymous said...

Ahggggggg, blood boiling, boiling, Ahhggggg these opinions on Roughriders, hard to Ignore, making the blood boil green and white. Who's more valuable long term, "Dressler" or Simon.

Doug said...

Robert is right. Simon will attract coverage and open up space for Dressler along with Sheets and Sanders out of the backfield. That is if Simon doesn't sit on the sideline like Clermont did. I think with Cortez leading the O that coaching mentality is gone. The big question to me is at QB. Is DD capable of leading this offense with a weapon like Simon? IMO DD has not improved year over year. I hope Chamblin and Cortez have someone in camp to challenge DD. The excuses of poor coaching are now gone for him.

cflsteve said...

Cortez had a much more difficult situation last year with the number of wapons they had on Offense at REC.
SO I think the addition of Simon will be no problem at all.

cflsteve said...

With the CFL salary info top secret we can never be sure of what Simon will be getting 170K has been rumored but I am not sure it is quite that much but more than the reported 110K reported that BC wanted to restructure down too.
As for Dressler he will be well taken care of. The Salary Cap will get a bump with the New TV deal giving teams a little more breathing space.
Just that at the time that low cap was needed now it can go up in accordance with the revenue generated. At the end of 2013 and the new CBA and TV deal is done Dressler will be the first of the Ridrs to be rewarded and locked in where as for Simon he could be a one and done in SASK especially if the Riders make the Cup. Now however they just need a for sure veteran all star starter after the Carousel las season. Carr will also be much more affective coming into camp with the Riders.