Realty One


Thursday, January 31, 2013


Sportsnet's Arash Madani is reporting the Edmonton Eskimos have traded for BC Lions quarterback Mike Reilly.

It's a pre-emptive move made by the Eskimos to acquire a pending free agent, buying themselves just over two weeks to sign the 28-year-old before he hits the open market on Feb. 15.

Edmonton GM Ed Hervey had made it known he was absolutely interested in the services of Reilly, who likely wouldn't be a fit in B.C.'s salary cap structure after giving starter Travis Lulay $450,000.

Reilly would immediately become the Eskimos starting quarterback, launching a new beginning in Edmonton, in the post-Ricky Ray era. The team released Steven Jyles earlier this month.


Buck said...

Wow...good move by the Esks.

Bombers Joe Mack was sleeping again!

Anonymous said...

Very good trade for a young QB which addresses the position for the Eskimos franchise Immediately and long term future, well done Mr. Ed Hervey.

Anonymous said...

What did bc trade him for?

Uncle Bob said...

Nice to see the Eskimos quickly putting the Tillman debacle behind them!

cflsteve said...

Getting his rights and signing him are two different things. The Esks are willing to give him the keys to the starters job now as the Article mentioned they will have a two week window to deal with him exclusively. Edmonton is young at a lot of key positions LT, MLB, rec and i imagine that the goal is to grow them together.
Mcpherson was also realeased by the Als I believe allowing him to also hit the open Market. The BBs have had a mess at the QB position and McPherson could give them the stability at QB they need.
Some do not agree but all signs to me point that Ncpherson is as good as labled when he was signed 5 years ago with the Als. His lack of PY has nothing to do with him and has beat out every #2 contender with ease the last 5 years