Realty One


Thursday, January 10, 2013


PRINCE ALBERT -- The Prince Albert Raiders spread out the scoring on Wednesday night in a 9-4 romp over the Regina Pats in the Western Hockey League.

Mark McNeill, Josh Morrissey, Dakota Conroy, Mike Winther, Anthony Bardaro, Davis Vandane and Leon Draisaitl each had a goal an assist for Prince Albert (25-14-3), while Shane Danyluk and Carson Perreaux also scored.

Luke Siemens started for the Raiders but gave up three goals on seven shots as Prince Albert trailed 3-1 just nine minutes in. Andy Desautels stopped 19-of-20 shots in relief.

Chandler Stephenson had a goal and two assists for Regina (18-22-4), while Lane Scheidl and Morgan Klimchuk each added a goal and an assist. Dyson Stevenson also scored for the Pats.

Matt Hewitt allowed all nine Prince Albert goals on 46 shots in taking the loss.  The Pats host Calgary Friday at 7 pm on 620 CKRM (Press Box Sports Bar Pregame Show at 6:35).

(With files from the Canadian Press, photo courtesy P.A. Daily Herald)


Parkside said...

hey Woz, Central Sask 9- Southern Sask 4. Couldnt resist. Only jokes.

Anonymous said...

Pragmatic thinking would suggest the Pats make some moves with next season in mind. Once again this team showed some very bad signs. Nearly 50 shots again and nearly double digits in goals against. There is too much wrong with this teams play to genuinely think they are contender quality.

Their 5-2 start in the new year is ok but not good enough. The poor play in the first half has put them in a position where they can only afford a handful of losses the rest of the way. PA and Saskatoon have their players back so they will not be as easy to beat. We had to step up and be better and we couldn't.

This team is out of a playoff spot and are 1 to 4 points behind the teams they need to catch. Two of these teams have 2 games in hand. The Pats have to play much better than those teams every night, and right now they are not. They will need to play better than .600 hockey the rest of the way just to have a shot at 8th spot. They can't do it methinks. A 3 or 4 game losing streak will sink them.

Last year we were buyers and only Got 7th spot. Lost two in a row going into playoffs. Were out in 5 easy games to MJ. It was hardly a great playoff run. We lost a 1st round draft pick to do it. The Pats have to look at making some moves to strengthen the team for next year. For too long we have held every year, done little down the stretch, and come back with a mediocre to poor team the following year. We have to stop that trend. Right now they are fighting for a playoff spot and not first place. Needing points but taking a 9-4 licking speaks volumes.

Selling some 19 and 20 yr old assets may be the only way to improve this team for next year. That may be difficult considering this teams play this season and their ranking in the league. Considering their position and the difficulty of the task, staying the course just doesn't seen sensible.

Dan said...

Why destroy a goaltender when things are getting bad? Watched the game on WHL network and the reffing was complete bullshit.The first 3 Pats penalities were so far from a penality that the PA announcers had made comments, that was a penality. WOW! Pats coach wont be happy.Once again Hewitt got no help from anybody on that team and was left out to dry.Pats had a good first 10 minutes and then they were spectators that should of sat in the stands with the PA fans as they had no reason to be on the ice.Explain when things are going bad in a game why you keep your starting goal tender in in for the whole game to be destroyed, smart move coach or was yor head in the clouds on the last 5 wins in a row?
If not for some exceptional saves Hewitt made in the game the score would of much worse.Great job Matt!

Anonymous said...

That is such a crock, leaving your goalie in for the whole game, no matter the score, shoudn't be that big of a deal. Goalies seem to get a free pass out of the net these days when things are bad. Is it that big of a deal if they play the whole game and take the loss as a team just like the other players?

mike said...

to the 2nd anon..... I hope the pats dont sell the farm. They dont need to . They are not far from making the playoffs. getting into the playoffs for the second straight year is far more important for the Pats as a young team. Trade the overages,,,then what are you saying to the team... you are basically giving up on them for this season. Us fans in this city deserve a playoff team and it would go a long way for next year and the year after. I can see trading guys like Sheid;, stevenson and Hewitt if we were like Kootenay and far out of it. We are right there. take a look at our upcoming schedule .The are a lot of winnable games there against teams below us.

Mike said...

Wow,the pats lost 1 game in their last five. Look out for all the negative couch dwelling know it all wannabe GMS saying what the pats should do. Oh just one bad game in six games. I think the pats are fine. Dont sell the farm maybe add a player like a 17 year old and some size.

Dan said...

Anonymous said...
leaving your goalie in for the whole game, no matter the score, shoudn't be that big of a deal.

Well I can see that who ever this brain child is he has no idea about the game of hockey.

Well it is that big of deal and when you become a litter smarter about the game, you would not make such a remark the proves your butt is doing the talking not your brain.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posters about our coach throwing our goalies to the wolves. This isn't the first time Conacher has done that this season. It destroys both confidence and their stats. It's why Patrick Roy quit the Canadiens. In Conachers defense Hewitt wasn't good last night and he has to be every night. On Harders blog he was talking about taking to many penalties, poor goaltending, laziness, and lack of effort. Considering their situation why would the players put forth a weak ass effort? We didn't get "jobbed" by the officials. Both teams had 7 pp's. They went 2/7 and we went 0/7. We didn't score on ours and they scored on a couple of theirs. We gave up 7 even strength goals. 19 year old veterans like Rossignol and Mayor going -3 and -4 is big tell of who didn't show up. The Pats have to beat good teams to get into the playoffs. Edmonton 3 times, Calgary twice, PA twice. For the most part those teams have stuck it to us good. The Pats are going to have keep playing great hockey if they hope to jump into a playoff spot. They can't afford any player especially a veteran to take a night off. They have to make up points on teams who are winning as well. A spot wont be handed to them. Even playing good hockey still might not get them into the dance because of their poor pre Christmas record.

Unless you have the right pieces to assure you will be in the playoffs and do well in the playoffs, you had better consider your options. A quick first round exit like last year doesn't build much for the players coming back this year. The Raiders were out of the playoffs last year, dead last in the league, and are now leading the Division. So much for that experience bunk.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what happens with the trade deadline, the Pats have 10 players that are 19 and 20 so this is not a young team, most teams with that many 19 year olds are looking to make some noise in the playoffs, so don't be surprised if Chad makes a move to have a strong finish to the season.

Anonymous said...

I want to be a LITTER smarter too!

Anonymous said...

TO some of the fans on here of whom are the bitchers......I want to be a Little smarter too. Looks like some of you can't spell.

Anonymous said...

former goalie here, it was 7-4 with 10 minutes left, 8-4 came shortly thereafter which truly put it out of reach, only one additional goal after that. I don't see the point in putting in Sacher for 9 minutes especially if the plan is to start him Friday (have no idea who they plan to start, but just an additional thought), why throw him to the wolves cold off the bench and potentially crush his confidence as you say if there plan is start him Friday

Anonymous said...

there also needs to be a buyer for these assets, it's nice to think that we can unload a bunch of these guys for future 17 year old superstars but quite frankly if a bunch of our 19 and 20 year olds are that valuable, we'd be higher in the standings despite the injuries as we have alot of vets. When we hear all the time 60 minute effort is what's lacking from the pats, why would anyone want to give up alot for too many of these guys when they are trying to win immediately. Hard to teach work ethic/pride in a short time frame.

Not sure what the market is for Hewitt because if none of the top teams think he is a substantial upgrade to what they have now, why would they give up some of their future for him especially someone that is highly ranked. I'd think there'd be a bigger market for Jobke and Scheidl as far as the 20 year olds.

It'll be interesting to see if the Blades do anything substantial since they seem to be hot/cold a bit still, not sure how much more they will move up from 6th in the conference standings not doing anything, although makarov will help once he's back. The Schenn deal didn't exactly work out to playoff success a couple years ago so that could also be on their minds.