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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


REGINA, SK - On January 26, Pat Fiacco, former mayor of Regina, will be the punching bag as his friends and former colleagues take comedic jabs at him at the Pat Fiacco Roast & Toast at the Queensbury Convention Centre. This fundraising event will benefit the Regina Boxing Club.

Fiacco will be recognized for his leadership in influencing monumental and progressive changes in Regina's history and for his unbridled passion demonstrated by the popular I Love Regina civic pride campaign he initiated in 2002.

"As a passionate resident of Regina, it seems appropriate that we take an opportunity to express our appreciation for Pat's unrelenting commitment to the citizens of Regina during his 12 year career as mayor," said Wayne Morsky, Chair of the Pat Fiacco Roast & Toast Committee. "This event will celebrate and thank Pat, and is an opportunity to bring people together, who would like to thank Pat and be part of the celebration. The committee is dedicated to creating a fun, entertaining, and inclusive experience, similar to Pat's leadership style."

The Pat Fiacco Roast & Toast will also feature a live charity auction with the highest bidder gaining the opportunity to get into the ring with Fiacco, the 1980 Canadian Gold Gloves champion, immediately after the auction. Tickets also include a buffet supper, the comedy roast, and a dance with music by Saskatchewan band, The UnCoolas.

Fiacco is a champion for the development of excellence and sustainable funding in amateur sport. He joined the Regina Boxing Club in 1974 and credits his personal and professional success to the mentorship and coaching he received from the Club. He has since received appointments to two Summer Olympic Games and other international Olympic qualifying competitions. He is currently the President of Boxing Canada and the Secretary of the Referee & Judges Commission for the International Boxing Association.

The Regina Boxing Club was founded in 1949 at 2338 Dewdney Ave. It is planning to relocate to a newer facility and the money fundraised from the Pat Fiacco Roast & Toast will supplement a portion of the relocation costs. The Pat Fiacco Roast & Toast is presented by the Regina Boxing Club and hosted by the Pat Fiacco Roast & Toast Event Committee. Tickets can be purchased from or by contacting
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Anonymous said...

I'll chip in the first $20 for the charity auction on behalf of Chad Novak. Would like to see Pat knock him from pillar to post.

Anonymous said...

Pedersen vs Fiacco. Imagine it! Cmon Rod, step into the ring with Pat for 3 minutes. What could happen?

Anonymous said...

gotta b scruffy or ballsy!

Anonymous said...

Rod knocking out Pat with his first punch ( farmboy haymaker surprise ) at 27 seconds. Pat won't know what hit him.

Anonymous said...

Ya I would like to see Pat knock out Chad Novak

Anonymous said...

Macleans Article January 14, 2013: #2 on list of dumbest things gov't did with taxpayer money is Fiacco expensing more than $4000 on tickets to sporting events to Regina taxpayers. How about he bring a cheque to the roast?