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Thursday, January 24, 2013


By Arash Madani

One of the greatest players in Canadian Football League history may be on the move.

The B.C. Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders have agreed on terms to trade Geroy Simon, one the most prolific wide receivers the CFL has ever had, to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

It does not appear as if the price is too steep for Simon's services.

Sources told Sportsnet.ca Thursday morning that negotiations between the Lions and Riders are all but complete. Saskatchewan would part with a mid-to-late draft pick and a player – believed to be an import – for Simon, should the deal get consummated.

The Roughriders would then likely negotiate a re structured contract for Simon, paying him around $150,000-$160,000 for the 2013 campaign.

With terms in place, it now appears the deal is contingent upon Lions general manager Wally Buono pulling the trigger on the trade. It is believed Buono was to "sleep on it," and make his decision on Thursday.

The Lions, Simon's home the past 12 seasons, are at a crossroads with the 37-year-old, believed to be owed around $205,000 in 2013. The organization has a number of young, promising receivers whom they believe can contribute at a cap hit that would be significantly more manageable. While it is believed B.C. would like to keep Simon in the mix – reportedly as a role player, and thus, a sizable pay cut – Buono, out of respect for the two-time Grey Cup champion, granted Simon (and his agent, Vancouver-based Dan Vertlieb) clearance to shop his services around the league.

Regina's Rod Pedersen, of CKRM Radio, first reported the news late Wednesday that the Lions and Roughriders were in trade talks regarding Simon, and they had "proceeded rapidly."

Simon, who holds the CFL's all-time receiving yardage record, appears to be part of a veteran exodus in B.C. The team released cornerback Byron Parker and receiver Arland Bruce last week.

Until last season, where a hamstring injury hobbled the veteran threat, Simon had recorded nine consecutive seasons of more than 1000 yards receiving.

(Photo courtesy Jeff Armstead)


@mrt_man said...

This wouldn't hurt my feelings any... With his huge salary, it woldn't make much sense, but if we can negotiate a reasonable discount, then it may turn into a no brainer. At the same time, I can't see giving up too much, if Wally getting ready to release him is our other alternative.

Easily an improvement over anyone we have seen lately... well beside Dressler I suppose.

Anonymous said...

just wonderful, another guy who is well past his retirement day finishes off his career here, just like Pless, Simpson, Johnson....total crap!!!

Larry said...

Glad we didn't offer too much to get him.

He will be a great addition for this year!

willy said...

You Know What ! If the Riders signed "GOD" some of you would bitch on here anyway. Try to think positive or go follow the "Bombers" !!

Gainer is my Hero said...

Wally is anything but stupid. This may just be him giving Geroy a reality check. telling him to go see what the market would give you then we will re-negotiate your contract to finish your career as a lion....

Anonymous said...

160,000. a lot of money for a 38 year old player on the down side. Rider management would be better off and finding someone for the long term

Anonymous said...

Essentially, in the past two years B.C. stockpiled young receivers while the Riders tried out a bunch of NFL rejects without finding anybody. Just like we've spent 3 years looking for a rush end and can't find one let alone two. Roy Shivers must be laughing out loud.

Cap said...

I'm ok with this signing as long as we don't give up too much. Let's hope Rider green isn't Simon's kryptonite.

Anonymous said...

remember when Wally let Clermont go and we picked him up, this is just another example of Wally knowing what he's doing and we don't, Simon is now too slow and brittle, money poorly spent.....bah humbug!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's on the downside but for the right price, given we're hosting grey cup, plus could be a good mentor for some younger guys, and also still probably better than how many other imports we've tried recently, not like we've been bringing in a ton of quality import receivers the last 5- 10 years.


Anonymous said...

" Scoop Pedersen "

Anonymous said...

Just how far along the 'downside' is Geroy? Barring an injury that allowed these young receivers to step up he would've had his 10th consecutive 1000 yard season.

I hope we get to officially welcome Geroy to Riderville.

Anonymous said...

GM's better judgement took a 360 overnight, not another ex Blue Bomber.

Anonymous said...

Rod Pedersen CKRM 206 CJME 1.

They just CAN"T compete with you!!

Anonymous said...

A 360? So he's right back to where he was last night? Must've been a crazy night for Taman.

Anonymous said...

Are they giving up one of their backup QB for a player on the downside? Who will go?