Realty One


Friday, January 11, 2013


Football fans had been waiting all week to talk some gridiron.  Here's the podcast of Friday's Sports Cage including John Frenzy, Global's Warren Woods and Rider great Lance Frazier:


Gage said...

Great interview with Lance!

Anonymous said...

People of Regina who feverishly support Roughriders new 30,000 stadium build, how do feel now with a proposed 4.45 mill rate Increase by city council, just the start and look of what the future holds for a new generation.

Anonymous said...

Anon #1

mill rate increase has nothing to do with the stadium (that will be coming later). The rate increase is due to all the other “projects” the city has undertaken ie turning a one way into a two way or offloading services previously performed to contractors who have now jacked their rates because the city has no one else to go to. The increase is having to cover the vast increases in debt the city has now taken on.

Why do you really think that Fiacco left his post and wanted his last task to be the approval of the stadium? This is just the beginning of the mill rate increases you’ll see. These extra rate increses are to cover off a city manager who has grandiose dreams of being the city manager of a Vancouver or Toronto and has to perform tasks and projects (spend money) to show he can perform in a “big city"

Larry said...

The mill rate in both Regina and Saskatoon should automatically go up 1% every year.

This would help with infrastructure growth and maintenance required for these increasing populations!

Anonymous said...

The people that bitch about the new stadium have no idea how its even being paid for. The average tax payer will pay less than $10 a year towards the stadium.

Get the facts!!

Anonymous said...

Anon #2-City of Regina debt limit Is 350million according to LP article, Jan.12, 2013. Debt In 2017 could reach 318.8million. Past mayor's legacy, City Square Plaza and associated continued undetermined costs, not the unapproved pending stadium build. Essential city services plus Infrastructure projections seem rather low for a purported growing economy and population statistics. Agreed with your last paragraph, plus the vast Increases In debt the city will now take on.

Anonymous said...

Post # 5, what a joke, get off green kool-aid or whatever It Is your delusional mind Is on.