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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Marcel Desjardins is getting a second shot at being a CFL general manager.

A CFL source requesting anonymity said Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group will name Desjardins the new GM of the city's CFL expansion franchise.

The announcement will be made Wednesday at a news conference.

Desjardins, a native of Burlington, Ont., has spent the last four seasons as the Montreal Alouettes assistant general manager. Desjardins was the GM of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2007 before returning to Montreal.

Overall, Desjardins has spent nine seasons as the assistant to Alouettes general manager Jim Popp.

The hiring of Desjardins in Ottawa is hardly a surprise as he's been mentioned as a leading candidate for the GM post for roughly the last eight months.

It's the second significant blow this off-season to the Alouettes football operations department. Earlier this month, head coach Marc Trestman left Montreal to become head coach of the NFL's Chicago Bears.

Desjardins also spent time working in the CFL's head office in Toronto from 1994 to '99.

The Ottawa franchise is slated to begin play in 2014 and Desjardins will have plenty of work ahead of him.

Ottawa will select four NCAA underclassmen in this year's CFL draft before participating in December in a three-round expansion draft of players made available from the existing eight clubs. Then in 2014, the club will take part in the league's Canadian college draft

Ottawa has been without a CFL franchise since 2006 when the Renegades were suspended after four seasons by the league because of financial instability. The Renegades were born seven years after the storied Ottawa Rough Riders folded operations.

The Ottawa football club began play in 1876 and did so until 1996, winning nine Grey Cup titles during its tenure, before folding.

The new Ottawa franchise will operate with a new name, as a condition of the city's return to the CFL was that the new club not use the Rough Riders team name.

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cflsteve said...

Great move as he knows the CFL and will bring his Als connections plus his own to the Ottawa franchise.
I suspect will be the second team in the CFL to have its games broadcast on TSN in English and RDS in French. It will be great for RDS coverage of the CFL with desjardins able to speak to RDS in the post game interviews.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Saskatchewan Roughriders fan but honestly if Ottawa had the Rough Riders as their nickname I personally don't care. Both teams have a fantastic history and the names do not mean the same nor are they spelled the same.
Oh well it will never happen. Bring on the new CFL team probably called the Political Correct.

Robert in Riderville

Anonymous said...

Ottawa has a better CFL history than Saskatchewan. Right off the hop they restart with more Grey Cups than Saskatchewan. It was poor ownership that did them in over the years. The list of great players in that organization are endless.

Anonymous said...

Ottawa Rough Riders, good name. Congratulations Mr. Marcel Desjardins.

Anonymous said...

Can people shut up with the "The Ottowa team should be called the Rough Riders" crap. It isn't happening... get over it and move on.

The Woz said...

It is all about branding these days - Sask has the branding rights over that name and has done alot in the last ten years to develop/sell that brand both in Canada and the around the that I why Ottawa can't use it. It has nothing to do with history or number of championships.

Anonymous said...

I am going to open a burger restaraunt call MacDonalds. Dont see an issue.

3RD and 1 said...

The CFL is a League that has never been taken seriously outside of Canada. In fact its still having a rough time right here in Canada. When we had 2 teams with the same name in an 8 team League. Trust me, the Americans do not distinguish between Roughriders and Rough Riders. We were considered an absolute joke Soth of the border. If we are ever going to grow this league. The last thing we need is 2 names the same. To the Anon stating that Ottawa has a better History than SK does... think again. Yes they won a few more Grey Cups by spending money they never had. There was no salary cap during their time and they missmanaged that team very badly. A teams front office is just as important as the team itself. Ottawa has been defunct TWICE. Therefore SK has a much more successful History than the City of Ottawa. The Saskatchewan Roughriders did what ever it took to maintain a team. Telethons, Lotterys and every other form of raising capital has been performed by the Riders. If either of these teams had true money making shares. Which team would you want to involved with?
I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

Everyone... EVERYONE !!! Please please please stop with the debate about the Ottawa franchise getting back the name Rough Riders...
- It will not happen
- It is not good for marketing
- It does not make sense for internet searches
- It does not make sense for social media
- It would drag down a very successful Sask Roughriders franchise to be associated with a lesser franchise (city) that has not had good recent success.

Stop with it already! It is not going to happen!

And if you really love the Sask Roughies, you would not wish that name sharing to ever happen again...Stop and think about it, then simply stop!!!