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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


TORONTO - The Toronto Maple Leafs are making a stunning move just days before the regular season is expected to start.

A source tells The Canadian Press that general manager Brian Burke is out as general manager of the NHL team.

He held the position for just over four years.

The Maple Leafs have missed the playoffs in every season under his watch.

Toronto is coming off a disappointing 13th-place finish in the Eastern Conference.

Before joining the Maple Leafs, Burke previously served as GM of the Vancouver Canucks, Anaheim Ducks and Hartford Whalers.



Larry said...

Wonder if it may have been based on the potential Luongo trade?

Mr. Esquire, Esquire said...

All I have to say is hahahahaha. A bit disapointed tho I had hoped Burke would stay there forever and keep running the Leafs into the ground. I hope he goes to Montreal next!

Anonymous said...

Apparently he didn't want to trade the farm to get Luongo. Ownership wants Lou. What a joke, giving away picks and prospects isn't going to help this team long term.

Todd in the 403 said...

That's a really weird move to make to my thinking with going into the shortened season you would think they would have waited.

Todd in the 403

Anonymous said...

Good Ole Leafs!! I hope they trade Morgan Reilly and get him out of hockey hell!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good riddance!! never cared for his arrogance...go leafs!!

Anonymous said...

Victory for Don Cherry who hated him !!!

Anonymous said...

Don was right..

Anonymous said...

And this only received several hours coverage on the Toronto Sports Network and of course Rogers, the other Toronto Sports Network.

Anonymous said...

Don was right eh? Funny, the American team in the World Juniors smoked the Canadians. Not sure how right Mr. Cherry is.

Anonymous said...

Why do the fans care who runs it? The Leafs have the Toronto media (national)locked and there is a waiting list decades long for season tickets.The last time the Leafs had a team the league only had 6 teams.
I lost interest years ago after many years of boring hockey with clutching, grabbing and fighting as the only entertainment.