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Friday, January 4, 2013


Head Coach Tim Burke has announced that veteran CFL coach Craig Dickenson has been hired as the team's Special Teams Coordinator.

"I am very excited to have Craig on board with us next season," said Burke. "Craig is regarded as one of the best special teams coaches in this league and will play a vital role in our success in the coming years. He will provide great leadership and will be able to mentor our young special teams players, kickers and punters."

Dickenson joins the Blue Bomber coaching staff after most recently coaching the special teams with the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the past two seasons.

Prior to joining the Riders, Dickenson spent the 2010 season with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders as an assistant special teams coach. This was Dickenson’s second stint in the NFL as he spent two years in San Diego as a special teams assistant for the Chargers starting in 2000.

"I'm really looking forward to the opportunity of working with Coach Burke again in Winnipeg," said Dickenson. "Coach Burke and I have a great relationship from working together in the past and I believe he is putting together a great staff and has a great vision for where this team is going. It will be great to start fresh in a new stadium in front of some of the league's loudest fans."

Highly regarded for his special teams schemes, Dickenson spent seven seasons with the Calgary Stampeders where he worked with both Coach Burke and Coach Creehan. He served as their special teams coordinator for five years after tutoring the running backs and receivers in his first two years with the team. Dickenson also spent one season with the Montreal Alouettes as their running backs coach in 2003 before returning to the Stamps.

Dickenson’s coaching career began at his alma mater, the University of Montana, in 1995 when the Grizzlies captured the NCAA Division 1-AA National Championship. His work with the kickers and running backs earned him a position with Utah State where he coached before making the move to the NFL.

(Courtesy bluebombers.com)


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Freakin Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, nothing to get worked up over.

mike said...

Whoopie Ding

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!!

More or less the way it goes,

Riders, "you gotta be here to work on February 1 or else"

Response more or less, "...I don't gotta do anything."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

only a special teams coach. a good one, but these are dime a dozen

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...
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Anonymous said...

Everyone in the Free World changes jobs people. Just because someone works for the Riders then moves on it's not the end of the world. North America is loaded with coaches. Coach Chamblin will find a coach. Who knows, maybe even a better one. Relax...it's January.
Obama...every post you make proves more and more that you are an idiot. Do you not have more union/ndp training courses to complete?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else believe there wasn't any talk of this move to the 'Peg until AFTER Dickenson resigned from the Riders??? Smells like tampering to me (just like Jones going from Stamps to Argos last year).

Anonymous said...

It is what it is. The schedule didnt work for him. Chamblin wants a crew working 24 - 7 getting ready to make a Grey Cup run at home.
Sure hope Taman is making sure their pay checks show the extra time they are going to be putting in.
I think I understand Craig here. Tell me why a special teams coach is needed in the off season? he dosent pick the talent. He works with the talent that is given to him. Im sure he has his schemes on paper and will show them to the players that actually make the cut.

Anonymous said...

Obama is that what you tell your boss when he sets a deadline? You know everything and are mr negative at everything Riders. Not sure why you comment anyways as it sounds like you hate the Riders anyways. Join mr Dickinson in Bummerville they sure could use some fans. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

If Coach Chamblin wanted his coaches back to get ready for this season in early February and CD didn't want to come back until May 1, I can see why this happened. CD obviously made sure he had something lined up that fit with his schedule before he resigned. He was a good coach but I am sure there are other good ST coaches out there and I have full confidence that Coach C will find him.

Anonymous said...

All you guys that still think the Taman/Chamblin crew are going to win the Grey Cup are just as gullible as Toronto Maple Leaf fans that believe Brian Burke and line up to buy tickets to Leaf games. Get real!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Did not see that coming, hope we get a good replacement especially a decent kick returner too.


Anonymous said...

A snowboarder is not going to want to spend February in Regina!

Anonymous said...

Dickenson basically works alone and didn't need to come back early with the other coaches to be effective this coming season. Period.

But, if it's in his contract that he's employed by the Riders and needs to work when asked... As long as he's got his scheduled time off... Get to work.

At the end of the day, this is about a problem between two men and CC tried to assert his dominance. He won/lost?!?!


Anonymous said...

Current Roughriders regime will be toast by August.