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Monday, December 3, 2012


REGINA - Josh Morrissey had two goals and an assist Sunday as the Prince Albert Raiders pounded the Regina Pats 8-2 in the Western Hockey League.

Dallas Stars draft pick Mike Winther also scored twice for the Raiders, while Davis Vandane picked up a goal and set up another.

Also scoring for Prince Albert (20-8-2) were Dakota Conroy, Carson Perreaux and Leon Draisaitl. Chance Braid chipped in with three assists, while Anthony Bardaro added two of his own.

Scoring both goals for Regina (11-15-4) was Colten Mayor to give him 11 in the season.

Prince Albert went 1-for-5 on the power play, while Regina was 1-for-6.

Luke Siemens made 22 saves to get the win. Matt Hewitt stopped 46 shots in the loss for Regina, which has been outshot 114-50 in its last two games.

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Anonymous said...

Dismal effort by the Pats. I'd like to comment on the terrible usher looking after our section. My son's Novice hockey team was there enjoying the game. The usher came down to them during the second intermission pointing her finger in their faces and telling them to sit down (DURING INTERMISSION). They were just cheering and having fun. God forbid they were least someone was last night. And they wonder why there are so many empty seats in the building on game nights. It's because of ushers on a power trip scolding people for having fun and making noise. Not impressed. I am a season ticket holder and I always enjoy the games. Last night i did not.

Looking forward to Wed. Let's regroup Pats and break the Rebels winning streak!


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Prince Albert for bring good hockey to the Brandt centre last night.

Not much can be same for our Pats!!

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing effort. Even before all the injuries we we not that deep but right now we're a decent tier 2 team only. It clearly wasn't worth the money paid to watch. Currently we are made up of a talented kid (Klimchuk), a solid 20 yr old (Scheidl) and little else. The rest of the team are the cast offs from other teams. Much of the young talent is average at best and small in stature. Mostly poor acqusitions from trades. Other than the Jobke trade I haven't seen anything that makes our club much better. Last year we were better but not great. We seem to be mired in this perpetual mediocrity swimming with the bottom feeders. Tri-Cities, Portland, Spokane, Calgary, Kelowna are always contenders. Something is wrong here!

A couple years ago we had Eberle, Tuebert and Ashton but got nothing. Last year we had Weal, Marincin, Underwood and a playoff spot but gone early. This year the cupboards are bare so a playoff spot is unlikely. When Klimchuk matures in two years what do we have besides him?

Taking a 8-2 beating at home had a lot of fans grumbling. Besides the lack of talent there was clearly a lack of heart or compete in a number of players. The coach who is great, can only do so much with what he has to work with. Time to draw some lines in the sand. Maybe find or bring up players who want to compete. Maybe add some starch so that kids like Mumby don't have to cower when being challenged. Time to set a new course of direction. Otherwise we're doomed to more of the same.

Gored said...

The Pats played three games this weekend and were outshot 14-53, 26-54 and 24-54 for a combined 64-161. How is that possible for a team to give up over 50 shots in 3 consecutive games? I realize the team has been devastated by injuries (Fenskie played forward on Saturday and D'Amico is trying to work himself into game shape in game situations) but this was going on before the injuries. I wish we had help in the system but we didn't get a 1st or 2nd draft pick this year thanks to the rediculous rental fee for Marincin.

Anonymous said...

Last season Connacher was quoting as saying " in this league you win with your 19 and 20 yr olds"....the lang goes and makes the team into a glorified midget team and the results speak for themselves. Too small, weak and young to compete.

Anonymous said...

I remember last season the Moose Jaw frickin' Warriors lost Morgan Reilly for the entire season. Then they lost Howden for a month to World Juniors, players to Under 17 and injuries to Kirsch, MacIlrath, and others, and I think even a suspension to Beach. Did they get outshot every night by 30 shots? No. Did they skip a beat, not really. Did their injuries ever even come up in the media? No.

I will admit though, our guys are trying hard. Just not enough depth to overcome the injuries like Vanstone said in the paper.

Go Pats!

Anonymous said...

These problems started before the injuries. Oulette was playing beyond expectations and Stephenson was playing just average, trying to find his groove.

If Hewitt or Sacher don't play outstanding we lose. If they play everage or even good we lose. We are wearing those guys out. Hewitt was off last night and we lost. Something has to change.

Our defense is very bad right now. Burroughs got schooled by Morrisey last night. Small man couldn't handle the big man. Sadly our best two defensive prospects are only about 5'10" and can't handle larger players. Hak, Hand, and Pilton????

Holding onto young players is fine provided there is something to be excited about. I don't see anyone remotely resembling Klimchuk in the bunch, and we need another good young player his age. We need some things and many think it's time to make a significant move. We have definite needs and we may have to package up something that includes a couple of the average young prospects. After so many years of being door mats, an 8-2 kicking doesn't do anything for the morale of the fans. One good thing about sucking is that we may have a shot at the first overall pick in the upcomiong draft.

Anonymous said...

Can see why the Raiders are doing so well...big, skilled forwards that our forwards and defense were no match for on one-on-one situations...tough to watch them struggle and agree we just don't have the depth needed with all the injury losses...BUT we are still hanging in the race and can only hope we get some bodies back soon after Xmas and get on a roll.
Bill W

Anonymous said...

Man you guys start to piss me off. So we are missing Jobke, Chandler Stephenson, Oulette, Rodwald, Silvergard, and Dyson Stevenson was out last night as well and that is not enough for ya? Honestly take any teams top 2 lines out and put in 16 yr olds and see how the team does. These are kids playing alot more time then they really should be and these results are to be expected. Im sure these kids just love all you pro Nhl players bashing them night after night.

Anonymous said...

I like the post above about taking out any team's top 2 lines. Good perspective! The boys are playing hard and I believe once they are healthy again they'll get on a roll. Hewitt and Sacher can't win 'em all. Hang in there Pats.


Anonymous said...

Friggin Idiots who don't go to games. What top two lines? Oulette was a utility player. Stephenson hadn't started to perform. Sylvegaard has two goals on the season with the same for Rodewald. Jobke hasn't played up to standard this season so far. This team was nearly this ineffective before these guys went to sick bay. Mediocre players go down and we go into the tank. Maybe thats because there is no talent there. Even with everybody healthy this isn't a playoff team...AGAIN. Lots of teams have has as many or more injuries than us yet You don't see them going into the tank. Red Deer got rid of Inglis, Mayor and numerous others. They reworked and rebuilt their team. They are now 17-11 and playing .600 hockey with a bunch of young kids. The excuse makers are out there. Instead of excuses for performance we should be demanding performance. You get what you will accept.

Sir said...

A lot of uneducated comments in here I see

Anonymous said...

I dont go to games? Hmmmm i actually have a relative on the team and do know quite a bit what is going on. Thanks for trying though. Is Oulette a stud no, but must have some talent to make the Subway series? I guess im out to lunch here. Go back to complaining and whining it will get you everywhere in life im sure. Love to see ya on the ice there superstar.if you so called gms know everything throw your name in the hat. Im sure you will do just fine. Some people aren't happy unless they complain, bitch or whine. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

My perspective.

Pats fans were promised we would "take the next step" this season. But think about it, even BEFORE the injuries we were a mediocre team, with a below .500 record.

It just boils down to people getting fed up with constant average to below average teams. Enough said.

I used to LOVE going to Pats games. Now, I just go to Pats games.

Anonymous said...

Lets cut the crap...quit making excuses of injuries...part of the game...we do not have a good hockey club...GREAT tenders but they can only do so much and Hewiitt is getting beat up badly and it will continue to show...we have been put through this misery year after year...we are too small...not enough talent bottom line...and yes I attend all games and will continue to but it is getting hard to get excited...

Anonymous said...

" GO PATS GO " billy d kid

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me that if Lang ever resigns his GM position the Pats front office will be flooded with Resumes by a lot of arm chair GM's.

Mike said...

Give me a break people. They are only in the second year with a new head coach and new coaching staff and we have a young team. Chad Lang is doing his best by cleaning up the garbage from the Parkers. Its going to take some time. Junior hockey is different than pro. You are dealing with only a four -five year window here. I know it not all coaching .the players need to be held accountable too. Its gonna take a little longer to change the players attiudes.I hear the frustration is conachers voice. You cant turn a junior franchise around in one year. id like to see some of you couch potato part time fans try.