Realty One


Sunday, December 16, 2012


EDMONTON - Michael St. Croix scored four times as the Edmonton Oil Kings downed the visiting Regina Pats 8-1 on Sunday in Western Hockey League action.

T.J. Foster had two goals and two assists for the Oil Kings (22-7-5), who extended their winning streak to four games, while Klarc Wilson had a goal and an assist.

Brandon Baddock added a single goal and Dylan Wruck had four assists to round out Edmonton's offence.

Stephen Hak had the lone goal for the Pats (12-20-4).

Laurent Brossoit stopped 20 shots for the win as Matt Hewitt turned aside 30-of-38 shots in defeat.

Edmonton was successful with its power play as it scored five times on seven opportunities while Regina failed to score on four chances with the man advantage.



Anonymous said...

Go Blades Go!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Now have been outscored 26-4 in there last 5 games and have been shutout 3 games. Can you say worst team in the WHL?

Anonymous said...

Come on men, your going backwards here!!


Anonymous said...

Hard to imagine why a manager makes this many ill advised moves to a team that WAS going in the right direction least can hear the coach's frustration in his interviews so this is all lang and parkers doing one would think.....the only question would be why did they make the moves they have, the team certainly has not gotten better.

Anonymous said...

Here are some quotes from this blog from the Ravens after losing a football games.

"We're a 9-5 football team and we feel like we're 0-14 right now." - Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco after Baltimore dropped its third straight in a 34-17 loss to Denver.


"As a player, I am embarrassed for our city." - Ravens safety Ed Reed after Sunday's loss.

I wonder what type of comment there should be from fans and interested parties of the Pats? Reed appears to be a stand up guy which is refreshing these days. He doesn't seem to want to run and hide or be an ostrich.

This team is the worst in the WHL. The stats prove it and the comments in the bulding prove it. One only has to stand in the concours between periods to know the true feeling of what's going on. This team has sunk like a stone since last season. It still boils down to the talent assembled here. It simply isn't good enough. We are approoaching two decades of Parker ownership. There have been changes in coaches, players, broadcasters, and managers. Despite all this we continue to just be able to tread water. Why is it that Calgary, Tri-Cities, Kelowna and others are always contenders and never have a rebuilding decade? Include Brandon who are never down for more than a year or two. A very sad situation indeed.

Gored said...

On the bright side, the Pats are in position to get the 3rd overall bantam draft pick and the way things are going they may challenge for the 1st. We could end up with a top D man with our 1st pick and an excellent forward with the 2nd. We may have more picks if the Pats go against their recent tradition and trade their better older players for draft picks or young roster players. Rather than the helter skelter approach we have seen the last 16 or 17 years, let's actually build around a specific age group.

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that Calgary, Tri-Cities, Kelowna and others are always contenders and never have a rebuilding decade?" - cuz there are kids out there who do not want to play in certain cities or get better "offer" from certain teams. You think Lang doesn't know that player X is a better pick than player Y at the bantam draft? It's cuz player X already told Lang "don't bother picking me, I won't report". Ask Griffin Reinhart why Rielly is in MJ instead of himself. (blessing in disguise for MJ anyways). Basically, alot of what has come to the surface from the Portland debacle, still goes on, and will never end. The smaller market teams, especially the communityowned ones, will never be able to compete on a level playing field.
Gordon Shumway

Anonymous said...

we dont play a skilled game at all its all chip & chase... even with these new coaches they dont develop skill they just keep chipping it in & go chase it. We dont break out thru the middle we chip the puck up the wall & put our wingers in a battle every single time just to chip it out of the zone & go chase it again.

Very few teams do this every single time but we do & its frustrating to watch...our PP is another problem with how these coaches want to run a PP lets keep 4 players high

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the Pats are the worst team in the Dub as one commentor said earlier but we do have the worst defense in the league in my opinion, so the nights our goaltending is not super its a feeding frenzie for the opposition.
They can't move the puck out of their own end,so this in turn makes all your offensive players always in their own end helping out the defensemen this is contributing to their lack of offense as of late.

Anonymous said...

trade the high draft picks for overagers that can be cut after training camp.

Tell PA that they are a small market city that cannot attract top quality players. They think they can and their first place at Christmas must be an illusion.