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Monday, December 10, 2012


EDMONTON - Ed Hervey vows he won't stop until he returns the Edmonton Eskimos to a winning organization.

The former Eskimos wide receiver was confirmed Monday as the team's general manager, a move that wasn't a major surprise.

The two-time Grey Cup champion with the Eskimos had been their head scout for four years and was considered one of the two front-runners for the position, along with head coach Kavis Reed.

"I'm excited for the challenge but humbled by the opportunity,'' the 39-year-old Hervey said. "This is not about me. This is about the Edmonton Eskimos, this is about our team ... our direction. Our direction is simple. We want to win. We will win because that's what we are.

"I believe in team environment. I believe in a unified philosophy. I believe in a commitment to being the best. Winning is what I want and I won't stop until I do. That's just how I'm wired.''

Hervey replaces Eric Tillman who was fired after two years on Nov. 3, a week before the Eskimos lost to the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL East semifinal.

In making Monday's announcement, team president Len Rhodes said it was a "great day'' for the Eskimos organization. He said Hervey fits all the criteria the search committee was looking for: someone with a long-term commitment to the club, someone capable of finding and securing talent, someone willing to involve himself in the community and someone with a passion for the team's past and its future.

"He knows what winning is all about,'' Rhodes said. "If you know Ed for more than five minutes you know that winning is everything and conversely he hates losing. Ed's the right man to build this club into the world-class performance club that we expect. He'll give our community a consistently competitive team for years to come.''

Rhodes said the team began with a list of 17 candidates, reduced that to a shortlist of four people last week and conducted final interviews over the weekend before deciding on Hervey.

"We didn't give him this job, he earned it."

One of Hervey's first actions as GM was to endorse current Eskimos coach Kavis Reed.

"He is the guy. I will clean up a few things in the operation side and give him the full opportunity to be the best coach in the league,'' Hervey said.

Reed was pleased with Hervey's appointment and said the two, who have already spoken about their future roles, will work well together.

"Our relationship is tremendous,'' the coach said. "We both have the same simple philosophy.''

Hervey said that for six years he had a front-row seat to watch two different general managers - Danny Maciocia and Tillman - and to learn from both their mistakes and what they did well. He admitted things had been "unpredictable'' in that position the last few seasons and he wants to stabilize that.

"I don't have any great master plan,'' he said on a couple of occasions. "It's a simple philosophy. Do things right. Communicate. Scout the best players. Coach Reed will see them and coach them. And the guys will hit the field and perform. It's not that complicated.''

Hervey takes over a club that struggled offensively in 2012 and stumbled into the playoffs on a three-game losing streak. Edmonton finished last in the West Division, but finished with a better record than Hamilton and Winnipeg and crossed over into the East semifinal.

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Anonymous said...

What!? Why is Joe Mack not winning the pole for GM of the year. I LOVE what he is doing with the bombers.

Anonymous said...

Nope not that difficult at all......

Anonymous said...

As a dedicated Saskatchewan Roughrider fan; who albeit gets annoyed from time to time with how the franchise runs, I would like to thank the Edmonton Eskimos for making this hire.

The Riders may not be perfect, but you're guaranteed to finish no lower than third place in the Western Division.

Thank you Mr. Len Rhodes. We are all very grateful for the early Christmas present.


Anonymous said...

....meaning it's a bad hire for the Eskimos. The Rider benefit by it.

Goober said...

Now, if only the team can find a bona fide quarterback, they might have hop of getting into the play-offs. They need a proven entity like Ricky Ray ...

JAG said...

It'll be a steep learning curve for Hervey and being so enthusiastic about the bloodletting of Eric isn't a great way to start. Sure, it plays well in Edmonton. But Eric built a lot of good relationships among key contacts in the US, particularly the SEC where there is tons of talent. And those guys tend to be loyal and don't like to see someone get railroaded. Regardless of the reasons for him leaving, these statemements smell like the steel and diesel of a locomotive. And if it smells like a train, and sounds like a train... The last Grey Cup the EE won they "purchased" with the smelliest trade in CFL history. And they still smell today.