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Thursday, December 20, 2012


(Edmonton) – The Edmonton Eskimos continue to cross names off their potential free agent list with the re-signing of defensive back Donovan Alexander.

In 2012, Alexander started all 18 games and the East Semi-Final and registered 43 defensive tackles, six special teams tackles, two knockdowns, a forced fumble and four interceptions returned for 54 yards on his way to becoming a West Division All-Star.
The five-year CFL veteran has started at safety for 35 of his 36 regular season games over two seasons with the Eskimos, racking up 84 defensive tackles and six interceptions.

Over the past couple of weeks the Eskimos have announced the contract extensions of several key players who were set to become free agents in February, including kicker Grant Shaw, middle linebacker JC Sherritt, linebacker TJ Hill and offensive lineman Brian Ramsay.


Cowtownriderfan said...

I know i have my green goggles so i may be somewhat delusional, but why does it seem year in and year out we are behind the pack in announcing signings (other than some unknown CDN content).

Is it just me or do other teams get stuff done quicker than Sask? Why does it always seem that way.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm this is the same guy who couldn't play here, he got torched constantly by the opposition!! Has he learned or been taught how do play defense now?

Anonymous said...

Alexander played the corner here and was...not so much. Apparently he's a much better safety. Good on the Eskies for realizing it and making the switch. He would have been third on the depth chart at safety here in 2011.

Anonymous said...

The big signing will be in Feb when Edmonton grabs Montreal or BC's # 2 QB.