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Friday, December 28, 2012


A shorter version today, as this blogger is on vacation, but a list of holiday observations nonetheless:

• The #1 holiday question around here: "So, what do you think about Austin going to Hamilton?"

God bless Regina. And for that matter, Saskatchewan. It's minus-29 here yet people are talking about a CFL team 2623 kilometres away (courtesy Google maps).

My answer? "Good for Kent Austin, good for the Ticats and good for the CFL!" I generally say. And that's the truth.

Most times the person asking the question admits to some jealousy, wishing Austin was here and that's understandable. The man is responsible for two of our three Grey Cups but the timing wasn't right for him to come back.

• There would likely be some kitchen table discussion about the NHL if they were playing, but the NHL has taken care of that. There is very little talk of the World Juniors where I've been. Perhaps it will pick up as the tourney goes along.

• Thank you to Donald Fehr. Because of the NHLPA executive director, I actually like Gary Bettman now!

• For anyone who thought Jordan Eberle's jersey retirement by the Pats was too soon, in 2009 Weston Dressler's #2 was retired by Bismarck High School. It's only the second number retired by BHS. Weston was 24 at the time.

• If the Roughriders re-sign pending free agent Odell Willis, they'll have to give up a 3rd-round pick in this year's CFL Draft.

• Sorry but I don't believe for one second that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats didn't have a deal in place with Kent Austin before firing George Cortez. They may say that they didn't, but that can't be the case. Good Lord for their sake, I hope it isn't.

• We need a Dome folks.

• Ottawa CFL team co-owner Jeff Hunt approached Rider President Jim Hopson at league meetings in Las Vegas two weeks ago about renting the nickname "Rough Rider" one day per season. What should we charge 'em?

• Former Rider offensive tackle Joel Bell got engaged to Katie Sharpe over the holidays. Looks like it happened Christmas Eve. Congrats Joel! He was always a favourite.

• Tweet of the Week from former Blue Bomber-turned-broadcaster Troy Westwood:

From: @TroyWestwood
Just heard a fella declare, "It's so cold it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey." Although somewhat perplexed, I would have to agree.

• The Regina Pats currently reside in the WHL's weakest division. At the Christmas break, here are the average wins by division which give you a picture of who's the strongest division in the Dub:

East: 15.8
Central: 18.1
BC: 17.2
US: 20.2

• Interesting story in Vancouver where goalie Liam Liston informed the Giants over the Christmas break that he is "retiring" to enroll at the U of A.

* Trent Whitfield (Providence) and Quintin Laing (Abbottsford) have been chosen as captains for the 2013 AHL All-Star Game in Providence on January 28.

• Remember when the WHL had an All-Star Game?


• Remember when the NHL had an All-Star Game?

• Don Cherry was complaining on Twitter on Boxing Day about Nail Yakupov taking a Canadian player's spot in the CHL. That argument is so 1995. I say let the best players play major junior, regardless of nationality.

• Canada is 2-0 at the 2013 WJHC after this morning's 6-3 win over Slovakia but our nation is quickly getting a reputation as a bully. Two Canadian players were slapped with game misconducts in the contest. Do they really think they can win the tourney playing this way?

There was a lot of groaning about the officiating after the game. Canada will have to adjust because the refs will not.

• TSN commentator Ray Ferarro's luggage didn't show up until five days after their arrival in Ufa. How frustrating that must have been.

• Ferarro and J.C. Lipon's father have the same nickname: "Razor".

• The transmission difficulties on the World Junior telecasts are annoying.

• That Pepsi Max commercial where the three young guys trick their boss into thinking he's crazy so they can watch football on the big-screen at work is Super Bowl-worthy.

• There is no Press Box Sports Bar Friday lunch buffet today. Why not check out the Four Seasons' lunchtime smorg? It's always top shelf.

• Phil the Thrill has the Sports Cage today at 5 pm. Don't miss it!



Anonymous said...

We do not need a dome. We are a small scale city with 2 unsuccessful sports teams (Yes, the Pats and the Riders). It would be a complete waste of money. The Stampeders, in a million population city don't even play in a dome. Tiny Regina of 200,000 will never get a dome, SO GET OVER IT!

Caesar said...

So everyone complains that Nail slams Canada for being "dirty" then this happens. Yes, we are a hard hitting team, but clean it up boyz! Lipon's hit will be reviewed and the IIHF was gonna have a look at Camara's hit but they aren't now, that was just a boomer!!! Hopefully we can find the USA-CAN game in Minot!!
Cheers, and Happy New Years RP!

Doovy 49 said...

You like Gary Bettman? WOW that is a shocker.He's nothing but a sawed-off arrogant little runt.

Dean said...

If RP thinks we need a dome then we need a dome.

We are currently loosing acts to Moose Jaw.

We need a better domed facility!

Anonymous said...

I would take Bettman over Fehr any day. but because of both I couldn't care less about any kind of hockey. I just don't care. I can hardly wait for Rider training camp and will be sad when the Bowl games and the NFL are done. It will be a long wait till the CFL starts.

3RD and 1 said...

To the 1st comment on this article... There was no discussion about a dome in this article! So why bring it up?
Since you did bring it up. Calgary is a City with a very diverse culture when comparing to Regina and the Province of SK. Many of Calgary's immigrated Citizens couldn't tell you the name of their City's CFL team. The Stampeders will never have any Provincial Government help in funds. Unless the City of Calgary was to have a PanAm games or something to that effect. The team reflects the name of one of Alberta's City's.
The Saskatchewan Roughriders is a Provincial team with a whole Province of fans. We do not have anywhere near the diverse culture of people Calgary has. Immigrants are great people but usually do not relate to North American sports. We as a Provincial team have the same population as the City of Calgary. On top of that the majority of Rider fans have been green and white cultured starting at birth. The Riders have 10 times the fan base that most CFL teams have. If you don't believe that. Have a look at the number of on line comments after any Rider online article. Then compare to any other CFL team. There is no comparison! What other CFL fan base can say they were recognized with an award by the league during a yearly awards program.
FYI... The new Stadium is being built as ""ROOF READY"" That was a stipulation from the Provincial Government.
So your teeny weeny unsubstantiated facts and comments on the new stadium is weak at best!

Clarkenstein said...

I think Nail hit the hammer on the head!

John Meissner said...

How are the Roughriders "unsuccessful?"

willy said...

Gord Miller should be broadcasting Knitting. He gets mixed up on the score , penalties , and in the Russian, Usa game he called the Russian Goalie " Subban" a couple of times. Sounds like a "Senior" moment to me...ha,ha.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Cherry.....why develope other country's talent? It just takes spots away from our own kids and they deserve more of a break then foreign kids do. If they want to play here it should cost them like the NCAA does for Cdn more free rides for foreign players.

Anonymous said...

If you believe in Cherry you must belong to the "OLD" School. Cherry is a nobody and now that we won't have NHL this year perhaps the old fart will be dropped by CBC next year. That of course is with a "Little Luck" !

Anonymous said...

Most people in Regina would agree with Don Cherry. They are the same people that think it's so unfair the teams they play outside of Regina have all the advantages.

When a WHL team is being put together they put the best players they can find on the ice period. If the European isn't good enough then he isn't playing and it's that simple.

Don Cherry is a Xenophobe, latent Racist, and obsolete. He tried coaching Major Junior and they Players tuned him out. He also tried to go without Europeans and his teams were skated off the ice.

Anonymous said...

Too borrow a line . Sports announcers....all to often no more relevant than the Kardashians

Anonymous said...

If Don Cherry is an old fart that just blathers on and on about hockey, what is John Lynch? He's football's version of Cherry minus the gaudy sportscoats.

Ed said...

so when Kootenay won with no imports........they must have been wrong too then hey? Why is it when someone voices an opinion of being proud and supporting Canada he gets jumped on by the anonymous _ holes who have never had the stones that he has to step up and say what he believes in without hiding........people throw " racist" out at the first person who disagree's with their view....pretty pathetic and cowardly.

Anonymous said...

Riders need a dome and Regina needs to catch up with the times realizing that a dome needs 2017 thinking and not 1959 thinking. Just 1.75 hours north of Regina a major business development is proposed complete with a convention centre. A great place for a dome. Get it? In a business centre not an inner city ghetto. 1.75 hours on a divided to a dome is not unreasonable and if the locals in the government city feel threatened, change the name back to Regina Roughriders.
BTW if an inner city needs help, help the people with programs and services they need. Investing in people is costly but may have a greater return compared to a misplaced stadium. Again this requires post 1959 thinking.
Good luck with that in this city.

4'th and long-punt

Anonymous said...

Riders need a dome and Regina needs to catch up with the times realizing that a dome needs 2017 thinking and not 1959 thinking. Just 1.75 hours north of Regina a major business development is proposed complete with a convention centre. A great place for a dome. Get it? In a business centre not an inner city ghetto. 1.75 hours on a divided to a dome is not unreasonable and if the locals in the government city feel threatened, change the name back to Regina Roughriders.
BTW if an inner city needs help, help the people with programs and services they need. Investing in people is costly but may have a greater return compared to a misplaced stadium. Again this requires post 1959 thinking.
Good luck with that in this city.

4'th and long-punt

Anonymous said...

The amount of top end Euro's the Pats have had ever, they might as well not pick any. Other than Kalus and Novak in 15 years is it really worth playing them over locals?

Anonymous said...

Easy Rod, Canadian hockey has always played the same game. Last time I checked it's still a contact game. If you don't want to get hit, keep you head up, don't touch the puck, or stay on the bench . . . Go Canada

Anonymous said...

Point #7 from Rod, and I quote "We need a Dome folks". Next time 3rd and 1, read the whole blog.

Anonymous said...

Why do Canadians think Hockey and roller derby are first cousins? Hockey is a beautiful game when those other countries play one another but put a Canadian team on the ice and it becomes ugly.

A realistic Canadian.

dewter011 said...

hockey is a CONTACT sport u facsist,,,i say we find ur identity n hang u from the rafters!!!lol...some of these europian countries should drop out n try DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!!n heck when they fall on their butt theyd probably cry foul n look for a penalty!! n how dare ny1 cut down the iconic SIR JOHN LYNCH,the man truly BLEEDS GREEN and deserves no disrepect...u ROCK john...may the riders wrap an early present 4 mr lynch @ end of movember in gift EVER 4 mr lynch n rider nation!!!!

S.White said...

Hey Anonymous Dec.28
We are ALSO TOO small
to have a CFL team, Right??

Saskatchewan Sucks said...

Two things:

1) Stop positing your opinion on any matters to do with the Tiger-Cats. Stick to what you allegedly know, the Riders, and stay away from topics you are completely clueless about (the Ti-Cats and every other CFL team). The Cats didn't have a deal with Austin; both parties have said as much. Stop trying to convince the rubes in Regina that something nefarious went on.

2) Jeff Hunt should tell Jim Hopson to f**k off. The fact that a small handful of myopic a**hats decided that they should get a say in what another team is named robbed us of the chance to see history reborn in our nation's capital. Everyone in Saskatchewan should be ashamed that their team, the one that is supposed to be the best in the league, wasn't able to look past their own selfishness and do the right thing. The team in Ottawa should be called the Rough Riders and Jeff Hunt shouldn't have to ask Jim Hopson or anyone else in Saskatchewan for permission to use the name. It's despicable and reprehensible what those in charge of the Roughriders did. You all should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

To Ed

I don't sign every post now as I don't see the need for it. However I am the one who stated Don Cherry and anybody that brings up Europeans not being allowed to play in the CHL as Xenophones and latent Racists.

When you make a statement that stipulates you can't play in an Elite league due solely because of where you come from then yes that hints of xenophobia and racism. Call it proud Canadian heck call it white pride while you're at it, but don't call it what it is not.

Bringing up Kootenay is a red herring arguement I will not acknowledge. One has nothing to do with the other. If you can tell me the players I watched on Friday night were the best of the best then you may need an eye examination.


Anonymous said...

.....while we're at it I remember a number of years back a guy playing for Prince Albert that would go around Pats Defensemen to the point it looked like their jocks were left hanging in section WW where I sit. That kids name was Mike Modano from Michigan. Gee what would the WHL have been like without Modano in it solely because he wasn't Canadian?

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Hey Saskatchewan sucks, eat ass you loser. Real tough guy aren't ya.

The Bear said...

The only person that should be ashamed is saskatchewan sucks for writing that drivel for a comment.

Ed said...

Hey Obama_ hole......Modano was never an import as the US is part of the league

Y'er Welcome....for a guy who spouts off excessively you sure don't know much do ya? But that who spouts off the most isn't it, the people who know the least


Anonymous said...


I'm inclined to believe when Kelly Clarkson sings, "Mr Know it All", it's a vieled reference about you. Similar to Taylor Swift you are her muse.

So we're allowing some Players from a certain country into the league, but not others?

That's racism. You should get that checked as the condition can get a lot worse.


Anonymous said...

.....and while I'm at it. During that era there were 2 U.S teams in the WHL - Portland and Seattle. Modano was from Michigan. Why wasn't he playing for an American OHL team? Come to think of it P.A is a ways away from Michigan and pretty far from Portland and Seattle.

Petr Nedved was another guy that came in from Czechoslovakia at 17 and ran through everyone like Kleenex. Was that unfair?

If you want the puck I suggest you tell the Canadians to skate a little faster and work a little harder.

Y'er Welcome.....again


Ed said...

Obama-hole.....Modano was never drafted in the import draft and I'll explain it again.....the US is and was part of the league AKA non import..........and racism is being against a person's race not ethnic background if they are all the same like to think you talk a good game but thats all you excessively, I'm sure that why you post soooooooo much on here as real people are sick of listening to the dribble

Y'er welcome