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Friday, December 14, 2012


Roughrider coach Corey Chamblin officially welcomed Defensive Line and Assistant Head Coach Mike Sinclair to the fold on Friday.  He also explained the reasons behind today's hirings and why the club now has two secondary coaches in his media scrum which can be heard here:


Anonymous said...

Just watched the interview with M. Sinclair & although it's way to soon to know for sure, watching him I get the feeling he is very intense, knowledgable, and just may be an "in your face" type of coach. That may be just what this team needs. His playing record obviously speaks for itself. If he can translate that to his players we could be in for a pleasant surprise. Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

Sinclair seems like a Head Coach in waiting...

As for Corey Chamb, wow what a smile... I don't know if he smiled like that at any time last year.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone be satisfied with the coaching staff we have here? We have not been winners in years and that is not acceptable. I, along with the rest of Saskatchewan would die to have Austin and HIS coaching staff back. Why can't WE all of a sudden become Grey Cup favorites with the addition of new players and coaches? Why? Because we are a mediocre organization. Although I will be happy for Fantuz and Burris if this happens. You watch players wanting to leave and not sign here. It will happen.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had John Gregory and his staff here because I, like the above, have little to no actual football knowledge and enjoy living in the past.

I love the Riders, it's "Rider Nation" I can't stand.
Worst. Fans. Ever!

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon #4. Hey Anon #3, please don't speak for all of Saskatchewan. I would not die to have Austin and his staff back. Coaching staffs and players change all the time. It's time to look forward. Coach Austin is in the past. If, at some point Coach Austin ends up back working for the Riders then great(maybe,maybe not). Till then Coach Chamblin has my support.

Anonymous said...

Anon #3. I wish that Wally Buono had come to the Riders when he left Calgary....but he didn't. Stop living in the past. If Coach Austin ends up in Hamilton cheer for the Ti-cats. No problem. Just stop assuming everyone wants Coach Austin and everyone is unhappy with Coach Chamblin. Not close to being true.
Yer welcome.

Anonymous said...

Roughrider head coach Cory Chamblin officially welcomed the next head coach Mike Sinclair to the fold on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Ya right Pederson. Comments are more than often heard about the return of Austin & staff, but with this particular comment by anon #3 you were able to manipulate the comment section (yes, because you are blog owner) and make it appear everyone is satisfied with our coaching staff now. Whatever.